The Words of the Park Family

Presentation at the World National Leaders Assembly

Jin Young Park (Richard Bach)
February 22, 2010
Yucheongung, Korea

MC: He's a lawyer. His name is Richard Park. However now, he's working for significant time even his family in New York now mostly in all over the world taking care of very important issues. So as you know, his father is Tiger Park. And then so let's welcome!


I'm actually supposed to take questions, anything relating to what's unfolding before us -- legally speaking.

I have a court order. It was issued by Seoul City civil court. It's an order of attachment against Mission Foundation account. It so happens, chairperson for the Mission Foundation is True Mother. People might say "Hey, this is a mere legal proceeding." Funds have been transferred from The Washington Times Aviation to Mission Foundation; signification amount -- yes, twenty one million dollars.

Mister Richard Perea, as the president of the Washington Times Aviation, appointed by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, sends a legal notice last year in November to the Mission Foundation by a Korea law firm. It says, "We will pursue civil, if not, necessary criminal prosecution against Mission Foundation and its legal representative Hak Ja Han."

You know, yes, I get emotional. You know? I do work for the Mission Foundation as its legal counsel. However, True Mother is mother of my faith. Yeah sure, Hyun Jin Nim is a True Child. I understand. But I don't mean to drop this heavy issues before you. But the obvious reality is this is not only a legal attack but it's a spiritual affront against Mother.

So Hyun Jin Nim's folks are saying, "We just wanna freeze the monies that Dr. Joo wired back to Korea." So I got together with one of the UCI counsel. "Please sir, please dismiss the suit," to which member attorney replied, "Everyone is fair game." Everyone is fair game. I said, "No sir. Mother is not fair game." There is a speculation that Hyun Jin Nim didn't know it, didn't know that the Korean law firm was going to move so forcefully. Well then, dismiss it! The order of attachment was issued on December 8th. I marched down to Rev. Kwak's office. I said, "Dismiss this!" The order of attachment was sent, faxed over to Rev. Kwak. What's today? Nothing has been done. And as you all know, Father had ordered that Hyun Jin Nim resign from UCI's chairmanship position last year and said, he has aborted the dismissals, Dr. Joo and Dr. Kim, who are True Parents' representatives. It is extremely, extremely serious.

For members to think, leaders to think that, "Oh let's be, you know, we have to be sympathetic to Hyun Jin Nim." Sure! We do! Yes we do. I love him. I respect him. Kook Jin Nim has sent many envoys to send a message to his older brother. Many occasions, all rejected. Literally, I went all over New York trying to reach out to many of the UCI's representatives. It's not an exact replica –40, 30, 40 phone calls, all rejected. They later said, "Oh, you have to let us know. Send us an email first before you come."

I visited Montana trying to reach out to Hyun Jin Nim because Kook Jin Nim wants to talk to Hyun Jin Nim; and younger Hyung Jin Nim as well. "Please go see my older brother." Unfortunately, there was a snow storm. Hyun Jin Nim couldn't land that day. I went back to my hotel. I get a call from his attorney. Woah, just a courtesy call, "You will get a very strong letter from our outside counsel. Do you not know he is represented by counsel? You need to call the counsel before you come!"

So, I said, "OK, brother. Next time Father, or for that matter, any of the True Child wanting to see Hyun Jin Nim, do they need to be represented by counsel?" Oh, just a courtesy, "I will have our attorney send you a strong reprimand." I said, "Go ahead and send it!"

I'm sorry to be imparting such, such grievous news to you leaders, but this is a reality. For us to have any doubts to True Parents' Messiahship, True Parenthood, it's absurd, simply absurd.

It is not a rumor. Hyun Jin Nim did say that Father had failed his mission specifically with regard to his own family.

Nonetheless, pursuant to True Father's directives, Japan had faithfully wired monies in support of the Washington Times. "Oh, we never got it." Yes, you did.

The massive layoffs -- the Washington Times is really the face of our True Parents in the United States! It is reduced to nothing. It has currently eighty employees. Previously, there were three hundred fifty. Did he get Father's permission? No. Mr. McDevitt, the president and the publisher of the Washington Times, Father's representative, was escorted out by a private security. The same with Mr. Cooperrider, the CFO. Same with Mr. Dan Fefferman who had been using the offices at the Washington Times to address the kidnapping issue in Japan. He was also escorted out.

There is the Washington Times Foundation; Father's autobiography is published by the Washington Times Foundation. Hyun Jin Nim directed the corporate secretary, "You must dismiss Mr. Joo from the Board of Directors position of the Washington Times Foundation." This gentleman refused. He was requested to resign. So, he did. And then, Dr. Joo gets a legal notice from the UCI's counsel. "Cease and desist from using the Washington Times Foundation name. It belongs to us." Dr. Joo and Dr. Kim get a legal notice, as well, from UCI's counsel, one of the big shot law firms in DC whose primary practice is criminal defense. Why does Hyun Jin Nim retain the services of criminal defense law firm? There are allegations of self-dealings. I will not go into details, but there are very questionable practices, financial practices that's going to get everybody into trouble.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be so serious. It is very serious. This is -- we got to bring everybody into account that there's misuse of funds if we do not internally remediate. The government will enforce it. We aren't above the law. Well, I am actually... It's very embarrassing that we are actually going through this, but I guess, it's a necessity. I just thank God True Parents are here to guide us through these tough times. At this point, I would like to open it up for any questions. Does anybody have questions? Yes sir.

What happened to Washington Times Foundation...?

Well, his question is what do I think is going to happen to the Washington Times Foundation? Well, we're trying to fight that off. Now, the fact of the matter is, the Washington Times does not belong to Hyun Jin Nim. It's about the money. It does not belong to him. UCI does not belong to him. For twenty-seven years, Japan has supported UCI. UCI's purpose in its bylaws is to support the church, the international Unification Church community! Its main function is to support the church. So, yes, we will fight. We have to keep the Washington Times Foundation alive.


My question is, it's kind of about the church activities in one sense. It's about the Global Peace Festivals because Global Peace Festivals are happening around the world in many of the nations represented here, with great effect bringing top level leaders to them. But now, that activity is within Hyun Jin Nim's domain, we have UPF, so what's the future of the Global Peace Festival? Because as long as he's doing that, it's hard for that to go under the name of UPF. But, I feel for all of our countries here, this is a big issue because there are several plans for this coming year. What should the nation do? How should they respond because of the request of GPF in their nation? And what is possible with the GPF?

Did everybody hear her question? Her question relates to what, there is a controversy because Hyun Jin Nim is conducting GPF that's going to conflict with what the church leaders are being told. Father is perfectly clear about this: he told Hyun Jin Nim to take a break. "Do not conduct GPF," bottom line. That is the bottom line. He requested that Hyun Jin Nim surrender UCI back to Father. Hyun Jin Nim hasn't done it. A matter of fact, in the Philippines, he held a GPF event. He somehow caused Dr. Yong, continental director of Asia, difficulties entering the Philippines! Because allegedly Dr. Yong, he's a drug dealer or a criminal!

So, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, the world chairman, had to write a special letter to the Philippine government, requesting that they lift the bar against Dr. Yong. Luckily, they did. This is an affront because, let's face it, Dr. Yong is Father's representative in Asia.

What is Rev. Kwak doing now? What is Rev. Kwak doing?


I'll have to be careful because people have disappeared. I don't know what he's doing. He needs to submit himself to Father. Two weeks ago, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim were having a cup of coffee at a Starbucks in Seoul. Guess who was there? Rev. Kwak. What does he do? He bolts out of there. I have heard because his children are my friends, but I would like to think that they are my friends. But their biggest point is, "Listen. Father said that Kwaks were the model family in support of the True Family. Why does Father all of a sudden change his mind? We are the model family!"

Well then, submit. Be obedient to True Parents. That's the bottom line. How dare he question Father's authority! How dare Hyun Jin Nim question Father's authority, that somehow Mother and Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim are always manipulating Father's mind because Father's suffering from certain geriatric conditions -- senility. How dare you question my parents! How could I not get emotional! This is absurd! And why doesn't Rev. Kwak bring Hyun Jin Nim to Father? Why?

We have bought a peace embassy which is registered under IFWP. Are they secure?

No, they are not. In South America, I won't mention which country. Hyun Jin Nim had caused a transfer of church owned properties. We're talking sixty thousand hectors to his own companies. Six hundred thousand hectors, I stand corrected. That's not an exaggeration. So, no. To answer your question, no. There is a, I think, UCI's management tried to divert certain assets under the pretext that this is a way of saving assets. Well, that's fine. That's great. But, first before you change the Board of Directors of an organization, you consult with Father. You get his approval, then that's fine.

What is his excuse? "I submit reports to Father. It never gets there. Dr. Peter Kim is always intercepting my reports. Therefore, I declare independence." That's a faulty logic folks. And, over in New York, I said, "Yes, Hyun Jin Nim is being stupid." This is not I am not attacking him because the logic is faulty. If the report doesn't get to Father, then at the very minimum, you have to exercise your own diligence, exalt your capacities and go before Father and report it properly if you so believe that it will be intercepted! Don't tell me that people are not reporting correctly to Father. You go before Father! What is the problem here? Don't make others your excuse. It's clear to me. Yes sir.

How did Hyun Jin Nim end up controlling UCI?

He was a, he became the chairman of UCI back in 2005 pursuant to Father's directions. For twenty seven years, the Unification Church International, True Father's words were the law and the bylaws of the corporation. Nobody had ever rejected Father's recommendations to the Board; never before. This is unprecedented! The bylaws of UCI says, "The directors recognize that the founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is its spiritual leader." The bylaw says that. Why doesn't he submit to the founder? It's very serious.

What is your strategy to win the law case against Mission Foundation which is chaired by True Mother?

His question is what is our strategy to counter the lawsuit against Mission Foundation?

It's simple. I told their attorneys, "Just dismiss the suit, I'll give you the money back." You never asked me. You just file a suit. I said, "Sir, have you ever taken the time to call me once?" "Oh, no, we have to work with our outside counsel." I said, "It's not too late. Dismiss the suit against Mission Foundation and its legal representative, Hak Ja Han Moon!" Simple.

I haven't got a... they are now moving on it. Instead, they file a lawsuit against Mr. Joo in Maryland for thirty one million dollars. And what does his counsel do? They are notorious for using the media to destroy their opponents. Korea Times article, everything was leaked to Korea Times, in New York, vilifying Mr. Joo as a fraud. It's very, very discouraging. It's very discouraging. I haven't got a call from their counsel yet. It's simple, a simple phone call, dismiss the suit. I'll give it back to you. What is the big deal? After all, we are the same organization are we not? And, do not destroy the Washington Times. We'll give you money.

Are the directors not bound by the bylaws of the organization? And is not following the bylaws is it not enough to dismiss themselves of the dismissed by the same law?

Yes. Yes. They are beholding to the bylaw of UCI. Yes, they are. They have breached their fiduciary duty because the donors' intent in Japan, "We want to contend you, reporting the Washington Times pursuant to True Father's direction." It is absolutely clear, the fact that they are not supporting the Times, in violation of their duty as a fiduciary of UCI. Yes. Good question. Yes sir.

What kind of organizations are under the jurisdiction of the UCI? What belongs to the UCI?

UCI has many businesses. It's a sensitive topic because it's a not-for-profit. You really are precluded from having many businesses -- that jeopardizes your non-profit status. UCI does have a lot of entities such as True World Foods, you've heard about that. US Properties. Won Up. Washington Times. Washington Times Aviation. That's a sensitive topic and I cannot go into details. But, the asset size of UCI is very, very significant. And, what is happening now is that Hyun Jin Nim is selling off assets. He is selling off assets. I remind you that these assets do not belong to Hyun Jin Nim, or as a matter of fact, any of the True Family members. The assets belong to the members. That's the bottom line. And True Parents have the discretion as to how the funds or the assets are to be employed. Absolutely. Assets are public assets and he cannot do as he pleases. Anybody else?

Well, in that case, can't you just stop him from selling those assets?


A brother named Richard Steinbronn is an attorney. He had been working for UCI as its in-house counsel until he was dismissed. He had actually filed this lis pendens. Those were actually liens placed on real estate so that they cannot sell them off. Yes. He's taken the initiative to file this lis pendens. But, he doesn't, he has an issue with standing. The court asks him, "Who are you? Who are you to file lis pendens?" So, he's having a difficult period with our legal challenges that are difficult, difficult challenges. Yes, we are trying to solve this problem. Selling off assets and leasing our properties, for example, Father has a house in Washington DC, members who have been guardians, custodians of the Jefferson House, were requested to move out, so that he could lease Father's house for five thousand dollars a month.

I am normally on the top of the list as the most hated person from the UCI's camp. But, what am I supposed to do? I had to defend I had to defend True Parents. So be it. I am the villain, so what? But, they send out worldwide emails. They'll tell you my character. They'll tell you my professionalism. Yeah, that's fine. Not a problem.

Mr. Park, just so our members understand too the issue is that Hyun Jin Nim has stacked the Board, and because the Board is stacked then the Board which has authority over the assets votes have certain ways that has come to challenge. So, that's the problem.

Yes. The fact that Mr. Joo was dismissed from the Board... he had a very strong faith to get his position back. But, out of our respect for Hyun Jin Nim, we attempt to contemplate aggressive legal action against him but I think we had to do it. We had to stop him from parting with assets and reducing the Washington Times to internet based paper. That's not Father's vision. It's not Father's vision for media.

It's very sad and the former chief and editor, Mr. Solomon, under his leadership, they were finally, finally having enough profits being generated. At this rate, while a majority of newspapers in America were having financial difficulties, we were, in due time, by 2013, we were actually going to be profitable, alleviating the suffering of the members, the donors in Japan. So, we were so delighted that Mr. Solomon, whose stellar reputation, joining the Washington Times. But, he is completely -- Mr. Solomon is completely distraught that this was happening. He is completely distraught. He resigned in disgust. He had asked me personally, "Why is President Moon doing this? Does he not understand his Father's vision for media and America?"

I have one question. So, what is True Parents' direction to you about the solving of this problem? What is Father's direction? We all understand the problem, but what is Father's direction to solve this problem? What is his direction?

The direction from Father? I will absolutely be clear on this: he needs to restore Dr. Kim and Dr. Joo on Board of UCI and also including two additional Board members: Sun Jin Nim and Rev. Bishop [Ki Hoon] Kim. Clear and simple.

So, what are we to do to protect these peace embassies? You said that our peace embassies are in danger. So, what should we do?

I think you would need to refer to your continental directors. Get their guidance and if necessary, retain any legal services to protect the dissipation, secretion of assets to other entities. You need to protect your assets, but I would ask you to refer to your leaders in your respective continents. Yes sir.

I'm coming from Brazil. From last year, the beginning of last year, was created Superior Council. Five members, two Brazilian and three outside of Brazil and they can't actually decide so many things especially concerning with the legal things that we have to solve in Brazil, from serving in all of our properties from Jardim and Sao Paul, and everywhere. So, I just was appointed as the president and I didn't know all this picture. So, what should I do now?


You need to refer to the guidance of Rev. [Dong Moo] Shin [continental director] and then, I can't... Then pray a lot.


Yes. Sir in the back.

Just curious. Does Father approve today of Peter Kim and yourself to come here to speak to us?

Does Father approve...?

Does Father approve, does Father give approval for Dr. Peter Kim and yourself to come and speak to members?

Yes! Of course.

MC; Please make two more questions. Then next Robert Kittel, executive director in Asia, will give a related presentation.

Well, I suppose that the argument is that "Who gave you the authority to disseminate information with regards to UCI?" Well, my client is being sued. Yes, I do believe I have authority to speak with regard to these topics. And yes permission was given.


How large do you estimate is the worldwide following of Hyun Jin Nim in America, and worldwide?

Well, not significant, maybe two people?


Not significant. They had a gathering in Seattle of sixty brothers and sisters, not significant. They are offering monies in Kenya. UCI folks are getting five times their wages. Not doubling, tripling, five times of their current salary. Yeah sure, you would think they have enough carrots for these folks? Guys, they might go for it. Yes. Yes. That's a possibility. But, you know, you know. If you don't understand the vertical tradition, God and True Parents, and if you'd rather commit to being loyal to human loyalties such as economic necessity, concerns for the immediate family. If that's your choice, go ahead! But, let us be clear, we need to have no doubt as to the vertical connection that is a fundamental of this universe. I'll take one more question.

Yes sir.

I'm going to translate for him.

(Speaking in Spanish) We know that the financial problem is always kind of complicated. If Hyun Jin Nim's attitude doesn't change, how much could we lose in this whole battle?

You mean on a monetary value?

Or in any value, I guess. What can it affect?

Well, you know, you understand spiritually, this is tantamount to a coup d'etat. I'm sorry. He's going against his parents. Financially, honestly, money is no matter. Money does not matter. Money is no matter. But it is significant. It could be billions. And this is again tremendous sacrifice from our donor from Asia, Japan.

Thank you so much. 

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