The Words of the Park Family

First Women's Anti-Communism Rally

Bong Ae Park
July 13, 1971

Women's Anti-Communism Rally

With the presence of 600 woman participants, the First Women Anti-Communism Rally was held at the auditorium, Education Center, Seoul on July 13th under the auspices of Woman Department of International Federation for Victory-over Communism.

After the greeting of Mrs. Bong Ae Park, chairman of the Rally, Mr. in Chol Kim, president of IFVC delivered an inspiring speech, and the congratulatory addresses were given by Mr. Eung Joon Lee, President of Korea Anti-Communism League and Mrs. Yoon Sook Mo, a member of National Assembly. The lecture of Mr. Do Wan Kim, titled "Woman and Anti-Communism" gave great deal of interest and impression to all participants. 

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