The Words of the Masuda Family

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Japanese Family Training in Korea (Masaru Masuda - July 7, 1971)

Guidance Concerning Relationships (Chantal Masuda - December 18, 1988)

From Dependence and Independence towards Interdependence: An Analysis of Cultural Trends in the Family and in the World (Yoshihiko Masuda - 1997)

F. D. Maurice, His Christian Socialist Movement, and Some Thoughts on 'Socialism of the Heavenly Side (Masuda, Yoshihiko - Journal of Unification Theology 3 (Sun Moon University: Korea, September 1998): 153-99 pdf)

A Personal Testimony: Shedding Daily Tears Of Repentance And Love, That We May Build A World Of Peace (Chantal Masuda - June 28, 2002)

Building Cheon Il Guk in America (Aye Jin Masuda - February 12, 2003)

Blessing testimony from a mother (Aye Jin Masuda - September 2, 2003)

Finding My True Self Through Uniting My Mind And Body (Aye Jin Masuda - May 18, 2007 pdf)

Elementary School Workshop - July 9-13, 2007 (Kayo Masuda - July 13, 2007)

True Love and Heavenly Sex in the Age after the Coming of Heaven (Yoshihiko Masuda’s Talks in Prague on 3 Sept 2007)

The Age After The Coming Of Heaven (Yoshihiko Masuda - January 2009)

Life Of Attendance (Yoshihiko Masuda - January 2009)

CIG Blessed Family Tradition: Ethics and Providential Age (Yoshihiko Masuda - January 30, 2009)

The 20 Daily-Life Habits That Make a Supremely Happy Couple - A Guide to the Happiest Married Life in the Era after the Coming of Heaven Based on the Speeches of True Parents and Dae Mo Nim (Yoshihiko Masuda - 2010 pdf)

Excerpts from "True Love, Sex, and Health as Guided by the Words of True Parents (Yoshihiko Masuda - April 27, 2011 pdf)

Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda passes (Robin Graham - February 26, 2015 pdf)

In Memory of Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda (Michael Balcomb - February 27, 2015 pdf)

Hairdressing Salon Becomes a Witnessing Center in Minami Aichi Region, Japan (Shintaro and Shoko Masuda - April 6, 2022 pdf)

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