The Words of the Masuda Family

Blessing testimony from a mother

Aye Jin Masuda
September 2, 2003

I always thought that Heavenly Father had it all planned since their birth, therefore I have not worried much about our children's Blessing.

As many of us, I didn't like it when Father transferred that responsibility to us, parents... (Now, I can see the wisdom of it, though.)

Still, I was not thinking about it until I participated in the STF Parent's workshop in August 2002, at UTS. There I saw how serious some parents were about the matching of their children. I first felt a little funny about it, but then I started thinking how sad it would be if our children came to 24 or 26, or 30 years old, not yet knowing who their eternal spouse were.... how sad!

I didn't want this for our children. A few years ago, Father suggested to have Blessed Children being matched as early as 10 years old. Actually, in Heavenly Father's heart, they were matched even before birth.... at conception when "He" created them, two by two.

Even though I was not feeling strongly about it, I started moving in the direction of matching H (18), inviting Masahide, ( my husband ) into the process.

I read some of the testimonies on Jim's web site: one point struck me there when I read that actually Heavenly Father is so much more anxious than we are to have Blessed Children being matched right.

Oh! .... He is more anxious than I am .... Of course He is!

Which means what?

It means for me that Heavenly Father is anxious to share His plans with us.

Does He not know who He has prepared since conception to be the perfect match for each Blessed Child?

Is not that young woman, young man BC out there? How to meet that young person? How to meet that family?

I thought that the minimum we could do was to send H's info and photo to Jim Stephens.... this would be a good start for sure. We never know ... at least this was a first step ... and from there we would see.

Then Masahide and I decided to make a 21 Kyung Bae condition to help us become receptive to Heaven's guidance. One night, still during the condition, I invited him to look at the sisters' photo pages on the 2nd generation candidates website.

"But we have not finished the condition " Masahide said.

Aye Jin: "Just look, ... just look who is there ...come look at these "beautiful" girls !"

Masahide as he was looking: " I don't feel anything ..."

Aye Jin: " I am just saying how beautiful they are... that's all ...."

Masahide: " I don't see anything there! It's all blurry to me".

Then Masahide tells me: "click here !"

"Where ?"

"Here ! "

"But ... she is white ... " (We had said for years that we would like our eldest children to be matched with Oriental descent children, at least "some" oriental blood.)

I clicked on K' s photo .... and this was the beginning of the beautiful story of H and K's matching.

Masahide: "I have a good feeling for this girl ..."

When the following day I went back to the web and still looked at ALL the photos, they were all in 2 D, but K's photo was blinking, looking like a 3 dimensional photo.

Then I had two dreams. The first one was a beautiful meeting with Monique, K's Mother, where we hugged each other. Then in another dream I saw Josef ( K's Father ) in a large passport photo. As I had never met him before, I went back on the web to check again their family photo there, and yes indeed the man I saw in my dream, in a large passport photo looked just like him.

Then Masahide wrote to Josef; back and forth we started writing to each other.... scheduled a meeting of the two families during H's summer break from STF. Right from the start both K and H were so humble about their matching, neither of them thinking that they were especially ready.

But when it happened and when they met, they both humbly saw that yes this feels right, this feels good!

Looking back it looks like it was so easy as it went so fast!

Thank you so much Heavenly Father!
Thank you so much Abonim and Ommonim!

H and K are yours ! Thank you so so much!

Aye Jin

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