The Words of the Masuda Family

Building Cheon Il Guk in America

Aye Jin Masuda
February 12, 2003

Dear Rev. Lee, Rev. Reese, Rev. Mwamba,

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Columbus Unification Community,

Good Morning?

Well .... we have not thought we would get that close to a physical WW III .... but it looks like it is coming .... On December 24, Father said at East Garden that if biological bombs are used we could simply all be destroyed. But, on the same day, he also said that the situation can be reversed, that we are being tested, that the Spirit World can help reverse the situation America is in "IF WE CAN RECEIVE THEIR HELP ".

It is my mission and my determination to reverse America's situation ... Years ago, an illiterate girl from the countryside saved her country ... Well.... actually, I feel and know that America is in such a mess 'because' of me.... regardless of what anyone will say after reading that ... I have a very heavy burden on my heart these days ...

Last year, while reading - in endless tears - Abonim's November 12 speech, I heard Heavenly Father ... calling me to start Tong Ban Kyokpa in America. I sent you a letter on that subject shortly after. With Rev. Lee and Rev. Reese's blessing, I looked for even "one" brother or sister who would join me for Tong Ban Kyokpa in Columbus, starting from our Church Neighborhood. In no time, instead of just two, SIX of us joined together in one heart .... We met, shared, planned, prepared... got ourselves ready ... Two by two, taking care of each other's children, we went out knocking on Ohio Family Church neighbors' doors, inviting them for our wonderful Church Christmas Concert. It was during that time that, while in prayer, Ancestors of the people living in the area we have not visited yet, came to me .... in many tears, begging me to come to their door ..... This simple short effort will remain a memorable experience? Four ladies we have met door to door attended the Concert.

Where do we go from there? We should have gone back right away to visit those ladies .... and other homes ... But, at this point I am facing a problem. Those people we are going to revisit, as they already told us, want to visit our Church ... They will want to attend our Sunday Service .... attend our Lectures .... but ARE WE READY? No, we are not? It is so sad but it is a reality ... we are not ready to welcome them. From our past experience, people who visit Ohio Family Church seldom come back .... Am I right or wrong? They are not attracted by our community of believers ...

During the last 30 days, I have met many of you. Most of you have shared with me your desire to rally together, to work as True Brothers and Sisters. Several of you have also shared with me about the Absolute Necessity of Group Prayer in order to break down the walls that DO exist between each other, at Ohio Family Church. those walls that guests knock head first into as soon as they attend our events. I am not speaking about our small groups as they have existed for a few years now. You know just as much as I do that Unified Prayer and Action are not the focus of those groups.

What about Hoon Dok Hae together at 5:00 AM at the Church?

OK? Let me put it in another way.

Ohio Family Church is the Central Altar for Region 7. Would it be wrong, At this Time of Extreme Emergency, For Faithful Believers, To gather, Early in the morning, At the Church, Representing the whole City, The State, The Region, The Nation, Reading Abonim's Words in desperation, Sharing about them in Tears, Offering Prayers of Love and Repentance, In Order to Reverse the Situation America is in?

Who should be the first ones to initiate those gatherings? It should be us, Unification Family, right?

And will THIS help us deepen the foundation of heart we need among each other to build a successful outreach? Of course, it will.

Futhermore, will our Sincere Loving Desperate Tears connect us with our Spirit World Family? Spirit World Family who is sooo eager, Desperate, To work together in One Heart with us and through us ... The Spirit World Family who is shedding tons of Tears, Spirit World Family that we CANNOT DO WITHOUT .... .....and that needs us desperately as well.

ONLY our Prayers Full of Completely Unselfish Tears will connect us to them AND to one another ... Because in Tears of True Love there is no conflict, no division, no jalousie, no pride, no looking for recognition, no self-centeredness, none of those - and other - fallen characteristics ... In unselfish tears, the "me" disappears .....

For several months Ramyinah ( Su Young's new name ) and I have gathered for HDH at the Church once a week. We both have found these meetings necessary for our life of faith, a great support on the path of becoming True Daughters, True Sisters, True Wives, and True Mothers. We ( and our families ) have grown a lot because of this time shared together at the central altar of Region 7, offering our prayers and love for our community, our city, our Nation, and World. This morning, ( February 8, the last day of my 30 day condition ) in my prayer, I received in my heart that it is time for me to go back to Ohio Family Church for 5:00 AM Hoon Dok Hae. In 2001 when we have gathered at the Church for HDH at 6:00 AM every day for 7 months, our gatherings were very dry. We didn't know about the Realm of Tears. No one had understanding on what Repentance truly is. No one knew how to make unity with our Ancestors, the Spirit World Blessed Families, Saints and Sages .... But now we do? At least some of us do .... and we are making it our mission to guide and support those who feel that this is the right way to go but do not understand quite yet how to make it happen in their own life. This is another good reason for coming together for HDH.

If we want to become able to touch our guests to the point they will LONG to come back to the Church to simply BE with us and Study the Truth, we have to be moving in ONE HEART TOGETHER ..... We need to prepare the Church with a Spirit of Sacrifice, Brothers and Sisters sharing, Brothers and Sisters SHEDDING TEARS TOGETHER as we read the Messiah's Words of life and True Love. We need to plan and outreach together ... Once we will stand firmly on the right foundation of Heart there will be NO LIMIT to what we can do .... and we WILL be successful ...

Those who think that I am doing this for my own selfish-self, raise your hands please? :-) If we diligently continue doing the same things, doing them the same way as we have all these years, do you think that result will come anymore than it has come so far? Are we ready for something different ... Are we ready for a change .... Do we need each other, or we don't really need each other ....

Once we feel: " CITY", "STATE", "NATION in PERIL , "WORLD on the brink of destruction", we can go beyond ourselves .....

We can organize a HDH chain at Ohio Family Church each morning from 5:00 to 6:30 AM. We could start by a short 21 day condition And then see from there. Brothers and Sisters who feel that this is the way we should go, I want to invite you to COMMIT one day a week or one day every two weeks. We will do it NOT out of obligation, not out of duty, but because we are serious about saving Sodom and Gomorrah ... On December 24, 2002, Father called America, Sodom and Gomorrah. Isn't it true that America is becoming more and more Sodom and Gomorrah? Do we doubt Father's statement? If you are reading the newspaper or are watching the news, you have no doubt in your mind that Abonim's statement is so true. What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Father said that America WILL BE DESTROYED unless we reverse that situation. Do we have the power to REVERSE THIS SITUATION? Of course WE DO? WE ABSOLUTELY DO.

Columbus Blessed Central Families, I am sending this letter to every one of you, that you may all know about this project, giving you the freedom to participate at this time if this is your desire ... I am not begging nor pushing anyone... As we need to gather only from our freedom of Heart.

I am also sending this letter to my email list of Brothers and Sisters from all over the USA and World .... because I know there are other B & S out there, who have received Joan of Arc's mission as well. There are also Prayer groups in various part of the Country, as well as in many countries .... I hope this letter will encourage you, our Brothers and Sisters worldwide, to strengthen your commitment to gather together to save our suffering and dying world ... To make Cheon Il Guk a reality in the physical world as it is already a reality in the Spirit World.

May Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother bless you all.

With True Love and Repentance Prayer
Cheon Il Guk Tong Ban Kyokpa
Your Sister, Aye Jin

PS: Columbus, see you at the Church at 5:00 Am ( I am planning to start, alone or with you, on February 18, 5 days a week - not on Sundays nor Mondays ).

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