The Words of the Masuda Family

Guidance Concerning Relationships

Chantal Masuda
December 18, 1988
Brooklyn, New York

Taken from a diary of prayers with Heavenly Father

My prayer: Heavenly Father, please help me to feel this sister's heart, what the real situation is, where the problem really is."

"Chantal, what's the problem? I told you to be patient with her! It is your responsibility to work this situation out. If she doesn't understand something, you have to help her to understand. You cannot just expect her to understand and just wait for this to happen. You believe in give and take, don't you? Therefore, what are you waiting for? This is my power. You have to use it -- you have to learn it as a skill, the secrets of communication. This is how I work -- I need to be free to circulate everywhere. Like the water, I want to be able to penetrate everywhere. Do not keep things unsolved. I thought you knew that by now. I am so tired of all these problems without resolution. You turn around and around and go nowhere. I watch, but I can do nothing because you are leaving me aside.

"You are responsible for each other; do not forget that. Think about the True Children. They are united in this way. They take each other's burden. They are so close to each other -- they listen to each other. I told you to listen to others. To listen is not just to listen to the words, but to the heart, to the internal situation of the other. Once you can understand and feel the other person's heart, you have to act to liberate the other. This is your responsibility. You are responsible to help the other, and in this case, to help this sister. You are older than she is. You have more experience, you have to share it. Don't be afraid. This is a self-centered attitude. Go ahead. You know what you have to do. Don't give me more pain. Move faster. I need to be free and I can be free only with you being free. Don't you understand that? You are paralyzing me. I cannot move when you cannot move. You are my key. You! You! You! Please! Please! Please! I am in chains. Free me, by freeing yourself. Come to me. Come to me more."

"I understand. I can feel Your heart, Heavenly Father, I understand."

Because I was feeling deeply Heavenly Father's heart at that moment, I understood quite well His words, but something was still puzzling me. These words seemed in contradiction with "patience." Several times Heavenly Father told me to be patient with this sister. To me, "be patient" means: "I should not say anything. I should wait for her to understand by herself and just suffer in silence!" I asked Heavenly Father then: "What is patience? I don't understand anymore."

My thought was led to Claire (my 22 months old daughter). How many times I shared with my husband how "patient" she is. Patient! What do I mean when I say that Claire is patient? I mean that she doesn't get angry -- she doesn't get mad!

For example, one evening she wanted me to change her diaper. I was busy with something else and didn't want to interrupt what I was doing. With a constant peaceful face she came to me in four or five different manners to make me change her diaper. Once, she went to take a clean diaper, put it in her mouth and came to me like a little doggy. Her final try was: She took what I had in my hands, put it away on the table, handed me the diaper and with her other hand, took mine and led me to the bathroom. And all of this without a single sign of frustration or impatience. I was so moved!

All right! I understand! When Heavenly Father tells me to be patient with this sister, He means: "Do not get mad at her." He never meant that I should not do anything to help her understand, that I should just say nothing, wait and see and suffer in silence. No! On the contrary: I have to go again and again to her until she understands, like Claire did with her diaper, without getting angry at her. 

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