The Words of the Marshall Family

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We Just Preach God (Michael Marshall - August 1971)

He has snatched me up from the grave (Michael Marshall - November 1971)

What Hope for British Politics (Michael Marshall - May 1975 pdf)

The Story Behind London's Largest Libel Case - Moonies Versus The Daily Mail (Mike Marshall - July 1981)

First Anniversary of The World and I (Michael Marshall - January 26, 1987)

Washington, DC Korean Saturday School -- Interview of Inku Marshall, Lisa Take, Margaret Herbers and Stefen Doucette (Mary Trifault - September 1990)

Brother Donald Marshall's Pledge To God and True Parents (Donald Lowell Marshall - December 23, 2002)

Here I Stand (Michael Marshall - June 12, 2010)

The Washington Times to Sell for One Dollar (Michael Marshall - August 27, 2010)

Bridge of Peace in Scotland (Elizabeth Marshall - March 10, 2011)

Faith, Love and Good Spirits (Elizabeth Marshall - October 2011)

The importance of a vision and principles in the life of a nation (Michael Marshall - October 8, 2015 pdf)

Annual Interfaith Week Scotland FFWPU at Quaker Meeting House Edinburgh - Edinburgh, Scotland (Elizabeth Marshall - November 19, 2017 pdf)

FFWPU Scotland's Annual Interfaith Week at Quaker Meeting House Edinburgh (Elizabeth Marshall - November 25, 2017 pdf)

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