The Words of the Marshall Family

First Anniversary of The World and I

Michael Marshall
January 26, 1987

On Monday morning, January 26, the day The World and I magazine scheduled its first anniversary banquet, federal employees were given the day off and most events in the nation's capital were called off because of heavy snow. But despite the bad conditions and some cancellations, 200 guests appeared at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel that evening for a grand celebration.

Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, and Dr. Morton Kaplan, editor and publisher of The World and I, arrived from Houston and Chicago respectively despite disrupted air schedules. The ambassador from Ecuador arrived in a four- wheel drive jeep that he drove himself. Such determination to gather in spite of the elements sparked a special spirit among the guests, who included senators, congressmen, ambassadors, and many distinguished public figures and contributors to The World and I.

After dinner, speakers from the head table offered tributes to the magazine. Dr. Richard Rubenstein, a member of the advisory board of both The Washington Times and The World and I, explained the genesis of both publications, saying that the vision and determination of the founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, had brought them to a successful fruition when most people had regarded the attempts as totally impossible.

That night a Distinguished Public Service Award was presented to Senator Barry M. Goldwater (R- Arizona). Arnaud de Borchgrave praised Senator Goldwater as a staunch fighter against communism and an inspiration to The Washington Times in its efforts in the same area.

Accepting the award, Senator Goldwater urged all the guests who had not done so to read a copy of The World and I and said that he was sure they would then want to subscribe. Appearing moved by the tributes and the warm atmosphere, he said he saw a new world emerging -- a new world of greater cooperation. He also said he believed the Soviet Union would change in his lifetime. As he reflected on the "I" in the magazine's title he asked the challenging question, "What can I do as one man to make this world a better place to live in?"

Toasts were offered by Dr. Bo Hi Pak, president of News World Communications; former Senator Charles Percy of Illinois; Ambassador Van Well of the Federal Republic of Germany; Arthur Burns, former Secretary of the Treasury and ambassador to West Germany; and Dr. Nicholas Kittrie of the magazine's executive advisory board, who was also the master of ceremonies for the event.

Concluding remarks came from Representative Corinne Boggs (D- Louisiana). She pointed out that nations, corporations, and political parties cannot love each other, only persons can do that, so that the "I" in this endeavor was most important. She thanked the editors, the owners, and the people who conceived of the magazine. "If there is one thing we need in our relationships throughout the world today," she continued, "it is The World and I" 

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