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Angelika's Notes On Rev. Resine Jackson's Speech At Prayer Breakfast (Restine Jackson - March 25, 2003)

Moonies sue Katherine Jackson for thirteen million (June 29, 2010)

Lovin’ Life Welcomes Returning Member Bobby Jackson (Bobby Jackson - May 8, 2012 pdf)

Happy True Heavenly Parent Day! (John Jackson - January 30, 2014)

Get on the Bus (John Jackson - June 20, 2014 pdf)

Dallas Family Church's two-week Outreach Revival (John Jackson - February 22, 2015 pdf)

Witnessing at Southern Methodist University in Dallas (John Jackson - February 27, 2015 pdf)

Dallas Outreach Team brings guests to Sunday Service (John Jackson - February 28, 2015 pdf)

Two-week outreach revival in Dallas, Texas is coming to a close (John Jackson - March 6, 2015 pdf)

The Dallas church welcomed 15 new guests to their final outreach revival (John Jackson - March 8, 2015 pdf)

Salt Lake City FFWPU Children’s Choir Performs at Mormon Tabernacle (John Jackson - March 22, 2015 pdf)

Donate to the Peace Education Center (John Jackson - April 15, 2015 pdf)

District 9 report at the National Leaders' Meeting in Las Vegas (John Jackson - April 15, 2015 pdf)

UPF Dallas marches for the 10th straight year in the Irving 4th of July Parade (John Jackson - July 4, 2015 pdf)

45 Parents Receive Matching Education in Texas (John Jackson - July 12, 2015 pdf)

Testimony about ministers who went to the recent Blessing (John Jackson - October 15, 2015 pdf)

Winter Bash Workshop in Dallas, Texas (John Jackson - January 14, 2016 pdf)

Foundation Day Marriage Blessing in Dallas, TX (John Jackson - February 19, 2016 pdf)

UPF Dallas held a peace forum celebrating the UN International Day of Families (John Jackson - May 15, 2016 pdf)

Dallas Family Church Gets a New Home (John Jackson - July 24, 2016 pdf)

Special Grace Ceremony at the Dallas Family Church, Texas (John Jackson - June 24, 2016 pdf)

Appreciating John Jackson of the Dallas, Texas Family Church (Cynthia Nakai and Mickey La Hogue - November 12, 2016 pdf)

Marriage Blessing Ceremony on Valentine’s Day in Dallas City Hall (John Jackson - February 14, 2017 pdf)

Testimony about our attending the Annual Dallas, Texas Prayer Breakfast (John Jackson - February 20, 2017 pdf)

Gerry Servito's DP ane UT workshops at the Dallas, TX Family Church (John Jackson - March 18, 2017 pdf)

Camp Lone Star summer workshop for young Unificationists held at Tejas Trails (John Jackson - July 1, 2017 pdf)

First Anniversary of Dallas Family Church's New Church attended by VIPs (John Jackson - August 6, 2017 pdf)

Native Americans Inspired by the Divine Principle in Dallas (John Jackson - August 27, 2017 pdf)

Restructuring and Personnel Appointments of FFWPU-USA - New Sub-Regional Directors: Demian Dunkley, Ernest Patton, David Rendel, John Jackson and Larry Krishnek (Ki Hoon Kim and Richard Buessing - December 25, 2017 pdf)

Restructuring and Personnel Appointments of FFWPU-USA - Demian Dunkley, Ernest Patton, David Rendel, John Jackson and Larry Krishnek (Sung Il Cho - December 25, 2017 pdf)

USA Wins Global Singing Award and John Jackson given MVP by True Mother (Richard Buessing - December 25 Jackson, 2017 pdf)

Colorado Receives Visit from New Subregional Director John Jackson (Michael Hentrich - January 19, 2018 pdf)

Opportunity to Meet with and Hear Our Sub-Regional Director Rev. John Jackson (Michael Hentrich - April 14, 2018 pdf)

John Jackson immersed himself in Utah Family Church activities (Wendy Stovall - April 15, 2018 pdf)

Campaign to Start a New Community Pottery Business in Sydney, Australia (Sean Jackson - May 16, 2018 pdf)

Camp Lone Star 2018 was held at the Tejas Trails Ranch at Blanco, Texas (John Jackson - July 21, 2018 pdf)

Dallas Fort Worth Family Church's Project Phoenix experience with David Young (John Jackson - November 30, 2018 pdf)

We invited True Mother to speak to our sub-region in Las Vegas on June 22, 2019 (John Jackson - January 21, 2019 pdf)

Subregion 4 March 1st - 3rd Leaders Conference Updates (John Jackson - February 14, 2019 pdf)

I invite you join us on June 22nd in Las Vegas for True Mother's Rally (John Jackson - May 9, 2019 pdf)

True Mother, we thank you for calling us; we thank you for believing in us (John Jackson - June 23, 2019 pdf)

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas Family Church's American Leadership Conference (John Jackson - September 21, 2019 pdf)

Dallas, Texas High Noon Summit experiences love, connection, and honesty (John Jackson - October 26, 2019 pdf)

Houston, TX Family Church reads True Mother Hak Ja Han Moon: An Anthology (George Brewer - December 8, 2019 pdf)

Dallas - Fort Worth Family Church clergy dinner with Dr. Luonne Rouse (John Jackson - December 9, 2019 pdf)

John Jackson tells about his region's online Easter Egg decorating contest (Izak Hernandez - April 12, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU USA Subregion 4 - Final updates on Camp Lone Star (B. Schneider - June 9, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU USA Subregion 4 YAYAM May Newsletter! (John Jackson - June 12, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU Subregion 4 Mother of Peace Reading Condition: June 15th - July 24th (John Jackson - June 12, 2020 pdf)

The Peace Road team that is travelling across America arrives in Subregion 4 (John Jackson - August 10, 2020 pdf)

Colorado Family Church: Fusae Jackson's Paper Cranes for True Mother Project (Adonia Hentrich - October 22, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU SubRegion 5: Urgent Call for the Body of Christ - Come to Rally of Hope (John Jackson - November 29, 2020 pdf)

Unificationists welcome Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to America with 10,000 handmade cranes (John Jackson - December 4, 2020 pdf)

Colorado Family Church: John and Fusae Jackson Available for Personal Sharing (Michael Hentrich - December 5, 2020 pdf)

ACLC Southwest Region Restoring America Through the Blessing program (John Jackson - January 15, 2021 pdf)

FFWPI USA SubRegion 4 Famicon: Gather as a Subregion and grow closer (John Jackson - February 4, 2021 pdf)

Rev. John Jackson of Dallas Family Church organizes aid for Hurricane Ida recovery (Naokimi Ushiroda - September 29, 2021 pdf)

Today John Jackson on Youth, Video Games and Violence - June 21 @ 2 PM (Zagery Oliver - June 21, 2023 pdf)

FFWPU USA: Letter from Yeon Ah Moon and New Appointments: Naokimi Ushiroda, Achille Acolatse, Kazuo Takami, John Jackson and Kevin Thompson (Demian Dunkley - July 7, 2023 pdf)

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