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Angelika's Notes On Rev. Resine Jackson's Speech At Prayer Breakfast

Restine Jackson
March 25, 2003

Dear brothers and sisters,

The following is a note from MD Prayer Breakfast by Angelika Selle. Rev. Restine Jackson gave a wonderful speech.

Rev. Debbie Taylor
Region 1, Minister Outreach Coordinator

Reveal Who You Are

Personal notes taken from a timely message given by Rev. Restine Jackson at the PG County prayer breakfast at Pastor Patra Kidwell's church at Capital Plaza. The spirit in the room was charged and each sentence seemed like a bolt of lightning!

Romans 8:12-20

The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the Children of God!

As it says in Romans, the creation is LONGING for the revealing of the sons and daughters of God.

It is truly time that the sons of God step out and reveal themselves! Let people know and realize that everywhere they go they meet the sons and daughters of God. We are God's family. If someone disrespects our Daddy, we speak up. We need to know who we are!

You have greatness within you, not because you are born to be great, but because the Spirit of God is in you. If someone doesn't do their job, we should not start criticizing and complaining, but rather feel responsible to do more! We need to get out of the judgmental spirit.

The devil is real just as much as God is real. The demonic forces are greater than anyone can handle by themselves. Therefore, the only way to counteract them is to link up arm in arm with other saints. We need a move of the Spirit and must get among the saints of God who have an anointing to speak to the angels. Know who you are!

This world's in trouble because the saints have not taken their rightful places. We lost the dominion. God tries to give it back. All was cursed after the fall. Not just Eve and Adam, but also the ground was cursed. Romans 8:19. The sons of God need to come out of the desert. The people must be accountable.

Our country has been like a raging bull since 9/11, as if to say if we can't get Osama bin Laden, we beat up someone else. This is not the way of the sons of God. God is not pleased with what is going on. The sons need to rise up. God has a greater plan!

The Spirit of God is moving. Revelation is coming forth from Heaven, not from words. There is revelation knowledge.

Write down the Word when you receive it; then it become a proceeding Word. The Spirit of God will lead you directly!

The sons of God need to reveal themselves. We need to reveal ourselves to our own families, neighbors and all those around us: I am a son/daughter of God and I am a new Creation! Let us stand for holiness and for what is right.

Get rid of sin in yourself. That might be stuff that you don't like and stuff that you like doing. God is now shaking the world, like sifting, so only that which is good will remain. There must be a sifting process going on in our lives, too.

Sometimes Satan wants to take you down, but the anointing is within you after the outer husk is off. Then whatever you do, the devil cannot harm you. The only one who can destroy you is YOU.

Romans 8:20: The whole creation is waiting.

NOW is the time!

I found that the greatest relationship is not that of a slave and an owner or a boss and an employee, but the relationship between a father and son.

Go where your Father is going. We still try to do our own thing. When you meet another saint, there is a free flow of spirit, there are no differences.

Let us tear down the walls and be(come) proactive peacemakers!

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