The Words of the Jackson Family

Happy True Heavenly Parent Day!

John Jackson
January 30, 2014

Hi everyone,

Happy 47th True Heavenly Parent Day!

Best wishes you, and many blessings from Heavenly Parent, and True Parents. I so look forward to the coming year. I fell that it will be overflowing with a bountiful harvest. Let us join together in bring great victory for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

I look forward to the challenges of this New Year! I pray that we can be united, and supportive to one another. As we celebrate the Heavenly Parent and the coming New Year, let us reflect on how we can contribute to True Parents vision for 2020. What Can I do to bring this vision to life?

I want to see the Divine Principle alive in out centers and homes. I know we can do it! Many of you have shared with me the urgency you fell for Heavenly Parent at this time. We feel it as well. I want encourage you! This is a new day. A new area and a new spirit that is moving. If you have done this bone this before don't worry that the results didn't come.

Last night I had a dream. We were in a battle, and it was all out war. There were many of you fighting with me. We had the forces of hell coming against us, and it was very crazy. By my side was a man, a giant of a man. He was always so close to me. He was so large that when I looked around to see him, my face would came up just below his chest. He never left my side. It gave me so much courage to know that this man fought with me. I never saw his face because we were all so busy, but I knew he was there. Every now and then he would help another close to me, but would always return. Finally the battle was over. The Victory won. I was looking around to see how you were, and where you were. There were cheers of victory everywhere. Just then the giant my protector was there and I looked up to see his face. I wanted to tell him he had done a great job. It was then that I realized looking in to his eyes that he was True Father, my protector, my Savior, my Lord, my God. So remember He is with you, He is with you always! He will let you fight your own battles, but will fight by your side! The Victory is sure. Be comforted and encourage True Parents love you so much. Aju!

Happy True Heavenly Parent Day!

From John and Fusae Jackson and all our children have a wonderful Holy Day Celebration! 

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