Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

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 As a Korean war refugee himself, Reverend Moon understands first-hand the importance of humanitarian relief in situations of war, disasters and poverty. Following his vision of living for others, Reverend Moon has founded several worldwide humanitarian organizations. A unique feature of these relief organizations are programs of personalized service- service internships and volunteer programs that provide opportunities for thousands of individuals to go and serve personally in the places of need.

In His Words: “Even a suit of clothes that others have work becomes a gift of joy to those who need it. Small acts of true love, gathered together, create a garden resplendent with flowers of true love that will cure societies ills.

International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF):

founded in 1975 IRFF provides humanitarian aid in the form of food, medical supplies, and clothing in situations of disasters, disease and war. IIFF has brought hope and relief to millions of people across all national, racial and religious boundaries. IIRFF has long term developmental projects in the areas of health care, nutrition, literacy, and vocational and agricultural education.

IRFF has worked together with UNICEF, UNESCO, Caritas, the International Red Cross, Christian Disaster Relief and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. In 1995, Christian Disadter Relief awarded IIFWP its Five Year Service Award and in 1996 it was nominated for the prestigious Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize.

World Peace Through Interfaith Dialogue and Action:

Thirty two of the thirty six violent conflicts during the closing decade of the 20th century had their roots in religious animosity. However far from seeing religions as the problem, Reverend Moon envisions a world where religious people are active, unitedand the most effective group to end conflict, poverty and social problems

In His Words: “As people of faith, we must keep in mind that religion is not simply a matter of dogma and belief. Faith must be demonstrated through substantial acts of love and service. When love is practiced through actions of service aimed at uplifting those in need, the spirit of religion can be better understood by a world that has grown increasingly skeptical.” Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Religious Youth Service ( RYS):

RYSFounded in 1986m responding to post-modern disillusionment, RYS promotes the twin ideals of interreligious harmony and public service. RYS is a unique service organization where youth leaders of various faiths work on-site together to serve a needy community. RYS has sponsored over one hundred such youth training programs hosted in more than 40 nations. Religio transcend religious differences as they work together for example to build a school in a poor area and at the same time learn to appreciate their respective faiths.

Women’s Federation for World Peace Service Project (WWFP):

WFWPFounded in 1992 to promote the value of women, humanitarian aid and service projects are a major component of WFWP.

The most famous and important service project began in 1993 when WFWP sent a team of 10 Japanese service volunteers to serve for three years in the more the 60 of the worlds neediest nations. The result was dozens of ongoing service projects in those countries from career training programs to medical clinics. Since then these Japanese volunteers continue to serve those nations though periodic visits and regular donations to the service projects they founded during their three years in-country.

Isshin Hospital Medical Teams:

Founded in 1978, Isshin Hospital in Japan sends out medical teams to crisis areas in Asia and Africa and Latin America. Service began in the 1970;s providing medical care to lepers in Korea and Okinawa, then teams sent to Vietnamese refugee camps and the slums of Manila and then the Central African Republic and Brazil.

Both Japanese and Korean doctor and nurses form the medical team- longtime enemy nations. Countries. They overcome national prejudices to serve for the greater good, thus embodying Reverend Moons vision of service projects that help others and also heal divisions of nationality, race and religion.

Aewon Voluntary Service Foundation (AVSF):

Founded in 1994 in Korea, AVSF works primarily in Korea with programs for the elderly, needy children, orphanages and the disabled. It is an active member of the Korea Council of Volunteer Organizations.International service projects founded by Reverend Moon to meet emergency needs in natural disasters, disease, poverty and war that have brought hope and relief to millions across national, racial and religious boundaries.

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