The Words of the Moffitt Family from 2020 and later

 Table of Contents

The Words of the Moffitt Family - Table of Contents

YAYAM USA January 2019 Newsletter (Kaeleigh Moffitt - January 7, 2020 pdf)

Youth and Young Adult Ministry's Winter Workshop in Yellow Springs, WV (Kaeleigh Moffitt - January 15, 2020 pdf)

Youth and Students for Peace is invited to Hawaii hold a youth Peace Seminar (Kaeleigh Moffitt - January 26, 2020 pdf)

Carp Bay Area - A Month Ly Newsletter for February 2020 (Kevin Thompson - Februarys 2020 pdf)

YAYAM February 2020 Newsletter (Kaeleigh Moffitt - February 10, 2020 pdf)

Teresa Rischl resigns as the CARP USA National President - Kaeleigh Moffitt to serve as Interim CARP USA Staff Manager (Charko Patterson - February 23, 2020 pdf)

YAYAM March 2020 Newsletter (Kaeleigh Moffitt - March 11, 2020 pdf)

CARP USA is opening up new intern positions for students for spring 2020! (Kaeleigh Moffitt - March 12, 2020 pdf)

CARP USA March 2020 Newsletter: Staying Healthy and Making an Impact (Kaeleigh Moffitt - March 15, 2020 pdf)

Unificationist Robert Becker inspired to paint live-streamed National Sunday Service emcee Kaeleigh Moffitt - Activated by how the lighting shaped her face (Demian Dunkley - March 22, 2020 pdf)

YAYAM April Newsletter (Kaeleigh Moffitt - April 12, 2020 pdf)

New Hope Family Church: Oasis, David Moffitt Speaks, New Young Adult Event (Jim Boothby - April 15, 2020 pdf)

UPF Peace Road: Peace Starts With Me - Reconciling the Human Family Fundraiser (Larry Moffitt - July 7, 2020 pdf)

Peace Road 2020 Anchorage, AK USA: Alaska's Significance to World Peace (Larry Moffitt - July 28, 2020 pdf)

Peace Road 2020 USA: Roger Williams - Freedom of Conscience in Rhode Island (Larry Moffitt - July 29, 2020 pdf)

Peace Road 2020 Northhapton, MA USA: First Interracial Commune in America (Larry Moffitt - July 30, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU USA: Sign up for Blessed Culture and Sports Festival - BCSF XVI Today (Kaeleigh Moffitt - July 31, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU USA YAYAM's National E-Series Strengthens Interpersonal Relationships (Kaeleigh Moffitt - September 2, 2020 pdf)

You're Invited: FFWPU USA YAYAM Leaders' Summit 2020 (Kaeleigh Moffitt - September 4, 2020 pdf)

The YAYAM Summit is tomorrow! **Important Note: Registration Error** (Kaeleigh Moffitt - September 11, 2020 pdf)

Generation Peace Academy (GPA) transitioning to college - Mission to Midterms (Kaeleigh Moffitt - October 7, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU YAYAM 2020 National Il Shim Online for 8th Graders and High Schoolers (Kaeleigh Moffitt - October 9, 2020 pdf)

YAYAM USA Fall 2020 Newsletter (Kaeleigh Moffitt - October 25, 2020 pdf)

Welcome Achille Acolatse, Kaeleigh Moffitt, Shin Nan Goto and Highmy Her are the new pastoral team for DC , MD and VA - Honoring Jim Boothby and Werner Seubert (Achille Acolatse - January 21, 2021 pdf)

DMV (DC, MD and VA) YAYAM Updates for the Community, Calendar of events! (Kaeleigh Moffitt - February 3, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU Youth and Young Adult Ministry's Faith and Focus Virtual Retreat (Kaeleigh Moffitt - February 6, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU DMV: Kaeleigh Moffitt's COMPASS - The Desert is My Promised Land! (Achille Acolatse - February 23, 2021 pdf)

YAYAM USA's Devoted Program For Young Unificationists And Their Parents (Kaeleigh Moffitt - March 28, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU USA DMV: Exciting Updates from our Young Leaders team! (Kaeleigh Moffitt - March 30, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU YAYAM USA: After serving YAYAM for 7 years, Kaeleigh is moving on (Kaeleigh Moffitt - March 31, 2021 pdf)

CARP DMV's 7 Days Divine Principle "The Rising Strong" Retreat May 23 -30th (Kaeleigh Moffitt - May 20, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU DMV: Middle School Workshop starts tomorrow night! (6th-8th grade) (Kaeleigh Moffitt - May 27, 2021 pdf)

HPHV DMV: YAYAM Events on June 5th - Young Adult Watch Party (Kaeleigh Moffitt - June 2, 2021 pdf)

HPHC DMV: Introductory Tongil Moodo Class - Class tomorrow Saturday at 11AM (Kaeleigh Moffitt - June 18, 2021 pdf)

UPF North America Convenes An International Leadership Conference (Larry Moffitt - August 21, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU USA YAYAM Next Our Global Impact Call with UPF's Kaeleigh Moffitt (Katherine Anglin - November 16, 2021 pdf)

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