The Words of the Witt Family

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The Coming Kingdom -- When Will It Be Established? -Where Will It Appear First? -How Will It Be Accomplished? -What Can We Do To Help? (Sarah Witt - March 1970)

Master Moon was asked whether or not he was the Messiah (Sarah M. Witt - April 13, 1970)

My presentation was "The Principles of Sun Myung Moon..." (Sarah Witt - July 1, 1970)

Towards a Civilization of Man (Sarah Witt - February 1971)

The vision of Edward Bellamy led me to the Divine Principle of Sun Myung Moon (Sarah Witt - August 1975 pdf)

Channeling Heung Jin Nim Revitalizes UTS (Sarah M. Witt and Peter Fleischmann - November 1987)

How I Became the First Jewish Unificationist (Sarah Witt - July 1989)

Looking Backward - 2000 to 1887 by Edward Bellamy (Written in 1881) (Sarah Witt - 1998)

The Making of A Miracle (Sarah Witt - August 2001)

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