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Master Moon was asked whether or not he was the Messiah

Sarah M. Witt
April 13, 1970
Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A.

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Saturday night, April 11, 1970 a long-awaited event took place at the Lawson YMCA in Chicago-the return engagement of Sir Anthony Brooke of England, sponsored by the Space Age Center International, Inc. The previous lecture by Mr. Brooke had been sponsored by the same organization last December 6, 1969, at which time I met Sir, Anthony for the first time.

Since his last appearance in Chicago, I had written to the Universal Foundation in England for their many pamphlets which consist of study papers and lectures given by Mr. Brooke to various organizations throughout the world. Also I requested and received two copies of his book, Revelation for the New Age." had I know dynamic the book was, I would have asked for many more copies. This literature is truly inspiring, and is written in such a diplomatic way as to avoid offense to anyone. We need this diplomatic presentation of the Principles to attract more Western people to the various Principle movements throughout the world.

The presentation Saturday night was entitled "Man's Higher Destiny," and was delivered in a most dynamic and convincing manner. Unfortunately the hopes I had cherished of sharing this gracious man's wisdom with my fellow Chicagoans via television could not be realized at this time due to a very tight schedule which necessitated that he and his traveling companion, Miss Monica Parish, Co-President of the Universal Foundation, leave Chicago early the following morning for an engagement in a city east of Chicago.

Among the more than 160 people attending this lecture was Mrs. Eileen Welch (with whom many of you are familiar) and her party of six. For the benefit of those who do not know Eileen, let briefly state that she has been following Master Moon's Principles since approximately 1959, and has studied with Miss Young Oon Kim and Mr. David Kim, and has lectured to many groups throughout the country and in Alaska. She brought me into this work, for which I will be ever grateful to her. After the lecture, Eileen was asked to say a few words about our Movement, and she did so, with great diplomacy and wisdom, giving what amounted to an extemporaneous brief talk on the ideals of our Principle Movement, and the vital role which was being fulfilled by Sir Anthony Brooke and the Universal Foundation.

Surprisingly, although Eileen had heard a great deal about Mr. Brooke, and lectured about him often, this was the first opportunity she had ever had to meet him in person. I was happy to have had a small part in this momentous encounter.

Saturday night's lecture was in reality a Principle lecture presented in a way that could be understood and appreciated by all faiths. He spoke about the chaos in this world today being actually spiritual symptoms of the death throes of the old evil world and the birth pangs of a new, Principled world in which God would be in control. Also emphasized was the fact that we, as individuals, must take a stand at this crucial time and make a decision as to whether we will remain in the compost heap" (here he obviously was referring to the widespread corruption of our present-day society) or lift ourselves up to a higher level by seeking and applying spiritual truth to our daily lives.

After Eileen's impromptu speech, Sir Anthony spoke again, and related an incident in which Master Moon was asked whether or not he was the Messiah, and he answered, "Yes, I am. But so are you, and so are you, and so are you." In other words, we can all take part in his Messianic Mission by accepting, unconditionally, the responsibility of fulfilling our 5%, supplemented by God's 95% effort. Actually, this means that we must be willing to say to God, and sincerely mean it' "Here I am. Dear Lord, use my body, my mind, and all of my spiritual gifts for whatever purpose, and I will go where you lead me, and do Your Will. Just show me the way, "and then proceed to do just that! Furthermore, as Miss Monica Parish stated in her brief talk when Mr. Brooke had completed his discourse, we must always be thankful to God for His Gracious Gift to us, and not hesitate or neglect to let Him know, every hour of every day that we appreciate the opportunity to be instrumental in building His Kingdom on Earth. We must not wait until trouble strikes to call upon God to bail us out. We must always be in His Divine Presence within us, and let Him know, constantly, that we realize that He is the source of everything Good that is in us and with us.

Curiously enough, I had just delivered an impromptu sermon on this very subject to one of the young men in my office, to whom I have been witnessing about our Movement for several months, now. This young fellow, about 26, of Polish descent, had been educated in a Seminary, and now finds it very difficult to pray as a regular practice every night, as he had been taught to do as a child. He has the notion, as do so many others, that attending services at his Roman Catholic church every Sunday is sufficient to supply all of his spiritual needs. I explained to him that it was not enough to go to church on Sunday, and appeal to God only at those times when his life was not running as he would like it to. Every morning I ask him, "Well, did not you pray last night." and he sheepishly answers me. "No. Guess I just forget. Since everything is going so well for me, I forget to pray."

This is when I delivered my sermon of how we must always remember to thank God for everything, every day, not only when things are going well for us, but also for the trials and tribulations we encounter in our lives. And when our trials and tribulations seem much greater than anyone else's, we must realize that God expects that much more of us because we have the capacity to overcome more than the average person. And this, too, is certainly something to be ever thankful for. But, in addition to being thankful, we must also be willing to share that gift by offering it unconditionally to God for His work in building a Good World for us, His Children.

All my love to our Beloved True Father and True Mother, dear Mother [Won Pok] Choi and our precious perfect brothers and sisters, and to all of my spiritual Heavenly Family throughout the world. Before I leave you, I would very much appreciate receiving the address of the Holland Center, as I have a dear friend who is a young Hebrew teacher by the name of Victor Cohen, who is planning to spend several months studying in Holland on a Fellowship. He has read David Kim's book, and has discussed the Principles with me, and, since he teaches Comparative Religions in a Reformed Jewish Temple, he is very much interested in visiting our Holland Center, about which I have told him. I know you will find this brilliant linguist a very liberal, broadminded and interesting man. He is at this moment at the point of receiving his Doctorate Degree, and has maintained an "A" average in all of his courses in addition to working full-time in order to support his wife and 3-years-old, and teaching Comparative Religions on Saturday. He has asked me to come and speak to his class of ninth-grade children, and I have gladly accepted. When his class comes to the point in the course when they are studying the various Universal Religions, he will let me know, and I will be there to tell them about our Principle Movement and our beloved Master Moon. Please pray for me that I can make a favorable impression on these Jewish youngsters.

Sarah M. Witt

Illinois State Representative
United Faith, Inc. 

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