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The Coming Kingdom -- When Will It Be Established? -Where Will It Appear First? -How Will It Be Accomplished? -What Can We Do To Help?

Sarah Witt
March 1970
United Temple Bulletin
Portland, Oregon

For almost 6.000 years, according to Biblical records dating from the time of Adam and Eve, mankind has longed for a better world; a world in which harmony and beauty will prevail among all of God's Creations.

Now, in this present Space Age, when man's technological abilities have reached a pinnacle of accomplishment never before realized, we must seriously evaluate our spiritual and sociological development in relation to our technical progress.

We now have the capability to destroy every living thing in our Earth 44 times over. This is known in nuclear physics terminology as "Overkill." In other words, one result of our technological evolution is a bridge over which mankind may rush headlong into total destruction. If the bomb doesn't get us, the population explosion will, according to the dire prophecies of many of our scientists. What about air pollution and water pollution? According to the latest figures on air pollution, if we do not find a solution to this serious problem very soon, the next two or three years could very well bring about irreversible damage to the thin layer of air which surrounds our earth.

So, all things considered, The Kingdom of God must be established now. This could mean before the end of this year; or next year; or the year after that. Certainly, from all indications, within the next three years we should recognize some positive sign that God is giving us the means to save mankind and our Earth from certain destruction.

We must understand why mankind came to this sorry state of affairs. Whether we consider the Biblical story of Adam and Eve a myth or an analogy used by the ancient Hebrew Scribes to demonstrate a moral, the fact remains that all of the generations since that time have been corrupt; that is to say, there have been none here on Earth who have been perfect in the sight of God, with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth, according to the New Testament.

If we sincerely believe in God, then we must also believe that God is perfect; for who would believe in a God of imperfection? Logic tells us that if God is perfect, and we have been created in His Image, then we were meant to be perfect, too. But, obviously, man has failed to attain that perfection of mind, spirit and body which would then enable him to establish the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Why did he fail to attain perfection? Our study of the Principles introduced by Sun Myung Moon of Korea gives us a deep insight into the basic cause of man's degeneration.

In the chapter dealing with "The Fall of Man," we find that Adam and Eve, young and immature, while yet in a brother-and-sister relationship in the Garden of Eden, had grown to the 6th level of spiritual development under God's autonomous rule of the Principle of Creation. God had chosen these two people to become the first perfect parents of mankind in order to set up His Ideal World. Therefore, they were told not to eat of the "forbidden fruit" (love relationship) of the symbolic "Tree of Life" and "Tree of knowledge" until they had matured to perfection, at which time God would have blessed them in Heavenly Marriage, and they would have reproduced and born perfect, sinless children.

Mankind would have developed a perfect vertical relationship to God and a horizontal relationship with his fellow man, and there would have been a Good Earthly Kingdom for all of God's Children. Instead, when faced with powerful temptation. Eve, for lack of faith, united with Lucifer, the Archangel who seduced her. Immediately thereafter, she realized her mistake in entering an unprincipled blood relationship with an angelic being, she knew then that young Adam was to be her future husband. In an effort to redeem herself, she tempted Adam, who also partook of the "forbidden fruit."

A love relationship was not acceptable at this time because neither Adam nor Eve had yet attained the state of mental, emotional and spiritual perfection necessary for God's Plan. The result of this unfortunate mistake in the Biblical Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve died spiritually, and caused the world to be filled with immature, depraved and sinful people. Lucifer became Satan, the opposer, and has continued for the past 6.000 years to make a base here on earth with evil persons to fill the world with lust, greed, violence, murder, and corruption of every kind, until this very day.

Now, who is going to subjugate Satan and make this Earth a veritable Garden of Eden, a Utopia filled with sinless, perfect children of God? Sounds like a pretty ridiculous task, doesn't it? But how else can we survive? Imperfect man cannot be trusted with the greatly advanced scientific knowledge he possesses, which has given him the power to destroy the world many times over. Therefore, there is only one way to survival, and that is to remake the nature of mankind to that Heavenly personality which will phase out the degenerate portions of his nature which were brought about as a direct result of the fall of Adam and Eve, our first parents; i.e., Jealousy, pride and arrogance, defiance, anger and hot-blooded temper, and shifting the blame to others.

The United Faith Movement in the U.S.A., together with our sister movements in every country in the world, under the direct leadership of Sun Myung Moon of Korea, is dedicated to the task of building a Divine Bridge which will extend into the world of tomorrow, a world in which we will experience perfect harmony and oneness with God and with our fellow man. This Bridge consists of The Principles, the study of which will span the gap between the past, present and future of every sincere religion on earth. As of January 1, 1970, several hundred thousand of us hold steadfast to our position on this Bridge of Divine understanding, which will open the way for others to follow, that all may know how to reach The Kingdom.

We who are working diligently to build this Divine Bridge come from every imaginable background, including university professors, businessmen, housewives, white collar workers, statesmen, noblemen, and members of every profession. Our religious backgrounds are likewise diverse, and we number among our Heavenly Legions those of Orthodox Jewish faith (like myself), Catholics, Protestants (tall denominations), Mohammedans, Buddhists, etc. For we are One Family, directed by One Messiah, under One God.

We want you to join our United Family and help us to complete our Divine Bridge leading to The Kingdom. 

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