The Words of the Suzuki Family

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Tuna Tales -- A fisherman counts his tuna like counting your spiritual children! (Hiroshi Suzuki - October 1983)

True Parents' Choice for Me (Hana Suzuki - January 2013)

Demonstrating our Dreams at the Yonent Mame Ibrahima School in Senegal (Benedicte Suzuki - July 2015 pdf)

Volunteers Needed for Service Project in Keurmassar, Dakar Senegal at end July (Benedicte Suzuki - June 16, 2018 pdf)

Blessing and Seonghwa Ceremonies: Good Places for Tribal Messiah Witnessing (Hikaru Suzuki - March 2019 pdf)

WakuWaku Online Seminar - Testimony Cecilie Fortune - May 16, 2020 (Sayaka Suzuki - May 22, 2020 pdf)

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