The Words of the Ledesma Family

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Lewis L. Lassiter, Mississippi Minister Meets Father in Spirit While Watching Videotapes (Enrique Ledesma - April 1985)

Seeking Expressions of Interest from Experienced Lecturers to Participate in the Providence in Oceania (Robyn Ledesma - July 28, 2005)

Global Peace Festival at Solomon Islands (Enrique Ledesma - November 27, 2008)

Living for Others Awards in Sydney (Enrique Ledesma - October 24, 2009)

UPF Presents at Parliament of the World's Religions (Enrique Ledesma - November 25, 2009)

UTS Alum Enrique Ledesma Speaks at Parliament of the World's Religions (January 2010)

Iraqis in Sydney Promote Rapprochement of Cultures (Enrique Ledesma - June 7, 2010)

Drug Prevention Forum Held in Sydney (Enrique Ledesma - June 26, 2010)

Legacy of Peace Celebrated in Sydney (Enrique Ledesma - August 28, 2010)

Sixth Annual Living for Others Awards (Enrique Ledesma - October 2, 2010)

Interfaith Prayers for Flood Victims in Queensland (Enrique Ledesma - February 7, 2011)

UPF-Michigan honored the United Nations International Day of Peace in Lansing (David Kasbow and Teresa Ledesma - September 21, 2016 pdf)

Oceania's Blessed Children re-connect at annual Regional Summer Workshop (Rachel Ledesma - January 6, 2017 pdf)

27 attend Oceania's 4th Annual Retreat for Blessed Children, 18 years and older (Rachel Ledesma - January 22, 2017 pdf)

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