The Words of the Ledesma Family

Lewis L. Lassiter, Mississippi Minister Meets Father in Spirit While Watching Videotapes

Enrique Ledesma
April 1985

Watching a videotape series on the Principle last November had a very special effect on Rev. Lewis L. Lassiter of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Mr. Enrique Ledesma, director of the Unification Church of Mississippi, says of him, "Rev. Lassiter has been a source of inspiration to us and to his fellow Baptist associates. He is an articulate man from one of the most prominent religious families in Mississippi. His brother is president of a college in Texas, and his sister has attended our ICC seminar in the Bahamas."

In a meeting with Unificationists Tom Cutts, Graeme Carmichael, and Enrique Ledesma, Rev. Lassiter commented, "I am seriously considering the possibility that Rev. Moon is the Second Coming of Christ."

The day after his experience on November 1, Rev. Lassiter described it to Enrique in a letter as follows:

Dear Brother Enrique:

My relationship with your church began with the rally at the Ramada Inn here on July 7, 1984. Later I was graced with an expense-paid trip to the nation's capital for the Pageant on Religious Liberty. Approximately a month ago, Rev. Graeme Carmichael gave me a group of video cassette tapes about your church and I have played them four times. I have found them informative and stimulating.

Of special note -- last night while watching tape 8, "Quest For God," I went into a dream and while still hearing the wedding music and words, I experienced a more beautiful love story, wherein I was present at the huge gathering and was lifted up in the spirit and taken to the presence of Rev. Moon and felt a throbbing presence and union.

Afterwards things took on the form of a romantic celebration with dancing. This visionary experience confirms to me that Reverend Moon is of God.

I began receiving frequent visions in 1979, the night after witnessing the ordination of a black Episcopal priest here in Vicksburg. Since that time I have experienced approximately 60 visionary visitations of the Holy Spirit. Rev. Carmichael is doing a fine work with the ministers here in Vicksburg. I shall pray for your continued success. 

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