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Seeking Expressions of Interest from Experienced Lecturers to Participate in the Providence in Oceania

Robyn Ledesma
July 28, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the World!

On behalf of our Continental Director, Dr. Chung Sik Yong and Rev. Ledesma, Secretary-General of IIFWP Oceania, we are seeking for expressions of interest from experienced lecturers, who are members of the world wide Unification Movement, to participate in God's Providence in Oceania.

One key long-term goal of our region is to send out 50,000 Cheon Il Guk missionaries to Pacific Island nations plus the nations of the world. To accomplish this task we need continuous education programmes that will include 40 day and 100 day workshops to be held in all the nations of Oceania. To do this, we need quality lecturers.

Qualifications Required

1. Lecturers with years of experience teaching the Divine Principle.

2. Ability to communicate well in the English language.

3. Willingness and ability to be a team player.

4. Spiritually stable with a heart to attend God and True Parents.

5. Three referees who can confirm the following:

* the applicant's Blessed couple is taking full responsibility for their Blessed family
* the applicant has the support of their current central figure, spouse and at least two Blessed children over the age of 17 years.

Positions Available

1. Lecturers to staff mobile lecturing teams touring Pacific Island nations.

2. Lecturers able to conduct lecturer-training workshops as part of a team of lecturers.

3. Lecturers who can lecture at 40 day and 100 day workshops.


1. Opportunity for spiritual resurrection.

2. Opportunity to attend True Parents whilst they are still on the Earth to substantiate Cheon Il Guk nations as an important pre-condition to unify North and South Korea. ("Is there any greater glory than this?")

3. Opportunity to travel and experience life in up to 23 nations of the South Pacific Ocean region.

4. All travel and living expenses incurred within the Oceania region will be covered by regional funds. (Travel to and from the Oceania region, will be your responsibility)

Time Period

Forty days plus more. Applicants will undergo a 40-day trial period. Upon successful completion, the applicant will be invited to commit to a time frame of their own choosing. The ocean is the limit. Alternatively they can 'pull the plug' and return home.

Should applicants wish to bring family/friends to Oceania, they are most welcome, but are fully responsible for such an undertaking.

Some Testimonies

Just before I came to Oceania I had a longing to teach Divine Principle and guide people internally but I didn't know where and how. I had a choice of taking a business mission in the USA. However I chose to come to Oceania instead because my wife is from New Zealand. Soon afterwards I met Dr Yong; a rare leader with devotion like the late Tiger Park, who was inspiring members to work in the Pacific Islands. The results have been amazing. We now have high level political, religious and traditional leaders listening to 7 and10 day seminars constantly. (Rev. Enrique Ledesma, Secretary-General of IIFWP Oceania)

Moving to the front line in the small Pacific island nations has brought new life to me spiritually and even physically. Even though I had been doing a full time mission in Sydney for many years, I didn't realize how bogged down I was becoming until I started working in the islands. This has given me new life, a chance to grow a whole lot more and an opportunity to be working with an exceptional leader in Dr Yong and a wonderful team. I am so grateful to God and True Parents to be working at this incredible time of harvest with the once only opportunity to bring the most precious, long-awaited fruit to Heavenly Father and True Parents: "the breakthrough at the national level" (Rev. Greg Stone, Director Region 4: Melanesia)

Since Dr. Yong arrived in Oceania in April 2003 my life has completely changed through practising a lifestyle of daily deep prayer and chong song (utmost sincerity). After 26 years in the Unification Movement, at 47 years of age, I have entered the golden era of my life. All the lessons gleaned from my past failures and successes are now bearing fruit. I am grabbing this opportunity with my teeth and both hands. I am doing now what I joined to do years ago. God, True Parents, spirit world and the Cheon Il Guk era have become so real. I don't want to stop. I feel a gratitude that will last for eternity.

(Paul Saver, Director of Region 2: Melanesia)

God is alive and working in Oceania. As the Divine Principle predicted, the fruits of the Pacific are waiting to be harvested which will accelerate the establishment of Cheon Il Guk. This is an incredible time to work with True Parents on the Earth, with a committed and united team dedicated to realizing True Parents vision. Spiritual fortune and blessing are pouring down on us. (Stephen Osborne, National Leader of Tuvalu and Kiribati)

I had been working as a teacher for 10 years and for the last year or more I wanted to do more for the Providence but I felt trapped by the pressures of family and debts. I kept my frustration and anxiety bottled up not even mentioning it to my wife who was more stressed than I was.

When Dr Yong arrived to our region and he visited all the members I felt he brought the authority of True Parents and the power of the Holy Spirit. I felt like I was back to when I first joined willing to give and risk all for God, True Parents and building the heavenly kingdom.

I really believe God is a living God and the spirit world is our eternal destination, though I only still have temporary experiences. I really want to do something substantial for God. I want to be a part of Father's last major campaign and I truly believe "The Unified World Begins in Oceania". When I met the Solomon Islanders I was even more convinced it is true and how great our True Parents are.

I really want to be a part of True Parents family so I was ready to take up the mission again with new fervor and determination. I gave up my job, sold the house, paid all the Total Living Offering monies and monies for ancestor liberation at Chung Pyung and went to the islands fulltime. (Rev. John Adamedes, Vice Regional Leader of Melanesia)

"Our Eternal Goal
by Dr John Didsbury
typed through Christopher Krefft

Whether on earth or in the spiritual world, we all have one goal, but one, I have found: Attendance to True Parents.

For those of us who have ascended, it becomes increasingly evident that the goal of service to True Parents is universal. Anyone who would seek to comfort Heavenly Father without an acknowledgement of the gifts of love, devotion and service that True Parents have ushered into their lives, well, this person is not heard, not truly. Our compassionate Creator will allow prayer and sharing, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of honest give and take with him, He politely pushes back or aside those who do not connect their love offering to Father and Mother, our Father and Mother.

We Unificationists in spirit, we cannot offer anything, nor would we want to, without it's linkage to True Parents.

Here in the region of Oceania, we are pioneering a unique course offered to us by our Heavenly Parent. We have been offered an opportunity to build one nation for True Parents. Each and every angel, spirit person of significance and member of True Family in spirit world has joined forces to seek a future for God within this region.

Adam and Eve led uncorrupted lives prior to puberty, so in this prepubescent region, where faith is childlike, the soil of God's seed is prepared. The womb of our True Mother is represented in the boundless kilometers of ocean. Fulfilling the goals of true love offered by True Parents, we have been seeking to sacrifice, at our own expense, to bring about witnessing, jointly supported by earth and heaven.

As a Divine Principle lecturer now residing in the spirit world, I invite anyone who would be interested in teaching Divine Principle within the Oceanic region to apply. Those who are successful will find that Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Jesus and all of the saints will clearly be at your disposal. We also pledge to clean up your spiritual world while we assist you in claiming victory on the earth. This doesn't negate each couple's own responsibilities in front of our True Parents. It only means that we have authority from Heung Jin Nim to facilitate maximum victory, according to what can be borne by those who make an offering.

Cheon Il Guk is in full practice within Oceania. Come and receive a breath of fresh air.

Much Love,

Dr John Didsbury, Representing a Central Blessed Family

(Dr. John Didsbury is formerly the Director of Region 3: Polynesia. Passed to the spiritual world in April 2005)

God is Alive in Oceania

When I took up the mission in Vanuatu, I recognized that God had been planning for many years, for this time. I had such a strong overwhelming feeling: truly God's time has come. He has been biding his time, walking the course of history, in patience, in perseverance. Through the completion of human (Adam's) responsibility through True Parents, God has now come to a time where he can work according to his desire. I had such a strong sense that God is just saying, "Enough is enough. Now I am going to do something".

The unfolding Providence in Oceania bears the markings of completion. Fruit is coming in and God presence is being felt in the most amazing, tangible ways. We are reaching to the highest levels and also to the deepest grassroots levels, sparking the imagination of a people ready to embrace the idea of God's nation and God's Kingdom now.

Each successive breakthrough brings with it more surprises and confirmation of the fact that yes, God is alive in a powerful and unique way, and the Holy Spirit is indeed moving, here in Oceania. However, the Providence now unfolding here is not for Oceania alone, but for the sake of the whole world. God's completion work has to start somewhere. True Father predicted that Oceania would play that kind of pivotal role, and this is what we are experiencing.

I look forward sincerely to working with brothers and sisters around the world. God knows that so many have so much desire, experience, passion and heart to contribute to the realization of Cheon Il Guk in our nations. I sincerely hope many of you will join the Oceania team. I humbly predict that if you get a taste of what is going on, you will want it more and more. I know it's a clich鬠, but God is truly alive.

Rev. Andrew Lausberg
National Director of Vanuatu

Robyn Ledesma

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