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True Mother: You must allow your new selves, your true selves, to emerge!

Bruno Klotz
June 11, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Sun Jin Nim: True Father: "Therefore the most important matter above all else for an individual who lives a life of faith, is the degree to which he or she can live life with a progressive love and vitality." [1]

Without us growing continuously in heart and love, we are stagnating. We will not gain vitality, but become weak and burned out. God's ideal will not become visible through us. It will remain a nice theory:

True Father: "Some of our members say, "When I first joined the Unification Church I felt ecstatic joy and excitement, but that was three years ago. Now I feel tired, despondent, and discouraged. Somehow I have lost my original power."

That kind of person may have accepted the ideal but never really lived it. Even though you have [know] the ideal you must live it in order to make yourself the dwelling place of God. If you never make yourself a magnet with the pulling power of God's love, of course you will become weakened.” [2]

We need to become a magnet with the pulling power of God's love. With other words, we must become people who love the way God does: True Father: "With God's love as the core, you should become a person whom no one can break or destroy, and you should become a substantial being of love..." [3]

To get to such levels we need to revolutionize ourselves, moving out of the way all kinds of limited thinking that might stop us to do this:

True Father: "You can revolutionize yourself and stop being a person who draws a line." [4]

True Father: "We must become perfected individuals who match the standard of original, perfected individuality. To do this, we must continually revolutionize ourselves...." [5]

Perfecting our heart and love requires to revolutionize ourselves. It does not come automatically. It does not simply come from following instructions:

True Father: "I never want to feel that you are just following my instructions but rather that you have really perfected yourself in the image of God on your own initiative." [6]

The perfection of our love and heart does not come simply from being a member of the Unification Church for a long time. It does not simply come from being blessed or working hard on some wonderful projects:

Sun Jin Nim: "Just because someone joins, works as a missionary, and gets blessed and has a family, it doesn’t mean that perfection is readily achieved. Is any great achievement easily achieved? No, it takes practice, practice, practice.

We must apply the Principle with sincerity in every single conscious moment of our lives, as individuals and as families. Only in this way, can we function at a world-class level." [7]

Heung Jin Nim: "It hurts my heart to see how locked in our people are. In so many ways. Many times you think that the providence is going forward because Father's projects are going forward and Father, he is going forward. And you are working hard, whatever your job be, your mission -- you have to understand something. That going forward at this time.... means going forward in your heart..." [8]

The key point is "going forward in our hearts", reaching out for the perfection of our love. That is our 5% responsibility which we need to strive to fulfill. Nobody can do that for us:

True Father: "Even with God fulfilling His 95-percent responsibility for the perfection of human beings, you still have to fulfill your 5 percent. God does not make an individual perfect." [9]

We ourselves need to make ourselves perfect in heart and love. And that only works by focusing on it, making it our priority in life:

True Father: "You must make daily efforts and struggle to overcome the limitations of your heart. That is what we are here for … what we are doing is as permanent as a rock." [10]

Going forward in heart and breaking down limitations in the heart is indeed as permanent as a rock. Nobody can take that away from us. It is the only thing we can take as treasure to the spiritual world. Developing our heart and love may seem "difficult" for some. Sometimes it may be easier to just forget about it. Forgetting about it may make us feel more comfortable at the moment. Dwelling on resentments may make us feel better than to love and respect the one who hurts us, for example.

By going down that road, however, we are missing out. We are stagnating. We will not experience the joy and satisfaction as well as blessing that comes with focusing on developing our heart and love.

Developing our heart is only difficult if we THINK it is difficult. The moment we THINK it is difficult, we are already drawing a line, we are already blocking our own road to success.

Sometimes our own thinking can be our biggest enemy. We need to stop drawing a line, when it comes to reaching out for the perfection of love. We all have the necessary potential, and we have it to use it. And we can, unless we think it is "too difficult". All the green light is given already:

True Mother: "True Parents opened the way for humanity to be reborn and engrafted to the ideal lineage of the Heavenly Parent through the Blessing. True Parents paved the path for us to be able to restore ourselves and achieve individual perfection." [11]

True Parents paved the path, pioneered the path. They did it for us to walk in their footsteps and reach the same or even higher levels of heart and love than they have reached.

But we can only do it if we stop putting ourselves down, having a bad image about ourselves. Such thinking will only keep us in stagnation:

True Mother: "As Cheon Il Guk leaders, you must divest yourselves of the traits that hold you back, and allow your new selves, your true selves to emerge, so that you can become the heroes who will build the future." [12]

Nothing should hold us back in going towards the perfection of heart and love. Mother speaks to "Cheon Il Guk leaders" in the above quote, but what she says certainly applies to all of us without the slightest doubt.

We cannot allow ourselves to be held back by anything to reach our destination, which is to become True Parents ourselves, who can love the way God does.

We even have a lot of great help from True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus: Heung Jin Nim: " And I want you to know that I have come here to guide you in the ways of love of the True Parents. I have come here to take you by the hand and as I said also by the heart to the heart of our True Parents. Many times you feel you can't do it, but if you can open up your heart and if you can have that faith to open up your heart and let me come to you then I can lead you to that love." [13]

It is highly recommendable to continuously ask True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus for such education of heart. That will certainly speed up things a lot.

Love from Bruno

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