Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The True Love Movement and the Unification Church

Do you know how our first human ancestors came to fall? They fell centered on their self-centered love. In other words, the fall was a result of their centering love on man and woman instead of having God as the subject. The self-centered thoughts and love which triggered the fall created the reality of this fallen world. This reality, indeed, is driving this world into a spiritual crisis.

Then, what was God's love? If self-centered love was the cause of the fall, then the original love must have been a God-centered love.

Man and woman were supposed to realize love centered on God. At the very beginning, they were supposed to feel and recognize themselves centering on God and unifying with God. However, because they pursued self-centered love and a self-centered consciousness, they created an irreversible fallen result and a history of hatred, sadness and suffering. In order to restore this tragic history back to its origin, a new revolution is necessary. This revolution cannot be accomplished by a political strategy, nor economic or social reform. More than anything else, this revolution is only possible through the revolution of our fundamental consciousness. It should be a new revolution of love centered on God's love.

However, this revolution of love is more difficult than any other revolution in the history of the world. The revolution of love is God's revolution to change self-centered humanistic love to a God-centered divine love. Therefore, you cannot imagine how difficult it is. However, this revolution is a movement absolutely necessary not only for God, but also for humanity. This is because this revolution of love will make possible the realization of the ideal for which God and all humankind have been waiting and hoping since the beginning of human history.

Then, what are we to do to realize that ideal? The most important subject is how we can reform our self-centered love, transforming it into a love for others. God absolutely does not have self-centered love. His love is only centered on others. If love is not for the sake of others, no matter what kind of love it is, it is not true love.

God's love does not say, "You must first of all love me." God's love says, "I will first of all love you." Why did God create all things? He did so in order to love. Therefore, because of the principle that God created all things in order to love, we have to go through the re-creation of love during the process of restoration. When we harmonize with God's law of love and direction, trying to restore the relationship with God, then there is formed for the first time an original normal relationship between God and humankind.

The restoration of the lost relationship between God and humankind is possible only through God's love, which is to live for the sake of others.

What is the present situation of the world? The world of this century is not able to escape from the whirlpool of crises accompanying decadence. Therefore, no one can deny the truth that nothing else other than a new movement, or a revolution of true love, can save today's world.

In order to save the world through a movement of true love, you yourselves must first of all become substantial beings of love. You are to blossom proudly, becoming like fireworks of love.

With God's love as the core, you should become a person who maintains the law of love, whom no one can break or destroy, and you should become a substantial being of love by serving God. You serve God by harmoniously interacting with everyone in the world and becoming united with all things. This is the highest ideal for man and for woman. This has been the hope of God since He created human beings and all things. Therefore, if "you and I," who have become the substantial beings of love, love each other and become husband and wife, bearing children who can inherit God's love, and form a stable family centering on God, this indeed, would become the most valuable event that nothing else in the world could replace. Based on the family which has perfected heavenly true love, we can form a clan realm of true love, a tribal realm of true love, and then a world realm of true love.

This is the basic fact and Principle of the world of humankind. However, today, no people know this, not even the many religious people in the world.

In this age neither America nor the communist world can move by themselves. Among the young people in the United States, there is no one who is trying with his or her own hands to save not only America, but the whole world. Even among the young people in the communist realm, there is no one who is trying by their own hands to save not only the Soviet Union, but the whole world. Neither is there anyone doing this in the many religious groups in this world. There is only one group which says that this decaying, dying America, communism, and the whole world can be saved and even God's will realized through their own hands. That group is nothing other than the Unificationists, who are being persecuted and shut out from society. You should know this surprising fact.

The United States has now lost the power to extend itself. This is felt uniformly by all scientists, philosophers and theologians. America is in such a terrible situation that neither its Christians nor anyone else can find their way. Even though their stomachs can be filled, spiritually it is like a year of bad harvest. Spiritually, they do not have as much as a bunch of grass to eat.

If there is an oasis flowing with spring water in this spiritual desert, I would think it indeed must be the Unification Church.

When it comes down to it, money is not the problem. What I desperately shouted, while running around the five great oceans and six great continents, was indeed about the "road of love." In the face of dark, desert-like humanity barren without love, I threw a light from the "lighthouse of love" upon them. If all humankind ultimately must travel the road of "the love of the promised land," then the "lighthouse of love" is more important than anything else to humankind. Only the "lighthouse of love" can lead humanity to the original homeland.

What does the Unification Church do? And what do you do? The answer is very clear. The members of the Unification Church are those who try to form a tradition of love, and the Unification Church is the church that tries to become the shield of God and the Messiah. Is there anyone among you who can say, "I am a real Unification Church member"?

In other words, regardless of life or death, the Unification Church should form a tradition of love. Even at the cost of all their property, the members of the Unification Church should form a new tradition centering on the parents' love that God and the Messiah desire. You should know that these are the important responsibilities of the Unification Church and its members.

You should know what a Unification Church member does. A true Unification Church member is a person who has a key that can destroy satanic love on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level. In other words, they should have a key of heavenly love that can throw out satanic love.

Until now, I have given the Blessing to five different races. The problem of marriage is the most important problem, and to solve this problem people cannot rely on the world, nation, or even their own parents for help. However, many people are relying on Reverend Moon, saying that they will follow what Reverend Moon has said. This is for the sake of the love of God's nation. This is great. Why is it great? It is because through it we can jump and enter into the realm of the love of God's nation. To grab onto the rope of love is the fastest way. When you go to the spirit world, do you think that everyone's pace of walking will be different or the same? There will be a big difference, depending on people. This is because the degree and quality of love is different for each person.

Would you like to walk with me even in the spirit world? If so, you should inherit the level of heart equal to mine and God's. If you do not, your walking pace will be different from mine. If you completely unite with God's love, in a matter of seconds you can go anywhere around this whole universe made up of several billion stars. By what power would you be moving? You would be moving through the power of love. When God created the universe, He also created with this power of love.

The Unification Church has to follow the road in search of an original love that can reach the universe, transcending all races. The Unification Church is indeed the most precious gift from God given in the Last Days.

The Unification Church will become the champion even in marriage. It is amazing to hold a mass wedding and to pledge never to divorce in the midst of the western world where sexual corruption is serious and seventy percent of marriages end in divorce. The Unification Church has become victorious in making a healthy family and a healthy ethic.

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