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True Father: Every Abel is called to plant the seeds of True Love

Bruno Klotz
January 13, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Every Abel is called to plant the seeds of True Love, even at the cost of his/her life. Every Abel must take the path of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before God. This is because the inverse purpose of this path is to bring Cain to natural submission." [1]

The one who plants True Love is Abel, because he or she has the Abel's heart. If two people meet, then who among them is Abel?

True Father: "Any two of you are in the relationship of Cain and Abel. Who loves the other more will be in the Abel's position." [2]

Anyone who has more heart and love then the other is Abel towards the other:

True Father: "Think highly of a life armed with heart. Those who have more heart than me are Abels to me." [3]

It is all about love and heart. We become Abel by moving the heart of people with our love. If we do not do that, we cannot become a true Abel:

True Father: "Restoration history is recreation. This means that Abel has to give everything to Cain. When you give yourself totally for the sake of Cain, then they will be moved and inspired by heart to naturally follow you, respect you and lead other people to you. Unless you have a true Cain, you are not a true Abel. A true Cain is one who voluntarily comes forward and treats you as an elder brother, not by force, but by his choice. Then your true Abel position is secure." [4]

When people respect us because of our heart and love, then we have become Abel to them.

True Mother: "If you embrace all 7 billion people of the world, should you not be telling them what you know? You should show them what kind of person you are and tell them you became what you are because of True Parents, and encourage them to join you." [5]

People should see who we have become, be inspired by our heart and love and be inspired to "join us", which means to learn and inherit from us. Then we are true Abels. But if we just ask them to "follow" us because we think of ourselves as Abels, then we might end up in trouble:

True Father: "Even our missionaries in the field may have a wrong concept. One of the major reasons that our foreign missions have not improved or really developed is because of this wrong concept and attitude – thinking that your people have to follow and respect you." [4]

Only after loving people with true love are they ready to respect and support us. Just demanding respect from others will simply put people off. It is not the right way:

True Father: "Many religious people incorrectly think they are always right and others are wrong and therefore have to follow them as Abel, but that is not the right way. First Abel has to take care of others, and only then can he [she] expect them to follow." [4]

People will only "join" us out of their own desire, if we inspire them by our heart and divine love:

True Father: "At the Summit and AULA Conferences I am the founder, but I invest everything and do not ask for credit. The participants then naturally want to respond to me. In the position of Abel I have been giving to America, Russia and China. In turn they will feel indebted to me. I never go out and say, "I am Abel, so you must serve me." There is no such phrase in the history of restoration. God doesn't want that." [4]

God does not want that because that way we would not win the heart of people. God wants us to go the Heavenly Way:

True Father: " In the heavenly way you give everything you have and never talk about it until you come full circle, and then may receive recognition. Now we know how to clean up and purify our situations as Abels. The sacrificial indemnity way is the true love way. Do you have true love? How can you find out? The way of true love is the enduring way and is not for yourself." [4]

The Heavenly Way is investing love unconditionally, without thinking of oneself, and then to forget what we invested and then to give again, without end, enduring even rejection and opposition. The Heavenly Way is not about boasting about oneself and seeking recognition. Recognition can only come after we have moved the heart of people so much that they naturally recognize us, respect us and want to join us:

True Father: "Abel must show Cain the way by example. Love is the central element and Abel is supposed to love Cain more than anyone else. When Cain recognizes that Abel truly loves him more than anyone else does, then Cain will give up his false ambitions and arrogance and become obedient to Abel. Abel can pull Cain to his side by the magnetic force of love." [6]

We can only become Abel by this magnetic force of love. True Parents are showing us the way:

True Father: "We are in the Abel position to the established churches. But we need Cain. Have you really loved the established churches as your Cain? Many established church members [of Christian churches] opposed and persecuted me all through my life. But I have never prayed for their misfortune or harsh judgment, even in my dreams. I have never tried to revenge myself. I only prayed for their salvation with unchanging love. We must give them our genuine love. Unless we restore them completely we will never become successful as true Abels." [7]

Only the way of genuine love, divine love, will make us successful as Abels:

True Father: "Normally we treat those who oppose us as enemies. Instead, we should love them, even though it is stifling. We must love our enemies and pray for them to have good fortune. We have no choice. Unless Cain and Abel become one, there will be no restoration." [8]

Only divine love, genuine love, even for those that oppose us, will bring about real restoration and thus the Kingdom of God.

True Parents have always lived that way and are certainly doing it forever:

True Father: "Reverend Moon is one man who has been embracing everyone, including good people and evil people, trying to melt all their qualities with the true love of God. No one has thought in that fashion, let alone lived his entire life that way. Without a doubt, all mankind shall come under this one tradition. The True Father and True Mother have committed their lives for the sake of their mission, for embracing the enemy world." [9]

True Parents are embracing and forgiving "Cain" all the time:

True Mother: "My husband and I never stepped back from challenges. Even when we faced persecution, we did not harbor any ill-will but rather prayed for those who opposed us. By overcoming such challenges we were given even greater blessings than we could have dreamed of." [10]

That is the heart of True Abel. God and True Parents want us to inherit this very heart, to become True Abels ourselves, who can forgive, embrace and love everyone.

Love from Bruno

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