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True Father: You should become a substantial being of love!

Bruno Klotz
December 21, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "When you become a person who creates a heartistic relation even with your enemies you can restore history and be resurrected." [1]

To be able to win the heart of even an enemy requires unconditional love, a love that does not expect anything in return. Because winning the heart of an enemy may take a very long time, and not only nothing may come back, but hostility. Therefore our love needs to reach the level of God's love:

True Father: "If you are ready to receive nothing in return then you become like God, because God is always giving out love with His whole being, getting nothing in return. That's the point where godliness starts. " [9]

As our love becomes God-like, then loving an enemy is not a problem anymore, because then we expect nothing in return anyway, and we know that such a love moves history and brings us closer and closer to the heart of God:

True Father: "Isn't the backbone of everything love? An eternal, unchanging love, unique love. Love that can move history. Love that penetrates history instead of being punished by history. Do you desire such a love? Don't you want it?" [2]

Indeed, love is the backbone of everything! And we are requested to become substantial beings of divine love:

True Father: "With God's love as the core, you should become a person who maintains the law of love, whom no one can break or destroy, and you should become a substantial being of love by serving God. This is the highest ideal for man and for woman. This has been the hope of God since He created human beings and all things." [3]

God wants all of us to reach that level in the shortest possible time. That will indeed move history, it will move the providence. It will throw satanic love out of this world and transform this world into the Kingdom of God. Heavenly love, Godly love, true love, is indeed the key for this:

True Father: "A true Unification Church member is a person who has a key that can destroy satanic love on the individual level, the family level, national level and worldwide level. In other words, they should have a key of heavenly love that can throw out satanic love." [4]

Such heavenly love will not only make us true Unification Church members, but people of greatest filial piety, people with the heart of God, people with the heart of heaven:

True Father: "The person who invests love continuously without expecting a direct return becomes a central being, the one who inherits everything, and the person of greatest filial piety." [10]

People of greatest filial piety are the ones that have the heart of heaven:

True Father: "Children of filial piety are those who feel a parental heart. It doesn't matter what worldly knowledge or position you have. The only thing that matters is whether you have the heart of heaven." [5]

Of course, other things also matter, but the by far most important thing is to develop a God-like love in ourselves, a love that can even love the enemy.

The more we develop such a love in our heart, the more we can become the true love movement that True Parents came to establish for the salvation of the world:

True Father: "His (The Messiah's) method of saving this world will not be through worldly means and statistics, but will be a way centering on God's true love. That kind of person is indeed the Messiah. From this sort of person the true love movement will spread throughout the world." [6]

But it can only spread if we make all effort to raise our level to the level of God's love, if we make all effort to become substantial beings of love:

True Father: "In order to save the world through a movement of true love, you yourselves must first of all become substantial beings of love. You are to blossom proudly, becoming like fireworks of love." [3]

First and foremost we need to inherit the spirit of God and True Parents. Otherwise we are not getting very far:

Heung Jin Nim: "But before we talk about reviving the nation or even before we talk about reviving the Christian ministers, and before we talk about reviving our movement, each one of us needs to be revived in the spirit of God and in the spirit of our True Parents and in my spirit of victory... It begins with each one, with each one of you." [7]

As we become revived in the spirit of God, of True Parents and of Heung Jin Nim, then we become people of divine love, of heavenly heart, people that can love even the enemy. And then the world can change fast:

True Father: "A great movement of restoration only comes from this ideology of love. Only the power of love could begin the new history and new age. When a person has the power to even love his enemies, he/she is truly a giant and there is nothing he/she cannot deal with or embrace. Ultimately that person shall conquer the world in God's way." [8]

Heart and love are indeed the key for everything!

Love from Bruno
Merry Christmas!

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