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True Mother: Love is not just loving somebody who is easy to love!

Bruno Klotz
December 7, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Parents:

True Father: "I want you to understand that you are in a position to disseminate this pure love. This love will affect other people and benefit them.... When your position is one of true love, you want to keep giving until the very end." [1]

True Parents want us to be the people who spread pure love, true love, to the people of the world. They want us to make sure that our love is unconditional, not expecting or wanting anything in return, and that our love never changes, no matter how people respond, friendly or not friendly. They want us to become the ones that are ready to invest our heart into everyone we encounter, good or bad, embracing, uplifting and encouraging them all:

True Mother: "Love is not just loving somebody who is easy to love, but enduring, forgiving, and embracing people in order to fulfill the providence. Father is now showing us this kind of love."

It is great that we have True Parents as such great examples of divine love, but that cannot stop here. It needs to be inherited, by us. We, too, have to make sure that we become people of mature, perfect heart and love. Because only such people are creating God's ideal Kingdom:

True Father: "Heaven is created by those people who love here on earth with unselfishness and an absolute, God-centered love. This is the most basic principle, and all other principles you learn are the expansion of this basic truth." [2]

The most basic principle!!

By striving to live a life of God-centered love, divine love, true love, we make God's and True Parents' heart our own heart:

True Mother: "The path to become true children … is most of all to experience Father's heart, understand Father's heart and then make Father's heart your own heart." [3]

By inheriting the heart of True Parents, by striving to love the way they do, we become true children of True Parents, true children of God, not just in name, but in substance:

True Father: "You should not represent me in name only, but in responsibility and heart." [4]

The more we strive to represent God and True Parents in responsibility, heart and love, the more we become True Parents ourselves. Then we are on the road of putting an end to all the many conflicts in the world:

True Mother: "When you live your life as a true child who resembles the True Parents, you will understand and feel that other people are not strangers but your brothers and sisters who share the same lineage as you. By freeing yourself from internal anguish, you can ultimately bring an end to conflicts between nations, which are like the quarrel between siblings." [5]

And finally liberation comes to the world, liberation from all the conflicts and suffering:

True Father: " Liberation comes to our world only when you members truly represent God and the True Parents to the rest of the world. When people in the secular world come into contact with you, they are actually contacting the True Parents and God; thus salvation can come to them. Their original minds, like antennae, are pulled toward you." [6]

As we become people who represent God and True Parents, in heart and substance, more and more people will be able to experience the heart of God and True Parents through us. And then this happens:

True Father: "If you are becoming the consummation of the love of God, then you are becoming a perfected man/woman, and those who come near you will melt in the spring atmosphere of that love. Then sadness, hardship and pain will melt away without reason." [7]

The evil world will melt away, because of divine love.

Love from Bruno

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