In this book, Reaching Your Full Potential, we are going to look at some some things a person should do if he or she wants to reach their full potential. (The entire text is printed at our website: We will have four chapters covering some important areas of life. There are, of course, many more things a person would need to do to utilize all their unique talents. We believe that a person can only truly grow in spirit if he or she marries and has children. We have written a book on that called Traditional Family Values. You can read the entire text at our website at This book will go into several key areas that both single and married people should do if they want to experience life to its fullest.

Let's begin by looking at a quality that every person needs to do to lead a truly successful and happy life.

Chapter 1 -- Purity
Chapter 2 -- Proselytize
Chapter 3 -- Positivity
Chapter 4 -- Physique