God and Satan are battling for the minds and hearts of mankind.  In the 20th century the greatest battle has been the battle of the sexes.  The root cause of all the problems in this century has come from the problem of the confusion between men and women, masculinity and femininity, and sexual values.  We are living in the last days where there is total confusion of what is proper sexual behavior.  Every decade of the 20th century has gotten progressively worse.  The difference between 1900 and 2000 is total.  Satan has created confusion in this century to make what is immoral look not only moral but good and the way to happiness.

Most people do not think deeply about values.  They absorb what cultural leaders teach and blindly follow like sheep.  They are digested by the cultural elite who write books, give speeches and make movies.  Sadly, Satan rules and his spokespeople have blinded the masses of ordinary people to God's truths.  The majority of Americans listen and follow best-selling authors and hollywood stars like lemmings off a cliff to these pied pipers.  God's spokespeople are tiny voices dismissed by the vast majority.  Americans have become like the frog who was boiled to death and never knew what hit him because of the increasing temperature that kept being raised until it was too late.  I pray America has not reached that point and can turn away from the powerful voices for immorality and hear God's message through His champions.  The greatest champion for God and therefore the greatest man of the 20th century is Sun Myung Moon who teaches absolute values.  The core value being what he calls "absolute sex" as opposed to "free sex."  He explains this by revealing that the fall of man in the garden of eden was about immoral sex -- specifically pre-marital sex.  Because these are the last days, especially the last 40 years of the 20th century from 1960, Satan has worked hard to teach that pre-marital sex is good.

Rev. Moon teaches us that we must fight the good fight.  We must be righteous.  And we must not hate our enemy.  We must love them.  Even though this is a time of black and white, good and evil, truth and lies, we must never be angry or hate those who teach Satan's lies.  It really is not personal.  They are dupes of Satan.  He has tricked them into thinking they are on a crusade to help people.  Their motivation is often an emotional love for their country.

Champions for free sex

There have been many champions for Satan in the 20th century.  Some have written books and magazines and made films that made them famous.  Of all the famous people who have influenced our culture for the worse, two stand out as the greatest proponents of pre-marital sex.  Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown ushered in the sexual revolution in the 1960s.  Both work long hours every day.  These two workaholics have been on a crusade for free love for the last 40 years of the 20th century.  They are both well-meaning people who feel their hatred for abstinence before marriage and their deep love for pre-marital sex is a healthy alternative to what they call "repressed puritan neurosis."  They feel they are on a mission to help people find true happiness by not being "repressed."  They feel they are freeing people from a confining, sick religious ideology that says sex is bad.  To them sex is wonderful.  They encourage people to get as much sex as possible, even if it means single people have sex with a married person.  There are few rules and little order in their world.  Hefner teaches his hatred of Puritans and love of causal sex in his writings he calls The Playboy Philosophy.

They do not understand that God wants people to enjoy sex in marriage, but not have sex outside of marriage.  In their magazines they make free love sound and look exciting and fun.  Hugh Hefner's magazine, Playboy, has been the number one magazine for men in the last 40 years.  Helen Gurley Brown's magazine, Cosmopolitan, has been the number one magazine for young women.  Their magazines are translated and distributed world wide.  These two people have been like evil parents to America and the world.  The result of their overwhelming popularity in the world has been a worsening of life every year for decades.

The Messiah was 40 years old when he married in 1960.  Hefner and Brown were around 40 in the 1960s when they began to dominate the culture.  After 40 years their hard work has created massive divorce, crime, and an epidemic of Aids.  Their ideology rules.  They have won the cultural war.  Their ideas are not only not challenged but accepted as normal.  Cindy Crawford is a famous model who appears half naked on the cover of Cosmopolitan and totally naked in Playboy.  She is the second generation of the free love movement taught by her leader, Helen Gurley Brown.  Oprah has learned from her mentor too and gets praise as being a spiritual leader while she lives a immoral lifestyle. These women are idolized and rich.  They have influenced countless numbers of people to join them in living an immoral lifestyle.

Satan's teachers are often attractive.  Goldie Hawn is a superstar who is constantly on covers of magazines.  On one cover it said that she is wise.  Her words of "wisdom" are for sex outside of marriage, and she practices what she preaches.







Helen Gurley Brown

Brown is honored as a powerful woman and loved as a person who has helped others find wonderful sex and therefore a wonderful life.  She rarely gets criticized.  For the last 40 years she has received acclaim from millions of people.  She gets countless letters praising her.  Every article about her in national magazines that I have ever seen are not just positive but flattering and adulatory.  This world is ruled by Satan so my criticism will be seen as coming from a repressed right wing nut who is scary because they will tell you I want to impose by force that women stay home, wear a veil and never fulfill their individuality and creativity.  The movie Pleasantville is a slam against the terrible 1950s where people were stuck in boring lives.  Helen has come to save us from the constricting 50s.  Now single women can know the joys of sex with married men and fulfill themselves in a cop car while their children are in day care.  Helen believes Puritans are religious fanatics who want to take away freedom so they must be fought with every fiber of our being.

Americans have degenerated to sitcoms like Ellen, a lesbian, and to not condemning the President.  Isn't Monica the perfect "Cosmo girl?"  On a TV show, Politically Incorrect, I saw liberal after liberal say they are happy Bill Clinton got his sexual needs fulfilled in the oval office.  They were afraid that if a conservative was there, he would have been so uptight because of being sexually repressed and sexually starved that he would have done terrible things like go to war.  They were not joking.  They really believe it.  I wonder how much of this fear of sexual repression came from Freud.  I do know how much comes from Brown.  She and her spiritual children like Oprah have relentlessly taught that sex outside of marriage is healthy.  This horrible idea is Satan's greatest lie and therefore the root cause of the world's problems.  The idea that purity is mental illness is the worst idea that has ever been inflicted on mankind.  It has made human life less than that of animals.

We must see Satan's tactics and reject the beautiful, charismatic, dedicated, and fascinating spokespeople of Satan.  We have to hate the sin, but love the sinner.  We have to love Helen Gurley Brown and Cindy Crawford.  When we stand up to Goldie Hawn we have to do it with love in our hearts.  When we argue with Oprah we have to keep our dignity and not feel any hatred toward her.  She is a sad, pathetic woman who is simply caught up, as most people are, in an atmosphere that is thick with Satan.  God's voice through His spokespeople must be patient and understanding on the one hand and righteous on the other.  To keep our balance and perpective in this Sodom and Gomorrah we live in not an easy task. But God never gives a mission to a person who can't handle it.  Dear Reader -- Be confident.  God is on your side and will help you in any effort you make to teach the truth.

Even though the situation of the world is so tragic, we need to smile sometimes, keep a sense of humor and realize that this cultural war will take a long time to win.  The Browns, Oprahs and Goldies of this world may never understand the truth in their lifetime.  And sadly they may work hard for many years to come and convert many new young people to their ideology of pre-marital sex.  But we must always keep a parental heart toward them and pity them as prodigal daughters who will someday see how Satan is using them.  And when they do come home to God, we should celebrate and not rub it in about how they destroyed so many lives, even their own.  We should feel sorry for liberal feminist socialists.  Their hearts bleed for what they perceive as freedom when sadly it is they who are helping Satan enslave mankind.

To fight the enemy we need to study the enemy and confront their teachings point by point.  We must deeply understand that we live in a time where good and evil are battling it out.  God and Satan have their champions and the masses of people are usually following Satan's leaders.  This is not a time for compromise.  It is a time to stand up for absolute goodness.  It is a time where the issues are black and white.  To fight Helen Gurley Brown we need to stand for principles and not water them down and speak of gray areas.  She isn't budging.  She is like a rock -- confident in her world view.  She is a fierce competitor who takes criticism like a duck takes to water.  We must be thick-skinned also.

Even though she now has the most power, she and her crowd will decline.  Truth will rise.  The question is how fast will it rise.  It depends on us.  God is calling us to stand up to Helen by working harder and smarter than she does.  The greatest champions for God are Rev. and Mrs. Moon who out work everyone.

The first thing we must do is look carefully at Satan's arguments and challenge them one by one. This is not easy for religious people to do.  They want to ignore people like Helen Brown and look like a nice, non-controversial, non-judgmental and loving person.  But it is more important to be righteous than it is to be nice.  Of course we must be nice people in the sense we treat people with respect and dignity.  But our words will not be taken as nice, and we will be accused of not being nice people and accused of being intolerant.  As if our opposition is tolerant.  The goal is not to convert the champions of Satan.  The goal is to convert the masses of people who absorb what the cultural elite teaches.  This means we must advertise the message of "absolute sex."  We must drown out the voices of Cosmopolitan magazine -- not with force, but through peaceful competition of ideas in the media.  Somehow we must get the message to everyone in books, magazines and videos.  This is why I am writing my books and making my videos and advertising them.  If you can't think of anything else you would rather do to help in this crusade, please advertise my works.

It has not been easy to look at our opponents.  Their writings and lifestyle are painful to look at.  But I did take time to look at them so I can expose them.  Let me tell you a few things I found about Helen Gurley Brown.

America's Eve

Fallen mankind looks at Helen and sees a fairy tale life.  From God's viewpoint she won the world and lost her soul.  Her story is rags to riches.  She went from poverty in Arkansas to the most powerful woman writer in the world spewing out her depravity from her rich office in New York City.  She has pounded away with her incessant sick ideology of free love for 40 years in print and on television.  She is on a crusade for Satan constantly speaking on radio and television to convert the world to the most diabolical idea the world can hear -- fornication and adultery are moral and exciting.  She has become the role model for countless women world wide who have followed her into hell.

I will spare you the details of her immoral life that she freely and casually tells anyone who will listen.  Here are a few highlights: she lost her virginity at 20 and spent the next 17 years having sex with many men.  It made no difference to her if they were single or married.  She is obsessed with sex and repeats herself constantly to drive home her point that "any sex is better than no sex."  She never wanted to have children because they would only get in her way of making money and having sex with lots of men.  Women, she constantly teaches,  must be financially independent of men.

Feminist comrades

At the age of 37 she decided that she wanted to have just one man in her life.  She married David Brown who is a successful Hollywood producer and twice divorced.  They say they have been loyal to each other for 40 years.  She has cooked his breakfast everyday of the 40 years even though she has enough money to pay for a cook because she thinks by serving him this way he will not stray.  Feminists hate her for saying that, but she says women have to do some things like that.  To her this is practical feminism.   She admits it would hurt if he had an affair but they don't stray because they have sowed their wild oats and love each other.  They are comrades in the feminist cause. She says her "greatest influences" have been "First, my feminist mother; then, my feminist husband — he's still at it!"  He is the one who encouraged her to write her books and become an editor.  He is the one who came up with the title of her book.  He is the quiet force behind her like a Lucifer, and she is like an Eve.  She is trying to please Lucifer.  Sadly, men have become like archangels encouraging women to leave the home and therefore destroy the family.  David Brown is a leader and leaders have tremendous influence.  If he was a good man he would have done the opposite of what he has done all these years.  She said once, "I was married to a man who thought up the idea for Sex and the Single Girl and encouraged me to write it ... would I have written the book without him?  Probably not."  They are like false parents to Americans.  They are the epitome of Tocqueville's weak man and disorderly woman.

She was 40 years old when she wrote Sex and the Single Girl.  It became an instant international best-seller in 1962 selling over a million copies in many languages.  In 1970 it was updated and titled Sex and the New Single Girl. A famous movie star, Joan Crawford, said the book was "exhilarating."  Years later, the most famous super model in the world, another Crawford would live this lifestyle and become Helen's good friend, Cindy Crawford.  One writer said, "Brown admits that many people still think of her as a wicked woman, as one out to corrupt the lives of young women. One of the reasons for this perception, she said, is because she was the first person to tell unmarried women it was OK to have sex, in her book Sex and the Single Girl."

One writer quoted her about having affairs with married men, "If you’re a sexual creature, these men come in very handy.' Later, after she got married, she wrote Sex and the Single Girl, celebrating the sexual opportunities of the unattached woman. It was a best seller -- and extremely controversial, in part because she recommended that other women make use of married guys. 'I couldn’t believe my critics! Can’t they live in the real world?' she laughs."

Pioneer of the Sexual Revolution

Many have written that she started the sexual revolution with her manifesto of pre-marital sex.  For example, one person wrote, "Helen penned Sex and the Single Girl, which told women they didn't have to be married to enjoy sex. The book became an overnight best seller that some say set off the sexual revolution."

Another person wrote, "Helen Gurley Brown. Shocking. Notorious. And some say that started the sexual revolution. Single-handed she created Cosmopolitan, one of the most successful women's magazine in the world, by unashamedly writing about sex, sex, and more sex."

Biography magazine wrote: "From the Ozarks to the heart of high society, this is the fairy tale life of the woman who kicked off the sexual revolution. She's a publishing legend whose own story reads like a romance novel...who rose from a tragic childhood in the Arkansas Ozarks to become the toast of Manhattan. Helen Gurley Brown kicked off the sexual revolution with her book Sex and the Single Girl. Her magazine, Cosmopolitan, was the first and most successful of all the glossy guides to the good life for young women."  Good life? The truth is that her teachings have caused untold pain.