Problem - Fat

Unificationists should be the healthiest people on earth. We should set the standard for health. No one should be fat in the UC. We are supposed to set the standard in every area of life. Every member should be trim and fit. If we are to stop having give and take with Satan then we have to stop having give and take with butter and donuts. We shouldn't have any beef or dairy products in our homes. We should eat a mango instead of potato chips as a snack. We should never go to Wendy's and eat french fries. We should reject Satan's tactic of having ice cream at our children's birthday parties.

The best book on diet and health that I have read is HawaiiDiet. The native Hawaiians are the most obese and unhealthy group of people in the world. Their ancestors were fit and slim because they ate whole grains. The book has excellent arguments against the high protein and high fat diet advocates. It is also a very spiritual book. For example, the author Dr. Terry Shintani writes, "A diet and lifestyle based on tradional ways and spiritual values is the key to both physical and spiritual health."

"I believe that diet is the most important element of physical health. Faith, prayer, and an understanding and practice of the concepts of lokahi and aloha are the most important elements of spiritual health.

(lokahi: Wholeness, unity, agreement, accord; in unity.)
(aloha: Love, mercy compassion, pity; a greeting; to love.)

"When an individual becomes truly whole, that is, healthy in all aspects of his or her life, that individual also has a great potential to influence all of humanity. It is our hope that this book will inspire more individuals to seek this wholeness. In this way, they may enhance their contribution to the health of the community, the nation, and the world."

"The ultimate state of global health, ideally, includes world peace. While this may seem an unachievable goal, humanity has proven time and again that what we can believe, we can indeed achieve. Matthew 17:20 tells us:

If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you."

"If we have faith -- if we believe in world health and world peace -- these beliefs can become a reality."

"But -- and I cannot stress this enough -- world health and world peace must begin with the healing of the individuals who make up the world. It can occur only when people begin to heal themselves, and this healing will take place one step, onday, one person at a time. Diet and lifesyle changes are essential, at the individual level, if this is ever to occur."

"In the end, we realize that the future of the world depens on the understanding of lokahi, the pracice of aloha, and faith in God. We muwst come to a realization that the source of healing is the Almighty, who heals through the laws of nature. Only then will we fully understand that it is sheer vanity and arrogance to think our high-tech procedures and designer drugs provide anything that resembles true health. In an age when bacteria and viruses increasingly resist antibiotics; where AIDS, heart disease, cancer, and other devastating diseases are beyond the healing abilities of modern medicine, we must look for new ways. We must take the responsibility upon ourselves to do what is necessary to heal ourselves and our world."

"We are finding new hope in the old ways, in an integration of ancient concepts with modern science and in a renewed faith and a return to the source. The HawaiiDiet provides a tool with which we can begin the process of healing ourselves. Now it is up to us."

Junk Food

It is exhilerating to pig out on high fat food. Some people would say that it's not even worth living if they had to give up junk food. They are wrong. True and complete happiness come from eating so-called boring food. There is a greater high in eating a banana instead of a butterfinger. We have free will. Like Adam and Eve, we have the freedom to choose God's way or Satan's way. Satan rules this world and uses his tactics of mind control to brainwash people like Steve Hassan that it is healthier and happier to live outside of the lifestyle that Sun Myung Moon teaches. Satan convinces everybody that eating high fat food is fun. When mankind accepts the Divine Principle we will have a world of order instead of chaos and division. When the world accepts the truth that cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes are satanic and stop eating these poisons, then mankind will know the incredible thrill of being perfectly healthy.

We have learned over the years that the UC eventually arrives at the right place in all areas of life. The followers of Sun Myung Moon are often wrong in their words and deeds, but because they are focused on True Parents they eventually find the right path. The media and former members are too impatient. Rev. Moon does not want blind faith or anyone to be a "robot" without a brain. He teaches that you must follow your conscience first -- not anyone else, even the messiah. If you would like to read more on this topic, go to to read an excellent sermon given by an elder American leader in the UC, Dan Fefferman, that was printed the May issue of the Unification News.

Solution - Cut Back On Bad Fat

This chapter deals with physical health. In past issues of the UNews there have been some excellent articles by a Korean member, Mrs. Hsu. She is completely on target. Most members of the UC do not do as she teaches. They have been digested along with the rest of America by Dave Thomas's ads for greasy hamburgers at Wendys. She wrote in one article that the "physique" of the members was appauling. In this chapter I will frequently quote her on different aspects of health. We encourage everyone to go to her website (, study her words, and buy her products such as Il Hwa Ginseng. She has a store in Columbus, Ohio but you can order by calling her toll-free number.

[Disclaimer: This site contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not necessarily endorsements of any products or services in such sites. The authors do not want to claim responsibility for anything that the reader may interpret as negative if they try to do as we teach. We feel strongly that what we write in all of our books is the truth and it works for us. We deeply feel that each person must use his or her own judgement and take personal responsibility for their decisions. In other words, don't take us to court because you tried something we wrote and it didn't work out for you.]


God has boundaries. We are to live in the boundaries taught in the Divine Principle and the words of Sun Myung Moon. Former members like Steve Hassan and Ingo Michel write that there is an exhilerating feeling in leaving the world of Sun Myung Moon. They think they have found freedom. But freedom comes with responsibility. We are not free to do as Adam and Eve did. Basketball players are not free to do anything they want on the court. There are rules in this universe. Joy and happiness come in living in these rules.

The authors of this book know what former members feel because we left True Parents for seven years. It does seem exciting and limitless when you walk away from the Divine Principle and the laws that govern the universe. But there are consequences for actions. It is a living hell worse than anyone can imagine to live away from the truth. God wants us to be disciplined. Satan offers everything.

#1 Killer of Americans -- Heart Attack

The number one killer of North Americans is heart disease and stroke. Satan goes after the heart. He tempts people with the drug of high saturated fatty foods. Satan's way is short-term gain for long-term pain. We must fundamentally change our lifestyle. We must not let big fast food companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken who spend billions of dollars on TV ads get to us. Dave Thomas doesn't tell you that he's had bypass surgery. If you eat his food, eventually you will have to spend $40,000 and have one too. Hopefully, you will live through this painful surgery. Even if you do, you still will have to change your diet or you'll clog your arteries again. Sadly, this has happened to many people who have had to go in for a second bypass operation.

The problem is Satan; the solution is God. God is speaking through Mrs. Hsu. What she says seems ridiculous and impossible. For example, she teaches to not drink milk. The dairy industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars on one of the most effective ad campaigns in human history. They have painted a milk mustache on everyone from President Bill Clinton to sports and movie stars. Martha Stewart is famous for teaching how to make a home beautiful. In her picture she is wearing her milk mustache and standing next to a dairy cow. Satan is powerful beyond imagination. We must change our lives 180 degrees. What you will read in this chapter will seem absurd -- just like Steve Hassan sees Sun Myung Moon and his followers as absurd and even dangerous. Don't listen to Steve Hassan and Dave Thomas.

100 Years Old

The dictionary defines physique as being a person's form and structure. God designed human beings to be physically fit for 100 years. God is pure love and therefore wants the best for each person. One of the greatest things in the world is good health. God made people with the intention that they would have excellent physiques. Each person is supposed to have an excellent form and structure. Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet:



What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason!
how infinite
in faculty! in form and moving how
express and admirabale! in action how like an angel!
in apprehension
how like a god! the beauty of the
world! the paragon of animals!


Satan Rules This World

Satan is pure hate and therefore wants the worst for each person. This is why human history has been a history of sickness, pain and premature death. His goal has been to hurt, torture and kill every person. One of his cruel tactics is to make people ignorant of how the world works. He has been very successful at influencing people to do many things that violate the laws of the universe. Satan has possessed people and influenced mankind to do things that will bring unhappiness. Every person needs food, water and air. One of his primary tactics to hurt people is through poluting and even taking these basic elements of life. He has kept mankind ignorant of how to create prosperous societies where everyone has enough food. This is why we see starvation. For several decades there has been an estimated 40,000 children who have died from starvation every day. Satan is a mass murderer and evil beyond comprehension. And sadly, when people were able to grow and find enough food he has influenced people to eat bad food.  He influences people to become addicts.

God has worked to educate mankind to have societies that grow and produce enough good food and to choose the correct food and then prepare food so that it is used efficiently. Zig Ziglar explained it well once when he said would any owner of a million dollar horse feed it junk food? Of course not. How much is the owner's body worth? He would say he is worth more than his horse. Every person is priceless. Human beings are trash to the angel Satan. He and his evil spirits influence mankind to create economies that cannot produce enough food. Evil rulers like Hitler, Lenin and Stalin starve millions of people to death. They create wars that disrupt food production and distribution.

Evil spirits attack in many ways. Even when people learn what is unhealthy behavior, they often keep doing it anyway. In the 1950s Satan had commercials for cigarettes that were pushed by medical doctors. Eventually people discovered that smoking was deadly. Still,millions of people continue to smoke. It was wrong for those who are on a crusade to educate people about the horrors of tobacco to force TV stations to not advertize it. Evil spirits corrupt good people by having them resort to force to make people do good. God's way is for persuasion, not coercion. The argument that cigarette companies ads on TV would be "coercive persuasion" and unfair "mind control" is wrong. Good spirits work to influence people to compete in the market place fairly. Ads on TV are not "coercive" in any way. They are not using "mind control." They are simply advertizing their product. Anti-smoking and anti-bad food crusaders should not point fingers denouncing tobacco companies of using "brainwashing" and "mind control" but compete by using more powerful advertizing to influence people to live a healthy lifestyle.

One of the greatest ways to solve the problems Satan gives us is simply to become wealthy. Adam Smith wrote the first classic to show that capitalism created more wealth than socialism. Yet, as I discuss in my chapters dealing with economics and politics in this book, Satan has been able to use "mind control" and "brainwashing" to make most people not believe in laizzez-faire capitalism. Someday everyone will, but until then, we have much work to do in persuading others that abundant food comes to nations who embrace free enterprise.

America is the richest and most powerful nation on the earth because it is has a great deal of free enterprise. If it had more freedom it would be producing even more and higher quality food than it does. And if America was richer, it would be smarter. America has a long way to go. Although there is no starvation in America, there is a staggering amount of malnutrition. Most of the world is poor and often experiences famine. They are disgusted to see Americans have an epidemic of obesity from eating not only too much food, but also from too much unhealthy food. Even though many Americans are fat and many thin people have many diseases caused by eating junk food, Americans continue to ignore those who work to educate on how to eat properly and worse yet, continue to pig out every day even when they have heard how to eat correctly.


U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Everett Koop has an anti-smoking campaign.  More than one-third of American Adults (58 million) are overweight or obese.  Johns Hopkins Medical Center says, "Obesity affects 15 percent to 25 percent of all children in the United States, and has increased 50 percent in the last 30 years. Only about 1 percent of all obesity in children is caused by a hormone problem or a genetic disorder, the rest is due to a complex mixture of diet, exercise, lifestyle and other factors."


Affluent Countries Must Stop Eating Cake and Ice Cream

The number one killer of Americans is heart disease caused by eating too much fat, especially saturated fat. Do the public schools teach this basic fact? They not only don't teach it but serve high fat meals in their cafeterias. Millions of children in America are obese.  And those students who eat out for lunch go to McDonalds. Mothers have the responsibility to feed their families lower fat meals and cut back on animal fat, but do the very opposite. It is incredibly difficult to change people's minds. Satan rules so he bombards everyone with McDonald's ads all night long as people sit like couch potatoes. They should be doing some exercising, but instead lead a sedentary life munching on deep fat fried potato chips, candy bars and donuts.


Women have been killing their themselves and their families with their meat centered meals and pastry desserts. Men should be leading their wives and guiding them to prepare healthy meals and snacks, but they are usually so out of it they make their wife work because he can't earn enough and then make her do all the cooking and cleaning when she gets home. We've already discussed how Satan has used feminism to destroy lifes. Gloria Steinem says that you are either a feminist or a masochist. She is wrong. Feminists are masochists. If women were taken care of and stayed home and did their job of being expert at cooking, they would feed their family right instead of making them fat and sick.