World Scripture, A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts

Editor, Andrew Wilson


Chapter 14: Faith

1. Faith
2. Devotion and Praise
3. Fear, Submission, and Obedience
4. Anxiety
5. Gratitude
6. Argument with God

This world is afflicted by many accumulated layers of sin and delusion, and most people are not in touch with their original, true selves. God cannot easily be felt or experienced; the truth cannot easily be understood or practiced. Without God and the guidance of truth, the mind is rudderless, drifting aimlessly in a sea of vain desires and false conceptions. In such a condition, even the best efforts at spiritual growth may fail. Yet time and again God reveals himself to those who seek him in faith. This chapter gathers passages on faith and other attitudes of mind with which one seeks for Ultimate Reality: faith itself; devotion and longing for God; fear of God, submission, and obedience to Heaven's commandments; confidence in God's provision that dispenses with worldly cares; gratitude for God's favors; and even the honesty of daring to argue with God. Through these attitudes a person lives in faith, lifts up his heart to God, and finds a relationship with his Lord.

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