True Love and Forbidden Love - Jesus Gonzales Losada

 Table of Contents




Chapter 1 - Love And Life

Chapter 2 - The Necessity Of Answers And Solutions

Chapter 3 - When, How And Why Did Evil, Suffering And The Human Tragedy Begin?

Chapter 4 - The Motivations And The Process Of The Human Fall

Chapter 5 - Immature And Illicit Love Became The Origin Of All Human Tragedy And Suffering

Chapter 6 - The Historical Consequences Of The Fall

Chapter 7 - The Realization Of A World Of True Love


True Love and Forbidden Love
An Investigation Into The Cause Of Immorality And Suffering, Its Historical Origin And Its Solution

This essay, although it makes references to the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, does not represent and should not be considered an official publication of the Unification Movement. The full responsibility for the contents of this work rests solely on its author.

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