True Love and Forbidden Love

by Jesus Gonzales Losada



God's eternal and unchanging ideal and man's permanent desire have always been, at the present time and in the course of history, the creation of a unified world of peace, love and happiness for all humanity. However, it is obvious that the reality of this world has been totally different from these ideals which we all fervently desire.

Without clarifying thoroughly the origin of our problems it will be extremely difficult to find the appropriate solutions.

It has always been the greatest challenge for medical science that, before an effective remedy can ever be found and applied, first the real cause of each illness has to be discovered.

Similarly, throughout the course of history, the most difficult task which confronted the founders of the greatest religions, sages, saints, as well as philosophers, was to find the real cause of human suffering and the origin and historical root of evil.

Although many explanations and theories on the origin of evil have been developed, until now, no one has been able to clarify this problem satisfactorily and provide an effective solution to end human suffering and tragedy.

The following essay has been inspired by the extraordinary discoveries on this topic made by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, which throw a new light on this yet unresolved, transcendental problem.

The purpose of the author is to familiarize the reader with these important revelations which bring a concrete hope of a new and better future for humanity.

Jesus Gonzlez Losada New York, July 1992


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