True Love and Forbidden Love

by Jesus Gonzales Losada




1.   Love And Life. 
     Love is the supreme value.  
     Love and the purpose of life.  
     The tragic results of the wrong use of love.
2.   The Necessity Of Answers And Solutions.

3.   When, how and why did evil, suffering and the human tragedy
     The search for our first ancestors.
     The meaning of the symbols.
     The first crime or original sin.
     Similar interpretations.

4.   The Motivations And The Process Of The Human Fall.
     The angels.
     The archangel Lucifer and his betrayal.
     The spiritual fall.
     The interrelation between the physical and the spiritual realms.
     The physical fall.

5.   Immature And Illicit Love Became The Origin Of All Human Tragedy
     And Suffering.
     The Heart of God.
     The absolute and sacred power of love.
     Why God did not intervene.

6.   The Historical Consequences Of The Fall.
     The fight between the mind and the body.
     Our original nature and our fallen nature.
     Possible criticism to this vision.
     Circumcision, celibacy and the sacrament of marriage.
     The original sin affects our lineage.

7.   The Realization Of A World Of True Love



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