Unification Theology In Comparative Perspectives - Edited by Anthony J. Guerra - 1988

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Vision for the West - by Dr. Young Oon Kim

Section One: Unification Theology on God and Creation

The Creation-Evolution Controversy and Unification Theology - by Jonathan Wells

Male and Female In God's Nature: Dualism or Polarity? - By Helen Bell Feddema

Dipolar Theism in Process Thought and Unificationism -- by Theodore T. Shimmyo

Section Two: Unification Theology and Biblical Theology

The Sexual Interpretation of the Human Fall - By Andrew Wilson

Applications of Afterlife Concepts and Imagery in Community Life: The New Testament and the Unification Church1 - by Whitney Shiner

The Will of God and the Crucifixion of Jesus -- by Anthony J. Guerra

Section Three: Unification Practical Theology: Politics and Ethics

The Cain-Abel Typology for Restoring Human Relationships by Gordon L. Anderson

A Unification Liberation Theology -- by Anthony J. Guerra

Practical Theology in the Aftermath of Marxism: Unificationism's "Three Blessings" Theology -- by Thomas Walsh

Assessing Unification Ethics Hermeneutics, Theology and Norm -- by Franz G. M. Feige

Section Four: Unification Perspectives On Some Classical Philosophical Issues

The Problem of Evil and the Goodness of God -- by Lloyd Eby

Science, Religion and Orientalism in the Thought of Paul Carus -- by James R. Fleming

Self and No-Self in Unification Theology -- by David Carlson and Thomas Selover



Unification Theology In Comparative Perspectives - Edited by Anthony J. Guerra - 1988

Studies in Honor of Professor Young Oon Kim

Unification Theological Seminary Barrytown, New York

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 87-050531

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