Unification Theology In Comparative Perspectives - Edited by Anthony J. Guerra - 1988


Professor Young Oon Kim is a rare person whom God has graced with a multitude of talents. This book acknowledges only one dimension of Prof. Kim's life endeavors—her academic labors. My first opportunity to work alongside Prof. Kim, however, was not in the study, as has been the case in recent years, but as a fellow pioneer and missionary from Korea to the United States. As she has excelled in her present academic achievements, so it was the case in the past that she was very fruitful in the mission field. As one of the early important figures in the establishment of the Unification Church in the West, Prof. Kim has labored to bridge the gap between East and West by teaching, through her own example, the best traditions and virtues of both.

I am certain that she will be most grateful that young men and women are continuing the work which she has initiated, to develop Unification theology in a manner expressive of the depth of the Unification religious experience and life. She will be happy to know that this volume which is dedicated in honor of her 70th birthday, is the first collection of essays on Unification topics written entirely by Unificationists to be published in the world. It represents the fruit of the first generation of Western-trained Unification scholars, whom she herself has inspired.

May God continue to bless her in her many efforts,

David S.C. Kim,
President Unification Theological Seminary
August, 1985 

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