The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

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Life with the Physical Body is Very Short (Circa 1972)

The Thought of Jesus (Circa 1972 - Excerpt)

Pictures from America 1971 and 1972 (January 1972 - Master Arrives in Washington DC Center)

Defense of the Unified Front (January 1, 1972 - Washington, D.C.)

Let us protect the Unified Front! (January 1, 1972 - 1972 New Year Message pdf)

The Significance Of God's Day (1/1/72)

Tradition Centered On God (1/2/72)

Talk to Trainees (1/3/72)

Our Road To Go (1/9/72)

The Fight Has Begun (1/9/72)

The True Path Of Restoration (1/11/72)

The True Path Of Restoration [a less edited version] (1/11/72)

How Can We Become One With God? (1/15/72)

Our Leader on the Lecturing Tour in USA (February 1972)

One God, One World Religion (February 3, 1972 pdf)

The Ideal World for God and Humankind (February 4, 1972 pdf)

The Ideal World for God and Humankind (February 4, 1972 - Lincoln Center, New York, USA pdf)

One God, One World Religion (February 11, 1972 - Gaucher College, Baltimore, MD pdf)

The Ideal World for God and Man (February 13, 1972 - Gaucher College, Baltimore, MD pdf)

The Ideal World For God And Man (2/13/72)

The New Messiah and the Formula of God in History (February 21, 1972 Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. pdf)

The New Messiah, and the Formula of God in History (2/21/72)

The New Messiah And The Formula Of God In History (different version) (2/21/72)

Divine Message Calls Sun Myung Moon to Unification Church and God (Gary Stone - February 24, 1972 pdf)

ROK Founder of Holy Spirit Association, Sun Myung Moon, Claims New Revelation Needed (Jang Sok Choe - February 27, 1972)

True Path to Peace: One God, One World Religion (March 1972 pdf)

One God, One World Religion (3/?/72)

Unification Movement's Founder Sun Myung Moon here in Berkeley (March 8, 1972 - The Berkeley Daily Gazette pdf)

Report on Master's activities and plans for America (Farley Jones - March 20, 1972 pdf)

The Appearance of the Messiah (March 24, 1972 pdf)

Answers About the Principle of Rebirth (March 24, 1972 pdf)

Process of Restoration (April 1972 - Paris, France pdf)

The Way of Restoration (4/1/72)

The Unification (April 2, 1972 - Paris, France pdf)

Separation between Good and Evil (April 3, 1972 - Paris, France pdf)

How God Exists (April 4, 1972 - Paris, France pdf)

God's Strategy and Satan's Strategy (April 23, 1972 - Excerpt)

True Parents and Ourselves (5/7/72)

You Must Go Beyond the Fallen Realm, Establishing Unity of Cain and Abel (May 7, 1972 - Excerpt)

You Must Indemnify Everything (May 7, 1972 - Excerpt)

What We Must Accomplish from Now (May 9, 1972 - Excerpt )

Abel's Mission (May 9, 1972 - Excerpt)

The Complete Restoration (May 21, 1972 pdf)

Human Beings Cannot Fully Receive God's Perfect Love Because of the Fall (May 21, 1972 - Excerpt)

Parents Are Best Friends and Best Teachers (May 29, 1972 pdf)

Strictly follow the commandment during adolescence (May 31, 1972 pdf)

Leader organizes mobile witnessing in Korea and Japan (May 31, 1972 pdf)

At the Crossroads of Good and Evil (July 16, 1972 - Chong-ro, Seoul, Korea)

The Coming of the New Spiritual Age of Extrasensory Perception (September 3, 1972 pdf)

Why We Have to Go Through Hardships (9/11/72)

Sacrifice Always Accompanies Love (September 11, 1972 – excerpt – different translation)

Complaint is Never Permissible (September 11, 1972 - Excerpt)

You Must Deny Yourself Completely (September 11, 1972 - Excerpt)

The Purpose of Creation of Man (September 11, 1972 - Excerpt)

Our path of sacrifice (September 11, 1972 - Excerpt)

History that Searched for One Adam (September 11, 1972 - Excerpt)

The sacrifice of Abel (September 11, 1972 - Excerpt)

The Role Of Unified Science In The Moral Orientation Of The World (November 26, 1972)

The Role of Unified Science in the Moral Orientation of the World (November 26, 1972 - First International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences pdf)

Excerpts from Notes taken at the Training Session (12/72)

Unification (12/9/72)

The Point of Rise or Fall (December 10, 1972)

The Point of Rise or Fall (December 10, 1972 - Excerpt)

How Will The Unified World Be Established On Earth? (12/21/72)

Study hard so that you can get better grades than your older brother and sister - Letter to Heung-jin Moon (December 24, 1972 pdf)

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