The Words of the Soon-Ae Hong (mother of Hak Ja Han [Dae Mo Nim])

 Table of Contents

The Path that True Mother has Followed (Soon-Ae Hong - December 21, 1973)

My Testimony (December 21, 1973 - Tokyo, Japan)

Grandmother Soon Ae Hong (Sun Myung Moon - May 3, 1977)

The Revealing of My Daughter as the Bride of True Parents (Soon Ae Hong - December 21, 1973)

The Funeral of Hong Halmonim - Rev. Moon's Mother In Law (November 1989)

In Memoriam Soon Ae Hong Haimonim (November 3, 1989)

Sunghwa Ceremonies for Soon Ae Hong (Hong Halmonim) (November 3, 1989 - Tongil Segye)

Soon Ae Hong, the Great Symbol of Motherhood (Won Pok Choi - November 3, 1989)

Soon Ae Hong Halmonim Was the "Good Earth" (Joong Hyun Pak - November 6, 1989)

Testimony and prayer offered on the occasion of Soon Ae Hong Halmonim's ascension (Miho Panzer - November 6, 1989)

Soon Ae Hong Halmonim's Resurrection Testimony (Chong Young Ryu - November 26, 1989)

The True Family and Hong Halmonim (Soon Ae Hong -- the real Dae Mo Nim) (Woo Ok Lim - July 8, 1990)

Soon Ae Hong -- Dae Mo Nim -- Great Mother (Mal Sook Lee - November 1990)

The Early Life of Soon-Ae Hong - Dae Mo Nim (Yeon-gu Chu - Circa 2012 pdf)

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