Unification News for July 2001

Second Generation Spring Jam 01 Talent Contest and Fashion Show

by Minister Daryl M. Clarke

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, New York has completed the New Cultural Arts Production Presents: We Will Stand & Represent! (To Uphold Moral Ethics, Honor, and Dignity in the Family, Nation and World) Spring Jam 2001. This Talent Contest & Fashion Show was held on Saturday, May 26th at the Manhattan Center Studios. This event showcased the talent of young Second Generation boys and girls 12 years old to 18 years old. It featured one dancer, two dance groups, two musicians, four bands, three vocalists, two group artists and five guests performers, along with teen models in a fashion show (ages 1-20yrs old).

The three finalists are: First Place: Chris Derflinger (Metuchen, New Jersey), Second Place: Heung Kook Yang (Washington D.C.) and in Third Place: Elisa H. Servito (Teaneck, New Jersey). Each finalist received a very special trophy made by Crystal World Products, Inc. and a cash prize.

The three main reasons for the talent contest & fashion segment are: first, to show active support for Fathers 50 State "We Will Stand" speaking tour; second, to create a new culture for youth; and third to raise funds for a facility to have as a community center where the second generation, can bring their friends and peers to bare witness to True Parents by educating them about God.

Even though the program was very successful and inspired our leaders, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Dong Woo Kim and Rev. Young Joo Yoo to stand in awe and amazement as they watched the gifted performers come to the stage one by one; the attendance was very low. There were several other, providential events going on at the same time, such as True Parents conference and speech at the United Nations. As you know the Holy Blessing of 60 Couples was the very next day. So this Spring Jam 01 was in stiff competition for warm bodies. Because of the low turn out at the door we could not raise enough money to cover all expenses which totals to $4,200. We are short of breaking even. We have raised $2,000 but we need another $2,200.

Therefore, we must humbly ask you, our community to help us jump over this small hurdle. Can you kindly donate $40 to help fulfill our goal to break even? Or, if you donate $50 plus, we will send you a VHS videotape of the entire Spring Jam 01 at the Manhattan Center for your whole family to see. Invite other Blessed Children over to your home to experience these powerful performances by their peers. It is very exciting!

Please make your check or money order payable to: HSA UWC Westchester and mail to: New Cultural Arts Production 723 South Broadway Tarrytown, New York 10591

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and support to help make our program the most historical youth event of the millennium for all second generation to Inherit the Heart and Tradition of Our True Parents.

For more information on Second Generation event contact: Belvedere Youth Ministry, 723 South Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591. Tel. (914) 366-4454 Fax (914) 366-0077, email: Belvedere2ndGen@cs.com

Minister Daryl M. Clarke is the Pastor of the Belvedere Youth Ministry.

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