Unification News for July 2001

UTS Presidentís Remarks at Graduation

Tyler Hendricks
June 21, 2001

This is the second commencement over which I have presided, and the 25th of our seminaryís history. It is the deepest honor for our institution and all of its members and alumni to enjoy the presence of the Founders, the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. The honorary doctorates that have been bestowed upon you today are long, long overdue.

It is another great honor to have among this yearís graduates the esteemed personages of Mr. Hyun Jin Moon and Mrs. Jun Sook Moon. It has been a monumental task for them both to excel as students while carrying increasing responsibilities in the leadership of our worldwide movement. They are exemplary in their filial piety, and immediately take their place as the central figures of all UTS alumni. Although a student, Hyun Jin Nimís guidance and support has provided a decisive shift in our schoolsí fortune and future direction.

My third honor is to commend the rest of this yearís graduating class. It includes scions of elder church leadership, a number of former national leaders and regional directors, and numerous young members aspiring to follow the path of service to God and humankind. To all of you I offer my congratulations and deepest gratitude.

A day of celebration in God is also a day of consideration of God. From those to whom much is given, much is expected. With that in mind, I ask that we all turn our eyes to the back of the room, where you will see undraped the fishing nets hand sewn by our Founder and the seminary students 25 years ago this spring.

Graduates of the class of 2001: you are the net that God is casting into the world. The mesh of the net is created by our personal relationships. The relationships you have created here at UTS cross the boundaries of race, nationality, perspective and even generation. These interlocking relationships create a net that will span nation and world, multiplying as more relationships include larger and larger NETWORKS. The weights at the base of the net teach us to keep our feet on the ground. The floats at the top teach us to keep our hearts and minds alive with the ideal of heavenly love.

As you cast yourself into the ministry of Godís providence, may your catch be bountiful. You now take your places among the leadership of the True Parentsí movement to build Godís kingdom on earth and in Heaven.

God bless you!

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