The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Blessed Couples' Conference (Part 3)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Landmark Series
February 21, 1991
World Mission Center, New York
Interpreter. Bo Hi Pak

Part 1. Blessed Couples' Conference
Part 2. Blessed Couples' Conference

Father started out today's important meeting but already time is passing very quickly. So Father wants to move onto the agenda. Father started out the sermon saying that the world unification started out from the unification between mind and body. It started with me. Here. When I say "I" it means both men and women. Men say "I", women say "I". Man's mind and body united creates one unit. Women's mind -- women's body united is one unit. So then you will be known, you will be called a true man, a true woman. Trained as true men and true women unification happens. That is a logical consequence. Think about it. How do men and women become one? Self-centered men and women will never bring unity. They will never bring harmony. So Father's teaching is that man is born for the sake of woman and woman is born for the sake of the man. We are born for each other. Your beginning, your original creation is nor for your own sake. Man was made for the sake of woman and woman was created for the sake of man.

By creating man, what did God want to accomplish? He wanted man and woman become one-mind and body united into one centering upon what? True Love. What is True Love? True Love is God's love. God's way of loving is to invest totally. Not only one hundred percent, but one hundred times one hundred percent. That is God's kind of love and we must imitate True Love. When we do that as men and women, we practice God's love -- God's way of life. When we imitate God then we always wish our partner or our object to be better than ourselves. You want your wife to be better than yourself. Your wife wants her husband to be better than herself. Parents want their children to be better than themselves. Total investment, then forget it. God invests and then forgets. lie doesn't remember. God does not do love bookkeeping -- no! That is the characteristic of True Love.

Eternal, true investment. Eternal investment. Every day He invests more. God is eternal. God is continuously investing. Therefore the recipient of that love have a relationship with God that we call eternal life. That is why eternity comes into being. So think about it. God created all things, men and all creatures for the sake of love, True Love. So all of a sudden all of the creation, including God becomes so close to you. Intimate to you. So far you feel mechanically, "Oh God is so far away. All things are so far away, I have nothing to do with Him." No! God is so close to you. God created me -- because of His love. Because God has True Love is the reason alone that the objects of God alone can enjoy eternal life and no other.

Why did God create men and women -- two kinds of human beings? Because God made men with what women need and women have what men need in order to fulfill love, then in order to fulfill love you have to give and take. You have to totally unite mind and body: This is the secret, this the procedure God has in His mind, and so in His creation. Love. That is the purpose of creation no one can deny. But what kind of love? True Love. True Love contents are unchangeable, unique love, forever love. True Love is everlasting. The contents and attributes say, "Unity. Forever". How valuable are they. God wants to rest there. God will join and begin there. God is happiest taking that love True Love. True Love can get everything. If you lose True Love then you lose everything. If you get True Love then you get everything. So God wants that kind of love. He wants to see that kind of phenomenon, that kind of characteristic, that kind of man and woman who are unified forever, not just for an instant. Understand? God wants to center on True Love, unifying man and woman. Man and woman want True God unifying them. This can only be done centering upon True Love. There is no other way. Understand? I connect that center point to True Love. That is the place that God exists. "My wife's love", "My husband's ideal love center is the source. That core, that center is God." Embracing my love's center is like the body. God's love place is like my True Love mind. Do you understand. The opposite sex's love is like my body. Combine either one and you can move anywhere in the universe and it will be the same. How wonderful. The whole universe will welcome this, will welcome people who occupy such a place of True Love.

That is the place of freedom. It is the happiest place. There will be no obstacles there. Everything will push you on, up, up, up. There are surprises there. Power, more happiness. It is wonderful. A joyful world. Do you follow me? Do you have such a center?

That center of love can get everything. The individual mind cannot imagine how it can get full up. Only one thing can do it -- True Love -- including God. True Love's attributes contain characteristics of inheritance. In True Love you can be free, free-happy, happy. You have that kind of high dignity don't you? You have complete happiness don't you?

That kind of center that creates value is the True Love standard place. Otherwise we cannot unify mind and body. Without True Love you cannot unify man and woman. So you have to take the concept of "living for the sake of others" completely into you. Then you can make the ideal society no problem. No problem. But without True Love you will not create a happy world. The absolutely most valuable thing is what? (True Love). True Love. Living for the sake of others. So woman was born for the sake of what? Woman! (No!) WOMAN! (No!) K. N. O. W.? (No!) Same sound! An man, a husband was born for the sake of? (Woman) Women listening to that sound, how wonderful it is!

Everybody likes True Father. (Yes!) Why? (True Love). True Love makes action, makes you think, "When True Father affirms the center, my mind is dancing, making vibrations." Strong frequencies. Powerful. When Father is centered here, the room is full. When Father leaves America, it becomes a vacant place immediately. Father comes back here and vrooooom the place is full again. Strange power. That kind of powerful influence is the power of True Love. Do you understand? You can have the same thing as Father. You go everywhere talking, dwelling, and immediately a true plus can make a true minus. That is the principle viewpoint. True subject of true love will make that center appear automatically. That's true. Why? Standing in one place forever, settlement in one place, taking action, making give and take. Automatically you create a central place where the vertical connects making it global. The land and earth, the same thing. North axis and south axis making a vertical line around which the earth revolves every year. It does not change. The same things. You have the two characteristics, mind and body. What is the center? God. One is horizontal one is vertical. What kind of degree do you make with the vertical? Ninety degrees. Why? Why? True Love's way is the shortest way and the vertical way is the shortest way and so ninety degrees. Not ninety-one degrees. The shortest way is ninety degrees, otherwise there is no way to make a global, three dimensional space. That is the ideal, being global. Why? Then you can stand in every place by connecting with the vertical axis. Every time. On a globe, each space can connect with the vertical. That is the ideal of existence. Centering on the vertical we can catch many degrees. This is the most ideal angle of relationship, ninety degrees. Everything can be connected, front, back, left and right, up and down through this ninety degree relationship between the vertical and horizontal. That is the ideal center. God is the ideal being so He wants to stay in this ideal place. Where is the ideal place? That core place. Look at the globe. The seat of power is only ,in that one place, the center isn't it? There are many other places, but the ideal point is the center. Which is the place God dwells everyday, forever? In the central place of True Love. Where does God want to dwell? In the family where there is True Parents love, grandparents love, children's love, all kinds of love can be experienced from this center.

The conclusion is simple. Why do you want to make a peaceful world? For whom? (God. Others.) For me! (Others!) Until now the fallen world concept was peace for me! But from now, peace for others! True Love is the true motive. Sounds good. Feeling is good. Taste is good. Looking is good. Smelling is good. Touching is good. Too much smelling! (Laughter). Following the ideal way. Do you understand?

When I speak in English, hearing is more easy right? Father is interpreting. (Dr. Pak: Thank you Father for giving me a vacation!)

The problem is when I speak English, the Koreans are in trouble! Either case the Japanese are always in trouble! From early morning up until this time of two o'clock, Father has been expounding on just one subject. What's that subject? (True Love.) True Love can go on many, many more hours.) True Love begins where? True Love begins right here. If True Love begins, we become the personification of True Love, all happiness will begin from there. Because of you your family becomes happy -- a happy True Love family. Then because of you, the community can become a True Love community, the nation and world too. Everything starts from you right here -- -- between your mind and body. True Love must be practiced right there. Perfected right there. Then you are the beginning of the unification of the world.

Father has been expounding on True Love as the source of the solution to the world problem, the source of peace. Everything begins from here. Father is dealing with the entire world's problem today. Always there is a solution. Father wants to make the solution through True Love by preaching True Love, practicing True Love, teaching True Love. By doing so Father wants to bring the solution to the world problems. The world solution is really not that difficult. It actually depends upon oneself. Each one of us. This is what Father is really trying to let the world know. The religious world is nothing more than an extension of the mind. Mind expanded externally turned out to be the religious world. The body is expanded into the political reality. Therefore when you govern your mind and body you automatically govern the religious reality as well as the political reality. This is why Father is dealing with the entire thing. Always remember that the mind and conscience are on the side of God and the body is the ally or instrument of Satan. Why has the mind become God's side and the body Satan's side? Mind is on the side of God, imitating God's work. Therefore just like God, throughout your entire life the mind is keeping on investing. It keeps investing and forgetting. Investing more, investing more. Forget. Invest more. Invest more, and forget. That is God's way of life. Mind is imitating that way of life.

Until now God wanted to save those practices of investing and forgetting, investing and forgetting for His side. So such are called God's side. Mind is God's side. Is that clear? Why is the body Satan's side? It centers on "me". Every time it's center is "me". This position is opposite to the mind's position. Satan is the center, another plus position, taking love, making give and take centering upon self. Satan's thinking is, "You are my property. You are mine." But God is different. "Mine is yours. Yours is the family's. The family's is the tribe's. The tribe's is the nation's. The nation's is the world's. The world is the cosmos'. The cosmos is God's property." In that way the small thing is connected to all the bigger, most precious things based upon True Love. How valuable this is! That kind of thing is so valuable, so different from the communist concept of what is yours is mine! Do you understand? You have to know this very clearly. What is God's side and what is Satan's side in you. "I am the field of Satan's -- the body. And another side is God's walking ground. Now separate them. The real purpose is then to discover how to occupy the body so that it too becomes God's place. This is the humble way, forsaking, leaving the self-centered way behind.

Even though there have been great religious teachings like Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, no one has been clearly teaching this kind of message of True Love and the relationship between mind and body until Reverend Moon came to this world. For the first time there is clarity. Jesus said a lot of symbolic things which are true. Jesus said, for example, "Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is in the midst of you. The midst of you." This is a great statement, but people were still lost by "in the midst of me". What is the meaning of "in the midst of me"? There was no answer. It stopped there. Father has spelled it out completely. True Love is God's quality. Wherever True Love dwells, God dwells and vice versa. Wherever God dwells there is True Love. And where True Love dwells, there God dwells. So when you become the possessor of True Love, you become the palace of True Love, there God dwells. So the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Those of you who say, "I will never go to spirit world, never Father, I'm not going there. I don't like to go there. I want to be here." Those of you who have confidence please raise your hands. It's a matter of time, just a matter of time.

Father so clearly knows what the spirit world is, what the rules are, and unless Father's teaching is practiced on earth, it will not click in the spirit world. In other words there is a rail and you have to go on a perfect train to spirit world. Your body has to go on the rail, run on the rail of the spirit world. If you go with the wrong gauge wheels you will not be able to run on the rails in spirit world. You cannot change the rails. You have to change yourself. But when you go up to spirit world it is too late. You have to make a perfect rail here by listening to Father. You have to make True Love rails. Do you understand? True Love rails. The vibrations of True Love here on earth and in the spirit world are the same. So you can run on the same rail from here on earth straight to the spirit world. You don't even have to change rails. The True Love terminal is the destination we have.

Father knows that rule so well. Father wants to teach you very, very clearly. There is no such a thing as self. Self doesn't exist in the spirit world. Those who live without self, that is without selfishness, here on earth will fi t perfectly on the spirit world rail. You will go straight into the Kingdom of Heaven. Father is a locomotive. A big locomotive pulling the train cars. Will you become one of the train cars behind Father? Do you want to become one? Do you want to have only one rail, or one that goes north and south, east and west and everywhere? (One!) just one? So you only want one bus line in New York? From uptown to downtown, just one bus line? Is that good enough? As long as it is the same rail, you want the freedom to maneuver don't you? In the spirit world subway, the rail is most scientific. All Father has to do is to push the button and Father can lead the train to all kind of directions. So Father is like the roller coaster driver going up and down. The twelve pearly gates are there. You are able and capable, so long as you follow Father, you are capable of going to or out of any gate and going in any gate. Inside the train you can sit together with God and lean over Him sharing an ice cream cone in a three-way ice cream cone party with God, True Parents and yourself. It could be a popcorn or ice cream party. It's amazing I am telling you something the rest of the world could not believe! But you just listen all day like this and still have lots and lots of interest and joy and fun and laughter. I'm sure you are a bunch of kooks. That means you are a different race. What kind of race? True Love race. All right! The True Love race. You can be free anywhere when you are of the True Love race. Then absolute freedom is assured. Those who really wan t to follow Father wherever Father goes, raise your hands please. I have a problem. My children aren't going to like that. Mother is not going to like that. If you all follow Father all the time, where is there room for my children or room for True Mother? But don't worry about it, they have grown up, they are over twenty now.

Everything that Father needed to do here on earth as the Messiah and as the True Parent has been done! Done, period. Yesterday you were told restoration of the elder son's position is done. Restoration of True Parents position -- done. Restoration of the kingship position -- done. Furthermore Father also made the spirit world into the Cain position and you are the Abel. Spirit world must listen to you and be obedient to you. This was all done. All Father has to do now is the Unification of the Fatherland and that is only a little bit away. It is really only a matter of time. In the nick of time that will happen.

You know Father invited the communists. These are not the ordinary communists. They are congressmen, the hard-line communists, fifty-five of them, Eastern Europe, twenty nine of them and they came for three nights and four days. During this time, their atheistic outlook on life has been completely changed. They came to see Father in East Garden, and this became their greatest joy, their greatest honor to be there. Other Russians envied them. Another group came yesterday, students and professors from Russia, and they said, "Oh, they met Reverend Moon in his home, and we can't go there? Can we go there? Can we go there?" "No, no, no. You cannot." "Oh no! Why can't we?" In other words, their greatest joy is to go and see Father.

Now think about it. Father initially said, "Those who believe in God, raise your hands." Only a few hands went up. Then after a two hour sermon Father said, "Those who do not believe in God, those who do not think the existence of God is there, raise your hands". There were none whatsoever! One hundred percent. One hundred percent! So you see, when these hard-line communists can be turned around in three nights and four days, think about it. If the opportunity can be given, through the television or the radio we can teach the entire world Divine Principle for one week, then the entire world can be turned around, yes or no? (Yes!) It's a matter of teaching. Restoration in the beginning looks very hard but in the end it is not hard. It will be done quite quickly.

Father has inspired the creation of Washington television center by which we can telecast all over the world, all over the United States, all over the world through the satellite. Wherever you look you will see Father, you will see Divine Principle lecture, all of a sudden you will see the Principle of Creation, principle of give and take, the Coming of the Christ and children will say, "Mom, Mom, Mom, come over here and look at this! Drop everything." So all the family will get together surrounding the television set listening to Divine Principle. Oh boy! That day is ahead of us. just in the nick of time it will come.

Father has an instruction book of his instructions to you. Father is meticulous. He prepared every bit of instruction needed by blessed couples here. However, Father covered all those points, all those details meticulously already. Father will trust you, trust that you have recorded, taken a dictation, taken notes and you will go and fulfill it. And Father said, "You do it."

Now Father is saying as the conclusion, unification between mind and body and unification between your family are the two primary goals for blessed couples, centering upon True Love of course. All Father's four hours expounding why the mind is subject and the body has to obey the mind, centered upon True Love. All this has been said, and when you go to hometown, you are becoming a model member. You are to become the saint of your family so that your family will be united upon you. You are going as the Tribal Messiah. But you do not only have the title, but your deeds and actions would actually impress your relatives and give them tremendous inspiration just like that last daughter-in-law. She already accomplished Tribal Messiah's role, because she completely, naturally subjugated her clan. You will do the same. By doing so, Father said, you will not only be successful you are going to truly become more than just a Blessed couple, but complete the Trbal Messiah's mission and you will be elevated to become heavenly citizens.

The textbook of the family, of Tribal Messiahship lies in the united three levels of grandparents, your parents and your couple united upon the True Love principle, mind and body principle. These are the backbone, the central model which only has to be expanded to other families, brothers and sisters, uncles and cousins and nephews and community people. Then you will become a Tribal Messiah. But you must become the Tribal Messiah first and serve your grandparents, serve your parents and you yourself become part of the ladder with three levels on it. The clan level represent your ancestors, your parents represent all the human family. The homeowner position is the parents position, and your place is their children. Those people combined in one take one home and represent three types of generations. Do you understand? Past generation, modern generation and the future generation. This is the textbook. Plan on leaving this kind of concept, using the four corner expansion of outside phenomena, atmosphere. Leading grandparent's age, parent's age, your age. You are internally trained according to that textbook so you are connecting the grandparent, parent and true brother's love and so make the phenomena, the atmosphere of heaven on earth. That kind of atmosphere connects immediately with the spirit world. Do you understand? You have to live in that kind of way. In your lifetime you have to follow that same course in your family.

Where again you are realizing the four corners. Do you understand? The same system will connect everywhere and those trained will automatically connect with spirit world. Do you understand? You have to train in that way and make that kind of atmosphere. That is the point of going back to your home, the center of your Tribal Messiah territory. This is your mission. Do you understand?

How can you do it? Father did it. You follow the same formula. You step on the same step. Do you understand? (Yes). Find out. The restoration course you have to cultivate each day. Step on exactly the same way. From now on step on the Principle way. You are making the textbook, and after that you cultivate four corners for saving restoration. There are many obstacles. Two concepts. There is the Divine Principle way, following, step own way. Restoration way is to cultivate development. Stand in that center and you can . . . That's all. In there you can find out family, tribe automatically, brotherhood. No boundary. Is that clear?

That kind of main concept is simple. All the instructions are boiling down to that one point.

So today this conference was centered upon the Blessed family, the Blessed couple because now Father is giving you today and extraordinary mandate and responsibility. Father is drawing Korea now. That's the Korean nation. This is the Unification Church, even other Christian churches united with the negative forces and came against the Unification Church. However, this situation has been changed. What happened now? The Unification plus became very big and other plusses became so small. Again, however, this minus is big, but the other minus is small. We are not only going to save ourselves. We are going to save this world, this country. The whole country is our goal. Under these circumstance Father has had a reshuffling of the leadership in Korea. The younger leaders have taken the Abel position and the older leadership have taken the Cain position. The new church leader is now Reverend Hong. He was assigned president of HSA-UWC.

The church's responsibility is to go into the community to evangelize. Actually the Korean church's origin come from North Korea. North Korea is the root. So if this group, this evangelism is successful then this can move the government. A dynamically powerful unit would be formed and that North Korean, Kim Il Sung, would have absolutely no place to stand. No place to stand.

Everything is divided up into three stages. There is the individual, family and tribe -- horizontally speaking. There is the couple, the parents and the grandparents. So when you go to the countryside in Korea, we have what they call an administrative organization -- governmental administrative organization. So let's say you and your family are here, your village is here and little "li", a little larger village, then you have a "myon" -- a little larger still. So there are three stages of sizes. When you go to the city, a city is called something different. It's called "tongban". "Tong" is not quite like a county but smaller, a precinct perhaps. "Ban" is like a small segment so that "tongban" is like a segment of a precinct. So Father dispatched all members into tongban, divided into smaller groups and spread them out. Father is concentrating on these smaller segments almost disregarding provinces and counties because every county has this. Every province has this. So when this evangelism is successful, this is all that matters.

Father really wants to move three-thousand four-hundred units, and by resurrecting these three-thousand four-hundred units you resurrect the nation. So starting from here, the mission is given here, then going down to all the extra family and then going up to this bigger circle which covers the entire country. When unification occurs at this level, this big circle becomes natural. Father made a system in Korea that every level of leadership going down to the very bottom, down to the family is a Tribal Messiah. Also another movement began to move non-Unification Church families. They were approached and convinced. They were given a gift -- True Parents' picture. They were told to put it up in their homes in a very prominent place.

So far spirit world has been Cain and yet in the elder brother's position. Here on earth we have been in the younger brother position. Instead of assisting and supporting our need, what they have done is exploit to their own advantage. Spirit world, in other words, worked for themselves. They were selfish. But on the thirty-first Children's Day Father made a special declaration to the spirit world. He ordered the spirit world, "You should no longer do that kind of thing. The elder son's position has been totally restored and so you must come down to assist. Period." Why give True Parents' pictures? True Parents' picture is an identification that a home is in a way accepting the True Parents. So every morning the entire spirit world ancestors of that home come down and virtually bow down and have a morning bow, spiritually. Perhaps the family cannot see it with their physical eyes. But spirit world comes down in that home and so is connected to True Parents. Therefore Satan cannot be concerned with that place. He cannot touch it. Spiritually all satans will be expelled. So a picture of True Parents in any home will safeguard that family.

The amazing thing is that three o'clock in the morning spirit world ancestors will come down, and first bow down to True Parents' picture and kick out all the satanic elements from that house. "We have to protect our generation," the ancestors will say, "This is my children's home. Satan, you have no business here. Get out." The spirit world is in the archangel position. Our generation is Adam's position. Originally the archangel protected Adam's place. That is the perspective of the Creation. So now they are retaking their original position. From now you are subject. From now we can completely control the spiritual atmosphere.

Laying the foundation here is all there is. This is everything. What is a county? It consists of families. What are provinces all about? The cell of the province is the family. So when the family has been conquered, then everything else will be automatic. So church is in the mind position and the external movement is in the body's position.

In Korea all the older generation members are moving into external duties and the younger members, younger leaders, those Abel types, are in charge of the Church. That is actually the elder son's position -- restored. How can we make mind-body, the religious world and political world, harmonious? After making the national base harmonious, then the world base will be no problem. Do you understand? The most difficult situation is the second place. This place. (Pointing to the board). That means that in terms of the family, nation and world-base the second place is the nation-base. Do you understand? Kim Il Sung is the second place problem, the second son, Abel-type problem. Jesus was also in the second place. Do you understand?

How can Korea break up or separate? This part is the elder place and eventually will follow. All nations must be digested and become peacefully united. Internal and external will blend into one thus automatically stand in God's place. The Israelites separated after Jesus died. In this time, they should completely combine into one nation. That means the Korean members stand on that Tribal Messiah's base and automatically they will connect with Father and make this kind of foundation. After that Kim Il Sung, the worst father, cannot remain in the north part. Do you understand? Father doesn't want to tear down Kim Il Sung. God wants to save that guy too. After saving him, all the communist world will be broken down. So even the worst people from the communist world will testify, "True Parents saved me." Then all the communists can be saved in one go.

This is Korea's situation. We are now emphasizing the family based upon this particular principle. In a way this side is the masculine, men's position, more external, and this is more women's responsibility. Christianity is in a way the women's religion. Women are more ready to move the hearts of other people. So when you go back to your hometown, men will be in Cain's position and women will be in Abel's position. So all women will grab people one by one heartistically. Man represents the elders position. Man was made first. Eve was made second. So in restoration the hardest work is on Eve's center, woman's center.

So when you get back to your home town, you do that. That's the reason for all the blessed couples to come this time. Do you follow. This principle will apply all over the world and the United States is the beginning place of the application of this principle. Do you follow? Do you think that our destiny is to return home or not? (Yes!) If you don't have your homecoming then you cannot be registered in the Kingdom of I-leaven You name will not be found upstairs. Do you follow? So registration will begin from your home town, as a Tribal Messiah.

So just like Jesus' organization had twelve apostles, seventy disciples, one hundred-twenty disciples, you organize in the same fashion. That's the way Tribal Messiahship will be accomplished. So if Korea doesn't do the job, we will do it. Father has given instructions in Korea about this most fundamental truth. If they are not successful, you will make it successful. Teach them a lesson. Do you follow? You know how important it is to return home to your hometown. The Fall of man came to the home, therefore in the final stages, restoration must begin at home. We have no barriers. No tribal barrier. No other barrier. You will just go straight home. As Father said, the three stages of home is your textbook so follow that textbook and fulfill your Tribal Messiah's role.

In Korea our members are going to the small villages and will have one evangelical meeting and several days of beautiful, successful Divine Principle seminars. When there is a great deal of response they will go to another village and another and another. So the governor will be there in that kind of ground-level evangelical meeting. The county chief will be there. The precinct chief will be there because they all belong to some family. They belong to some village.

Centering upon Father you have the trinity system don't you? Actually Father is in the top position. Father is in the parents' position. The trinity means the three children of Noah and Adam. Do you understand? Therefore you are not a trinity actually. With Father in the center a four position foundation is created like Noah's family where Noah and Noah's wife had three sons and three daughters -- eight members of the family. There are eight people in your trinity including Father, do you understand? In Adam's time it was the same. In Jesus' time it was the same. There were three main disciples centering on Jesus. Quickly create eight members of the family. This is not Father's concept. It is the Principle view concept. Do you follow? By doing this you will be greater than Jesus. Secondly, by engaging in this truly nitty-gritty and also beautiful and sacred family responsibility, you can go direct from the family to the Kingdom of Heaven. By doing so you will get the direct, non-stop flight to Heaven. What do you think, you are in a greater position than Jesus, yes or no? [Yes!] Yes!

There is nothing else left to do. Nothing else. So after organizing this, Father expects you will get down to work and trusts you will do that. Then what shall Father do? Father is going to go around the world. He is going to deal with all the heads of state of the world. He wants to visit Brazil, South America, Africa, you name it. Father will bring with him the most Abel type, the most distinguished diplomats or head-of-state, the greatest professors, and bring the greatest journalists, and if these people move with Father, then any country will have to pay attention and move at the highest possible levels. Father will start at the president's residence and will use the national TV centers and radio centers, no problem. Already many high level people contact me. Many high-level state-leaders contact me. Many high-level media world people contact me. At one time the famous people tried to hit me. The heads-of-state hit at me, the media hit at me. But they just broke their bones! Their backbone was broken! They are no problem. I have made a famous foundation everywhere. You think about it. Now I have the kind of authority so people come to me and say, "Forgive me for what I said. I want to invite you now." To accommodate them Father will need a private airplane. What shall we buy? A big one or small one? 747 or 707? Why? [Concorde]. We will fill the seats and everywhere we go we will be welcome. They will even open their television stations.

Every time Father makes a plan it is successful. Its all a matter of preparation. Already with one telephone call it can all begin immediately. No problem. Who made this foundation? [Father]. For whom did he make that foundation? For you. For you. Centering on you he made that foundation. That's true.

Who will buy that private airplane? [We will!] You will buy that or Father will? You? How much does a 747 cost? How much? Father has investigated this already. You are ignorant. But Father knows. [How much Father?] Not much money! Are you ready to pay? Bring up the check book and we will tell you how much! [Laughter]. When you think about Father's way, there is no problem in the future. How do you think about the future. Do you feel hope or despair? [Hope!] There is only one time like this, when True Parents are here. There is only one such time in history. In there past there was no such time. In the future there will be no such time. How happy are the people born at this time? How could you choose to get out at this time? Think of all the people of history they can only get results through you. You have to think, "I am representing history. I am representing the future and the next generations." That is the kind of value you have. You don't have to have the best face. A bad face is okay. Your "content" is what is most important. Amazing value is hidden there. Do you understand? How much do you understand? flow happy are you? Endlessly happy, happy forever?

You are ripened fruit. Therefore you have seed inside. Go out and plant it. Plant it so that you clone yourself. When you plant a new seed, do you just want to plant it in barren ground? No, you want to fertilize it first with smelly fertilizer and then put rich topsoil on it. Do you only have to plough the desert-like sand and then plant the seed? [No!] The first time you need fertilizer, even if it is very smelly. That is the most hopeful way. Bamboo shoots grow so fast once they start. This is the hopeful way.

So Father is not going to rest. The next ten year's program is already secured. Father has already planned the ten years schedule. There is a lot of work to do. Connecting all the heads-of-state and making one world truly under God. So Father has to travel, yes or no? [Yes!] Father made all the foundation that is needed for these ten years. So those who pledge to Father, "I am going hometown to become true ancestors, God-centered ancestors of my family tree and become the Tribal Messiah in my hometown", those Blessed couples pledging to Father are receiving another blessing. Those who are not here, pity! But you are here, and Father is giving you a special blessing. Those who will pledge that you will give your life and fortune and sacred honor to accomplish this mission for the sake of our True Parents' victory, your Tribal Messiah's victory so you become true ancestors of your family, now those who pledge say "Amen" and raise your hands. Will you do it, yes or no? [Yes!] Amen! I One more time. [Yes!] Amen! I One more time. [Yes! Amen!]

Part 1. Blessed Couples' Conference
Part 2. Blessed Couples' Conference

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