The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Blessed Couples' Conference (Part 2)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Landmark Series
February 21, 1991
World Mission Center, New York
Interpreter. Bo Hi Pak

Part 1. Blessed Couples' Conference
Part 3. Blessed Couples' Conference

Father's lifetime goal, the unification Of the Fatherland, South Korea and North Korea, is quite imminent. For this the entire spirit world is mobilized. Today the greatest and best news that I can share with you, all the Blessed couples of America, is that the reunification of the Fatherland is near!

Father wrote here on the board, "gospel." This is the gospel to you. Gospel means what? Good news. This is the good news for you. Amen! Father always has very special explanations. He says gospel means "guts-full" news. We will combine into one and at this time spread all over the United States and stir up this country! We can shake up America. Is this good, great, excellent, wonderful, which one? Amazing! Amen! [Much cheering and applause.] You are much too noisy, you keep that power. You have to focus it in one place. Will you do it or stop? [Do it.] You have no problem. You have many kinds of armaments. Father testified to that kind of armament and gave it to you completely. You can use it to become a champion and clean up everything completely. How wonderful that is! Does it sound good? You are making your reality. In your hometown you are making all relatives respect you. They will support you as their center. That means you are leading your street or country to the foundation. No problem. Is that the theoretical conclusion or the real conclusion? Will you really do it or not? Do you understand clearly? You have to liberate your nation and the world wide foundation. Thank you very, what? [Much.] Quantity. Thank you very quantity. That is a unique sound, it is better!

So Father assembled the Blessed couples today because Father would like to say this very clearly -- how important your positions are, how important a mission is in front of you so you understand Father's will absolutely clearly. By doing so you can follow his instructions to the letter. Which way do you think: "Today I listened to Father, but now I am going home and my agenda is different. I'm going to work for my child and my little savings that I have here. I want to buy a home. Father said one thing, but I will do something else." Is that a true Blessed couple? Is that what you are going to do? [No!] In other words what Father is giving you today is a marching order. He is making you a front line soldier. Father does not yet have a restored hometown; it is still in North Korea. You have no nation, Father does not yet have a nation. We don't have our world, so we have a big job ahead of us. Father needs front line soldiers who are the greatest soldiers of all. That's why you Blessed couples were chosen to come listen to Father today.

We know we have a hometown but do we have a job to be done in our hometown? We don't have a home nation or a home world. Father is in the same situation. Therefore we work together, but you must not be behind Father. You must be ahead of Father, telling him, "Yes, Father, you just stay there. We will do it, you don't worry about anything. We will take care of things." That is the kind of Blessed couple Father needs.

Father's instruction to Mr. Gorbachev was that he should leave the Russian Orthodox church in Father's hands. Father said he would train them and give them the burning desire to become the true disciples of God. By doing so Russia would become greater, far exceeding the United States. That is the kind of hope Father gave him. He asked Gorbachev to send 1,000 clergymen to him for training. So if Gorbachev will listen to that you know the Soviet Union will become a completely different kind of place. It took Father fourteen years to help Ronald Regan become president twice and George Bush president once. Even under persecution here in America, Father made that kind of foundation. Compared to that, everywhere Father went in the Soviet Union, the leaders and churches welcomed me, immediately combining into one and standing for God's purpose there. So are you going to fall behind the Soviet Union? Are you going to be defeated by the communists? [No!] Your determination will be shown through your result, not through your talking, but by your action. Otherwise how can you reach the conclusion, that terminal point? Are you absolutely clear today, yes or no? [Yes!] When you get back home, what will you do? You must create your own soldiers, your own weapons. That means you have to create your own economic power and human power. You need manpower and money power. Why? God lost all man and all creation. In this time we have to take the opposite or reverse way meaning we have to take back man and the right of possession. God lost everything so we will take it back. First manpower, then creating power. Do you understand? Father needs manpower from all five races of man. Kim Il Sung now needs money. He is standing in a basement which is getting more and more narrow. Before he falls down I will go in and help him, otherwise he will be broken. Even Father is trying to save Kim Il Sung. All he has to do is just receive the message. So you understand, right? Yes or no?

If I do all these tasks I almost feel hatred towards America. I don't feel like doing any more here. If Father is staying here continuously, since you have received the very best this morning, Father gave his very best to the Blessed couples, but if Father keeps staying here in the United States, you will just keep saying, "Give me more Father, something more." You become more demanding without appreciating what you have received. In other words you will not be putting down your own roots into the ground. If Father is not here, you know, "Well, Father is gone so I have to rely on myself. Between God and me, with nobody else, I've got do it." So American couples have been ordered to go to a forty-day mission outside the country. Those who went out and fulfilled your mission, raise your hands please. After your forty-day experience, did you learn a lot and feel grateful to Father, or did you lose and come out disadvantaged? Which one? [We gained.] I am sure when you went out of the country that you came to this conclusion, "Father, please forgive me. I repent because in the United States I take everything for granted. I have not given 100% effort. I now realize by coming out of the United States how blessed my country is and Father I am sorry I have not done my best." Did you think that way? [Yes.] So, going out of the country, if you did more there than what you do in the United States, it is absolutely commendable.

Truly inspirational. It is an incredible gain to you. Have you thought about that? This is a process of homecoming and returning home. I may not need this kind of conference anymore. Father feels instead of assembling Blessed couples or major leaders in New York for this kind of meeting, Father will be waiting for an invitation. You can send one saying, "Father in my hometown I am a Tribal Messiah and I've got 100 people (or 500 or 1,000 or 2,000 people) to listen to you and accept your message. Will you kindly come?" Father will say, "Okay! I'll be glad to go there." When Father visits for the first time, his car will be full of gifts. Father will buy all kinds of things and fill his car. Father's car is not a small Volkswagen! Fathers car is a big limousine, so "full of gifts" means a lot of presents. I can give them out to 2,000 people, no problem! If they receive something from Father they will treasure it so much. This will be a tremendous incentive to get out and do more. You will want to invite Father again, to another place. More and more people will come to feel that way and it will be a tremendous incentive. I am sure that among you, you will be able to do it. Think about it, wherever that kind of meeting happens, it will be an historical event for that town. They never had such a VIP like Father visit that town. They will want to build Father's statue. Father will announce there, "This is historical. You are the first to invite me, so undoubtedly all Unification Church members in the future will make it a point to come and visit your town." That town will become the most world famous. Result is the most important thing so Father would recommend these contents for how to make prosperity in the future that can continue to go up and up and up forever. That place would be the number one city in the world. Why not? Father will not pass away. In that town's history, Father will remain forever.

Have you ever thought that one day, though it is still far in the future, Father will be elevated into Heaven and of course, each one of us also, one by one will join Father in Heaven, have you ever thought about which couple would be the last to remain here on earth? Do you think they would be a very poor couple or the happiest couple? That one final couple actually Blessed by Father, which remains on the earth will become the most precious treasure on earth. The entire world will be looking at him and her and be thinking, "We've got to visit and see that couple before we get Blessed." In other words, there will be only a limited number of couples Blessed by True Parents. You are truly lucky ones. So you've never realized that the day will come that everyone dies, has their Seung Hwa and go to spirit world and the final couple Blessed by True Parents will be remaining. Think about it. Do you have confidence in the kind of precious position that you have in being Blessed by True Parents? We never know, that final couple remaining here on earth could be a black couple, or an Asian couple. Would you complain, asking why they couldn't be a white couple? They will truly be historical persons.

Your position is, in a way, higher than Jesus' position. Let's say that Jesus was able to receive the Blessing. Would there be any fall or any mistakes in the life of Jesus, what do you think? [No.] It's unthinkable, right? But you are in a higher position. What if Satan had physically forced Jesus to fall. What would have happened? Would he have fallen or not? If worst came to worst, like a kidnap and rape for example, that kind of method was applied to Jesus against his will to commit the fallen act, what would he have done? I think Jesus would cut off that part, then cut his neck and say, "That's it." Why is that? Because he would want to leave a level, a standard behind. In order to save the future generations, he would feel the need to leave a good example of a great tradition here on earth. So to give up his life would be nothing in order to leave a great impact on the future and history. You are going to be the doctor to those who commit adultery, iniquity and immorality. You are a doctor with a special field. Adultery is the worst disease in this country. You have to become a surgeon and make many operations here in America. Unless you can do that America will perish. Families have broken down, all society is breaking down. Immorality continues to grow. Where will the future generation go, except into decline? Those who will say as a Blessed couple, "Father, please trust me. I will never leave the Principle and I will never engage in fallen acts", raise your hands please.

Now I order you to become a judge or supervisor of the Unification Church all over the country. You are now a supervisor. If there is a hidden, secret fallen act in the church you have to expose it, don't bury it. Expose and judge it and properly treat it and repent for it.

Do you follow? That is how strongly Father is speaking. Father has not spoken that strongly before. Under false parents all kinds of iniquities have been committed. For that reason True Parents have had to expose and give this truth and guidelines, spelling out the laws of the family, so that you become a good judge and supervisor. Do you understand? This is our mission.

Do you think America needs that kind of action? President Bush declared a drug war on which billions and billions of dollars have been spent. Has the drug war cleaned up the use of drugs in this country? [No!] So it failed. If Bush had instead given only one tenth of that budget to Reverend Moon, Reverend Moon would have cleansed this country a long time ago. You listen to me, don't you? You obey Father's orders don't you? Why? Because Father's order is to save America, your country. Father has been misunderstood and persecuted by this country. So you must be welcomed by your hometown because of your deeds and holiness. You life is holy in the eyes of the secular world. They see you as a holy saint. In that capacity go to your hometown, gather the people, embrace them and love them and there is no one who will not respond to you. No one would deny you. You are smart guys.

So Father's age is now in the seventies. It will be the year 2,000 when Father welcomes his eightieth birthday. Father's goal is to make one world under God. He wants to accomplish this before the year 2,000 comes. Is unification an easy job? Why do we have to create unification? Because of the Fall of Man the mind and body have been separated. Because the body seeks after carnal desire the world has been divided into ten thousand different directions. What is the origin of unification? Where should unification begin, in the world, the nation, where? Within myself. You have to begin. No matter how much history is running in a unified fashion, unless you are living in a united way, it has nothing to do with you. Have your mind and body become one? When mind and body are not united, your love cannot be one beautiful pure love, also your work is not going to be one pure single minded effort, nothing can be one. All your five senses will work in two directions making you see a double image. If you are in that kind of shape how can you loudly say to others, "You have to imitate me" or "You should follow my image, be like me"? Do you think Father could do that, tell you to do what he could not demonstrate himself? When Father speaks he says, "If you cannot do this, I will make it happen. I shall bring it about." That is always Father's determination, "I shall make it happen." When Father says something, he says it with his mind and body in a united fashion. Father does not tease anybody. Father does not just speak passing words or talk in a joking tone. When you talk with your friends, your answer is always, "yes." But you have to evaluate yourself. Was your "Yes" spoken with a united mind and body? Were you speaking in that kind of fashion? Or did you give just lip service, speaking only with your mouth, your heart and mind having nothing to do with it? Your mind is eternal and your body is reality. If your mind and body together equals one-hundred percent and your body is seventy percent of that strength, your body will always win seventy percent of the time. Let's say your mind is seventy percent, you will still have thirty percent failure. Your mind must be one-hundred percent and your body must be one-hundred percent obedient to it. You need one-hundred percent unity. One-hundred percent body subjugation. In front of Father, so many times today, you have said, "Yes, Father!" and raised two hands. But as soon as you go out of that door, do you forget? Are you thinking instead, "Oh no, I have this worry and that worry"? When lunch times comes, you go out to eat. Your mind tells you, "Before you go eat, why don't you witness to one person? Then you can come back and eat a victorious lunch." The body will say,"What are you talking about, mind?

We've got to eat lunch first! After that you'll have energy and you can go witness to two people." The body always has good excuses. Is it true or not? Well the body said something very smart. Following its idea the result would be even better. No matter what, if the result sounds better or not, the body's mission is to obey the mind, period. Mind is the master. Mind says something, body should obey. You should always check whether your talk and action is coming from your mind and body united together. Check to see if you are listening to the mind's orders or the body's orders.

American people love a sense of humor, you love to joke. Does joking come from the mind or body? Whose word is that? Tell me clearly. The body is the joke's owner. Have you ever thought about the percentage of really holy American jokes? Or are most of them dirty, body type of jokes? Which is more prevalent, jokes centering on good deeds or evil deeds? [Evil deeds.] You know well, the answer is clear. That means that joking is the body's language. joking even makes the body laugh, in the meantime all the barriers, including the moral barriers are broken down. As soon as he came to the United States, Father realized he had to wipe out immoral jokes from this country. Satan is always trying to make you laugh, saying, "Everything is just a joke, why don't you laugh?" This is serious business, it's no longer laughing business here. American culture is a joke culture, a dancing culture, a blind culture. It is an abuse of freedom culture, not true freedom culture. Father realized eighty percent or more of jokes are on the satanic side, Satan's work. Do you agree with Father? [Yes.]

How difficult it is to restore fallen man into a holy man! You have absolutely no idea. Father is always sympathetic to God. With this kind of material, with this kind of environment, God's mission is to make holy men out of these fallen, dirty creatures. How pitiful for God. Father has so much sympathy for God -- I may not be able to make my whole body holy, but at least I'll make my one arm holy, so I can hold my arm and enter into Heaven. At least I have something to present. Even if I can only make one eye holy or even half of my mouth, it is at least something that I can offer.

Your mind is always encouraging your holy part. Your mind is always attacking the other parts, saying "You must also become holy."

Trivial matters are always important, for example, how to eat, how to live. Ultimately we even have to contemplate how to die. All three are important. So how shall I eat? What manner shall I live in? Ultimately how shall I die? Are you concerned to have nice food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, using beautiful dishes for each gorgeous meal? Is that good living? Or can you live on McDonalds food three meals a day, but with your desire to focus only upon one thing -- to obey your mind. If you ask which way is best your mind will answer you clearly. Always seek to obey your mind. Each night reflect upon the day's life and ask if you obeyed your mind or not.

Your body always says to eat the best food possible, as luxurious food as possible. Expensive as possible. The body wants three meals a day like that and thinks that is the best way of life. Your mind will say, "No, instead of eating the best food possible I am going to serve other people, share with others and help them." This is the mind's order. The body and mind conflict. Which one would you obey? Which is the good life? When you obey the order of the body, your conscience will hurt. Your mind will always feel that. Your mind is always working in God's direction. There are always two conflicting voices going on inside your body. Your mind talks and your body talks. Is two ways better? The mind always says to go through life in the middle and lower. That is comfortable for the mind. You may not have a luxurious bedroom, only a very humble bed, or even sleeping on the floor, but the mind feels very light and very joyful. The body will complain. Look at how humbly Father has dressed. This is a public place but Father has dressed simply. Father could dress well, with a beautiful tie and a diamond pin, but Father never presents himself as part of an autocratic society. Father is always living in the middle and below. When you stand in the middle you can reach easily reach out to those in high society as well as those at the bottom. When Father was young, he was a laborer. Sometimes he almost looked like a beggar. He wore clothes thrown out by the army and humble shoes. Father dressed as a beggar, worked as a laborer, but thought like a king. His mind and conscience are always free. Father always thinks about two worlds, here and there. The conscience can work two ways, it works in both worlds. If your conscience is guiding you correctly, it is welcome in the highest possible place as well as the lowest possible place. Do you think Father is a very arrogant teacher or very humble and natural? Humble people are natural, also holy people are natural.

Ultimately, how do we die? That is the ultimate question, the ultimate homework we have to do. It is our ultimate challenge. You must live correctly, and you must die correctly. What is correct dying? If you die for your own sake, your death is not a holy one. If you die for somebody else, for the sake of the country or sake of the world, your death is a precious and holy death, a good death. You may not have the chance to serve the country like the soldiers in the Gulf war and you may not have the chance to die for the sake of the world very easily, but the important thing is not going out to world war. The important thing is that you harbor God's will and God's purpose, then serve your wife, your husband, your parents, your children, God and True Parents. Then serve the country. While you are doing that, if you die, it is a good death, a successful death. Why is that? The grandfather and grandmother of a family represent the past ancestors, your parents represent the contemporary world. Your parents are the home's owner aren't they? And you yourself represent the future. By serving the family you are serving the entire history, past, present and future. Connecting those three loves means connecting all history through the loving way. For that reason grandparents want to live with their children and grandchildren. Parents want to live with their children. You yourself must be able to live with your parents and grandparents because you live in history. What about American culture? It is a horizontal culture. American couples don't want their parents. They don't want too many children. American families don't have that vertical love system, only horizontal. The horizontal place's direction changes anytime, even 300 degrees. The vertical does not move even one degree. American love doesn't have a center or an axis. It is moving around, heading towards a collision.

[Father draws on blackboard.] Grandfather, grandmother, mother and father, and you yourself, that equals the Heavenly Four Position Foundation. The top is actually God's position, but it is occupied by the grandparents. In the middle there is the crossing juncture, where the action is. A very heartwarming story was reported to Father recently. It is from one couple who has an international marriage. One American family has three sons. Both elder sons are married. The youngest son is member of the Unification Church and Father Blessed him with a Korean girl. Initially the whole family persecuted this Oriental girl, saying, "Why did Reverend Moon gave such an ugly Korean girl as a daughter-in-law?" But what happened? After so many months and years, the parents were comparing the three daughters-in-law. They discovered that there was no comparison, that the difference between their older daughters-in-law and this Korean daughter-in-law was like night and day. The parents were so apologetic and repenting. Then a birthday came. The eldest daughter-in-law brought a big box. It looked like a very big gift, but it was very cheap stuff inside. Absolutely cheap stuff. It looked big, but was actually nothing. The second daughter-in-law brought a medium sized box. Again, it was like a make-believe gift, nothing at all. The third daughter-in-law, the Korean sister brought a very small box. Did the parents seem to be disappointed? No, they thought, "The best daughter, most precious daughter gave this to me." When they opened it up, they found a big check. She gave it to the father and mother saying, "You need some money so that you can buy things. Enjoy yourself, go out for a meal. You can go to a Chinese restaurant. Please do something. My husband and I earned this money with sweat and labor for one month to prepare this gift. Please accept it." They completely broke down in tears they were so moved. Think about it. Which daughter-in-law is the best? [The third one.] From the parents point of view they feel, "This is the kind of daughter-in-law I can leave my entire inheritance to because this kind of person would never spend one penny of it for her own sake. She would spend it for the goodness of the family, goodness of the children or society or nation." This gift virtually transformed the personality of the mother and father-in-law. The mother-in-law believes so much that her last daughter-in-law is the one to whom, even in their own lifetime, they want to give everything they have to her saying, "Here it is, do with it whatever you want." Because they know that daughter-in-law would not do anything for her own sake. In many cases people think that Unification Church members become beggars, but if we become beggars, if we become pure, it is for whose sake? Are we incapable or we can't earn money? Not at all. We're doing it for the will of God and for the sake of the country. Yes, because we are devoting ourselves and our energies somewhere else, that is why I am not rich.

Say the master gives some money to a servant to make some errand and buy some things. Instead of taking a percentage as a commission and thinking, "I am a good servant I should make some commission off of this," what if the servant does his absolute best at his chore, even adding his own money because he didn't have enough to buy the things? When the master finds out about it how would he feel? He would think, "This servant is not a servant, he is more like my son. I can endow upon him the entire fortune that I have." Say that master gave some money to the servant for him to go spend and then he follows the servant to see where he will go to spend the money. He went to the orphanage and gives the entire amount to the orphanage, plus adding up his own pocket money and giving it all. The master was deeply touched and moved and came home thinking, "I can give my fortune to that man. He will not spoil my fortune. He will spend it for the sake of goodness, for the sake of heaven." That is the road to prosperity. Everything else is the road to disaster.

So has Father come to the United States to plunder the Unification Church or did Father come here to sacrifice himself for America and the sake of the world? Which one? [Sacrifice.] Many people misunderstood Father, thinking that he was coming here trying to scrounge money, put in his money and take it to Korea where he would put it in his own bank account. Many people initially misunderstood Father like that. But instead of Father taking any money from America to anywhere else, the world-wide movement has contributed money to America. We have more money invested in America than any other single country in the world. With that kind of money would we like Father to give us a salary? [No.] If we are given a salary and add our own fundraising money from selling roses on Mother's Day would you then use that money for the sake of charities? On the contrary we sometimes think, "Oh someplace else pays more salary, I want to go over there." Okay if you want to go and change your mission, go ahead, but in the meantime you pay me a salary! Pay Father a salary and then you can go to a good place. But has anybody ever given Father a salary? For twenty years I have not received on penny of a salary from anybody, but everybody comes to Father, trying to dig money out of him. They are like parasites, sucking the blood.

Die well. Father does not want to lie down sick for many months or be hospitalized. Father does not want to go to a hospital and die in a hospital bed. Not at all. Father just goes on with his mission, and mission and mission and one day will come and Heavenly Father will say, "My son, you have suffered so much, you come home." And God will pick him up. That is what I want. So then everyone should imitate Father and live like Father. It won't be easy. When Father is lifted up to the spirit world, you know you have to imitate Father's life. You are eye witnesses to Father's life, so you must live like him. And after you pass away, you again have to meet Father. You will say to me, "I exactly followed your way so I am automatically close to you." That is the natural way. Father will say, "Yes, that's true." If you don't live like me, you cannot lift your face to me in the spirit world. Father will turn away and say he doesn't know you. Actually in that case Father said he doesn't have to turn around, you have to turn around. It's true.

Father has understood God's position and I have absolutely followed the same way. The person who can follow that is the most smart one. All people look at Reverend Moon and say, "He is like a crazy guy." I don't care. I will continue in the correct direction no matter what kind of obstacles exist. Do you only want to follow a convenient course? Do you like that? Satan likes that. You don't belong to Satan, you originally belong to God. What would you like for Father to be teaching? You want to hear him say, "Go ahead earn a lot of money, live well, that's your job. Do it, show me your big house and big automobile." Do you want Father to talk like that or do you want Father to tell you to give every penny for the sake of humanity, for the sake of the country, for the sake of good ness. Which direction would you like to receive? [The second one.] The second one sounds almost like a cruel way, but in terms of internal life, Father is giving you the best blessing by doing so. That's why Father is a different kind of parent. What is the difference between your physical parents and True Parents? You physical parents always said, "What are you doing fooling around in the Unification Church? You could go earn money. You could feed your kids better and live in a big house." True Parents say, "No, work for God, work for the country, work for the world. Work for the sake of others." That is the True Parents' teaching. So you have a choice. You can follow the True Parents' teaching or your physical parents' teaching. Which one will ensure your eternal life? [True Parents.]

I know what your families are saying, "You are cleaver, you're my brother, you can live well. You could do good and have a good job." They might even say, "I am shamed by you. What are you doing fooling around with Reverend Moon. You know he's not going to give you any money. He only makes you poor. Why can't you separate from Reverend Moon?" I know this is the kind of advice you are listening to from your parents and brothers and sisters. Even so, I am not going to budge, not one iota. I am teaching the True Parents' teaching knowing that it will ensure your eternal life. Father has many children, so many that he doesn't even know how many he has! At East Garden, part of the True Family's tradition is that since Father has so many children, when they were young, they could seldom have a meal with Father. But sometimes they would be sitting at one table sharing a meal with Father and Mother and then all of a sudden some leaders would come and Father would tell the children, "You go upstairs." One of the children would go upstairs. If two leaders showed up, he would tell two of the children to get up and yield their seats. One by one all the children would be chased out. When they were young they said, "Mom, Dad, what kind of parents are you? You are not our dad and mom, you are thirty six couples' dad and mom." They were not so happy. Father always told them, "Wait until you become twenty years of age or more then you will understand your father and mother." Many of them are now over twenty years of age and have received the Blessing. Now they realize what Father has been doing and now they cannot lift up their faces to Father and Mother because when they were young they complained too much. So even now they have no words in front of True Parents other than, "Father and Mother we are very sorry. You are really loving entire humanity. You are living and loving for the sake of the world. We must follow in your footsteps. We are very honored to have True Parents as our physical father and mother." They feel so grateful. Hyo Jin Nim is writing a lot of songs and several albums have been produced. There are many love songs, but Hyo Jin Nim always thinks of the love subject as his father and mother. The love songs are centered upon the True Parents. That's why Hyo, Jin Nim always cries when he sings his songs, because he thinks of Father and Mother.

They look at Father's face and expression, and just looking at Father they don't need a lot of language. They understood Father and what he is up to, what he is trying to do. East Garden staff from top to bottom, security guards, special assistants, down to all the kitchen staff and the True Children's staff -- twelve nationalities are living together at East Garden. Can you imagine that in one house? Twelve different languages are spoken. There are all kinds of things happening, but Father understands each one of them, their long points, their short points, their shortcomings, good habits, bad habits, if they are talkative or not talkative, Father knows everything. But Father never says a words to those staff people because to those staff the most fearful person is Father. They just tremble when Father passes by. However at the same time, the most loving person is Father.

When Father is coming back, everybody is in tears. For example when Father is coming back from Korea, there are no staff members who are not crying or who are not there. But Father never says a word. Father never calls even one staff member to say, 'What are you doing, that isn't right. You do it this way." Father never, ever did that. You never understand. The western world, American people truly can't understand that, but this is Father's principle. Father is teaching them by deed. Do you think that God is, just talkative, jabbering nonstop all the time? Is that what you think God is like? Not at all. God is silent. God is teaching. It's the same thing, Father doesn't want to say much to you either. Father now looks at you as grown up children. You are grown up now because most of you have become moms and dads.

When you look at your own children, your sons and daughters, don't look at them thinking, "Oh, my loving daughter, my loving son. . . " Look at them and think, "They belong to the world. This is not my son. This is God's son. He belongs to the country. I must be demonstrating the model to be a true mother or father to them." Also it is not easy to become a good husband or model husband. We are not talking about a secular husband, we are talking about a heavenly good husband. To become that kind of husband or wife is not easy. Furthermore it is not easy to become an older brother, or to be a younger brother either. It is not done by word, it is done by heart. So heart to heart contact is the best education for your children. Spanking your child and scolding your child is not the best way to teach your children. Let them understand your heart. Gradually but surely they will. They are not that dumb. They are smart.

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