The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1976

The Liberation Of Heaven And Earth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 3, 1976
Choongang Training Center (Sootaek-li) Kyungki-do, Korea

Thank you for the good attendance. But now this room is too small, so I am concerned. Can you hear me over there? [Yes.] People in the back there are self-invited guests. [Laughter.] Who told you to come late? Latecomers have no choice. Please keep still. Unless you remain still the whole place is agitated for nothing. [Laughter.] Those people in the back, please be quiet. Remain still. It is not a problem for me if the people in the back cannot hear. I want at least the people who came in first to listen carefully. I see some of you look sulky already. "Tut, tut!" Don't look so discontented, and be quiet please. Silence please.

From this time on, it is not the time for the guests to talk but the time for the host to speak. Who is the host? The host is the man standing here. Is that right? [Yes.] I don't know about that. [Laughter.]

Now, let me ask you a question. Some members from Kyungki-do also came here. Who sees me for the first time? Please raise your hands. I don't expect many. But still, I see some hands go up from among the members from Kyungki-do. Lower your hands, please.

I have lost my voice. My voice is hoarse from the speaking tour going around to many different places. I expect that new people may have great difficulty listening. But I want you to understand the situation and listen on. [We can't hear you.] If you can't hear me I'd better stop here, not starting at all.

Now, let's sing one song. Which song do you want to sing? ["The Man In the Wilderness".] "The Man in the Wilderness". It's a man's song; what are women going to do? Thinking of "women trying to bear resemblance to men" let's sing the song. Let's begin.

1. The man, our man, who runs across the wilderness Today in Bukkando, tomorrow in Mongolia Living the life of a floating weed, floating on and on Can't even count the number of years being away from hometown Run [run] our man [our man] with your back to the setting sun No regrets in the life of the man

2. The man, our man, who is from the endless wilderness Embracing the strong wind from the Amur River This place is the battleground for a man The beard is waving in the wind with a smile on his face Run [run] our man [our man] plowing through the cold wind No regrets in the life of the man

Let me speak today under a title that is exorbitant. I mean exorbitant [kuhchang in Korean.]. Where is Kuhchang? In Kyungsang-bukdo? [It is in Kyungsang-namdo.] Yes, it is in Kyungsang-namdo. You must be from Kyungsang-namdo. [Laughter.]

What does this say? [Father speaks while writing on the blackboard: "The liberation of heaven and earth."] "The liberation of heaven and earth!" Isn't that an exorbitant title? [Yes. Applause.] I'm concerned about my voice being hoarse. Since there are many people gathered here, I am in trouble. Can you hear me? [We can't hear you.] We have a problem here. Can we raise the microphone sound? Which is the better sounding microphone? This? Now, can you hear me? [Yes.] Can you see my face? [Yes.] Do I look handsome or not? [Handsome.] Thank you.

Well, please bear with me since I cannot speak loudly because of my voice condition. I feel very sorry toward those who came here for the first time. I am going to have to ask you the audience to be sympathetic and accept my apology. Most of the people who gathered here are young. Am I right? [Yes.] The majority of you are below thirty. Since more than ninety percent-I am not exaggerating-present are that young I will have to direct my speech to them. To speak to young people, the contents have to be pleasing to them. Therefore, I am sorry to the elderly audience, and hope you will understand the situation even if I happen to use a tone or word that is a little unpleasant to you.

When you speak to young people, you have to speak the words that are stimulating. Words giving spurs. Rather than saying, "You-u-u-u com-m-me he-e-e-re" [slowly] You have to say, "You come here." [quickly] The young need unnatural, intemperate rhythm rather than natural rhythm. So, even if you hear such a word, please be understanding and keep listening. Alright? [Yes.] Oh, someone just broke a window. Well done. Very good. [Laughter.] It can't cost more than a couple of pennies, can it? Well, go ahead. You can break the next window. Try. [Someone breaks a window. Laughter.] Okay, let's stop. Stop. You must listen to the boss. Okay, stop! We have a problem here. What shall I do with my lost voice? Since I am here . . . Please sit down. Sit here.

Humanity Is Waiting Eagerly For the Liberation of the Earthly Kingdom

We today are aware of the fact that human history has seen numerous conflicts carried out to acquire freedom. From the individual level, going through the family, the tribe, the race and the nation, to the worldwide level, such conflicts are still being carried on. Even though we cannot tell what restraint the thinking people with their own purposes in life think this world is placed under, we are aware that all people, regardless of what time in history they lived on earth, have thought of achieving and are wishing to see the appearance of a heaven and earth of freedom, a world of peace and an ideal world, by bringing about liberation. From this viewpoint, historical humankind and humankind on earth today both are eagerly waiting to see their liberation.

There are several kinds of liberation. Today, there is Heaven and earth as well. In Heaven, there is God, and on the earth, there are human beings. Upon hearing the word, Heaven, regardless of where we come from, we all think, however vaguely, that God exists centering around Heaven.

Who is the master on this earth? Man is. Therefore, seeking to liberate the earthly kingdom can be seen as seeking to liberate humanity. What is more, as far as seeking to liberate humans is concerned, attaining the human liberation will not solve everything. Even if humans attain liberation, we have not given enough thought as to whether we are speaking of the beginning of liberation or the end.

We know that God exists, and at the same time that if there exists a good God there must exist an evil devil on the other side of that good God. Borrowing the term used by the Unification Church and the established Christian churches today, we call the devil Satan. The devil Satan. An extremely evil god, namely the devil Satan, who stands against God, is governing over this world.

In religion, today's human world is seen not as standing in the realm of liberation, in which God has liberated human beings, but rather as standing in the fallen world controlled by Satan. That is, the world is under restraint. The Unification Church sees it that way and the established Christian church also sees it that way.

Observing us human beings, we realize that we have been under some kind of restraint, although it has not been clear what kind until now. For that reason, seeing yourselves individually, each of you realize that there is a conflict even in your own self between mind and body. But if we were born as beings in which the mind and the body necessarily fight against each other, it would have been absolutely impossible to apply to human beings the terms personality, perfection and liberation.

Human beings originally had the internal element by virtue of which they can stand in a position that is liberated, and that is ideal. However, because they were placed under restraint halfway, because they became fallen halfway, and because they fell out of order, they remain in this restrained position. This means that through liberation, man can go to the ideal position. But, if man had originally been born to be in this shape and in this state, no matter how much effort is being made, that effort would prove in vain.

Who put this world under restraint? It is not good human beings nor the good God who placed the world under restraint. As to the motivation for such an occurrence, we can possibly form a logical argument that an evil man placed the world under restraint or that an evil god placed the world under restraint. However, it is not possible to form a logical argument that a good human being or the good God is the culprit. If we could form such an argument, we would have to conclude that there cannot be a good human being or good God.

Likewise, human history has been placed under restraint by an evil human being, and at the same time it was placed under restraint by an evil god. That being the case, it is natural for us today to stand in a position where we demand our liberation, and it is natural to advocate liberation. Therefore, seeing human society today we conclude that absolutely everyone, without exception, since early times, has been dreaming of a world of peace, a world of the unified ideal.

Besides, the world that was created by one God cannot consist of two different qualities. If there exists one God who has one purpose, that God is a being of absoluteness. Therefore, no matter how great an ideal that Absolute Being thinks of, plans and visualizes, that ideal cannot be of two different parts. Because God is the one and only being, and is the Absolute Being, that ideal also must have the quality of being "one and only".

Seen from this viewpoint, there has never been a time when the human world in the earthly kingdom established one central figure, one race and one nation in the realm of one ideal. Starting from the level of the individual, going up through the levels of the family, the tribe, the race and the nation, to the worldwide level, people have struggled on. They are now within the sphere of struggle where they have to fight the life and death battle, having set up two great blocs called the democratic world and the communist world. Then what is the ultimate purpose of this fight? We know very well the fact that the purpose is nothing other than the "final campaign for the liberation of this earthly kingdom"

Now, a problem comes into the picture here. There is the world of Satan. Then there is the world in the middle, which has not yet reached either the world God wants or the world of Satan. This is how I look at it. Therefore, centered on people living in this earthly kingdom, Satan opposes the liberation of goodness, while the good God is trying to liberate the world of Satan.

Religion that Is to Lead The Liberation Movement Centered on God

Who is to play the leading role in the liberation movement? You must know that it is the good God that is in the position of playing that role. Unless the good God brings about the movement to liberate the evil world of Satan by mobilizing the good people on God's side, unless there is a trace indicating that God has unfolded the dispensation in an historical course, one might conclude that God does not exist. If that is the case, all the efforts man has made up to now in education, saying, "Be good! Be good!" and setting up ethics and morality, will end up in smoke.

Our ancestors pursued the truth through such an historical course, and the people who put ethics and morality at the center of their lives and respect it in this age may be right, but what do all their activities achieve in the end? They achieve nothing more than what is revealed in their effect, their value and their positive achievements made toward the liberation of this earthly kingdom.

From this standpoint, the good God plays the central role in leading the liberation campaign with the good people after calling them. What kind of people are those who can partake in that campaign? That is the problem. To the question -- "Are they philosophers?" some could answer, "Yes, they are philosophers." Or to the question -- "Are they politicians?" some could answer, "Yes, they are politicians." Or to the question -- "Are they economists who control the economy?" some might answer, "Yes, they are economists." Or to the question -- "Are they capitalists?" some might say, "Yes, and only we capitalists will do." However, all these qualities are nothing but appurtenances, by which I mean, things attached to the main point.

In order for God to operate and accomplish such a liberation campaign, He needs to raise up an independent entity. At the same time, by being equipped with a form in terms of that individual entity, He needs some kind of organization through which He can expand His domain globally. That being the case, what would be the organization? Korea? That would be nice. That would not be bad at all. What about America? That would be nice. But we should respect not an external country but an internal country. That is the only way, and that's the way I look at it.

As to that form, it is not philosophy, not science, and not politics either. Then an organization in which field will take responsibility? There is conclusively no organization other than religion that can assume the responsibility. Why? It is because activities centered on politics, philosophy or any other aspect of society change while keeping time with the passing phases of their period. Can God's liberation movement also change, keeping time with its period? No, it cannot change, because it is absolute.

Once a plan was drawn up, God cannot but carry it out with consistency according to the way it was drawn up, until the period of historical finality arrives. In other words, even if it is running counter to the passing of the historical phases, God has to unroll the movement which is driving out against the tide of retrogression.

Then whatever kind of path through history has religion walked? It has come forth taking the path in which it could not change into the form that was consistent with its time period in history, according to which religious forms change or sovereignties shift. Therefore, we know very well that religion has been victimized and persecuted by numerous politicians and statesmen, and has faded away on the path of death. With what I've said so far, the main points of my sermon have now been made.

To the communists today the sound, "Oh, the laborers and farmers of the capitalist world have to be liberated" is ringing loudly. However, God has not completely become the subject of goodness throughout history. Thus the sound of that liberation has not been one that falls in line with the specific religion that God leads on the good side. That religion is the standard of liberation sought by religious people who are throwing energy into this liberation movement.

Communism rests on the basis of materialism, and it dreams of worldwide liberation on that base. Communists deny even the existence of God and brand religion the opium of the masses. They crush it into pieces and eradicate even the form of it in their world. Seeing that they advocate liberation while maintaining such a position, one can see that what they advocate does not even cohere theoretically. There is no doubt that Communist liberation is a confrontational liberation which opposes God. So, if a demonic god exists, this god will become their flagman and launch a worldwide frontal offensive against the flagman of the religion God wants. We can conclude that this describes today's Communism.

Then what is Communism? Communism has come forth equipped with a form of demonic religion, a form of religion for an evil group of people. Communism is a form of religion taking the materialistic position, and it is being used as a tool for the purpose of completing the devil's theory. This is how I look at it. Why? Because there is an evil god.

This is a time when, by having united on the worldwide level, going over the national level, and taken a common line, the Communists emphasize solidarity of the nations. I want you to think about the forefront of liberation centered on God. Where is the leading country centered on God? Ladies and gentlemen! Do you know which country is the leading country? You don't know. Since America is the leading democracy, it would seem to be the leading country, wouldn't it? When you look at the whole of Christianity, America seems to have the worldwide dominion.

But the question is: centered on religion, which is the country that can command the worldwide forefront of liberation? Which is the leading race? Prior to that, which is the leading religion? Aside from all these questions, once God liberates this earthly kingdom, what is He going to do with it? Giving thought to this question, you see that God is not trying to enlarge His sphere of influence by establishing sovereignty. God is not trying to find something different for which He can wish in this human world. God is omniscient and omnipotent, and therefore He doesn't need money, doesn't need power and doesn't need knowledge either. Then what does He need? Because God is the subject of life who created the Heavens and earth, is it not true that He needs a human being with life?

God Wishes to Reciprocate the True Father-Son Love with Man

Then what does He need? Whatever is the main purpose of God, who is trying to liberate man? What is the purpose? Once He has liberated humankind, what is He going to do next? That is the problem. Judging from this point of view, God's purpose for liberating this earthly kingdom is to have the people of the earthly kingdom as His sons and daughters, who live lovingly in the father-son relationship in the realm of God's love. That is all. Nothing more.

As to questions such as -- What is God's ultimate purpose in wanting to liberate the earth? Why did He create the heavens and the earth? And for what did He create human beings? -- The answers we have come up with so far were only vague ideas. They were too general. Why did He create man? Why is there such a powerless God who creates human beings and then lets them go through terrible hardships for thousands of years? Conditions pertaining to all kinds of problems have grown to be enormous. Even if you continually search for the answers to those questions, you still do not find understanding, because after you find some answers you get bombarded with still more questions. Yet all these have to be resolved.

Please think about the conclusive answer to the question -- Why did God create man? Do you think God created man because He wanted to look at him? Well, look at Koreans. They look awful. What is there to look at? Being black and all. Compared to Koreans, westerners are fair and clean and have eyes that are like clear lakes. They are of fine stature, tall and stylish. So, externally, Koreans do not compare, and cannot be grouped together with them. Don't you think so? That is the case. Well, why do you laugh? Because you feel good? Or, bad? I simply said Koreans can't be grouped together with westerners, and you laugh. Why?

God did not create man just to look at his face. The reason why God created man and the whole cosmos is because He needs to reciprocate love. God needs love too. If there are some Christian ministers in attendance here they might ask, "Does He really?" Yes, God needs love. If you are alone, you cannot reciprocate love, no matter how much you need it.

We hear the words, "God is love." What on earth is love? Have you seen love? [Laughter.] I mean, have you seen love? People mistakenly think that they experience love even when they are being alone. Being out of relative relationship, words such as love, peace and happiness do not hold good their true meanings at all. Although there is love inside of me, Moon so and so, when I am alone I cannot know whether there is love or not. But when there is my wife reciprocating with me, love will wriggle out of me. Don't you agree? Before my reciprocating partner emerges, if I say, "Gee, I feel good because love is wriggling out of me even when I am alone," then I am a crazy imp. I hope no one speak ill of me because I said the word, imp, directed to myself. [Laughter.]

The same logic applies to God. When God says to Himself, being alone, "Oh, I'm enjoying my love," you can ask Him, "Are You crazy?" He would not know how to answer that. Am I right? Or wrong? Any one who says I am not right has something lacking in his brain; a half-wit. [Laughter.]

Why did I say God created man? He created for love. What kind of love? The father-son love. Speaking of father-son love, there are tons of fathers and sons having their respective relationships. Do I mean that kind of love? What they have is all false father-son love. True Love between father and son! With such love bearing fruit, and the perfect father-son love attained, when the sons and daughters, who have grown up while being intoxicated in the realm of such love, get married, the perfect conjugal love will be produced as the next step.

Has God ever experienced that kind of love? Do you think He has? [No.] God is like man, for sure. Do you think God knows how to laugh? [He knows.] Would He know how to cry or not? [He knows.] Yes, He knows. He laughs when He feels good and He cries when He feels sad. Christians today believe that God has only good feelings in Him and that He does not feel any sorrow. But that is a misunderstanding.

Here is an analogy. Seeing his son going to the place of execution after having committed a crime and receiving a death sentence, even a fallen man in this world does not say, "Oh, I feel good." Does he? [No.] Even fallen people today do not say that, and fallen parents on this earth do not say that either. So do you think God, seeing human beings being dragged towards hell and being taken to the place of execution after the fall, would say, "Oh, I feel good?" We don't need that kind of god. Regardless of the number of gods existing, we don't need them. Even if the son vanishes like dew at the execution place, his parents will still feel under restraint. Watching the bright heaven and earth, the liberated heaven and earth of freedom, you must know as the fact that even if you really have something to brag about, you cannot puff up yourselves and say, "Follow my example!"

This is the sentiment of the human world, and the same thing applies to God, who is the subject partner of the laws of nature. Human nature can represent heavenly emotions, and human ethics can represent heavenly principles. If human nature can connect to heavenly emotion, it can connect to God also.

God's children, who should not have fallen and are immortal forever, are to share the common ideal with Him, centered on love. However, seeing those children becoming losers and being taken to hell in chains by Satan, if there is a god who says, "Oh I feel good," such a god is not needed. Even if such a god is around, he is useless. But God is not such a god.

The origin of today's religion is none other than God, and God is in the position of subject partner in the world of heart. Therefore, without knowing God's situation, you cannot realize God's will. Even if you realized the will of God, without knowing His heart, there is no value to it. What need is there?

Then today if there is a god looking at the phenomena of this world, would that god be happy? Is that even remotely possible? [No.] Can he be happy? Is it possible? [No.] I lose, I raise my hands. No matter how much I shout, I lose. Maybe the Christian ministers did not lose, but that's another matter.

When you look at Christian ministers, they say "Holy God, God of Glory, full of joy and grace." Those are only words. It's deception. The God whom I know is different. I have met God and done all kinds of things with Him. I have a very impatient character; it's like a sword when it comes to righteousness. In the course of discovering truth, I have gambled thousands of times at a risk of my life.

I am not telling you a worthless tale. I am telling you a fact. There is strong credibility here. Right? Do you think I am a swindler? [Laughter.] Let's be honest here. It's good to be honest. I could be a swindler, but what I am talking about is reasonable. It's logical. Whether a person speaks with a stick or strikes with a bat, it is alright if he is reasonable. If the bat strikes with a rhythm it will become very soft. It just has to be reasonable and rhythmical.

When the rhythm becomes a chord we feel good. That is how it is. You don't have to play the piano to know that. No matter who the person is, and even though he may be a swindler, if his content is reasonable, you should answer, "Yes, it's plausible." Then you are not an ignorant person.

Then if God is a God of True Love, when that God looks at the condition of fallen humanity; looks at humankind which has not welcomed the day of liberation, even though thousands of years have passed since the original ancestors fell, can that God sleep comfortably and rest easily? A god who can do that would be struck by lightning. You can curse that kind of god all you want.

There may be a person who has shed a lot of tears on this earth. A person may cry for a thousand years saying, "My father and mother have suffered so much from the days of their birth. They have received so much persecution from the world. When I think of how many tears my mother shed, this unfilial son feels so much pain and agony." His tears, however, cannot be compared with God's tears. Her tears cannot match God's tears. Even if a lord, who has lost all his land and becomes an exile, goes through a course of hardship and the valley of death in order to repossess his land and his nation, even if he cries for many many years, he cannot match God's tears. This we should know as a certainty today.

Humankind, who are God's sons and daughters, were not supposed to go to hell. They were instead to be intoxicated in the realm of freedom, peace and liberation. If a god sees people taking a wrong step and riding a train to hell and says, "You are doing fine," that god is not God.

A religion that worships that kind of god as a parent, as a head of their religion, as the central being of the eternal ideal, is worthless. The God that I know is not that kind of god.

Even though you find a history of tears on this earth, no person has shed more tears than God. There is no person who has a greater pain in his heart than God. God has suffered the hill of death and more situations of misery than any person in history. He has received injuries and there are scars all over His body. Because God is that kind of God, I have determined to take responsibility for humankind and fight to comfort Him.

Up till today you have not perceived God clearly. Who is that historical God? God is a God of history, a God of the ages and a God of the future. No religion until now has realized how God has lived. I know that there is no one who understands the mind of God, who, looking at today's pathetic situation and having watched humankind's critical moments of hitting submerged rocks, has been able to create a providential direction.

We must make certain that we create the day of liberation which God wants. In order to do that, God set up numerous religions to be a shield and a guide. God has established a worldwide base of heart, by transcending races and nationalities and caring for religions. But religions have done away with God and have lived to satisfy their own desires. We clearly perceive that this is the reality.

That kind of religion will be judged in the last days. If Christianity is that way, it will diminish. If Buddhism is that way, it too will diminish. If the Unification Church is like that, it too will diminish.

Become a Creditor Rather than a Debtor

Ladies and gentlemen, it is good that you have gathered here today according to my request, but why are you here? You should know why you are here. I am not doing this in order to demonstrate faith and go to Heaven. That is too boring. I am doing this in order to liberate the world through faith. I am saying that since we know God's feelings, let us not try to believe and be saved, but rather become fertilizer and the cornerstone for world liberation. I have seen that God is looking for a religious leader who seeks to destroy the enemy's main camp and raise a flag of liberation on the earth.

What have you come here for, some of you even without letting your husbands know? Why have you come here, receiving curses, being mistreated, and going through humiliation on the street? I have not gathered you in order to put you into hardship. If so, I deserve to perish by thunder and lightning. You have gathered here because there is no person, no association, and no state that is doing the work of liberation. You should know that you have come here in order to bear such a responsibility, although you are brittle women or powerless men.

Who will liberate the earth? If we cannot block out Satan, the end is at hand. We should know that there is someone God desperately longs for, the one who not only must defend the world through the true God-centered religion but also must take back the world and expedite the liberation of the earth. Even if the established Christians do not know this, we Unification Church members should! Although other religions do not know this, the Unification members should!

The path Unification Church follows is a path of suffering. When an individual tries to follow this road, he wonders why the persecution is so severe. It is because allowing the Unification Church to remain on earth will make earthly liberation possible, so if there are Satan and devils, they all will attack it.

It is this Reverend Moon who must follow the fate of risking personal attack, who is destined to walk the road opposed by countless families of the enemy world, and who has the responsibility to go on under the opposition from tribe, nation, state, and even Asia and all the countries of the world.

As you may know through the news, America is now in a turmoil because of me. There is a big commotion in Europe also. In Korea, one stage of the storm is passing through, isn't it? Why am I getting hit with curses throughout my life in a world where others live happily? Why do I still have to do this so busily, when I am now almost sixty, having started while a blossoming youth in my 20s, and when I am now in a phase to settle down like an autumn leaf? It is because I have seen that God is busier than I am. If I had not known God, I would never have done this. I had never realized that God was in such a shape. Hence, I am doing this in order to carry forward His path of victory. I am giving up my own life, not trying to draw it back. I am an honest man. If I had not known God, I would not have done this. Have I gained money or anything else by doing this?

I do not like going into debt. I inflicted debt on the individual, the Unification Church and the Republic of Korea. Today, in America, I am not relying on her. How incompetent one must be to incur debt!

You should know that the way of filial piety, loyalty, and saintliness is such that you follow it in gratitude even if you have to give up your life. Therefore, there is no saint who did not die for Heaven. Without that condition, you cannot be a saint.

From this standpoint, Jesus prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what you want". why did he offer such a prayer? Who did Jesus realize God to be? He saw that God had never incurred debt. You should know this. God is not falling into debt now, nor has He ever had a debt in the past.

You should know that the debtor must become a servant and kneel down, while the creditor becomes the master and the center. For this reason, although the Unification Church has been receiving persecution from the Republic of Korea and established Christianity, now the country is supporting it. Am I a member of the ruling party? Although I am not a member of the ruling party, when it comes to working for the good of our country, the ruling party and all parties rely on me. They like us because they know, certainly based upon their investigation that we are a patriotic group. Do you understand this? [Yes.]

Today, established Christian ministers oppose me and pray for me to die. Then how much will God . . . They should know the shame. Then God tells me, "Such and such a minister is praying for you to die". He also says, "Even if he is praying like this now, look at him in a few months. His three generations will decline." Even if they pray for my demise, when a Christian minister was starving I sent him rice, with a name of one of his Christian members on the bag.

What is the established church? They turn out to be an elder brother. As we see it through God, they are an elder brother. I cannot go against an elder brother. A saint is the one who serves and worships Heaven.

Look. Who is evil, the one who punches an innocent person or the innocent one who gets hit? Why are they bitching about the Unification Church? Are we asking for rice or rice cakes? They say that I have taken away some Christians, but I have not. In 1954, I suggested that we not put up the sign. I let people come and listen to the Principle, and told them to go back to their own churches, and yet they refused to go back. After they came in through the front door and heard my speech, they categorically refused to go back to their old churches although I told them to. So I drove them out through the front door, and yet they came back through the back door; and when I kicked them out through the back door and closed the main gate, they climbed the wall and came in. This is what happened; have I done anything wrong here? Since the Christian clergy could not feed the believers, they fell into that situation. Why do they neglect their own faults and only accuse the Unification Church?

Ladies and gentlemen, a debtor never succeeds. If there is someone in the family who likes being indebted and relying on others, he will be excluded by everyone. Is it not the way of the human society that if a child provides credit to the family members even more than the parents do, then the parents must yield all their rights to the child? [Yes.] A wife should not be indebted to her husband, nor a husband to his wife. You should know that eternal world peace will come from the family in which everyone is trying to give credit.

Today, as for a country, if everyone in the country tries to snatch from others and to run into debt, that country will perish. If the Republic of Korea only likes receiving foreign subsidies, she will fall. But as she tries to pay her debts with a profit multiplied several times, she will not fall.

We Must Unite for the Sake of World Liberation

I would not welcome it if the established churches or government offered to support us with money. I want to earn it with my own hands and support the world, church and government. I do in three years what others do in ten. With what? With mental concentration. I am different.

Ladies and gentlemen, how long do you think it took to build this house? It took twenty eight days. It was not built by an expert. I directed the work and it was built by a handful of people. Buildings such as the Chungpyung training center we built in one week. If we are united, we can create a miracle; if we are divided, however, we will perish.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you united? [Yes.] Even the grandmothers? [Yes.] How about the grandfathers? [Yes.] What are we trying to be united for? What are we going to do with our unity? It is not for the sake of the Unification Church. We are not trying to serve our own church. If we think that we should unite and bring prosperity to the Unification Church, it will fall. Then what are we going to do with our unity? We should go for world liberation. The Unification Church, which seeks to be unified for the sake of world liberation, will remain until the day of world liberation. Do you understand this? [Yes.] If our unity is for the sake of the Unification Church, however, and world liberation is secondary, it will perish before it sees the day of liberation.

Why is Christianity collapsing, even when now are the last days and the age of Second Coming and world liberation? It is because the essence of the Christians' faith is misguided. They have abandoned everything outside their own boundary, saying that they should believe and go to Heaven and their church will go to the highest Heaven.

God did not establish Christianity in order to save Christianity! Not so that the ministers and elders should eat and live well! You should know that He established it for the sake of saving the world. The purpose of establishing any religion lies in the liberation of the world!

This may be the first time you have met someone who speaks with such a grandiose title. Heaven and earth soup? Oh! We must become heaven and earth soup if heaven and earth are to be liberated. what is heaven and earth soup? After being heaven and earth soup, we should become heaven and earth harmony soup. When such is the purpose God seeks to fulfill, they say, "I will go to the Heavenly Kingdom." You thieves!

Members of the Unification Church, do not pray, "God, please bring good fortune to our church." When you offer such a prayer, you will get hit with thunder and lightning. Pray, "God, quickly bring about world liberation, as sought after by our church. For this purpose, give me power, ability and love." Do you understand this? [Yes.]

These grandmothers in the Unification Church; they try to bring their children and introduce them to me. But I will say, "Drop it." Do not bring them until they establish a foundation on which they can represent the church and proudly stand in the front-line of world liberation. Otherwise, I do not like it.

I have abandoned my own parents, wife and children, and even my country, for the sake of this work. I can discard the Unification Church at any time. I am not saying this to save my dignity. Nor am I saying this to gain sympathy from you. This is an honest story.

You know what the Bible says, right? The words of John 3:16 are known to everyone, from the kindergarten kids to the Sunday School students. It says that God sent His only son because He loved the world. Does it say because God loved certain ministers of the Christian churches? When it says God loves the world, should His love be limited only to Christianity? It is for the world. You should know that the Messiah came for world liberation, and not for Christian liberation alone.

If Christianity fails to do its mission, it will get directly hit by a cannonball. This is the God of justice I know. They will get a direct strike. Let Rev. Billy Graham, with worldwide renown, raise his voice. Still they will all be drawn in. Their attitude is wrong. The content is wrong. Such a wrong thing cannot stand before the court of a just world. They will perish.

For this reason, we should bring a revolution even now. If you really love God and Jesus, you should realize that Jesus came as the commander of world liberation. When it is said, "Let us all march against Satan's main camp, resembling God's heart with a heart that transcends the nation and church, with a liberating shout and raised flag, and with the Heavenly fortune harmonizing with the earth", you should say, "Amen". The path of a believer is such that it should continue even when his neck gets thrown away and bowels get cut out.

A True Religion Develops Further the More It Is Persecuted

Who will fix the disorder? You may say, "Alas, Father will probably fix it", but is this to lean on others, or to be leaned on? The one who leans on others perishes. He becomes a slave. The one who relies on others becomes a loser.

Look. I did not appear in a public place for thirty years in Korea. I stayed buried in Chungpa-dong like a mole, with a posture of an imbecile. But I did not borrow from this country. I organized the Federation for Victory Over Communism for this nation, which no one else could do, and quietly educated some ten million people. Owing to this, young people of our Unification Church shed many tears. They suffered a lot.

Without suffering, you cannot even open your mouth before me. When I say, "I have gone through such and such a toil, and you rascals, go and do more", then you should say, "Yes". I have lived like this. I have a lot of stories once I start talking about it.

Therefore, let the Korean people and the established church persecute us as much as they can. Since I give credit, in the passage of history after my death, history will establish justice. History is a judge of justice. Thus, it will inevitably become clear who was right. At that time, the descendants of even the next few generations will completely kneel down. Thus, I have been proceeding with an understanding that this is a battle already won.

The Unification Church, which has been expected to perish, still has not perished. Why? If Satan had been with it instead of God, it would have disappeared a long time ago. Knowing this, I have never done anything that would lead to collapse. Likewise, I know that our members are serving all of the United States. When they ask to see me, I say, "I will meet you when I need to, but not when you need to." I am this kind of a man.

As for my coming here, have I come here to serve your need or have you come here to serve my need? [We came here to serve your need.] You came because of my need. What is it that I need? To train dedicated people for the liberation of Heaven and earth. Are you offended? If so, please leave. Are you offended? (We like it.]

So, no matter how much America speaks against me in the media, I laugh it off. The media knocked off Nixon in a year and half, but it will not be able to knock me down, even if they try for thirty years. It has been three years so far, and they have not yet struck me down.

Why is it so? Politics is an external world, and it can take a hit with a little shudder. But religion will disappear, as it receives more and more strikes. [No!] Religion will disappear when battered! [No!] You are right; a true religion develops further as it receives more and more persecution. Now, is the Unification Church a true or false religion? "A true religion." If it is a false religion, it will be wiped out, but if it is a true religion, it will ignite with spiritual fire as it absorbs more and more hits. Thus, I can say, "Media, you have lost to me." Is it not the case?

Also, since America itself is indebted to me, they will at some point of history kneel down, although they do not know this now. I can become their teacher. Is it right or wrong? [Right.] It is exactly right. It agrees with the historical point of view. It also agrees with all human ethics and the way of Heaven. It is because I live in such a way that I do not budge even against a population of 240 million. They will be pushed off rather than me.

The main Unification Church building in France was blown up by a bomb, but I said, "Good, the time has come." The French leader came to America and said to me, "Father, one local church in France was blown up." I said, "It is good."

"I can't hear you." [Shouted from the back.] If you can't hear, block your ears and stay still. [Laughter.] What can I do if you can't hear me? I can't talk any louder than this, so what can I do? There is a mic, but shall I become a friend to a mic or to people? I'd rather with people. [Laughter. "Use the mic!"] My mouth is the mic. Is this the mic? [Laughter.] You don't need a fake mic, right?

To go back to what I was saying, although one Unification Church was blown up in France, Reverend Moon's victory has already been determined. Who lost? [Applause.] Let the FBI imprison me. I shall neither shed tears nor breathe a sigh. I do not pray about this. I would not offer such a petty-minded prayer as, "God, I am here, and please let me out soon. When I went to the Sodaemun prison. . . . at the time of the Ehwa and Yon Sae Universities incident, they would have melted in my hands in six months, but this Hwal Lan Kim. . . She has become a ruined Hwal Lan Kim. [Laughter.] She will be in fine shape in the spirit world! Now you will understand what I am saying. Without something special, would I have a power to melt away in a few months what she established through dozens of years of hard work? This is not done through power of Reverend Moon, but of God.

They now see that the man who had such ability at that time can now work in America with the same ability. Therefore, instead of wasting thirty years, if Ehwa University and Yon Sae University had united and the established churches had supported me, the world would have come into God's hands. God has such power. Do you understand this? [Yes.]

When I went to America, I declared that I would finish my primary mission in America in three years. God is with it, so I finished in three years. Is this so or not? Go to America now. There is no one who does not know Reverend Moon. Anyone who does not know may be human, but probably is a friend of wild boars or pigeons.

I am fighting this war for a reason. Reverend Moon, born in Korea, is a miserable man. His face is ugly, too. This is the most ugly face, isn't it? [No.] Is it okay? (Yes.] Only my wife likes it, but do you, too? The ladies here, do you like me? [Yes.] That's why they blamed me. [Laughter.] Look. They are crazy about it. They like it even though I kick them and do all sorts of things. I will tell you one story. This is a digression; it will take us forever if we go like this. There was a grandmother. Her shape was enough to make one afraid of seeing her in a dream. [Laughter.] There was such a grandmother. I won't tell you her name. Now, this woman boldly says to me, "I will be sorrowful if you don't see my face morning, noon, and night." (Laughter.]

When I am sitting in the bedroom, she sticks out her head without an invitation and greets me with, "I am here." Now, she does this for the twelve months of the year. [Laughter.] When she came in the morning, I would be stuck with her until late at night. So I told her, "You old woman, go away!" Wouldn't you feel impelled to do that? So one day, I called her in and said to her bluntly, "You old woman, why do you keep coming in without checking who's in here? You old woman, why are you coming in when your face is ugly enough to disturb someone's dream if seen twice?" I made a big fuss. Now, the grandmother got hurt, and said, "How can this be? Alas, I kept coming everyday because I thought that Father loved me most in the world and he would miss me. But it now turns out that I came without being wanted. Alas, this is serious!" So there was a big commotion. It was a good subject of prayer. So that grandmother prayed to God seriously. She wondered whether I did it because I hated her or because I was endeared to her. She had to resolve this, and she fasted and prayed for three days. Those who are here for the first time may not understand what this is. How can you know what a fasting prayer is?

During the fasting prayer, she asked God, did you make my face the ugliest of all women's faces? Why didn't you make it in such a way that Father would like it?" She prayed for three days without eating, so how hard must she have prayed! She must have used all her strength, to the point of death. Then God told her, "Whether your face is ugly or beautiful, it is my image." (Laughter and applause.]

This accords with the Principle. So I surrendered before her words. [Laughter.] There was no better answer she could have given. "Whether it is ugly or pretty, it is my image." Whose image? [God's.] It meant that since it is God's image, Reverend Moon, who likes God, has no way to reject it. So I laughed. After that, I bought her clothes and such things.

The Unification Church Should Defeat Communism And Be Responsible for Christianity

Well let's get back to the main points. For what reason did God create man? It was because of love. For what did God create Christianity? It was because of love. For what did God send Jesus? It was because of love. For what did God create the Unification Church? It was to realize God's will of love. To what level is love to be realized? The level of the church? Of Korea? Of the world? It is for the cosmos. It is not for Korea, nor for the world, but for both Heaven and earth. Because there is a spirit world, it is both of Heaven and earth. The word "both of Heaven and earth" is a new terminology of the Unification Church, isn't it? The word both of Heaven and earth signifies the cosmos, that is, the spiritual and physical worlds.

Then what "ism" does God prefer? Is God a nationalist? An internationalist, or a cosmopolitan? Is a nationalist qualified to be a child of God? Is an internationalist good enough? No, neither are good enough. You should enter the spirit world, therefore you should be a cosmopolitan person.

Then, is it a good attitude for God's son and daughter to just live amidst the sinful world and just look at the world in which God has struggled? Whatever cosmic position they may stand in, are those who are just onlookers qualified to be God's son or daughter? Or are you willing to fight seriously to get rid of the obstacles that block you from being God's son or daughter? Are there such people? Is there such a religion? Are the Christians like that? Not at all.

According to that viewpoint, I think that the Unification Church is the only true one on earth. Amen. If normal Christians hear this they will get upset, saying "Look at those arrogant guys." But I will show them. Who will be responsible for world communism? America cannot be responsible for it. Korea cannot be responsible. Communism is an international ideology, and to fight it we need an international ideology. We cannot do it on a national level. We must do it on a world level. Can you chase it away? [Yes.] Can you chase it away? [Yes.] Can you chase it away? [Yes.]

Therefore what is most problematic for God? First God wants sons and daughters who can dispose of communism for Him. Next, God wants His loving sons and daughters who can revive Christianity and elevate it to a higher level. Christianity is collapsing. For two thousand years Christianity has suffered from all kinds of challenges -- death from traps, lions and boiling oil. But it is now decaying. Who will be responsible to revive Christianity? God. If He could, He would have done it a long time ago. It is impossible unless there appear people willing to do it. In this sense, Unification members have to do it.

We hope Christians will open their minds. If they had opened their minds right after Korea's liberation in 1945, I would have resolved world Christianity within seven years. If any Christians are here, please go and report this to your church. Nobody can defeat this view. They will not be able to win in theory. If they cannot win in theory, they will be defeated.

Is that good or bad? How about the Christians' view? Is it good or bad in their view? How about Reverend Moon's view? [It is good.] Then it must be good in God's view. Do you follow? I know it with absolute confidence. Then, is Reverend Moon false or true? [True.] It will not be proved true by your saying so, it must be proved by God saying so.

People Who Want to Live in the Realm of God's Love

Do you want to live in a free society that is in God's love? [Yes.] Have you ever lived in such a society? [No.] Have you ever lived in a country where people become free centered on God's love and dominion, and where God's love is full? [No we have not.] Then, what kind of world are you living in now? In an evil world. Why are you living in such a world? Moreover, many people are now saying that the world is collapsing.

Do not worry about it. Last November I gathered scholars from sixty nations and held an International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in New York. All kinds of people, including Nobel laureates, participated. When I asked these questions to them, they had no answers. So I should teach them. They have researched all other possibilities, checking them out thoroughly, and have declared that they all smell bad, and that only Father's ideas taste good. It will be okay.

Are there any Korean people who have been doing that? No, there are not. Look. A few days ago, newspapers made a special report about a Korean world table tennis champion, didn't they? Who is a greater champion-a table tennis player or one who gathered numerous young people and matched them for marriage? How about the Unification Church? Is it easy or difficult to bring 1,8OO couples to marry? [It is difficult.] Please imagine how difficult it is. How can people make accusations without thinking about how difficult it is? They accuse because they feel jealous. Korean people say that if one's cousin buys land, the other feels pain in his stomach. It is a terribly bad Korean characteristic.

Well, what do people call such a person -- a matchmaker or a go-between? It's called a matchmaker. Who is the king matchmaker in all history? It is Moon so and so. He is standing here. Is it true? [Yes.] I have never met anyone who wants to kill me for making a bad marriage.

When someone asks a Unification Church member "Where would you like to live on earth?" you will answer that you wish to live on earth with freedom. Let's live in the realm of God's cosmic love where man can enjoy life beyond national and international boundaries. [Yes.] If you don't like it, you do not deserve to live there, and you'd better just fade away.

Today we cannot allow Satan to liberate the world in his style. Communist catch-phrases must not be accepted, whatever the cost to the Unification Church. Communism is, therefore, the most serious problem. This time many North Korean agents who live in Japan came to Korea, didn't they'? [Yes.] People do not know how much I have poured out my heart to liberate these people. Kim Il Sung will hate me the most, and he will want to kill me. I will chase away Communism by myself and I will revive Christianity by myself.

Among Jacob's twelve children there was Joseph. All of Joseph's eleven brothers tried to kill him by throwing him into a cistern. But he was saved and sold into slavery in Egypt. He went through many miserable situations. But by correctly interpreting the Pharaoh's dream, he became the prime minister of Egypt. He then saved his brothers and tribe. When his family came he could not persecute them, instead he treated them well. This is the position of the Unification Church.

Now, Christian churches are having a bad harvest. They will come to the Unification Church and ask for help. They will fall into the same position as Joseph's eleven brothers. If they ask, "Please help us," I will not say, "You are my enemies who prayed for my death." When the time comes, I will sympathize with them. Why? Because of God. If there is no God, there would only be problems. I am a tough man. When I was six or seven years old, I was hit by a friend without reason, and my nose started bleeding. I only stopped fighting when he and his grandfather surrendered to me. I am really tough. Once I have convinced myself to righteousness, I will fight at the cost of my life. Because I have such a character, God wants to use me. When you are like that, life is not a problem.

Unity of the Foundation of Influence To Root Out Worldwide Communism

Up until now, Moon so and so of the Unification Church has made our church members work as mendicants. Therefore our members experience many things having to do with established Christian church ministers, and they can never forget these experiences. We went about as simple, poor people, like beggars. We moved about in crowds without a room to stay in, being treated contemptuously by each house, one after another. We didn't play such a game for nothing. The Unification Church members who seemed like beggars passing by were not a corrupt imitation of the Heavenly Kingdom, but were the people bearing the seal of the King of the Heavenly Kingdom. What are they called? [Secret royal representatives.] Yes, they might be the secret royal representatives of the Heavenly Kingdom. The reason that I have created a commotion until now and thus become the man of trouble is not to bring a calamity upon this nation and this world. I might be the man through whom Heaven would bestow blessing upon this nation and this world. Humankind does not understand things such as this. Only God knows. Only God and I know about it. The members of the Unification Church do not know about it, do they? [They do.] They don't, do they? [They do.] Really? [Yes.] Then, how come they are the way they are? They drive me so hard like this. Without having a drop of sympathy for me. Are you being sympathetic with me? [Yes.]

Look, my lips are blistered from speaking so much in Pusan. Do you want me to speak more? Or, shall I stop? I am asking you, the members of the Unification Church who have so much sympathy! (Laughter.) So, which is better, continue or discontinue speaking? [Continuing is better.] If you say, "Discontinuing is better," it can be taken as being sympathetic, but you want me to continue? These people! [Laughter.] What kind of sympathy is that? [Then, you could take a short break before you continue. Laughter.] There is the man who is considerate! [You should continue.] But if I take a break I will have to go by a roundabout way back to Chungpa-dong by car. That is not good.

Well, to change the subject, if you say, "You, the teacher, taught us that the path the teacher is walking is for the sake of the whole, not for the good of the individual. Therefore, you must continue," then I am in a fix. You cannot just ask me to continue. Do you understand? Only when you say, "You must continue in obedience to the teacher's teaching, 'Live for the sake of the whole even at the sacrifice of the individual,' can even the teacher say, 'Amen.' Otherwise,..." So now, do you want me to continue? Or, not? [Please, continue.] That tells you that there is a limitation in your sympathy.

Now, what is our hope, the hope of Korea? It is to end the conflict around the 38th parallel. Am I right or wrong? [Right.] What does president Park hope for? He too wishes to abolish the need for a DMZ at the 38th parallel and bring unification between north and south. Right or wrong? [Right.] And also, what is the hope of the Unification Church? [Unification of the cosmos.] Our hope is not only to unify the 38th parallel but also to expel the Soviet Union and Communist China. That is the way the teacher thinks. I am not doing things such as this just to catch Kim Il Sung, beat him up, and boot out the North Korean Communist Party. It is for the sake of kicking out the worldwide Communist Party. Do you like that? [Yes.]

Therefore, from now on, Korea has to have peace with Japan. Otherwise, it cannot survive. It should not hold onto atheistic communist regimes, such as Communist China or the Soviet Union. It should trust countries which support religious freedom, such as Japan and the United States. I have been preaching and advising this way for fifteen years already. I am now praying that God will guide the prime minister of Japan for the sake of the future.

Moon so and so has been working for this providence of God while being abused. I've done all I can to save Asia and save Korea while being abused. Yet, I was maligned as being a traitor of the nation and a traitor of the Christian church. Why? If it comes to pass that Japan goes wrong, I will then have to ignite a flame to expel worldwide atheistic Communism by calling the people of righteousness throughout America, with all the nation's leaders as the central figures, centered on American Continent. I am doing that now. I am aware that unless I can set up this educational foundation against atheistic communism all over America by the year 1978, and unless I can defend faith in God and freedom by cultivating more than thirty thousand members, America will be in danger. That is why the teacher perseveres in his efforts night and day. There is not enough time.

Ladies and gentlemen, you be responsible for all problems pertaining to dealing with the communists in Korea. Is that all right? [Yes.] By so doing, do not let this three thousand-ri peninsula (the whole of Korea), which the teacher has loved, for which the teacher has shed blood and tears, be overthrown. If it is overthrown, the prestige of being the suzerain state of God's providence will be lost. You must come forth with the national characteristics with which you can play the role of leadership to the whole world, stepping forward hoisting victorious authority, authority which can be won only in the zone of danger, where you directly confront those of the opposition, standing at the vanguard of an ideological offensive against Communism. Only then can the Unification Church receive praise for being from the suzerain state, the homeland. If the Korean peninsula is overthrown, but the members of the Unification Church who stay on God's side worldwide play the role of restoring it by overcoming Communism and liberating the nation from it, Korea will lose its prestige as the suzerain state. This is a matter of concern, and that is the reason why the teacher has been working hard until now.

As regards having to develop God-centered education against Communism, Asia and Japan are in the same situation. The only organization that will save Japan is the International Federation for Victory Over Communism. This is the consensus of all Japanese leaders. Prominent figures of the general public always ask us for assistance. This will happen in the near future in America as well. That is why we have been educating young people in the nation, to work for the public good through the Sae Maeul (new village) campaign. Isn't that right? [Yes.] These people will travel abroad from Korea to Japan, to America and all over the world. Then I will build a university to teach the youth of the world, and raise the standard of godly knowledge throughout the world. We will have to convince all Communists of the errors of their thinking, moving them in a God-centered direction, opposite their present one. I am playing that kind of game.

Therefore, the Unification Church must win over Communists. If Communists work twenty-four hours we should work not twenty-four hours but forty-eight hours, sixty-eight hours and seventy-two hours, without sleeping. We must work and persevere more than them.

Then what is the source of God's most brain-racking troubles? The first is Communism, the second is the fall of the established Christian church and the third is the problem of the fallen youth in this earthly kingdom. Unless we straighten these things up, God's line of defense and the worldwide foundation for God to resolve His will in this earthly kingdom will suffer a crushing defeat. You must be aware of this.

Who is to be responsible for these causes of trouble to God; who is to solve such difficult worldwide problems? It would be ideal if countries that guide the world would assume this responsibility. But because they cannot bear this responsibility, a religious organization with a worldwide foundation is going to take the responsibility for God's liberation. But then again, Christianity, which has a worldwide foundation, cannot play such a game. Therefore, the Unification Church today must cultivate the base with which it can surpass the standard of world Christianity within a short time and, by putting this new standard on a firm base through reorganization, draw up a plan of and foundation for action. Otherwise, there is no way to survive. That is why I am busy.

Behind the Scenes, Communists Manipulate the Crowd which Opposes the Unification Church

I sent missionaries to 127 countries last year. Out of those, four Communist countries kicked the missionaries out. All the missionaries who stationed together in each of the remaining 123 countries are enemies to each other. From the standpoint of Americans, Japanese are enemies, and the Germans also are enemies. People who have traditional nationalistic feelings cannot become the citizens of the macrocosmic nation, and cannot become God's sons and daughters moving toward cosmos-ism. Though the missionaries met as enemies, coming together from nations which were enemies thirty years ago, they overcame this and love each other more than they love their own nations. Having moved to their assigned foreign lands they are making efforts to unite into one.

How big were the missionary teams which I sent? They were groups of three, each coming from a different country; one Japanese, one American and one German; all former enemies of each other. Seeing through the window of God's providential will, we must have the content with which we can unite ourselves with the shimjung (deep heart) transcending nationality in light of the providential will of God which intends to have a unified world and universe. We must also have the ability to put this content into practice. Unless we can do that, the Unification Church also will be expelled from the presence of God's will. Can we do it? Or, can't we? We must accomplish it. For this purpose, all kinds of people went out to 123 countries and are going into action.

What is more, I invited Japanese and Germans to save America. I told Germans to love Americans more than they do Germans, and Japanese to love Americans more than Japanese. Only when you love Americans to that extent will Americans testify to you. Those Germans who joined the Unification Church now must be recognized as having risen above the Germans living in Germany, who used to advocate nationalism, as well as above Americans who live in America with the same attitude. By the same token, those Japanese who joined the Unification Church must, before stepping forth, receive official recognition that they are above the Japanese living in Japan as well as the Americans who live in America, even though they were enemies thirty years ago. Otherwise, you cannot establish an example for the world to emulate. That is why, as soon as I arrived in America, I invited all those German members and Japanese members to America and asked them to work so hard. I hurried them up twenty-four hours a day, disregarding night and day. Can you imagine how difficult it has been? Do you think I was comfortable while letting other people go through all sorts of hardships, making it tough for them to survive? That is not easy. But the result is that the Unification Church of America has already established as an historical fact that it must follow the sacrificial traditions of the Germans and Japanese. Only the teacher can accomplish this kind of thing. Therefore, absolute loving obedience to God is required by the teacher of the Unification Church.

With this foundation, the spring water gushing out of a new fountain is cleansing every aspect of corruption in American society at the present time. That is the campaign the Unification Church is conducting. Nevertheless, some foolish people of the world are greatly confused because they think the circumstances they have been in are about to break down and be scattered. Our campaign is like a thrust which applies a progressive increase of force. That is the reason why this is perceived to be a social problem, and people come forward in opposition.

Behind the scenes, who are pulling all the strings of the opposition? The Communists. Suppose we have five hundred parents opposing us in Japan. If you investigate, you will find that few of them really are parents. There might be only one person out of those five hundred, who may be a nephew of a Unification Church member. The rest of them are all Communists. These Communists are afraid that once the day comes when the Unification Church solidifies its worldwide footing they will lose their power. That is why they oppose us in exactly the same manner throughout their worldwide network. Even the recent bombing of our church building in France was the work of Communists.

Behind the scenes in the established Christian churches of South Korea today there exists the evil influence of Communism. Look at the situation. Communists are presently demonstrating against the performance of the Little Angels. What have the Little Angels got to do with Communism? The Communists demonstrate because Reverend Moon is involved. They are just bothering Reverend Moon. But they are sleeping on a volcano. In a city such as New York, rape, robbery and murder take place in broad daylight and in the open air. Into such an extremely dangerous American land this man, a yellow man called Teacher Moon, arrived from Asia and started fomenting a disturbance, lifting the whole country up and down. Therefore, it is natural that while there are many people supporting us, there are also many who oppose. In such an environment, it is possible to take out a contract for the assassination of a man. I fully checked the underworld. I researched everything, including the background of the Mafia. To win you must know the enemy, shouldn't you?

Watching me doing all these things, all kinds of people make threats saying, "Reverend Moon, be quiet or you will have a bullet coming toward you." They make all kinds of threats. To these I say, "You fool! I have been getting such intimidating threats for thirty years already." (Laughter.) If I shrink back in the face of such threats, the final decision in this war cannot be reached. You have to be bold. The teacher has an antenna and thus, if he feels danger upon a certain path, he avoids that path. When I am inside the car, my feeling will tell me not to go that way. I have such an antenna. I am fitted with special equipment.

Korea Has Not Escaped the Crisis of Suffering

The reason I came to Korea this time, first of all, is that if I stay in Korea for about forty days and go back, it will be good for the country. This year is the turning point for the worldwide fate of Korea. From the viewpoint of God's providence, Korea has just entered a turning point of great heavenly fate. Thus even Communist countries are trying to solidify a worldwide strategy. This is a time when all these efforts of communist countries can fail.

God loves me. Thus I must come to Korea and give chung sung for forty days. [Editor's note: The term "chung sung" has no direct English equivalent, but it means something along the lines of "measurable investment of the whole heart and soul".] For that reason, I am traversing all parts of Korea and trying to fulfill this. This country must not perish. It must not die. By all means President Park should not die. He should do well until I come back after a few years. He must guard against Kim Il Sung with iron fortification. Then I will come back, after making a foundation worldwide.

A good child is not the child that makes troubles within the family. Which is better, the person who always speaks out loudly within the household, or the person who goes outside and speaks? [The person who goes out.] Reverend Moon is that way, right? So, is Reverend Moon good or bad? [Good.] Really? [Yes.] Didn't you give the wrong answer? [No.] If I yell something at Koreans, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Thus last year, after a thirty year period, I decided to confront the established churches. We bombarded them with the "Day of Hope Festival." They were blown away because of some seven hundred foreigners, and I thought, "Is that all there is to these Christians?" I was disappointed. We punch them with one shot, and they fell with a grand fall, after trying to oppose us. What's the use of losing, when you go against something? They should try to win if they go to the trouble of opposing. Weren't the established churches totally crushed? [Yes.] Ask any other person who is not a Unification Church member whether Christians or the Unification Church won. I will not lose. "If you touch Unification Church members, I will..." If I command, "Grit your teeth and confront the Christians. One should convince hundreds... " You are a fearsome people. Do you feel good? [Yes.] You feel good even if it is night, and you are hungry. [Laughter.] In the Yoido ....... Do you remember that time? [Yes.] Do you want to do it again? [Yes.] From now we shouldn't do it in Korea. Everything is finished. Rallies, how many of them do we have to do? How much do we have to spend?

Now we must do it in America on June 1, 1976. We were going to do it on May 28th, but there is a very complicated event being held in that city at that time. Thus we had to move the date to June 1. When June first comes ... Yankee Stadium is a big baseball stadium in New York. There we are going to gather about 70,000 people. What would the people coming there want to see? Who do they want to see? This yellow race, Moon's face. Because whether I am infamous or famous, I am a great man, right? [Yes.]

Right now they have not decided whether I am good or bad. Whether this person is infamous for bad reasons or famous for good reasons, American people make a hero out of a person. They respect famous and rich persons. Do I have a lot of money? I do, right? And also I have young people, right? If I ask them, they will come from San Francisco to New York in three days. It usually takes a week by car, but they will come in three days. They could also come in twenty-four hours.

In this way, centering on our support for President Nixon, we did all the training. That is why we go to a place, to which people might go once in a lifetime, within three days. We can do this any time and whenever.

Who do people want to see in Yankee Stadium? [Father.] They come to see Reverend Moon. When they come, I am going to capture them. I can handle the American people. I have that kind of ability. When that happens, New York will become silent. And if New York becomes silent, every city in America will become silent, even the media.

Then in September I am going to make a newspaper. I am going to inspire young people and prick the bottoms of media companies. We have a newspaper company in Tokyo, right? [Yes.] New York and London are the gathering places of all the media, such as the UPI and AP. It is the gathering headquarters of all of Asia, gathering place of Europe and gathering place of North and South America. I will do this all at once. This is the highest dream of a journalist, and Father will do it in just a few years.

Is it easy to make a newspaper company? Every month, Japan is offering one hundred million Yen. That's about 1.2 billion Yen given every year, right? I am talking about Japanese Yen. It's about 1.9 billion in Korean Won. I am doing activities that require that kind of money and more. Do you understand? And if I make this newspaper company in New York, I have to pay 300,000 dollars every month. Wouldn't you like it if I gave you some of that money? [No.] The company can operate only if I pay three to four hundred thousand dollars every month. For three years, that is. If we can hold on for three years, we will have a stable foundation.

Then we will make it also in London. Our correspondent will be a most famous correspondent of the biggest newspaper. We are going to go to groups of correspondents and tell them, "Hey you, don't you want to go to Tokyo? Don't you want to go to London, to New York?" and win them all. Thus I am going to reach the top people of the UPI and AP and restore the media of the world. I know that if I am not able to coach that area, it will be swallowed up by Communism, and that is why I am hurrying this up. What a bad fix this is for me, to do the things that even Americans couldn't do. Shouldn't you sympathize with me? [Yes.] Then do you people have money? Since you don't have money, you can only pray with your bottoms facing heaven. [Laughter.] You should at least do that.

What is the reason that I am doing all these projects? You have to know what that is. For what am I doing it? I don't have a dream of conquering the world. I already made enough wealth to be able to eat a cow a day and more. Do you understand? I have already prepared so that even if I go to all the states of the United States, there is a place for me to stay and a car. Or if I go to London, France, or wherever, and even if I land at night from a jet, someone will pick me up in a nice sedan and bring me to a place to sleep. I made a foundation in England, and I prepared a foundation in Germany. Did people even dream that a person who received insults as a lonely individual and was persecuted by all the so-called elite of Korea, could do this?

If these elates had welcomed this man thirty years ago and worked with him, Communism would have disappeared by my hands, like the falling leaves of autumn. The democratic world would have raised the flag of liberation in the name of God, and therefore the liberation of Heaven and earth would have been fulfilled. But because the established churches in Korea stood in opposition, the historical democratic world as well as historical earth was injured. Korea has to indemnify that.

Therefore, Korea still has not gone over the crisis of suffering. Reverend Moon of the Unification Church is not a fool. I know for myself that I have a lot of ability. If I need to, I can dig through anything. But I still do not like doing that. If some need appears, I could command, "Dig through!" and if someone else cannot, I myself do it. I have the ability to be diplomatic as well as be persuasive. You have to know that.

Pray to Liberate God

Thus today for Unification Church members to be leaders, they first need to know how to take care of economic problems. Then they need to know diplomacy. Then they need to be able to give speeches that can persuade the masses. Because I educate people based on this leadership training, Unification Church members graduated only high school but can give speeches more eloquent than college professors. Isn't that true? [Yes.]

As a result, Regional Leaders and District Leaders are only in their twenties, but police chiefs and county magistrates come by themselves and listen to our words. Even if a person has graduated college or has a Ph.D., he loses to a high school graduate. A college education is no problem for us to handle. We are equipped with an ideological and theoretical system.

Why do we do this? To do what? Is it because I need money, or I want to become president of Korea? No. I actually do not like becoming famous. I went to Choong Nam this time, and the police bureau guided me around in a motorcade. I don't like that. It's all right that they are concerned about me, but my hope and desire is that they love the citizens of Korea more than they love me. I would want them to become national leaders who can lead Korea to be the nation I hope it to be.

You Unification Church members of Kyungki-do and Seoul: Seoul and Kyungki-do are the heart of this nation. You are the soul and the heart. I thank you for coming because you love Father, but I have taught you that before you love me you must love the people and that before you love me you must love God.

A parent who can possess a true filial son, is not the parent who praises his child for being filial to him, but is the parent who tells the child, "My child, just as you love me, love your brothers and sisters even more. Love your neighbor and nation more than you love me." That person is qualified to have many filial children.

If there is a good king, that king should teach his loyal subjects, saying, "I appreciate that you give devotion and prayer for me, but first love the citizens and God, and then love me." That is the good king who can lead many loyal subjects.

Then today, who is God who can lead the saints? God does not teach them, "Do your utmost duty through your loyalty to me." He will instead say, "Even if you abandon me, love the people. Liberate every being on this earth as well as all the spirit men in the spirit world, and then love me." God is that kind of Being, and that is why He can eternally possess the name, "Jehovah" before all people.

Unification Church members, do not sympathize with me. I don't like that. Don't pray for me. I don't need those prayers. But instead, pray for the liberation of this nation. Since God is in restraint, pray to make God a free God, who can come to Korea and do whatever He wishes. Pray that God will be a liberated God. Give prayers that can liberate God.

A parent who has an unfilial child is restrained because of that child. In order to liberate that parent, the child has to be more filial than the degree of his disobedience. Moreover, he has to be recognized by the masses. In that way he can cleanse his past sins. That is the heavenly law. By the same token, saying, "For Father only ... " is unnecessary. Do things for your neighbor and this nation. The people of this nation are miserable. For five thousand years they had been singing, "Let's build a three room, thatched house, invite foster parents and real parents, and live for ten thousand years... "We can be grateful for the words of welcoming parents, but to live in a straw-roofed, thatched house for thousands of years? These are a miserable people. We must teach these people correctly. If these people, who don't have money and are not equipped with other things, are not able even to have God's blessing, where can they go?

God is just. The reason that God kept this nation alive through five thousand years of history in Asia is that He longed for the day when Korea could help Asia, centering on the consummate love of God, and by receiving His love.

Korea Will Prosper When the Unification Church Prospers

When God shines that love and that will upon this land, if this nation can shape itself into a power that can liberate Asia and liberate the world, for the liberation of Heaven and earth as God desires, then the people of this nation will become holy people and the people of hope.

Today, when we see that there is no religion that can possess such hope, no denomination that can leave behind that hope, when we realize that only the Unification Church can at least talk about these things, we know that if God hears what we say, He will not feel bad. Moreover, if we actually accomplish these things in the worldwide stage...

Even if the Unification Church had started without knowing His will, God would have come, taught, and worked with us, saying, "You, work together with me." But if from the beginning we started with God and accomplished His will, how much hope and expectation would God have for us? You must think about this point. You must know that the Unification Church is that kind of place. It is not a place where worthless people, who want to get into a corner and sleep, are gathered.

People say that I am superhuman, but I am not. I am a desperate man. I am a totally desperate person. There is no such thing as superhuman. I went to America and brought some Americans to recognize and listen to me, and I tested how much endurance they have. I took a boat out on the Atlantic Ocean, and fished day and night. I said, "You! You president of the American Church, you leader of America, get on the boat," and fished overnight, without resting. I wanted to see how many hours they can endure. We worked twenty-four hours a day without resting. I urged them to go out every chance I got. It was a matter of educating without talking, of showing an example while being silent. In this way, experiencing ruthless hardships, I went on doing this month after month. When I did that, I saw that those who were on the boat at the outset all left, and when I asked people to go out on a boat, they would tell me to go alone.

But the driver, the one person, was still following behind, as he had no choice. And so I thought, "Let's see if he likes it," and he was enduring pretty well. Then I wanted to educate him further. So I went out in the morning, fished without sleeping all day, then came back, ate, and asked to go out again. Then after that, I thought, "Well, well, well"

Why do I do this? It is because I must raise up children, put up a notice board in the western land, and make dedicated people through whom God can protect the notice board. Why do I, born as a Korean, go to America and do this?... I am not doing this for no reason. I am a desperate man. Superhuman might sound holy, but if you view me in terms of God's heart, I am a desperate man for God.

The reason that I stand on this podium even if I have a hoarse voice is that I want to go on standing on this podium until I fall down. Don't think that I am a nice person. I am a fearsome man. I am a sorrowful man. If there is a sorrowful person in the world, probably no one is more sorrowful than I. I cannot tell this to anyone. Without God, I am the most miserable person. You must know that. I do not need money. I do not need honor. The only issue is: who will defend this nation? That is the problem. Awake, but like a mad man, I am a man desperately doing God's will.

The Unification Church Must Carry Out A Worldwide Movement of Liberation Together with God

If I ask the Japanese members to bring all of Japan's wealth to Korea, they will do it. Do you understand what I am saying? All the Unification Church members in America, if I ask them, will invest all they have for the sake of God's will in Korea. This terribly poor nation. .. Last year I brought about thirty billion Won [about four million dollars] and poured it into Korea. Ultimately, the Unification Church has to do well in order for Korea to do well. Korea will prosper only if the Unification Church flourishes. Do you understand? [Yes.] Also in order for the Unification Church worldwide to do well, the Unification Church of Korea must do well!

When Japanese members come and watch your faith, they should be kneeling down silently, without a word. You must have something to show an example, so that they cannot misbehave. For Reverend Moon, anybody in the Unification Church... There is President so and so but in front of me they are all.. Why? I have received more verbal abuse than anybody. I have suffered for the Unification Church more than anybody. I have taught people more than anybody. That's why. For seven years from 1957 I have slept less than two hours-a-day average. Why? Because I knew that there is a unspeakable story of Chun Ryun. That's the sin. Sin. I could not die if I wanted to. If I die, who will love this will and Korea? And who will liberate this world which I want to liberate? That is why God will surely hold on to me and plead His case with me.

Thus if you ask a spiritually open person who Reverend Moon is, he will immediately fall into tears. I saw even western spiritualists weep bitterly and loudly, saying how pitiful and miserable Reverend Moon is. The world doesn't know, but God knows. When God sees how, centering on this small man, all kinds of unexpected events occur, passing through space, transcending time and transcending space, God is not without sympathy. That is why I am still alive. If He were not, I would have died. With a character such as mine, I would probably have died.

Thus the problem is knowing God. Because I know God, I cannot speak even if I want to, and I cannot die even if I want to. You must know this fact. For that reason, enduring is also for the sake of shortening the time to liberation, and receiving verbal abuse is to make certain of welcoming the day of liberation... Do you understand what I am saying? You should gladly endure and persevere.

What would it be like in God's world where there is no fall? There you become a true child centering on True Parents and centering on Adam. A true "kinship" would spread, and you would become the tribe of the true Adam, centering on true ancestors. The culture of that world would be Adam's culture. This world is not that kind of world, right? That world is a unified world. It is not like the trashy world of today. It is one world. Once it is united centering on God's love, nothing can separate. Even in this fallen world, a parent cannot separate a man and woman's love. He cannot separate them even if he kills them. Then in an unfallen, good world, who would separate two people united in God's love? If that unity happens, mind and body will not divide. Do you know that? Mind and body are naturally one already, it is only broken down.

Thus where should unification happen? On the 38th parallel. It has to begin from the 38th parallel of the mind and body. Ultimately, if one person can be perfected, everyone can be perfected, standing upon the fate of that man.

From this viewpoint, should we recognize Communistic so-called liberation? [No.] If an ideology appears, centering on a similar philosophy that excludes God, and says that men by themselves will revolutionize the world, that revolution has nothing to do with God. Do you understand? [Yes.] Even if that kind of liberation triumphs, unless again another liberation occurs with the participation of God and religion, the world will not be a world of peace.

Because we know this, the Unification Church today, together with God, must create a movement of liberation for the world. Even if we cannot do it, we should take responsibility for it. If we can do nothing else, we should at least research in order to hurry the process. And if we don't fulfill, we should at least become the material of sacrifice. If not, three generations ... If that does not happen, liberation will never be achieved. It absolutely cannot happen centering on some philosophical ideology, some changing ideology. The liberation has to happen centering on an absolutely unchanging ideology, based on a situation suitable for absolute immutability, God's ideal of creation, and God's original ideal. A religion which is able to do that must appear and must carry it out. God cannot do it by Himself. Because man made the error, committed sin, God as parent cannot take final responsibility for it. It is the same with secular law. If their children had committed a crime and a mother and father tell the court, "I will receive the punishment for what my children have committed", can the court approve of that? No. Thus, man must do it, man.

The Unification Church Should Hurry on Its Way

Then, when does God help? Although God wants to help the human world, He cannot. Why? It is because man took in Satan. Therefore, only when man subjugates Satan through fulfilling his responsibility and comes to stand on the unfallen and victorious foundation, can God manage and guide him. This is the Principle of Creation. Since God cannot cooperate until man arrives at the position of overcoming Satan and to the international level, God is unable to liberate the world at this time.

Only when religions work in unity, and worldwide Christianity and all religions go over this level, can God help. That is why God cannot actively help the Unification Church. I was helped because I went ahead relentlessly with my life at stake and because I went through it all betting my life and without fearing persecution. So at the time of the Holy Wedding in 1960, we were in a war zone. Where in the world has there ever been such a wedding?

Thus, by persuading the individual, family, and tribe, we organize the tribe and nation of Heaven. This way, the Unification Church is trans-nationally conducting the movement of forming a national foundation for the sake of a new ideal and God's Kingdom.

What are we going to do with this? We will liberate the world. What? [Liberation of the cosmos.] Liberation of the cosmos comes only after that of the world. We will liberate the entire spirit world, too. Even Jesus is not in the Kingdom of Heaven. When I saw him, he was in Paradise. Did Jesus, who came in order to liberate the world, fulfill his mission? No, so his mission is not over yet. Since his mission was not completed, he could not be victorious for the liberation of the world and be loved as a son by God. This is the path of the Unification Church today.

How long will the Unification Church remain? It should go on until the earth, spirit world, and eventually God are liberated through the heart of True Love. Eventually, we must liberate mankind, the spirit world, and God. This is the first time you've heard this, isn't it? We thought that God would liberate us, but instead we must liberate God. We should know that God is in bondage with regard to shimjung. You can understand this without explanation, right? [Yes.]

You should know that such a crucial mission is placed upon the shoulders of the fragile woman. Although you may put on a skirt and cook rice in a tiny kitchen, while eating this rice, whether it be with a spoon or with your fingers, you should be able to eat with a thought of serving mankind. You can wear shabby clothes, but you should think that you are wearing them for the sake of mankind and for God's dignity, and that you are living for the sake of God. Do you understand? [Yes.]

You should pray for your children, "You, when you grow up, don't be a traitor of the state, but be a saint of the world." And you should repent over and over. With my babies, Hyo Jin and Ye Jin, I have for ten years... It is pitiful. We met them as their father and mother, and yet... although they are in America now. Because we come in late, we see them late at night, and in the morning there is no time to see them. Always... They can never see their parents, although they want to. It is not easy to be a father. I am a sinner. When we come in late, we go into their rooms and pray with them, "You understand me. Your father and mother are not bad parents. It is just that although we want to be with you, we cannot because we know God's situation." And then I sleep. It is hard to be a father.

Although I have sent missionaries to dozens of foreign countries, I am living in the overly ornate rooms of East Garden. I do not need that house. But I have no alternative, because while operating in America you cannot attain recognition otherwise. These days, I can use luxury cars. Why? Since this world is a capitalistic world, you cannot make your way without something to show. So I have no other way. It is not for the sake of my own glory.

I pray at night without sleep. When the wind blows, I get up in the middle of sleep. I am a sinner. I am a person who prays, "God, I know that there are people who trust me and are praying tonight. As you know my heart, please don't leave them in the miserable situation. They are pitiful, so please hit me instead of them." I am a big sinner. In my walk, when I find a place to sit and rest, I complain, "When will God become able to walk this land freely with me, and when can I take the pitiful members of the Unification Church around the world and rejoice?" I pray like a man who is half-crazy.

Why am I doing this? It is because I have seen that God is more desolate than I am. To desire even in my dreams to live with God, our Parent, for a thousand and ten thousand years, with the praise of all the people for the path of filial piety and loyalty. You should know that such is the path which I, whom you desire to see, am following.

Although I cannot give you money and power, because I don't have them, you will not go into ruin if you accept this philosophy. You will not perish! I must be the first commander for the liberation of the earth, and you be my elite representatives. Then the Unification Church cannot perish. We cannot let it collapse. If you can exert your spiritual effort day and night, with your hands raised high, loving your neighbor as your own body, and taking delight and pride in the step-by-step progress of the providence through you, then the Unification Church will absolutely not perish. If it does, I am a liar. Hence, we should hurry ourselves. You should know that the path of the Unification Church is such that you have to repent after sleeping at night and you cannot take a nap. Do you understand this? [Yes.]

Only when the day comes when we can liberate the earth, by showing the world the trans-national direction and one road, can we put up a new flag in Heaven and receive the praise for the earthly victory from God. From that time, the movement for the liberation of the spirit world will begin.

The Unification Church Must Liberate God along with The Liberation of Heaven and Earth

We must liberate the spirit world, which is hell. We should demolish the walls dividing countless religions. Without achieving unification on the earth, the walls will not come down. So didn't Jesus say, in Matthew 16:19, "Whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven"? We must resolve it on the earth. Since it was entangled on the earth, it should be loosened on the earth. After we realized this amazing situation, we recognize why the earth has been so problematic. Numerous religious people do not realize that the problem must be solved on the earth, and they try to go to heaven after death. But they will never be able to go to heaven in such a way. I have met faithful ministers and faithful and famous figures of history, but they are all dwarfed. Although they should inherit God's will, they are powerless, centered on their own greed.

Why did the Unification Church come into being? It was not for the sake of me. For whom? [For God.] It was for the sake of the liberation of the earth. Then we should liberate Heaven and earth. Liberation of Heaven and earth. Liberation of Heaven and earth. Afterwards, from such a position of shimjung, we should liberate the suffering God. When we can say to God that the sons, families, tribe, country, and mankind have come to Him, which He longed for and desired to regain, God will be liberated heartistically. Through this, our God can laugh, dance, and sing. You should know this.

Do the people now on the earth think that God has been dancing and singing with joy? God cannot love man, who is like a dog. So far, God has never enjoyed true and unfallen original love. Why? Because man has fallen and because he is living in the realm of the fall.

If God can laugh, what will His laughter be like? If He laughs wildly, what will happen to the world? Will it flip in and out? When God dances, the five seas and six continents will feel a big bang, and the world will be turned over. Have you ever seen this, however? Do you know such an historical fact? You should know that God is in sorrow, in loneliness, in pain, and in desolation.

We should liberate God in the world of shimjung so that God can exclaim and dance, "My son, the original world I was seeking after has been realized." Even God Himself cannot do this. It can be done through the utmost exertion of filial piety and loyalty. Since the wrong was done by man, it should be undone by man. Do you understand this? [Yes.] Until that day, the Unification Church cannot perish.

After the liberation of the earth, then comes that of Heaven. Then we should heartistically liberate God. We are in the path that even demands the ultimate sacrifice. The Unification Church is very hard to follow, to be honest. Nevertheless, will you still follow it? [Yes.] Those who would still like to follow, please raise your hands. Put them down.

Let Us Become Agents for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth

You should know that our motto is to become such an agent of liberation. When you go to your own villages, you should put up a sign stick that says, "This is a village of liberation desired by God". Do you see? You should know that when the Republic of Korea is liberated, it will become a country of liberation desired by God. After going to America, I am fighting in order to turn that country into one God desires. Do you understand? [Yes.] Can there be any opposition to this? There cannot be. If I die without fulfilling the task, please write as my epitaph," A man who died pitifully for the sake of the liberation of Heaven and earth". Those who will carry on the task even through the generations after my death, please raise your hands. Put them down.

That is why you have a busy future. When you see pictures of your parents or relatives before you sleep, and you think that you have not fulfilled the duties for them, you should not sleep. You should not. When you want to see your graduation album, you should see it after you convey this to your alumni friends and have exerted all your effort until you fulfill the responsibility. You cannot look at the album without completing your responsibility. This is serious business. As the Communists do all sorts of things in order to secure their foothold, we should offer even more intense effort and multiply the liberation agents of God one by one. This way, we should win over the Communists. In Asia, centering on Korea, we should win over the communist Peoples Republic of China and Soviet Union. Although a worldwide movement to bring this about has started, nonetheless, America is replete with signs of ruin.

Thus, unless we correct the three major problems and create a new system for the youth, which I mentioned earlier, the world will not be set aright. Everyone will get hit by Satan's poison arrow and see their wounds fester, rot, and shed pus. So America is in deep trouble. But now that I am there - - One diplomat said, "Reverend Moon is the problem in America." But the real problem is not Reverend Moon, but America itself. America is unable to see that Reverend Moon is there to solve her problems.

With this understanding, will you serve as righteous and dedicated people of liberation or not? [We will.] How about the sisters? [We will.] What if your husbands oppose it? [We will still do it.] Will you still do it, forsaking your own husbands? [Yes.] Then go ahead, do it. [Laughter.] You bring those husbands to me. Everyone should do it.

So we should liberate Korea, right? [Yes.] We should unify the South and North. For this purpose, our women should stand in the front line. Who brought about the fall? [Women.] Since a woman led the fall, in the future the female cadre of the Unification Church should take over the task of defeating the communist troops. The men can watch. [Laughter.] Why do you laugh? This is the principle. So why do you laugh? [Because we like it.] Because you like it? Then it's okay. [Laughter.]

With you and with the young people of the Unification Church throughout the world, I will serve as the commander. I am serious. It is not a play. Do you understand? [Yes.] That's why I built up an industrial foundation. For the sake of Republic of Korea, I built this. Christianity cannot do the job, for they will ruin everything. We must do a dissection, and I will be the surgeon who opens the stomach. When I go to the mountain and I catch a wild boar, I suck its blood with a pipe. In the future, I will do the same with all the evil people, even if it requires my sacrifice. With such an intention, I am even willing to eat the offspring of a poisonous serpent.

I am a man consumed with such han. [ Editor's note: The word "han" roughly means sorrow or grudge. However, han is not simply these feelings, but contains love: it is a unique sorrow, anger, or hard feeling which one experiences when one's sincere love is frustrated. ] Do you see? So if someone wants to oppose the Unification Church, he has to give up his life ten times and more. Moreover, when I die, I will subjugate him in spirit. So ministers of the established churches better not persecute us. How can they persecute without even being willing to give up their lives?

Now, our sisters of the Unification Church, will you become agents of liberation or not? [We will.] Will you or not? [We will.] You won't? [We will.] You won't? [We will.] Our brothers, will you or not? [We will.] Will you lose to sisters or win? [Win.] Will sisters lose to brothers or win? [Win.] Why don't you compete? [Laughter.] You can carry on this competition forever. If a few people faint in the middle of this competition, I will be responsible for it. As for a struggle like this, you can have it as much as you want. Struggle is acceptable in this case. Now, I am exhausted. Shall I take some rest? [Yes.]

Now you probably understand. It is good enough to go as far as liberating God. What shall I do after that? I will give all I have done over to you, and disappear somewhere. Would you like me not to disappear, or instead to live together with you? [Yes.] You should live better than I do, right? But when I am around, can you live better than I? I won't feel comfortable to see that you can live well only after I do. So I am saying this in order to make sure that you live better than I do. Is this someone to be thanked? [Someone to be thanked.] You know it. [Laughter.]

Now you probably know. Since the Unification Church is carrying out a huge mission to liberate even God, imprisoned in the world of shimjung, although nations of the world may perish and religions of the world may collapse, it will remain until the day the will is accomplished. Since God needs those people, He will hold on to them and fight along with them until then. How about that? Amen! Hallelujah!

True Father's Prayer

Beloved Father! We hear the news of the fierce battle in America every day. I have come to this place as my sixth stop on the Korean itinerary course. Father, we know that the word liberation of Heaven and earth is a word You greatly appreciate. Jesus came with this intention. We know that there have been many ancestors of faith who came with such an internal shimjung from Heaven, and yet died without being able to express it to the evil world.

Your pitiful child is standing here. Father who worries about me, I am sorry. I clearly remember Your voice that admonished me when I was in tears. I have not forgotten You, who embraced and loved me when I was struggling in prison. I have not forgotten Your voice, which said, "I am here," and told me to be strong and courageous when I was being driven around in tears, having no one but You to look to.

No matter how big America is, I know that it is only a handful of sand for You. Before You, who fears that America may ruin the democratic world, I resolve to follow this path even if I have to throw up blood; so please be with me. Pitiful Father, I am not in miserable shape. Please count on me. I am not sixty yet, and I am an ambitious and vigorous man. Please count on me. I will never stop going forward.

Today, the members of the Kyungki Region and some of the Seoul members have gathered here. I know that there are many who were not able to be here. Please console them. They have not realized that this teacher they respect is such a sorrowful and desolate person. I have spoken with a desire that by kneeling down, repenting of their past, and criticizing themselves, they escape shame before Heaven, and that in the future they become new people from this time on; so please accept it.

Father, we must protect the Republic of Korea. It cannot go into ruin. Please fulfill Your hope through the people of the Unification Church, who are driven around and chased after. We know that in history, those who were chased out achieved revolutionary goals.

Following the Holy Name of God, who has ever been welcomed in his generation? You have established me in the position to be welcomed with a worldwide foundation in my generation, however, and I think I do not deserve this glory. You should have stood in such a position rather than I, so I sincerely desire that the day come soon when we can serve You this way.

Now they have pledged before You to become dedicated people for the liberation of Heaven and earth by raising up both of their hands. This is not a pledge made with the teacher but with You, so please don't let them forsake it. Let them understand that this pledge should remain, even when they have to go over the hill of life and death. Let them endure and overcome harsh paths of suffering in order to leave a tradition of loyalty before You. I sincerely desire this.

Father, we hear the people of the world calling for the day of liberation through us. I know that the pitiful souls of the spirit world are crying out for salvation through the miserable folk of the Unification Church. Moreover, when we consider that You are thinking of these things, we are overwhelmed with repentance. So please leave everything up to us. We have promised this time that as we follow this path, laying down our lives, we will march on and on without hesitation; so we eagerly ask You to trust us and take a peaceful rest.

We have been doing wrong because we did not know, but since we know now, please have hope. As we have pledged to become women and men who will not stand ashamed before the allowed day and the will, we eagerly ask You to push us and drive us upon such a road.

We prayed all these in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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