The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1976

The Final Warning Concerning Good and Evil

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 26, 1976
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

We all know that today is the final Sunday of 1976 and that 1976 has been a most important year. In this year both the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Rallies were consummated. I know that in the history of the Unification Church there could have been no more important or critical year than 1976. This year was the peak of the public ministry of the Unification Church on a worldwide level. This year of 1976 also marks the end of America's first 200 years and the beginning of its third century.

From the providential point of view, heavenly history is also moving into a new phase of accomplishment. My personal ministry of 30 years was consummated in 1976, and 1977 marks the dawn of a new level in my mission. In addition, 1977 will be the second year of the third seven-year course, with five more years remaining. In the next five years world history will change tremendously and a new phase will emerge. In all aspects of the dispensation, this is the time we must ring the bell of the final warning to good and evil.

If there had been no fall then there could have been no evil. All of God's creation would have prospered under His dominion, under the protection of His law and love. Internal conflicts, which result from the division between man's mind and body, are not part of man's original state. Without the fall there could have been only unity between mind and body, but instead two separate worlds resulted, one world centering upon the body of man and the other world centering upon man's spirit.

The external world, which centers upon the body has been under the dominion of Satan. The internal world centering upon the spirit has been on the side of God. In differing degrees, each person belongs to one of the two worlds. In most cases people find themselves belonging to the external world, pursuing satanic goals, which have nothing to with the internal spiritual life. We must always evaluate how much time and effort is spent on that external purpose. All the five senses are in constant contact with the external world, which is under evil dominion. We are engulfed by that environment. The evil-dominated external world is constantly approaching us, creating an atmosphere, which we cannot avoid.

Most people devote comparatively little time and energy to contact with the spiritual aspects of the world. Man's relationship with one world is very great, while contact with the other is very small. This particular reality shows how much Satan has influence over man. Because this external world is under Satan's dominion he has complete influence over human life, whereas God, who has spiritual dominion, has very little influence over human life. There is staggering contrast in this reality.

How can we describe the proportionate impact of these two worlds -- one to ten, one to five, one to three? There is actually no comparison since one figure is vast and the other figure is negligible. On a balance scale one side would be all the way up and the other all the way down. Always God's side has been way up high because it is so small. Under these circumstances we come to one important conclusion: Without the power of God the small bit on the side of goodness would have been demolished a long time ago. Yet there are still good people who are pursuing good goals, pursuing the spiritual side of life. At this juncture of human history we can say that God must have been assisting the side of goodness in a special way because otherwise it would have been wiped out a long time ago. Under those circumstances could God ever relax?

Those who pursue the side of goodness always have extraordinary assistance coming from God. To receive God's help, however, you must be in exactly the right place because it comes to a specific spot, like a drill. Even though the power of God is there, it will have no effect if you move slightly to the right or left. Even those who are pursuing the side of goodness are unstable. Because they are not concretely established, the slightest mistake can jerk them out of contact with God. God has had to contend with that kind of narrow margin all through history.

Because God's tiny minority of people is still unstable there are always breathtaking circumstances in restoration. God can be sure of nothing. God has been raising up many champions for His cause prophets and saints and holy men-but He is always in a tense position, not knowing when His people may lose contact with Him. God is always in a position to worry and be anxious.

A perfect man can translate his noble goals into a way of life

A triangle illustrates the ultimate direction of the dispensation of God, with an extra central line as the center of God's dispensation. Each individual takes a position on the horizontal line, striving to move forward and also up toward the top. Everyone has a conscience, regardless of whether he is religious or not. The conscience always works vertically, striving toward enlightenment on the side of God. Your conscience is like a piece of metal being pulled by a big magnet. Therefore, that vertical line is always straight and contact with this great universal conscience also forms a straight line.

Is it true that everyone is searching after a higher goal? Sometimes well-to-do people do not feel the sting of conscience so sharply, but people who have suffered have greater sensitivity in that way. This is why the Bible said that the rich find it difficult to reach heaven. Everyone likes to feel that they are advancing or making progress because the conscience is always seeking betterment. People tend to want to jump forward. As soon as you become aware of a higher goal, your conscience wants to strive after it. Are you educated in that way or is that an inborn trait? It is a natural phenomenon because God bequeathed this trait to man. Thus there is always hope that man can elevate himself, even though he has fallen down to the dungeons of hell.

Having the ideal and desire alone does not make any sense. Each person must express that ideal in noble deeds, which initiate his horizontal movement toward the center. The invisible ideal must be given visible form through actions. You cannot deny that you have a mind, even though you cannot see it. Since the mind is there, craving a higher order or goodness, don't you think the mind would want the body to act just like the mind thinks? That desire of the mind is also a natural trait. That tendency shows that man has room for higher achievement and the potential for reaching perfection. It is a part of God's principle that the mind and body should unite.

The mind is headed straight up, going toward heaven, while at the same time the body is moving horizontally toward the center. This is the way of human life. At what point can man's mind and body be united? At the point where the vertical and horizontal lines cross each other. The closer you move toward the center, the closer you will be to the central trunk line of God's dispensation. At the same time, the more you move toward the central position, the higher become your goals and your ideals. The evil man is the one who is farther away from the viewpoint of God; his ideals are narrow and very materialistic.

Each one of you is positioned somewhere along the two lines; you cannot avoid it. Here on earth you may wonder what your situation is, but when you go to the spirit world you will know precisely. After going to the spirit world your movement or advancement is greatly slowed down. You cannot deteriorate further or advance quickly. Even though not everyone can fulfill the ideal 100%, it is far better at least to possess a noble ideal. That is not the end of it, however. The man who has a high goal and can translate that goal totally into his way of life is the perfect man.

None of you are out on the fringes of these lines; otherwise you would not be here. Ultimately there will be no more distance between the central point of God and yourselves. Your line will reach straight up all the way to the highest goal, the dwelling of God. After you eliminate your horizontal line your vertical line will continually be heightened.

If God's position is at the top of the vertical line, where can God go? God has come down to the point where He and you will become one because you are both operating on the same vertical line. This is also the only way of life a perfected man can possess. Once you reach that point you have come under God's direct dominion. That is the man God is seeking. Once you reach the central point where God can have perfect dominion over you, you can never deviate from that position.

A short horizontal line represents the individual goal, while the wider spheres represent the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos, all built around the same central line. Every person's destination is the same, the central point or line that comes under the complete dominion of God. We each have a different length of horizontal line, but it is possible for each one to advance higher and higher to the central point of the family, clan, society, nation and world.

Whether poor or rich, young or old, man or woman, each person always desires to become a central figure of the universe. The consciousness of the universe is always with us and thus each person envisions himself as its center. If anyone does not think that way then he is no longer a human being. Throughout history people have asked what man's destination is. Many people think of themselves in terms of an occupation or a life style, but that has no meaning at all. We definitely have a destination, the central point of God, because that is the place where we become one with God.

The closer you get to the center, the more arduous is your life

As you get closer to the center, does life get tougher or easier? That process is analogous to the stretching of a rubber band. Reaching the highest goal is like stretching it out all the way, and the more you stretch it the more effort it takes. It takes greater and greater energy to stretch it further and further. That is the way God's dispensation works.

Many people in history struggled to reach 100% perfection, but at certain points everything broke down and their efforts were nullified. When a taut rubber band snaps the reaction is very great, isn't it? The tension of the rubber is greater when it is stretched. That parallels the experience of religious people who worked to advance toward the center. They may have been successful up to a point but when they failed they became even more miserable than secular people. This is the course that we travel every day in the Unification Church. Can you tell how much more distance there is to reach the center? You can feel whether you are getting closer to the center because each yard and each inch gets tougher.

Everyone together is needed to make the final push to the center. Can it be done if some people linger to one side, expecting to share the reward after the work is over? Unified effort is needed. That is why everyone's energy has to be assembled and united in one disciplined effort. Can anyone leave for personal reasons just before the final push? There will be only one time in history, that one emergency moment when the final effort is so important that God will declare a total emergency. Man must come under God's command to push through this emergency successfully.

Put yourself in the position of God. Do you think God would sit by and enjoy watching everyone's efforts or would He declare it to be His emergency also? Our emergency is His emergency. I think at that moment His eyes and mouth would strain open and He would add all of His own power to everyone else's.

You single men and women cannot understand this experience yet, but when any mother is about to give birth to her child a mighty effort, a total emergency effort is needed. If her husband is there watching then he too is making a great effort in the delivery, even though he is not going to have the baby! Would the delivery of the new world, the Kingdom of God, need at least as much energy from God as a mother giving birth to an actual baby?

Making a mistake at the critical point would result in the heavenly dispensation crumbling to the ground. Is this real to you? At the moment of the final push, therefore, the final warning must certainly be given because that one effort will decide whether good or evil will stand or fall.

Compared to the universal goal today, the rubber band didn't have to stretch too far to encompass the dispensation at the time of Cain and Abel. But the dispensation of Cain and Abel still ended in failure. Even under that small amount of pressure the whole dispensation was shattered. At the time of Noah the dispensation was a little bigger, but he too failed to accomplish entirely and the dispensation had to begin again. His mistake seems trivial to man's eyes, but the most critical moments are not lost by grand failures, which we can anticipate. Some small moment of relaxation can bring complete failure.

Moses was called to accomplish an even greater mission. Moses was a great man, yet sometimes he could not overcome himself. He had to think of nothing but God and his mission; any impure element invading his thought would inevitably bring failure. At the time of Jesus as well, little things produced gigantic failures. John the Baptist, for example, knew who Jesus was and all he had to do was declare his knowledge to the world. If John the Baptist had fulfilled that responsibility then there would have been no crucifixion. There could have been perfection and fulfillment instead.

Why can't we relax before reaching the center?

Christianity also has the mission of reaching the final goal. Christianity has advanced a certain distance, but the tragedy is that after 2,000 years Christians believe that they have covered all the ground and come to the central point. They do not see that there is still a great distance to go. Christians are saying this is the final day, the end of the world, which means we are very close to the central point. This is the final emergency and we all have to be united into one to push to the final goal, but Christians are protesting that they have fulfilled their responsibility.

Whether they like it or not, someone must push all the way to the center. Since Christians do not know God's plan, someone must come to tell them the truth and give them the right direction. That is the purpose of the Unification Church. Do you know how we should go? You know it, and you know it well. Through the Principle you know the way of life that will enable us to reach the central point. You gave up your own life and family and everything you had because you know that this principle will get us there.

If you are off to one side trying to create your circle of perfection, then no matter how perfect a circle you can construct you will still fall short of the true center because God is not at the center of your circle. Ultimately whatever you accomplish will decline and be destroyed. No matter what the sacrifice, we must get to the true center. Even though you may not yet live this completely, you still know that we cannot relax until we reach the center.

If you know this, can you just decide to relax and enjoy watching everyone else work, planning to enjoy everything afterward? Or would you rather push together? Was Washington Monument or Yankee Stadium more difficult to accomplish? Since 1977 is closer to the end, should it be an easier year than 1976? You probably expected to relax more in 1977, but after knowing this principle, can you take it easy in 1977?

The important thing to realize is that enormous pressure has been built up in the rubber band. You cannot casually let go because all the pressure will come crashing down upon you. No one can simply move back. Even if you have no more strength to move forward you still cannot leave, but you also cannot just sit and die. There is only one way to go. The moment when God starts the countdown for the final push will not come at a convenient time, nor can you ask God to postpone things until a better time. It does not work that way. The time may come at 5 o'clock in the morning, 3 o'clock in the morning, or midnight; you never know. Everyone must still be alert to recognize the crucial moment.

Suppose the moment for the final push to the center has come and everyone is pushing but you people are dozing. No matter how hard you have worked, even if you laid a foundation for a thousand years, you would have nothing to do with those who are victorious. No matter how hard you may have worked, once you have missed that crucial moment you have missed the whole thing. If someone who lived an evil life is somehow awakened and participates in the final push, then he has the merit of having helped while you have not. That particular contribution is so great that the vital opportunity to help must not be missed. That one occasion in all of history is God's greatest emergency.

We pushed all the way to Washington Monument and we moved ourselves another step higher. Our March to Moscow is the next goal; do you think that an easy push will make it?

Suppose all you women are helping when suddenly in the midst of the struggle you realize your clothing is all torn. Could you ask God to wait while you get fixed up? In the middle of an emergency there is no such thing as dignity or poise and ceremony. If a house is on fire you don't go through introductions with the firemen. You have to get the job done. Is this realistic to you?

All kinds of things are being said about us, that we are not a religious but a political group, that I only use you to make money, that we kidnap and brainwash children, and so forth. Those people who are really concentrating on the final emergency do not hear all these things because these things don't even make sense to their ears.

In the heat of the final assault you may be responsible for firing a machine gun at the enemy. If some obstacle is in the way then you have no time to negotiate about clearing it away. From God's standpoint it may be necessary to get blown up yourself if that is the only way you can accomplish your mission.

Nothing is more important than sounding the final warning

I feel that in our way of life in the Unification Church the opportunity for heroic action is always with us. Each one of you will have an opportunity to become a hero. Would you like such an opportunity? The emergency of the heavenly dispensation will continue for the next 4-1/2 years.

I want you to know that in the free world the Unification Church will never be destroyed and never decline, even if the free world itself is destroyed. However, our job is not the free world; our job is to handle the communist world. The communists' goal is world domination. By proclaiming materialism to be the universal center they are trying to usurp the position of God. From the viewpoint of God, however, communism has completely deviated from the center.

If we are going to guide the world back to the true center then we must have stronger determination and conviction than the communists. Even though they follow an evil ideology, the communists' discipline is very tight. Core members are instructed to cut their own tongues out rather than confess any information to an enemy who captures them.

In North Korea an association has been organized for Party members who have killed their own fathers for being "reactionary." They felt it was their duty to kill their fathers for not following the Party line. We are the ones to liberate them from such satanic thinking. Do you think I am teaching that you must kill your own father? What is stronger than killing your own father if he does not share your point of view? By loving him and by giving yourself as a sacrifice he can open up to you and then can come to the truth himself. This is a stronger, more constructive measure than murder.

The communists like to work at night, as though the night time were their day time. They always think of themselves as being underground and the important meetings are held and important instructions are given at night. They love to work in darkness, and even when they torture a person they do it at night, not during the day. I have personally experienced their tactics. "Underground movement" is actually a communist term because they operate in darkness and underground. God is putting His hope in us to liberate the communists.

In this world today, what could be more important than sounding the final warning to the people? My own destiny and my own death is just a small matter in comparison. A disease may kill only one person, or even several hundred, but those who are contaminated by the evil ideology of communism kill millions of people. Do you think we need to warn Americans about the coming menace of communism?

All over Asia nations are facing the grave threat of communism, as well as in the Middle East, Africa, South America and North America. Everyone of us must see the red light flashing. In many cases Americans lose hope and vision and don't know what is the right thing to do. Instead of being victorious they just throw up their hands and pack up and leave. In your opinion is America moving forward toward the center or retreating? Meanwhile if the pressure of this final emergency contributes the final blow to America's collapse then America's decline will start a chain reaction involving the rest of the world. When America retreated from Vietnam, tragedy came to all of Southeast Asia. Now America is contemplating similar actions in Korea and Japan and even thinking of eventually withdrawing troops from NATO.

America should move forward aggressively but America is moving backward instead. That is why I have come here, to proclaim that America must march forward and not retreat. Is God on the side of the retreating force or the marching force? Even though America has mistreated and misunderstood me, at least one thing has been achieved: We have let America know that I am not an opportunist who is seeking glory, but someone solid like a rock who is standing up for righteousness.

Do you Unification Church members have the reputation of being strong like a rock? Are you just meager individuals, or are you really strong? Actually we are just ordinary people without outstanding features. But one thing is different. We are absolutely plain and simple but when we hear the name of God we are ignited and become crazy for His sake. That's the difference.

In the name of God nothing matters, whatever the work that needs to be done. Nothing bothers me. I can fund raise, I can clean, I can witness, I can labor with my hands; I can do anything and go anywhere. There is nothing I cannot do. You members are saying, "God, what's Your worst problem? I am not a great or especially well-educated person, but if You have a great big headache I want to bear it. Let me try."

I am the champion among those with guts. I have nothing special in the worldly sense, but my particular conviction is to ask God to let me take care of His headaches. Even though it could be most dangerous, wouldn't you like to have that kind of guts?

The world situation is like a big bomb that is set to go off, the fuse is lit and burning and in a few seconds the bomb will explode. If the Unification Church members happen to find that the bomb is not in the right position then even though only a few more seconds remain, they would immediately rush out to move it. We have the conviction to accomplish God's will even if it means blowing up with the bomb.

If there were sufficient time we would move the bomb to the center and then return to a safe area, but what would you do if there were no such time? There are only two methods. First, you grab the bomb and race to the goal and then blow up with it, or second, you could speedily move the bomb and quickly move away. Which is our way?

We have a readiness in our hearts to become a sacrifice for the sake of the world if necessary; "I can blow up together with the bomb if that will ensure that the rest of the world will live. That is my great honor." That is not the best method, however. The best method is to move like lightning, in what the Germans call a blitzkrieg. The kind of person who can be a force like lightning has to be very alert starting in the very early morning. If you are groggy as though you had lost your mind then you will never become such a person. Shall we go that route and move fast to accomplish the mission?

Our mission is the final "mission impossible" in the sight of God. To accomplish it we need discipline and training. I'm sure you have come to understand the sense of urgency in the schedule of God. We must time the "bomb" correctly to explode at the right time, but survival is another mission and emergency.

You have to practice that quality and concentrate your sights on the goal. Always look at the particular goal you are going toward and practice day and night. You have to make a mock-up situation to practice in. Do soldiers at war have time to take off all their equipment and relax? Or do they keep their uniforms on and just rest a little bit, always being ready to go? If you were in the middle of the combat zone would you put your equipment away or always have it nearby?

If this is the final battle which God is anticipating then a serious emergency lies ahead. If we can meet the time schedule and reach the center at God's designated moment then all of heaven and earth will truly be completely re-oriented and can then be re-created. If the side of good influences that tremendous upheaval then no one will be able to deny God. People won't have to be convinced that God is real because everyone will see God. The time will come when no one can deny Him.

Whatever you wish will be fulfilled

Since the Washington Monument Rally a great deal of spiritual activity is taking place. The spirit world is like a bomb with the fuse all ready and primed; all they are waiting for is our signal. The present communist leaders in Russia and China are in the position of first generation and center on the material world, but their children, the second generation, will suddenly see the spirit world. After the Exodus from Egypt only the second generation Hebrews were able to enter Canaan. Paralleling that event, God's target in the communist world is the second generation and He will work through them. When the present leaders of communism are taken to spirit world, like Chairman Mao, their nations will be in turmoil.

September 18 is a most significant day. That is the day Chairman Mao was entombed in a mausoleum while I was lifted up at the Washington Monument Rally. Chairman Mao has been called a giant of a leader in Asia, but now that he is dead his nation is in upheaval. On the same day Mao was buried, God told the world at the Washington Monument Rally who it is that will bring hope to not only the yellow race but to the entire world. Even compared to the work of America's great leaders, no one has accomplished as much as I have. As soon as the news broke in Japan that the new Prime Minister would be Mr. Fukuda, news broadcasts in New York showed film clips of the Day of Hope banquet in Tokyo several years ago. Mr. Fukuda spoke highly of me and we embraced in a gesture of unity and good will.

I really keep the FBI busy trying to keep track of me. After the Washington Monument Rally their biggest question was what in the world I would do next. Everyone is trying to find out. I have emerged as a controversial giant and whether my image is good or bad does not make any difference at this point. Even Satan is saying, "What is Reverend Moon's next move? Where should I take my big guns?" But most important is that even God is asking, "Where are you going next?"

My plan is simple and clear; I am inexorably moving toward the absolute center of the universe. Everyone is watching us and if we make blunders and fail we will really disappoint the rest of the world. We cannot afford to do that. Once we capture the greatest victory of all everyone will know that we did it. Do you want to disappoint them or surprise them?

After Washington Monument I know members were overwhelmed, thinking, "I don't know how we ever did it." Does it seem like that was your greatest possible accomplishment or can you do far more? Do you want to have me praise what you are doing now or do you want me to push you out so you can do more?

Have competition among yourselves. The winner will be the one who does the most extraordinary things. While others are sleeping, that person will work. When most people walk one mile, that person will walk two miles. Words come easily, but it takes real determination to put them into action.

The final warning has been issued and the final race has started. From next year on we are going to fly like bullets. God wants you to move at lightning speed. I already mentioned that you are carrying dynamite and you need to move like lightning. God is not necessarily looking for you to sacrifice your lives but for you to bring victory and success.

Whatever your wish, it will be fulfilled. Which would you prefer, to go ahead of me so I can take it easy, or for me to work hard with you, or for me to go ahead and have you follow behind? If you insist on going ahead of me then I will insist on going ahead of you and we will have competition.

I invite you to compete with me but you actually have greater advantages. You are younger than I am and I am in an unfamiliar culture and do not speak the language here. Because a great deal of physical danger surrounds me I must take certain precautions, but because you are Americans you have the right to be protected and can freely come and go. Certainly you can surpass me with all those advantages. Next year are you going to go beyond my standard or are you going to fall behind me? I would love to surrender to you; I want you to win.

It is my joy to give all my time for the sake of America and for the sake of the world, knowing that the time I invest will be many times rewarded in building the Kingdom of God. Will America decline or prosper if I do that? It is my choice to take that route.

I am planning how to spend my time most efficiently so I can be running all around America in 1977. I don't want to waste time waiting in airport lobbies for even thirty minutes. I asked Mr. Salonen to make special arrangements with the airlines so that as soon as we board the plane it can take off. That is not good news for you because it means I will be popping up all over the United States to push you and give you a hard time!

The next four years are God's final emergency

Since the final warning has been issued let us push forward to the center. I have a complete plan for the shape the Unification Church will have in 1980. By then we will need a great many pilots, not just for small planes but for 747s or even greater. How wonderful it would be for all of us to travel in our own planes with our symbol on their sides. If there is a blessing in Korea in 1980 would you want to come in the usual way on the airlines, or would you rather take off in a big plane with me and go right into the stadium for the blessing?

If we push harder and harder here in America until 1980, some great things are bound to occur. The first issue of our newspaper will come out in five more days. When the news spread that I was starting a daily newspaper in New York people laughed, thinking that I don't know anything about the newspaper business. They were convinced that I would get into a great deal of trouble and go bankrupt in three months. I am not saying anything; you just wait and see what happens. Do you know that we already have our own daily newspaper in Tokyo? Next year we will have a newspaper in London also. Would you do it even if I didn't want to do it? It takes lots of money. Our movement needs money to expand all our activities, but creating a newspaper is like throwing money to the air.

We have to hang on, however, because a newspaper usually takes about two or three years to become prosperous. What will you do if we run out of money in the meantime? It is very easy to say you want to earn the money. There are more expensive projects to come before 1980. We need our university here in America as well as Japan and England.

We are going to set up our own opera house in the Manhattan Center and later create the same thing in Tokyo and London. We are going to be contributing much to the world of entertainment. When the superstars of the world know that I have established our work all over the world and that we have the manpower to make things happen, they will come and try to negotiate to perform in our halls. When they realize the importance of what the Unification Church is doing they could donate some time and raise a great deal of money to help the world.

Without going into too much detail, there are many layers to the plan which I am unfolding now. Your hands may get rough and callused from working on the front line and you may think nothing is being accomplished, but you will later see how the eternal foundation is already being accumulated for you and posterity.

When we have our fleet of 747s I will take you all over the world, stopping to work a little bit in one place and then taking time to appreciate the beautiful scenes of that area and then flying to another place. That is not a dream. It is within reach now. Our way of life in the future will be something like this; we will have breakfast in New York, lunch in London and dinner in Tokyo! It is not something out of reach. We can do it. I have promised this in a public meeting and I will make it happen.

Everything I promised I would do in America 3-1/2 years ago when I first came has been done. I am giving you this pledge for four years from now. Compared to the amount of work I have already done in the last 3-1/2 years, the goal for the next four years is very small. When I came there was no foundation and I had to start out from scratch.

Wherever you go, when you enter a Unification Church center do you feel you are in someone else's church or in your own church? Wherever you go you will have a great big home. Once I acknowledge that you are a person of accomplishment then you will be given royal treatment when you walk into a church. What you have now doesn't matter, even if you have only one change of clothing. The important thing is whether your devotion is recognized by heaven. Then you will be given everything you need.

Today's message is about the final warning concerning good and evil; the showdown of good and evil is at hand. At this time we give our pledge to go straight forward to the victory for the sake of goodness, in the name of God. Are you ready to run? Our goal for next year is to win one member per month. This is my covenant with you. When I promise something I will deliver, and when you promise you must deliver.

Up to this moment I have been responsible for everything, going in the forefront and pulling you. But next year, 1977, will be different; you are going to the forefront as mature leaders now. I want you to take the role I have filled. In the third seven-year course we will go right over the top. The destiny of this nation and the world dispensation hinges upon what we do. This is not just a private matter. I plan to leave for Las Vegas today, not to take a vacation, but to go see top performers who are coming to perform for the Christmas season. I want to see for myself who has the qualification to be a heavenly superstar and perform in the Manhattan Center and in our halls in Tokyo and London.

From this time on certain groundwork has to be laid. I have a plan for constructing fishing vessels, but it is being delayed for lack of manpower and proper leadership. This four-year period will be the most hectic time for our movement. While we are rapidly rising up the rest of the world will be rapidly crumbling.

Knowing that God is with us 100% and the entire spirit world is with you 100%, the mission we are undertaking is certainly not impossible or difficult. Our resolve this morning is to bring the final victory. Shall we begin? Those who will begin this morning by saying Yes, raise two hands way up high. Let us pray.

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