The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1976

The Age of Judgment and Ourselves

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 21, 1976
Belvedere, New York
Translator-Bo Hi Pak

When someone speaks about judgment we normally think of court proceedings. In a court one always finds a judge, attorneys, a defendant and a plaintiff, plus the people who attend on the side of the defendant as well as the accuser. How does judgment come about? Law is prerequisite for judgment and anyone who violates the law is liable to be accused and tried. Every nation has a constitution and legal system that is intended to preserve order and peace within that nation. Any citizen who violates that particular law is judged accordingly.

The spirit of the law is to unite the people of a nation centering around the sovereignty or government, so that together they can bring about the betterment of the nation. This same thing applies to organizations on all different levels. Certainly a sovereign nation, society, or organization like our Unification Church must have regulations or laws that bring harmony for the purpose of accomplishing some recognized goal.

In a family, for example, there is generally some law, even though it is unwritten. Obedience to the law will bring harmony between the parents as the center of the Family and their children. That unity brings the family into greater happiness. According to their own virtues or particular morality, the parents establish certain principles by which they want to mold that particular family. If the children are obedient then those principles are actualized.

The same standard can be applied to a corporation. The president or chairman of the board has a certain vision and goal for that corporation. Through obedience to his standards, the people of that corporation can establish a harmonious relationship and fulfill the corporate goal. The same thing is also true of the Unification Church.

The Unification Church was founded by Reverend Moon, who has an ideal for guiding the Church toward a certain goal. That goal is clear in my mind and the standards that are maintained have the purpose of bringing all the members of the Unification Church into harmony for the fulfillment of the founding ideal. Each one of you in the Church is striving to unite around that standard and ideal and become one with me in harmony. Such obedience to the standard unites founder the founder and followers; they become one as they march toward their goal.

By obeying the true law you can become one with the cause of the universe

What should the true way of life be? First of all, you must become true men and women by following the true word or true law. If that law is true then it should not be applicable on only a small level, but universally applicable, penetrating the levels of the family, society, nation and world. If there is an eternal universe, that law must be true on all levels of existence.

The logical conclusion is that if there is a God then that law, which eventually creates true men and women is also true for the heart of God. To find that kind of law, that kind of true word, we must find the true cause behind that law. Through obedience to that law we can certainly become one with the creator or cause of the universe.

Where shall we members of the Unification Church go? Suppose the founder said that your ultimate destination is to go to Korea and we all went. We could not discover the ultimate cause of the universe merely by arriving there; without further direction after our arrival everyone would be confused and eventually drift back. With such an outcome it would be far better to not even begin that trip; it would be a wasted effort.

Here in America certain officials, particularly in the State Department, are suspicious of our activities. Three and a half years ago I came to this country barehanded. In 31/2 years the Unification Church has become a formidable movement, not only here in America but all over the world. The officials are worried about what will happen if I keep going this way, at this speed. We are very excited with each day's advancement but each day our adversaries feel more threatened.

The completion of the Washington Monument Rally brought our movement to a pinnacle of success, demonstrating our strength and power. People are now asking, "What is next? What is Reverend Moon up to now?" If Washington Monument was our ultimate goal then from that point on the Unification Church would decline. However, my goal is certainly far greater and is not circumscribed by politics or business. My goal is to educate and give spiritual guidance to those in political positions. Historically, the role of the prophet is always to give advice to those in governing positions. If that is my ambition then you must become a leader in that way as well.

We are working very hard, even doing peculiar-looking things. You had prayer service at 5 a.m. and then remained for worship at 6 a.m. You work hard at fund raising and in all your various missions. Why? We have to experience every level of human life. This is really training for many great things to come.

Have you experienced a 7-day fast? When you had that experience did you realize how precious a piece of bread is? Did you really learn? Bread crusts are generally thrown away, but when you are fasting that first slice becomes absolutely precious. Normally when you go into a room and there are masterpieces of art and beautiful furniture you study them all, but when you are fasting you are no longer interested in such things. You are fascinated by a piece of bread and even if flies may be on it you are more interested in that piece of bread than those flies are! You laugh and enjoy this kind of conversation because you have experienced such a thing. Through such common experience there is harmony among our family members.

Life in prison can be the bottom of human misery. If a person hasn't experienced the situation he cannot really understand how a prisoner feels who is counting the days until the end of his sentence. A prisoner's longing for freedom is even more intense than the longing of lovers for each other. You do not laugh at this because you have not experienced it. When I speak on this subject it is foreign to you and you are silent.

Life experience is what counts. No matter how much knowledge a person claims to have, if he has not lived through a particular part of life his knowledge is worth nothing. For thirty years I have been living under constant criticism. Society has come against me, nations have come against me and the entire world is worried about me. You will never understand the loneliness of persecution until you are standing in that position.

In a small way we have a harmony of understanding. Practically every day the New York Times and Washington Post are saying distorted things about us. We are going through this together. Just being a Moonie has become almost criminal, as though society is trying to torment and segregate us to an unreasonable degree. Not only me, but all my followers are becoming victims of persecution.

In your heart you believe in the Unification Church, don't you? You know you are following the truth to which you can dedicate your life, even though your own parents don't understand. They can't understand why you follow someone from the obscure nation of Korea who doesn't seem to have any good ideas; you have everything you need right here in America. The newspapers echo this sentiment as well as the fabricated stories about my life, and a vicious circle is created, snowballing into greater persecution. Certainly the Unification Church as a whole has become the target of world criticism. We are now sailing through a hurricane of persecution.

If I am the captain of our ship, who are you sailors? There can be two kinds of sailor: One can help the captain to accomplish the mission but the other may become incapacitated by seasickness and be a burden instead. It is obvious that we don't prefer having heavy winds and storms. Sailors really hate to see the wind rise because it threatens their lives.

Some Unification Church members comment that I never wince in the face of all this criticism and persecution. They sometimes say, "Maybe he likes criticism." No one likes persecution, including me. I only know through experience that I can continue on and overcome it. But you are not experienced sailors; you are still very green, right? Therefore, when a breeze comes along you worry, "Oh, maybe it's a hurricane! Maybe our boat will turn upside down!"

Because persecution has come not only to me but to you, you can begin to experience the feeling of my position deep in your heart. We are being persecuted for following the truth, but if you continually rise above the persecution and become able to speak the truth under any circumstances, then you will become a sailor that God can count on.

In its way persecution is a blessing. Only those who rise above persecution can be trusted by their fellow man and by God. The one who can be successful even under persecution is indeed a capable person. When human beings face utmost difficulty they develop tremendous capability to conquer any situation. In an emergency they experience a flash of courage and wisdom that gives them some direction for handling the situation. This is the tremendous potential of human nature.

When surrounded by enemies you may see no route to safety, yet under those circumstances you find some miraculous opening. There is always a way. Nothing is that final. When you muster all your energy you can follow your inspiration and break out.

On their way back to Japan I took some Japanese brothers and sisters to Las Vegas to show them a certain aspect of American life. In watching a show, I felt that I have lived all my life like an actor on the stage. The showmen in Las Vegas have a contract with the hotel, but I felt, "I am a showman contracted by God and the United States of America is my stage." Right now the entire United States is suspicious, of me. Surrounded on four sides, I am pondering' how to break through this barrier.

In Las Vegas the audience watches every move the actors make. Here in America my audience is 220 million American people, including the President, Senators and Congressmen, even high school and elementary students. The Washington Post is always telling everybody what is happening on the stage. Thus far the spectators have been told that I am a villain.

You may idolize a certain actor, but when he happens to be in the role of villain you don't have much sympathy for him, do you? On the Las Vegas stage, however, the villain turned out to be a hero. Instantly the audience had their hearts moved toward that particular actor. In the same way, the time will come when I will be revealed to this nation and to the world, not as a villain but as a hero, a true champion of God. Right now it seems there is nobody on my side. First there was persecution in Korea, then in Japan and now in America. Because American news spreads all over the world no one seems to be siding with me anywhere else either. At least one thing has been accomplished, however; I am known by everyone.

What are your particular roles then? The media is certainly centered on me-what I do, where I travel, just about everything. What would happen if I suddenly died? Will the show we are in be stopped by the mere fact of my death? Will you be the showmen then? You say, "Yes, Father, I will be the showman," but nobody will trust you because you have not demonstrated your qualification through your actions. A promise is cheap, but a deed holds great value. If you can go ahead while everyone else is collapsing then you can certainly be trusted. Isn't that true? I am asking a very serious question. Suppose I had to die; would you go on? If that is your determination then the battle is actually won.

The truth is most important, not the person proclaiming it

I went through incredible suffering in Korea; three governments tried to obliterate our Church and the existing churches brought us untold hardship. Yet not only did we survive but we rose above those circumstances and established the international foundation. In Japan also we went through incredible hardship. At one time the leading political party tried to eliminate our movement, yet now they see that Japan's only hope to overcome the aggression of communism is Reverend Moon's ideology. America too, will follow the pattern. Please wait just a few more years; America's opinion will change.

Did I come to America to be defeated? Do you think my victory represents only the victory of the yellow race over the white race? Maybe white people wouldn't like that. My victory does not represent one race or one particular nationality, but will transcend race and nationality, creed and language.

What is important is the truth not who proclaims it. If a white man creates a machine gun and a yellow man creates a machine gun the important question is not who made which weapon but which machine gun is the best. What we need in battle is the most effective weapon. Those who disregard this criterion and stick to certain prejudices will be defeated in battle. is it right to say, "I don't want to eat that grain because a black farmer grew it"? That is absolutely wrong. We have to move the world beyond these attitudes.

Now that we have seen victory at the Washington Rally, what is our next goal? The word "Moscow" is actually a shortened form of "must go." That means we must go, right? I'm sure the diplomats from communist nations will just collapse in laughter when they hear this. "Reverend Moon, you're out of your mind! You're crazy!" But I am utterly serious. There is an historical foundation and an unseen cause, which compels me to speak.

When I came to America in 1972 I first spoke publicly at Lincoln Center. However, up until the moment that I signed the contract even the Unification Church members couldn't believe that I was serious about my plan, saying among themselves, "That's ridiculous. People won't come. How can he do such a thing?" People outside our Church were even more scornful. On the second Day of Hope tour I spoke at Carnegie Hall and again we were spoken of as crazy people.

When we moved up to the next stage, Madison Square Garden, people said, "He is really nuts." On September 17, the night before the speech, I had a banquet at the Waldorf Astoria. When we announced that we would like to have prominent Americans come to hear me speak on the following night, people said, ''Reverend Moon, please don't do it. No one will come."

That evening a prominent CBS reporter brought a camera to the waiting room to interview me and said, "Reverend Moon, personally I don't think people will come, but do you think you will be successful tomorrow night?" I said, "Just wait 24 hours more and see with your own eyes. More people than you ever imagined will show up to listen." He said, "Reverend Moon, I don't think that is true. I have experience and my calculations say that only a few people will come." But September 18 proved the CBS computer wrong. I think God has a different kind of computer; He wants to have a decent success and have us move on without further problems. If there had been no rain at Yankee Stadium, we would have had an overwhelming success June 1.

The Washington Monument Rally was originally scheduled for 1977. Having a gigantic international-scale rally in Washington, D.C. only 2 1/2 months after the big event at Yankee Stadium would normally be unthinkable. Any good organizer would say that this was truly a crazy idea, but it is the beauty of the Unification Church that we can conceive a crazy idea that everyone projects as a disaster and then produce a great victory.

Our campaign in Washington wasn't even in gear for the first 2 1/2 months after Yankee Stadium. The campaign itself was only forty days. Twenty-one days after the countdown started a report came to me that the most people we could possibly bring was 8,000. When that report was given all the assembled leaders turned pale and felt completely panicky. Then I smiled and stood up, announcing, "After hearing your report I announce to you that the Washington Monument Rally will be an overwhelming success." Everybody was shocked! They didn't know how to respond.

The Washington Monument Rally was a very crucial showdown; my rise or fall depended on that one rally. That is why your leaders were very panicky at that point in the campaign. But I know and see invisible things. Regardless of the reports I knew that it would be an overwhelming success. How did I know? I know another world besides our world of reality. Even though you Unification Church members are but a handful of people, I know there are millions of people working with us in spirit world.

My strategy is not shaped by this world alone

My strategy is not an ordinary one. Man's strategy usually considers only the reality of this world, but my strategy depends upon the realities of two worlds. This is why I do not plan my tactics in an office but out on the high sea. There I am dealing with the unseen world. The present power of humans is truly limited. If you depend only on what you see, you are exceedingly limited in what you can do. Knowing that principle has kept me alive this far. By all normal calculations I would have been dead a long time ago.

The Washington Monument victory was won under countless adverse conditions. Yet even under those circumstances we could win a victory. Suppose the free world had supported me. I could move on to Moscow in three years with such support; that is not an unrealistic goal. Do you guess that is possible or do you know it as fact?

Our tradition has been established and we can measure the future by the scale of the past. I'm not trying to be boastful but I have ability and power. The most important thing though is where my ability and power come from. I have experienced everything; I have tasted every human misery, including the life of a beggar. When I was a laborer I was the best laborer. I was a factory worker and I have also created factories. I created every aspect of the Unification Church today with my own hands.

I love logic and I have studied science, but more than anything else I am a searcher for spiritual truth and I have acquired spiritual wisdom. Throughout my entire life I have slept one fourth of what people usually do. I ate half of what normal people ate. In my entire life in Korea there was no moment wasted, no recreation and no relaxation. Before taking the departing Japanese members to see a show in Las Vegas I had never experienced such entertainment.

I have experienced the despair of gamblers. I have convinced prostitutes to live a pure life again. I can relate to farmers and blue-collar workers and factory workers because I know how they live and think and feel. I can also relate to businessmen because I have started businesses. The work the Unification Church is doing in America is not happening by whim. There has been meticulous planning in all my work and now I am reaping the results here in America.

I know the thinking of theologians and scholars. When I first announced the plan to have a Science Conference every year, many members said, "Why waste your energy and money? Scholars are individualists who rarely change their opinions." But the Science Conference has been a success each year and is still expanding.

As a member of the Unification Church aren't you learning a great deal about life? Many members are on the MFT, which is the very kind of life I lived some years ago. You have chosen this path as your way of life; it was no one else's decision. Since you have chosen to follow my philosophy and my way of life you must go the same route by facing the same difficulties and experiences. Those who accuse people working in the name of God will be gathered together in one group and those who serve God will form another group. Either group could collapse or be destroyed or go marching on. Which is our way? Will we be dissolved?

Even if we die we will die in battle, trying to accomplish God's goal. I have no time to pay attention to persecution and I am not bothered by it. I pay as much attention to it as I would to a neighbor's fly coming into my house to visit. Eternal righteousness is on our side. Do you have that kind of conviction?

Why should we work as hard as we do? Because of God. God is almighty, but He has been persecuted and cursed by people who insist that He is dead. Many champions of God have been murdered throughout history yet God has been silent, almost as though He were ineffective and weak. God must almost close His eyes to the reality of this world. Do you know why God cannot show His wrath? If He were ever angry and decided to judge the entire world, not one human soul would remain on earth. No one is now entitled to live above His judgment; if God were to be lenient about that then Satan could justifiably accuse each person. Not one could remain above Satan's accusation.

Can you rise above the judgment of God?

The historical ambition of God is to raise up one perfect man of God who can take care of the world. God is waiting for that one man to appear, the man the Bible promises will be the second Messiah. This one man that God is looking for will be able to completely rise above the accusation of Satan and be victorious over all human struggle. He is the person who will inherit all of history through taking responsibility for all of mankind.

We must prepare ourselves to become the coworkers of this man. The Unification Church is indeed the movement that will directly take this role.

The path and direction of the Unification Church is parallel with the direction of God and we are living a God-centered way of life. If there is a group of people ready to advance God's timetable, God and the Messiah will indeed come to those people. We must educate ourselves about God's providence and in the direction of God's will. We must also educate ourselves about the Messiah's mission so that we can be ready when he comes.

It is not God's way to have the individual going in one direction, the family going another way, and the nation and world going yet another. In this conviction we are different because our way of life and our point of view start with the individual but then continue through to the universal level. We have to go through seven stages, including the spirit world. In following one vertical line of growth we can truly meet God. Unless you are victorious in the sight of God as an individual, you cannot build your family. The world does not understand this principle.

There is always a test to pass at each level before you can advance further. Who is testing you? It is not God but Satan and the satanic world who test you. Satan is in the position of prosecutor while God is in the position of judge and you are the defendant. Jesus Christ is your lawyer. There is a court of judgment on every level of your advancement and finally God, the universal sovereign, has His own court. No one can escape from defending himself there.

One of the most important truths we are learning in the Unification Church is the law of indemnity. We now know that the amount of indemnity we must pay depends upon the seriousness of a crime; we also know what crime is most evil in the sight of God and what indemnity is needed for each level of commitment to God.

What is the mission of the Messiah? He is the one who bears your burden and your indemnity. That is why he is the savior. If you take over the burdens of someone else's life then you are that person's savior. If you save a family from disaster then you are a savior as far as that family is concerned. That family is absolutely indebted to you and you stand above their law.

The person who lifts off the entire burden of the Unification Church is above the law of the Unification Church. The Unification Church praises that person wherever he goes because the Church as a whole is deeply indebted to him. If he came to my suite at the New Yorker I would stand aside and say, "This apartment is your home."

If there is a person who can be responsible for all the burdens of America and liquidate all the sins of this nation, then American law cannot touch him. If there is a person who feels he is able to be responsible for all the past, present and future sins of humanity, then that person is indeed the savior of mankind and stands above the laws and regulations made by mankind. Isn't that true? The Messiah is that person. He has the power and authority to liberate even hell.

That is not all: The Messiah can even liberate God. Can God judge a person to whom He is personally indebted? If He were liberated, God would not even go to the courtroom or make one pronouncement against that person. If God can be liberated He doesn't have to judge. Under those circumstances no courtroom or judge or prosecutor is needed.

In the city of Jerusalem, Jesus was sometimes angered at the immoral behavior of the people. He even overturned the moneychangers' tables in a moment of violence. By normal standards he should have been arrested and no civil court would have vindicated him. But under the law of God Jesus had not committed any sin. Civil law is not heavenly law.

Do you want to become a person who will be judged in God's court or become a person who can even rise above the court of God? What kind of person must you become to rise above God's judgment? Become a savior by adopting the savior's way of life as your way of life. You can be a person who can give salvation to the world and who can say, "I will be responsible for the world and all of humanity; I will give my entire life and soul and energy for that purpose." Then you are indeed walking side by side with the Messiah.

We can depend on no one else to defend God's world

Unification Church members from all different races and countries are gathered together here in Belvedere. What kind of movement are we? What kind of people will be created right here? I am going to create the kind of person who can rise above the judgment of God and give his life and soul to the salvation of humanity. That was Jesus' way of life; it is my conviction and philosophy, and it shall become your way of life also. Can you do this? In this respect I am a very precious guest in America, bringing a most significant commodity to this country. The American people might think, "We gave so much to Korea that Korea is indebted to America materially and spiritually." But I see that the spreading of this philosophy has now paid this back many times over.

America did give tremendous aid to Korea, but money and sacrifice can always be paid back. Yet what is presently happening here in America? The young people of America are dying. I came to lift up the young people and give them new life. This is indeed the most precious, priceless gift that anyone could receive or give. Can you put a price tag on such a gift?

Why am I doings this? America is not the goal; the world is the goal! America is indispensable for world restoration, however. I chose America as the base for this movement but my eventual goal is the salvation of the world. I have not violated heavenly law nor have I violated any civil law. My conscience is clear in the sight of God. I can stride boldly forward to meet God without shame. When I go to spirit world I am indeed an attorney for the defense of suffering humanity. I have the power to truly prosecute the prosecutor, Satan. The day will come when we can all prosecute Satan, revealing his crimes and commanding that he not bother mankind anymore. That will be your day of victory.

Our goal now is Moscow, the symbol of communism. Even just the name "Moscow" sounds formidable, doesn't it? Look at the past, though-did you ever think about mankind or the world or about becoming a savior? In the past all you thought about were your own desires, perhaps getting a good education, making a good salary and eating good food. Without knowing the truth our goals are shallow and limited and self-centered. Mankind has been like little ants in the universe.

What kind of husbands do you women want? Men who have conviction and a philosophy like mine or men with the philosophy of an ant? If you want to meet husbands with my philosophy, then you must make yourselves worthy to receive them. When you are on the MFT working hard you may not even have a chance to clean your underwear, but you think, "The day will come when I can get married and then I will wear beautiful clothes and have all kinds of beautiful things." If you want to become that kind of bride and get dressed up and parade around then you shouldn't ask for a man like me. A man like me will never give you such things. On the very day of the wedding he will take you fund raising and witnessing, all in dusty clothes. Do you still want a husband like me? A husband like me will also bring you out to the battlefield and will want to fight the battle together with you. Do you still want that?

If the communists come to destroy the Unification Church with guns then we will have to fight with guns too. We can't be their helpless victims and be defeated by their bullets. Do you think God will win such a battle for you? If the time comes to fight the satanic force, I will never hesitate to become the commander in chief and lead the heavenly army into battle.

Do you think the Defense Department can safeguard God's world? Don't trust it too much. You can only trust the heavenly forces that are dedicated to God's purpose. Our young people should be trained in every way physically. In a final war against the satanic force it will be a life or death battle. In order to safeguard the heavenly side we may need to become soldiers. It is Satan's nature that once he feels he is in a superior position he will attack.

Is it a crime to defend yourself and the heavenly nation? You should not have some naive concept of Christian love; that does not apply in a confrontation with Satan's forces, which are determined to destroy God's world and God's people. If God has no power to defeat a satanic attack then He is no longer God. As God's force, we shall be able to defend ourselves and to defend the godly world. We are a different kind of religious leadership.

I am confident and peaceful at this moment of showdown

This morning's message is how to rise above judgment. If you become a person who can rise above judgment then wherever you go and whatever the world will to say you, you will rise above it and God will recognize you as being righteous. You will never be destroyed.

We know that our battle is not going to be easy. Even your own parents oppose you but that is simply because they do not know the truth. Once they understand the truth they will apologize to you. Americans have been vicious and slanderous, but I want you to know that the time will come when heavenly law will prevail and even this nation will bow down to the truth. If that is not true than I am a poor man, no different from any other villain. This is the secret of the Unification Church and with this knowledge we can go on and be victorious. We will step, upon the accuser's shoulder and finally even rise above the law.

The person who will rise above the judgment of God will have the power of judgment delegated to him. Are you going to be subject to the judgment of God's court or be a person whom even God will praise? In doing this you will rise above death itself. You know what kind of men and women you are and whether you are righteous children in the sight of God. If you are equipped and trained and committed to this way of life, becoming leaders and going all over the world, America cannot decline.

I come from a foreign country, not even speaking the native language of America. I use an interpreter, yet still I can communicate and inspire people as I do you. How much more can you lift the people up, coming from their own culture and speaking their own language?

We are the only people under the sun who think about living this crazy way of life. There are no other men and women who are following such a philosophy. We are a peculiar, lonely group, yet this is God's way of life; therefore, God has to be on our side. He has to be our champion.

You are very small and unassuming and you may look miserable and pale. In many cases Unification Church members look very shabby and people think the Unification Church will disappear tomorrow. But as long as God is on our side we will never be destroyed. Furthermore, we will win and be victorious. I have lived that way much longer than you have and I have not only survived but prospered and been victorious all of my life. That is our future. You must have faith in it.

Do you really want to become that kind of champion? If you have that conviction then even though you appear small and unassuming you are truly princes and princesses of God. In the sight of God you are very, very precious individuals. Who is your tester? Not God but Satan. Satan has set up the barriers almost like an obstacle race; there is the family race, the society race, the national race, world race and so forth. When we break down the barriers we can create a highway so everyone can run immediately to the goal.

We have already broken down the barriers on the individual, family, society and national levels. Now we have come to the final worldwide barrier. Once the final obstacle course is won even the communists cannot stop us. America is now posing a big obstacle here, saying, "No, you cannot go any further." But I am insisting, "No! Open the way. Don't block the way to the world!" I am deeply confident, calm and peaceful, no matter what the accusers say to us; please be patient and see.

Don't look at me as a Korean for my background is of God. If I were only Korean then I would not have left Korea, and furthermore, there would have been no reason for the Korean government to accuse me. I am not just an Asian because even Asians have come against me. I am a mysterious, unknown person. One person will say, "I thought Reverend Moon was a religious leader." Then I turn out to be a big businessman. When I meet politicians they admire my awareness of political situations, even though my ambition is not political. Some people say, "Reverend Moon is a gangster, a dictator," but then all of a sudden I turn up among eminent scholars and those scholars are listening to me. If I became an actor I would be an excellent actor.

When I taught Sunday school many years ago I had wonderfully deep communication with the children. Sometimes I would make them burst into laughter and sometimes make them cry. I could change their mood in moments. I am a sportsman also; there is no sport I cannot win at. When I go to sea I am a record-setting fisherman. When I go to the mountains I am a number one hunter.

Look at Mother; is she a happy woman or not? No, not quite. I am leading a most difficult life. It is impossible to keep up with my pace. When she takes time to rest at night I am always walking around and working in our room. I have no concept of the time, even at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. Mother has a hard time keeping up with me. Do you want that type of husband? If you really want that type of husband then wait a little bit; I will go after the brothers and make them into such husbands to give to you.

Right now we are facing a showdown. The newspapers keep saying there is some investigation going on and legal battles coming up. Let them do that. Eventually this final roadblock will be pushed away. Using their power, government officials accuse individuals of fabricated crimes if they want to. Did you ever hear me say, "We need money. Get a pistol and rob a bank and bring money"? Actually there are robbers and murderers of innocent women and children walking around in broad daylight. Why then is the American legal system being used to interfere with our religious work?

I don't mind serving time in American prisons if necessary. American prisons are heaven compared to the prisons where I suffered under communism.

Nothing can make me feel fearful. Nothing can stop this movement. I was jailed under the imperialistic Japanese government because we were organizing work for Korean independence. That prison experience was a difficult life but my most severe prison experience was in North Korea, where the prisoners were purposely worked to death. But I survived even under that system.

Are you afraid of prison? You have no reason to go there. You have violated no law, neither heavenly law nor civil law, because that has never been my instruction. But if anyone ever has you imprisoned for some imaginary crime, don't he fearful; imprisonment is the way the heroes of history have walked.

Let me ask you, if I ever ended up in jail in America under some fabricated sentence, would you run away? Communists know that I would never resort to violence, that our movement would never go beyond the boundary of God's truth. Therefore, they take advantage of our situation.

My philosophy is this: I have no enemy. People come against me now because they don't know me, so I will be patient. It will take a longer time, but through educating people I will turn them around. That is my method. That is our way of life and our work. Even the worst kind of enemy shall be made our best friend. We fear nothing. Our goal is to rise above judgment so what should cause us worry?

Those who can pledge their loyalty and obedience to heavenly instruction, who can liberate the communist world and even hell, raise your hands and pledge yourselves to God. Let us pray.

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