The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1976

The Day of the Victory of Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1976
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Seeing your beautiful faces this morning makes me joyously happy. Thank you for coming. Yours are the most brilliant young faces in America. In your faces there is hope for tomorrow and for the future of mankind. Your faces and your hands will decide the destiny of the world.

Today is October 4, 1976. Even though the Washington Monument Rally was held on September 18, the campaign continued through yesterday. Today is actually the formal termination of the Washington Monument campaign, and it is truly a momentous and joyful day.

You know through the Divine Principle that the number nine is the number of perfection and also represents the end of the satanic world. When you add one to nine you get ten, which represents the number of heaven and means returning to God. The number one represents God. You know, too, that the number four is very significant in the history of restoration because it represents the heavenly four positions, which have been lost and must be restored. Therefore, throughout history the number four recurs again and again: 40 days of fasting, 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus, and so on. Today, the fourth day of the tenth month, is a day which is meaningful in numbers, and it is also meaningful for me personally because on this date in 1955, I was found innocent and released from prison in South Korea.

Thus today we express our heartfelt gratitude to Almighty God for the two liberations, which are represented by October 4: my own liberation from prison, and the liberation for all mankind represented by the tremendous victory at Washington Monument, won on the foundation of my 3 I/2 year crusade here in America. Let us thank God for these victories, and I would also like to thank each one of you.

From this day on, October 4 shall be celebrated as a holy day in the history of the Unification Church. The name of the day will be "The Day of the Victory of Heaven."

The dwelling place of God

I would like to explain to you why we celebrate the victory of heaven today. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have grown to perfection and united as one with God. The dwelling place of God would have been here with us on earth, and the world would have been one of happiness. The happiness of men and God would have expanded to the angelic world and to all the things of creation. We would have seen the realization of God's unified ideal world in which God, man, the angelic world and the things of creation were all united together in joyful oneness. Men in that perfected world would not have had to struggle to learn of God's existence, because God would have been so real. There would have been complete harmony between men, the angelic world and all the things of creation. That was the beautiful world God originally intended.

If men had become perfect, they would have understood all kinds of things which are presently mysteries: the meaning of a bird's or insect's song, of the whispering of the trees or the rushing of waters. There is meaning in every sound in creation, and we would have been able to understand and interpret each one. God created everything in the universe, and every single bit of it would sing in concert with every other part, a universal orchestration of the joy and ecstasy of God. That was the purpose of creation.

When we think of laughter we visualize a facial expression. We know someone is laughing by looking at his face. God's original intention, however, was for the whole body to laugh. The hands and feet and even the tiny pores in the skin and the little hairs were supposed to laugh together in concert. And the internal or real man inside was the most important part of the person to laugh. The mind, which corresponds to heaven, and the physical body, which corresponds to all the things of creation, were to resound together in laughter, and when a man laughed it would have meant the entire universe was laughing. When a man walked, it would have represented heaven and earth walking hand in hand, and when a man sang and was happy it would have meant heaven and earth sang together in joy. Wouldn't you like to sing like that?

Today in this fallen world you can see people laughing, but they are often crying inside. Only the mouths laugh; the rest of the body cannot respond because there is no joy inside to bubble out in laughter. Have you ever experienced a really joyful laugh? Did you ever think that when you laughed, all of heaven and earth laughed with you? Have you ever danced so joyfully with laughter that all of heaven and earth could respond?

The universe is so sensitive to the power of love that when you give love you can move the entire universe, just as someone can attract your attention by pulling just one tiny hair on your head. When we love or speak words of love, the entire universe responds. Do you like love? When I speak of love, everyone smiles or laughs, isn't that true? No one cries. Real love brings laughter and dancing, and all of heaven and earth responds with joy.

God created song and dance and laughter as expressions of love. Once love comes into being, everything comes together. Unfortunately in today's degraded world although there are all kinds of songs and dances, they do not represent God's original concept of love and joy. This world is numb, dead to those feelings. People cannot respond to God's love or joy. Thus there is no interaction among men, heaven, and the things of creation. These are dreadful consequences of the fall.

To understand how far man fell, you must understand God's original concept of creation. God was in the position of the father, the angels were His servants, men were His children, and the things of creation were there to serve mankind. But because of the fall all these relationships were severed. God, the angels, men and the things of creation became separated instead of connected. Perfection was to have begun from the level of the servant, and upon the foundation of the perfection of the servant the son could be perfected. After the perfection of the son the children would become perfected, and on the basis of that the father could emerge and God could dwell among them. That should have been the process of perfection, and it would have centered on love.

But man fell instead. How far did we fall? We fell to a level below that of the things of creation. We fell from the principled world to the unprincipled, unlawful world, with a great distance to go to reach restoration. We must earn our way back to our original position.

We must rebuild the foundation of all creation

The fall destroyed the structural foundation of all creation. There was no longer any foundation for the angelic world, or for sonship, daughtership or parenthood. Thus we have to rebuild all those foundations stage by stage, starting in a world where God, man, angels and the things of creation are all separated.

Man caused the separation. Man was the fallen factor, and therefore man must take responsibility to bring these things together again. Without God's mercy and power however, fallen man has no ability or power to recreate the original world. In His mercy God initiated His work of salvation to enable man to come back to his original position and to renew his relationship with Him. Ever since the fall it has been God's will that man be restored or recreated. That is the meaning of God's work of salvation.

Man fell to a level below that of the things of creation, so in the first stage of restoration, the Old Testament era, man could elevate himself by offering sacrifices. He could approach God through the unfallen things of creation. By offering sacrifices and heeding the words of God's prophets, man could elevate himself from the unprincipled world to the world of the servant. The Old Testament era was the 4,000-year period of preparation of Israel as a foundation upon which God could send the Messiah. The territory of the chosen nation of Israel represents all the things of creation, and the people of Israel represent the angelic world. Through the victory of the Jewish people in establishing the nation of Israel, mankind was elevated to the level of servant. Upon that foundation the Messiah could come to establish a pattern whereby men could rise from servants to sons of God.

But what happened? The Israelites rejected Jesus and crucified him, and the foundation was lost. The people and nation of Israel were an altar upon which Jesus came as the son of God, a living sacrifice. But because of the disbelief of the people, the entire foundation was lost and a new foundation, Christianity, had to be erected.

After Christianity came into being it began moving toward Rome, the center of a great empire, in order to bring the people of Rome to God. Though the resurrection of Jesus Christ brought spiritual salvation to mankind, the physical world has remained in the hands of Satan. Therefore a split between the realms of physical life and spiritual life developed in the Christian world. This is the internal cause behind the political doctrine of " separation of church and state."

Christianity is the religion of sonship, which is not yet perfected. It is the religion of adopted sons. If Israel had accepted Jesus in his lifetime then all of mankind could have been lifted directly from servant-hood to the sonship of God. However, due to the failure of Israel at that time, an intermediate step was established: that of the adopted sons of God. Consequently there is still one more step, which was not accomplished in those days.

God is anxious to complete this final step, and has been laboring to prepare an adequate foundation for its accomplishment. When Christianity moved from Israel to Rome, the Roman Empire was given the opportunity to lay that foundation. However, when Rome did not respond, the focus of Christianity was shifted to Great Britain. Great Britain did not respond either and finally many Europeans who received religious persecution fled across the Atlantic to America and established a Protestant nation. This is America's heritage. The last 200 years of American history are an encapsulation of 2,000 years of Christian history. This year, 1976, America celebrated its Bicentennial.

The Indians were the first ancestors of this land, but they have their roots in Asia. Thus, when I came to America I did not feel that I was coming to a foreign country but to the home of my cousins. We may ask why God allowed the white people to prosper at the expense of the Indians. Compared to the Indians, the white people who came from Europe to America seeking religious freedom were miserable, weak people, but they were God's elect. They represented God's central effort at that time and were persecuted while trying to do God's will. When they came to America the Indians originally embraced them, but after later conflict, different tribes rejected them and tried to push them out. Again God's minority was rejected.

However, the pilgrim fathers from Europe were in Abel's position in God's sight, while the Indian majority in this land was in Cain's position. If these two had united in oneness America's history would have been glorious from the very beginning. However, they did not unite, and Cain slew Abel. Since God stands on the side of Abel, God had to assist the immigrant minority from Europe.

Now the course of events is reversed. I have come from Korea, not as a Korean or an Asian, but in Abel's position, representing God's side. This time the majority in America is white and is rejecting me for the most part. On which side will God stand this time? I do not represent only the yellow race. In this congregation we have all races united together in support of me. You are not supporting an Asian-you are supporting God's Abel. The entire world will respond when it sees that the real hope for tomorrow begins by siding with God.

As you know, the history of restoration is the history of indemnity, and unless the price of indemnity is paid then nothing can be restored. The most sorrowful event in the history of God was the death of Adam through the fall, and second, the crucifixion of His own son Jesus. God's goal is to restore the entire world, not just one nation; therefore, these two events have to be indemnified on the worldwide scale. This is God's plan.

God chose America to be His foothold or foundation. Taking the position of the Roman Empire of 2,000 years ago, America was to have been God's sanctuary. Early Christianity finally prospered in Rome, and in the same way America is the representative Christian nation today. Christianity has expanded to the worldwide level and people from all the races of the world came to this country and have been living together as a nation of all nations, a microcosm of the world. The Roman Empire did not begin as a God-centered nation, but God prepared America from the very beginning to be a God-centered country. Meanwhile, God chose Korea to fulfill the same role as Israel of 2,000 years ago. Together America and Korea are to consummate human history.

The situation 2,000 years ago was very different since the huge Roman Empire, for Rome's own advantage oppressed Israel. Today, however, America is in a position to assist Korea instead of conquering it, and Americans have even died trying to protect Korea. This is the fruit of God's labor for 2,000 years. Can America withdraw its assistance from Korea? If America severs its relations with Korea then all Asia will quickly fall to communism. America cannot abandon Korea.

Jesus' mission must be consummated in our time

The mission of Jesus must be consummated in our time, and the Unification Church was born for that mission. Korea regained independence from Japan in 1948. If the sovereign nation of Korea had united with the spirit of the Unification Church and accepted me, then Korea could have fully united with America and a glorious history would have begun at that time. In order to be successful, Jesus had to win his own family and nation, and then prevail over the Roman Empire. By carrying out that pattern the kingdom of God could have been established 2,000 years ago.

Likewise, in the age of the new Messiah the Korean people should be the first to accept God's champion, in order to indemnify and restore the failure of Israel. Following God's pattern, the Messiah should then come to America, which is serving in the position of the Roman Empire of 2,000 years ago. The American people represent the population of the world and the American nation represents the territory of the world. When this parallel sequence is fulfilled then history will be consummated.

If Judaism had accepted Jesus 2,000 years ago and united with him, then he could have completed this course successfully. In the same way, if modern day Korean Christianity had accepted the Unification Church, then mankind could have quickly gone through the entire course, all the way to the final goal. However, that was not done; Korean Christianity rejected the Unification Church.

When the Jews failed to accept Jesus they became separated and scattered. In the same way, if modern day Christian churches fail to recognize God's work they will rapidly decline and become divided. The Unification Church and I have to pay the indemnity for the failure of the Christian churches in Korea. For 33 years I have been paying indemnity on one level after another, gradually accumulating a new foundation on the worldwide level. Originally I was supposed to fulfill my mission while in my 30's; however, I had to begin all over again because of the rejection of the Christian churches and another 30 years was needed to pay the necessary indemnity. Korea was liberated in 1945, and the period up to 1978, two years from now, will represent 33 years of work. These 33 years are equivalent to the life of Jesus Christ. This 33 year period is the time to indemnify and completely redo his course on earth.

At the age of 30, Jesus initiated his public ministry, which lasted three years. My life in America since 1972 is 31/2 years, paralleling Jesus' public ministry. For 30 years I worked in Korea to pay the indemnity for the failure of the Christian churches. On the foundation of that victory I came to America and stage by stage I have been laying the foundation for the worldwide level of restoration.

My first major victory was at Madison Square Garden, September 18, 1974. That represented spiritual victory. In order to bring that American victory back to Asia, I organized the IOWC and we conducted an unprecedented campaign all over Japan and Korea. After the spiritual victory here in America was linked in a physical way to Japan and Korea, I brought it back to America in order to win physical victory on the worldwide level. In short, the spiritual victory went back to Asia, and returned here as a physical victory. I am sure this is somewhat difficult to follow but this has very deep meaning.

Upon returning to America with a condition for physical victory, I commenced a war. Two thousand years ago Jesus' foundation was lost and he could only work defensively. However, a foundation was now laid which allowed me to take the offensive, starting with Yankee Stadium. The final, most dramatic offensive was Washington Monument.

Our assault on America had the effect of a shock wave. Everybody was startled and now people are getting organized to retaliate, demanding, "Is there any way to get rid of Reverend Moon?" Even the American government is trying to work out something with the Korean government, paralleling the events of 2,000 years ago when the Roman and Jewish governments plotted together to crucify Jesus.

In the sight of God, the victory at Madison Square Garden represented the worldwide victory on Adam's level. Yankee Stadium represented a victory on Jesus' level. Since Jesus was crucified, our Yankee Stadium campaign was conducted in the face of much danger. During that campaign I received more threats on my life than ever before and there were many threats of bombing and violence to the church. I knew all along that the most crucial moment would come at Yankee Stadium because Jesus actually died and then was resurrected. Likewise I was symbolically killed and then resurrected at Yankee Stadium.

Crucifixion and resurrection on June 1

The rainstorm on June 1 was truly the dispensation of God. Because of that storm an even greater catastrophe was averted; the rain changed the minds of those who had plotted something most tragic. Our enemies thought, "Well, Reverend Moon has already faltered; this rain will stop his rally. Even God has judged him. No one will come; the program will be cancelled and he will be a complete failure." Therefore they cancelled their plans for disturbance, but we did not cancel our plan.

At that time I witnessed the profound way that the law of indemnity works. I was not aware that a storm had come, but at the very moment that the heavy rain began to fall outside a very mysterious thing happened. A huge poster with my portrait was hanging in my waiting room, and suddenly it crashed to the floor. Nobody had touched it; it fell for no apparent reason. There was chaos at that moment, and then I knew that something extraordinary was happening outside. The leaders fled in and Mr. Kamiyama cried out, "Father, forgive us! Awful things are happening outside and we may not recover for the rally. What can we do?" Everybody was in despair.

But then another miracle happened. In the pouring rain the Go-World Brass Band struck up and all our members began singing, "You Are My Sunshine." It was a protest to God, "Give us sunshine!" At that time came the most ardent, intense prayer ever offered in human history. Then what happened? Everybody in Yankee Stadium responded, even non-members, parents and guests from Korea and Japan. Nobody wanted to take shelter. In the pouring rain everyone responded, singing together. That paralleled the moment of judgment that took place in Pilate's court 2,000 years ago, when Jesus was sentenced to death. At that time the people had been outside the court screaming, "Crucify him! Crucify him!" That moment in Yankee Stadium was my moment of crucifixion. God had nailed me down but you, the disciples, never ran away. Furthermore, the people united with you in support of me. This was the complete reversal of Jesus' course. Instead of demanding crucifixion of the chosen one, the people cried, "We'll win, Father! God, let him win!"

During the crucifixion there were three dark hours in heaven and earth. In the same way, I went through three dark hours at Yankee Stadium. But what happened? The miracle came and God answered your prayer. Immediately after that crucifixion in Yankee Stadium resurrection came. The rain stopped and the sun came out; the people arrived and instead of being cancelled our rally went on to have even greater impact. At Yankee Stadium we tasted crucifixion; we tasted the three dark hours, and then we truly tasted resurrection and the joy of life.

We won the victory at Yankee Stadium, yet something was lodged in your hearts. There was some emptiness since we could not bring a full house for God. Every one of you decided that day, "Father, give us one more chance. This time we will truly bring a total victory." The period between Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument was an intense period, indemnifying the 2,000-year dispensation of Christianity. It was as though you had received partial salvation at Yankee Stadium; the physical salvation was lost and you gained only spiritual salvation. However, you were all determined, "Father, at Washington Monument we are going to have a spiritual and physical victory that will represent a total victory. Give us that opportunity." With that commitment work began for the Washington campaign.

Two thousand years ago a black man assisted the work of God in a peculiar way. Simon of Cyrene bore Jesus' cross on the way to the Mount of Calvary. The Washington Monument Rally was equivalent to the perfection stage in the final dispensation. Therefore, I knew there would be many black people who would respond to me. To begin with, the population of Washington is predominantly black, but there was a deeper reason why primarily black people responded to our work.

I am sure you remember vividly what we accomplished in Washington. While we were working many observers were debating the outcome of our rally. They were looking for one thing: "What will happen this time? Will he succeed or be defeated again? What will happen to Reverend Moon?" In Washington we were in the Abel position, with the rest of the city in Cain's position. But instead of hating Cain as Abel did, we loved him. We visited the people two and three times, sincerely inviting them to come. We did our absolute best to lead them into salvation, into new hope and understanding. Then what happened? A victory happened. There were many that expected to see a complete fiasco, even with violence and killing. I am sure they prayed for bad weather and all kinds of disturbances. Instead everything ran beautifully, the most disciplined and orderly demonstration that the nation's capital has ever seen. That was the victory that occurred.

People could see for themselves what the Unification Church did in Washington. Though they were not necessarily Christian or even religious, people of conscience knew that I had been unfairly treated. In the eyes of the citizens and the government our rally was responsibly handled in the most amicable, glorious way. We won many, many friends who may not join the Unification Church but who will fight for us out of their sense of justice.

Our victories in Washington

We won a triple victory. More than 300,000 people came; this was one victory. Delivering my message was the second victory, and the peaceful, orderly procession of events was the third victory. But an even greater victory came after the rally; that night we cleaned up the entire Monument area and completely de-postered the city. In all the history of Washington and America no one has seen any group carry out a promise so precisely as you carried out my promise to clean the city. The next day the government and media alike praised us. They even praised me. WMAL Television said, "We don't know much about Reverend Moon's religion, but we know one thing, Reverend Moon is a man of his word."

The decisive judgment was made that no organization like the Unification Church has been seen in the 200 years of American history. My leadership is something they cannot understand and could never duplicate. This was their verdict, and it was in our favor. The Washington police were apprehensive as they contemplated the possibility of many anti-Moon demonstrations, as well as racial violence. They predicted violence and worried about how they would handle it. But no violence came, not even a single incident. They were amazed. Who in the world could control such a gathering of all races? Black, yellow and white responded together to this one man; the authorities had never seen anything like it.

Some eminent scholars came and concluded that the Unification Church cannot be compared to any other religion, that it is indeed the only religion, which truly has the power to unite all the religions of the world. Having black, yellow and white gathered in oneness with me is in itself a victory for us to celebrate. This is now happening on earth because this unity has preceded us in the spirit world, the world of cause. Nothing can happen here unless it first happens there. Throughout the entire spirit world whites, blacks and Orientals are now all united together in support of me. This is why this most beautiful, historically unprecedented scene of unity could happen here now.

The world of Cain attacked and persecuted the world of Abel, but under those adverse conditions we rose above the persecution and won the victory. From this time forward we will be advancing at super speed. On the very day of the rally another providential event occurred. September 18 was picked as the date for the funeral of Chairman Mao Tse-tung of China, the principal leader of the ungodly world, who imposed the rule of communism on one billion people. It is most providential that the hour of his funeral was set at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the same hour that the Washington Monument Rally was to begin. Chairman Mao, representing the side of Satan, was buried underground at the same time that the champion on the side of God was raised up at Washington Monument.

The next day the hot news in the media was our rally. Even the Washington Post had to recognize us with a big picture on the front page and several pages of coverage. It took us two hours to read the whole article in the Washington Post on September 19. Our articles began on page one and continued through the first section. Then we found the article of Mao's funeral buried way down on page 18.

Thoughtful citizens and government officials were shaking their heads, thinking, "I just can't understand the secret of Reverend Moon's power." If they cannot see God they can never understand my secret. But they also say, "This organization has formidable power, drive, and sense of conviction. Perhaps this group will change the destiny of the world." Through the victory at Washington Monument the Unification Church has been firmly established on a universal scale. Nobody can disregard us anymore; they must recognize this extraordinary group and recognize my leadership.

Our victory represents Jesus' intended course of sealing his victory in Israel by going to Rome to make a proclamation there before the Senate. There were several consequences of our victory. First, Jesus' sorrowful heart was vindicated, and because of that, the grieving heart of God was liberated. There have also been many righteous men and martyrs, men of justice whose hearts have been filled with grief and suffering. These people were lifted up too, vindicated and liberated. Finally, my own ardent struggle of 33 years and my own grief were resolved and liberated at Washington Monument.

Liberation of spirit world and forgiveness of past sins

Through the victory in Washington we fulfilled the conditions needed to liberate the sorrow of the entire spirit world and the physical world together. I declare today that the time has come for the total liberation of the spirit world and the forgiveness of past sins.

In the spirit world there are no national boundaries. Korea, Japan and America do not exist in the spirit world; however' there are different realms based on the different religions. Those who believed in Buddha are in Buddha's realm and those who believed in Jesus live in the Christian realm, and so forth. Throughout man's history individuals in spirit world have always lived in distinctly separate realms and have never harmonized. They surrounded themselves with walls, waiting for the day when the new Messiah would come to the earth and declare their liberation. Only then could they break down the walls and finally unite into oneness. They have been waiting throughout history for this day, but it could not be declared until the sorrowing hearts of God, Jesus Christ, and the True Parents were vindicated. There has been no such day in the past. Today, however, through the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, all the past sorrow of God, Jesus, and the True Parents is vindicated, and today I declare the liberation of the entire spirit world. Even at this moment the barriers are broken down.

Now spirit world has formed one world of unification; the territories have merged and everyone can communicate freely, traveling back and forth. Since the spirit world is in the subject position, this unity will eventually be reflected here on earth. According to the Principle, if the three levels-God, Adam and Eve, and the Archangel-had united together there would have been no fall. Now here on earth that unity has been established between God, the True Parents, and the members of the Unification Church, who are in the position of the angelic world as well as of children. This unity was not made on the level of one small nation; we have achieved this unity on a worldwide level. This is most significant.

What is the significance of this unity? Simply this: Satan no longer has the condition to attack Adam or Adam's family. This means that Satan no longer has any power to defeat the Unification Church and the True Parents. Satan may still attack, but now God is in a position to exact a penalty for that, and blessing will be withdrawn from the satanic side accordingly. From this time on our battle is still going to be hectic but the consequences will be very different. We must press the battle and work hard, and then we will see the blessings of the other side shifted to ours. God will transfer the blessing from the other camp to ours.

The wind has changed. In the past Satan was constantly attacking and God's people were always on the defensive. But from this time on Satan will be on the defensive and God's side will begin to attack. If Satan's side attacks us it will have to pay a tremendous penalty, and ultimately we will win.

The entire spirit world is now completely united behind us. The consequences are many, and at this juncture of human history we must understand clearly how to conduct ourselves to avoid being hurt by conditions we might make for Satan; from this time on we should not violate any heavenly laws. As we gather fresh determination to win new battles, our standard must always be to go beyond the intensity of our work for Washington Monument. Then we will always be victorious and the heavenly spirit world will always assist us.

We must not lose our momentum, but rather surpass the intensity of our campaign for Washington Monument. Then God and the spirit world will always assist us. If our standard drops, then Satan will have a condition to interfere. When your physical resistance is lowered, then harmful germs can easily invade your body; likewise, if your spiritual resistance is weakened, then Satan can easily invade.

Today we are celebrating the Day of Victory of Heaven. Our pledge should be that we will maintain the standard of effort that was established by the Washington Monument campaign. As long as we do that then God can be with us all the way, and the entire spirit world will come to assist us without reservation. Can you understand this?

You are privileged to attend this celebration, and you were privileged to have participated in the campaign for the Washington Monument Rally. It will probably be the greatest honor bestowed on you. But our final qualification to be here today will be our determination before Heavenly Father to maintain or surpass the momentum of the Washington campaign. Then we can qualify to be a part of this celebration. If you pledge this to God and heaven and earth, please raise your hands. Thank you.

Liberation of the communists

From this time on we solemnly declare that we have an additional goal. That next goal is Moscow.

There will still be many people who are jealous of us and who will accuse and persecute us, on the governmental level as well as the individual level. Do not worry about them. They may try to stop us, but in the end they will come with us. We have to leap beyond their interference. Instead of the free world, communism is our target from this time on. The time will come when the entire communist world will unite together trying to block me; this is the enemy we are going to face. So far the North Korean government has mostly ignored the Unification Church, and me but now they are no longer ignoring us. Recently their official government radio program broadcast that I am the enemy of mankind and should be ousted by the American government. They are also warning President Park that I will overrun his government. But on the contrary, the U.S. State Department and the Korean government should not worry; my ambition is not to take over their position or to control them. My ambition is to save the world, not just this nation or Korea, but all the countries of the world. My ambition is to give the blessing of God to all of them.

Today communism presents a global crisis for everyone. But the nation of America is retreating as communism advances; even Judaism and Christianity are retreating. No one will confront communism face to face with a plan of action and the conviction to be victorious. I alone am pushing forward like a bulldozer, heading fearlessly towards communism. Soon the free world will discover that only one champion is fighting communism: Reverend Moon. Our opponents will continue to criticize my actions, but soon they will realize that I am their only hope to stop the advance of communism. While their mouths are criticizing, their hands will be applauding.

Inevitably we will gain the reputation of being the worst enemy of communism, and the communists themselves will spread it. Communists all over the world will agree that their worst enemy is the Unification Church and that Reverend Moon is the worst rascal and villain. Let them say that. The worldwide Cain and the worldwide Abel will stand face to face. Are you ready?

Our weapons are not bullets or guns, but the Principle of God. Our purpose is not to destroy the communists but to save them, to liberate them. This is our job. When we have the truth we do not need a sword. The myriad of spirit men are our greatest allies and our strongest weapons. They can go anywhere and since they do not need a passport to get into Moscow they can easily descend to influence the children of the present communist leaders.

The second generation

During the Old Testament era the elder son always represented the satanic side, while the second son was in the position to receive God's blessing. God chastised the faithlessness of Israel during the Exodus by destroying the first generation in the desert; however, the second generation was permitted to enter Canaan. In the same way, even though the communists are evil in the sight of God, their second generation will be drawn to God's side. God will not punish them but will work through them to destroy the ideology of the first generation.

The more intensely we wage war against communism, the more powerful will be our assistance from the spirit world. The children of the present communist leaders will speak in tongues, see visions and talk to God and to Jesus. Then they will ask their parents, "Why do you say there is no God? I talked to Him last night." I am sure there are some newspaper reporters listening to me now and probably laughing inside, "He must be crazy to talk like this!" But I want to tell anyone who thinks this that they are blinded by their ignorance of the spirit world. They can say I am crazy, but I am telling you the truth. This is the reason that I have the power to stand fearlessly against worldwide communism. Without this knowledge I could not dare to speak out, but because the spirit world is with me, I confront communism fearlessly.

Even if I were killed in the battle against communism, in the future my statue would be erected in the very heart of Moscow by the children of the communist leaders. I am not just expressing unfounded feelings; I have the power in heaven and earth to declare this. I know the truth about both worlds while the communists do not even understand the truth about this world. Thus I am the only one in heaven and earth, in the east or the west, who can proclaim such a bold message.

So far everything that I have prophesied has come true. When I first came to this country to work 31/2 years ago, I unfolded my plan for the future. At that time no one believed me and even our members were shocked by my plans. But I do not blame them because without knowing the spirit world they had no way to understand; do not worry, I sympathize with them.

The ground that we have covered from that time up to the Washington Monument Rally is far greater than the remaining distance to Moscow. Here, in historical Belvedere, I am declaring to you that the final Abel of God's world, the Unification Church, is confronting communism, the final enemy of God. Shall we retreat from this battle? Those who say, "I want to march on," raise your hands.

Only if Cain and Abel are united together into oneness can the parents' position be restored. Only after Abel and Cain unite together through our own activities and together we serve True Parents can they be lifted up. God's Abel on the worldwide level is the Unification Church, and we will eventually liberate Cain, or communism, and come together in harmonious unity. Then the True Parents will emerge on the worldwide level, and God will emerge as the Father of mankind.

Now we are in the third seven-year course, which will terminate in 1981. Until that time we must maintain our momentum as we go on to achieve this final victory. You must have absolute faith and conviction in that victory. If the American government and particularly the State Department heed my advice, then global problems will be solved in the shortest time possible, and peace can be established.

God always claims the second generation. Your parents and grandparents are the first generation, or on the level of the first sons. Because you are the second generation, God is primarily claiming you young people to do His new work. Without knowing this truth many parents and the media are puzzled, asking, "What is Reverend Moon's attraction? What appeal does he have for these bright young people of America?" This phenomenon is difficult to understand without knowing God's mind; it is because God is pushing the second generation of America to this new movement that you are joining.

Single members, raise your hands please. Practically all of you here are single; this is phenomenal. This is the work of God, not my work; I could never have done this. If we believe in that power of God, why should we worry? No matter what people may say, trying to persecute us and even kill us, the same power of God that pushed you here will push millions of young people into this movement. If the older generation remains negative toward us, they will be chastised and will suffer the judgment of God.

The first generation is opposing us in a fanatic and tragic way, but at the same time they are desiring the success of you, their sons and daughters. Knowing this truth strengthens my conviction. Many people of the Washington Post and the New York Times are highly critical of us, but once their high school and college-age children hear the Divine Principle those children will defend us to their own parents. This time will definitely come and that is why I am not concerned about the media. God will assemble the second generation to help in my work. The more criticism and threats I receive, the more jubilant I am. I have marched forward under persecution all my life, and prospered all the way. God has made all of this possible. Knowing that God and the spirit world are with me gives me power under any circumstances. Nothing can deter me; I can continually march on.

If someone working against us is listening to my speech and trying to record my words to use against me, I ask them to please think twice. Do not judge me too quickly. I am speaking here on the basis of the deepest conviction. I also say this to the communist world

Our new dimension

We are entering a new dimension. The same power of God, which has assisted the Unification Church until now will continue to move us upward to a higher dimension. When we involve ourselves in greater things we will reap greater victories. We are discovering God in our lives. God is not a concept to us; He is our way of life. We find God in our society, nation and world; we know that God is everywhere.

Some people say, "There is no God," but that is the most foolish lie under the sun. Shall we go ahead or not?

If any communist is listening to my speech today he must be laughing inside, thinking, "What a crazy handful of people. You have a few thousand people compared to two-thirds of the world's population and one-third of the world's territory which communism has already conquered. Yet still you are trying to wage a war against global communism! " Let him say that. I say what I do because the communists are the minority when we count the spirit world together with us.

Spirit world has many advantages. First of all spirits are not hampered by language or territorial barriers. In spirit world Chinese or Japanese or Americans or anyone can travel without visas. That is the way they will work on earth. Today I can declare that the entire spirit world is completely mobilized and free. Raise your hands if you have ever seen the True Parents in dreams or visions. Almost everyone. If anybody was trying to research this phenomenon in the encyclopedia, they would find no explanation. The spirit world can come and speak to you of truth because there are no barriers.

I am sure that some of you wanted to attack us when you first visited the Unification Church, but as you listened to the Principle you gradually changed your opinions. How much faster can those with a welcoming heart from the very beginning be converted into champions for God!

Spirit world is now besieging people on earth. To them the world is small, almost like the size of an ice cube. A treasure chest has been opened but most people are unaware that a new treasure has been discovered and a new power has been released. Spirit world has opened up, but nobody realizes what has happened.

This world is God's world and we are His champions; the time will come when God's philosophy, conviction and way of life will be expanded to the worldwide level. If there were any better way to go to heaven then I would have gone that way a long time ago, but this is the only way to go directly to heaven, and I am inviting you to come together with me. Once you decide then do not hesitate. Commit yourself 100% and fly to the goal like a bullet.

I was faced with an impossible task when I initiated all these gigantic works. But today every American knows about me. If I were white then most white people would not be concerned about me. But I am Korean and no American can afford to ignore me. People have at least been curious when they heard about me, and those who are concerned for this nation must have thought seriously about whether I am good or evil. There are a thousand different levels of understanding. Even you people here understand very little; how much more difficult is it for those who have no relationship with us? Therefore our job is to educate the world.

In this situation it is best to be either hot or cold. Those who are lukewarm and just ignoring us are the worst off. Students who oppose their professor often receive high marks simply because they were interested and paid attention to his course. We are often confronted with ardent opposition, but once our adversaries know the truth they can quickly turn around and become great champions for God's cause. I have a special interest in how the people of America will respond in the future.

Once the American people know what I have done since coming to this country they will truly bow down in thankfulness, realizing how my deeds have been so misunderstood. So far the truth is not yet known: everything I have done was absolutely for the sake of this country and these people. Members of the older generation are unconditionally opposing us without knowing the truth, but ten or twenty years from now their children and grandchildren will come to understand me as the man who truly saved their lives. You are stubborn young people, aren't you? Usually you never listen to anybody, and I am sure it is not easy for you to sit here and listen to me. This in itself is a miracle.

Today we have pledged solemnly before Almighty God that our next goal is to have a victorious rally in Moscow in the name of God. In order to do stat, we will have to mobilize all the youth of America. That is your job. You must go out and reap a harvest of conscientious, righteous young people. Then we will all unite as one great force and ready ourselves to save this free world, and we will create an opportunity to hold a rally in Moscow.

America is the younger brother of the European countries; therefore we will mobilize this nation in order to save them. Religiously speaking, the European continent is predominantly Roman Catholic, while America is predominantly Protestant. The Catholic nations are being ruthlessly attacked by communists and are being taken over one by one. As their younger brother, America is in the position to bring them salvation. For this reason we must decisively act to unite Christianity.

We must also save Judaism and the people of Israel, as well as the millions of Jews who are scattered around the world. If the communists take over the world, the Unification Church members will be their number one target, but the Jews and Christians will not be far behind. We are in a position to unify Christianity and Judaism in order to save them. Once Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church are united, then communism will pose no threat. Do you have confidence in this?

America is a Christian nation, a beautiful land of fertile ground and high spiritual values. But the ungodly ideology of communism has come creeping into this land little by little, enticing the beautiful youth of America and drawing them to Satan's side. The communists brag that they will not need to fire even one bullet at America. They are using more effective weapons to take over this nation: drugs and immorality. American young people are the victims of drug abuse, many even dying from its effects. I am determined to wipe drugs out of America. Many of you have been liberated from drugs, and we must do the same for millions of American youth.

Does your commitment transcend death?

What does the Unification Church stand for? Our moral standard is very high because it is God-centered; we do not use drugs; we do not smoke or drink, and we do not tolerate free sex. These are all the weapons of Satan. Satan is scared as he sees how the Unification Church is bringing young people to God's side, one by one. He is losing them to us, the people who completely oppose him.

Today, in the name of God, the True Parents, and all the people of the world, we are now rededicating ourselves as front-line soldiers in this new battle for the final victory of God and the heavenly kingdom. Shall we commit ourselves to do that? Have you ever seriously thought that some day you might be struck by a communist bullet? You have to think about it. What would you think if that happened? Would you regret how foolish you were to follow me? Or would you say, "God, my blood will not spill in vain; my blood will cleanse the world for You to take it over. Even though I falter, my spirit will continue on with You, and fight on to the very end." If you are this type of person then even though you drop dead, at that very second you will be lifted up to the highest realm of heaven. You would not have to wait for your application to be processed. More than anybody else I understand this principle very well.

For us there is no death; we conquered death a long time ago. Our lives, our minds and souls, our everything is in the hands of God. Why should we worry? He has a plan and He has already established when we should live and when we should die. What if something goes wrong with God's computer and you die prematurely? When God discovers it He will come down and lift you up saying, "Don't worry. You will have eternal life, and furthermore, I will personally take over your mission and finish it for you." How glorious!

In the eyes of those around him, Jesus was a miserable failure who was crucified. But God came down to Jesus saying, "My son, do not worry. I will take over your mission." That promise became God's work of Christianity. In the same way death is unimportant to us; we will live forever anyway, so we can do whatever God orders us to do, even if it means being shot to death. As martyrs we would be elevated as heroes in the kingdom of God. Even though we could not preach Divine Principle any more on earth, our deeds would preach to millions of generations to come, inspiring them and lifting up more patriotic and God-centered people than you can imagine.

There is a final chapter to be written in Unification Church history, and there will be martyrs recorded there. Who will become a martyr? No one knows but God. We must be willing to just obey the will of God. Righteous parents would want to have their children honored by God. With this conviction and faith, and with an intensity that surpasses the Washington Monument campaign, we will go on to our final victory. Can you do it? I am closing my eyes so I cannot see your response to this question. If your conscience says, "I can do it," then raise your hands. Thank you. It is difficult, isn't it?

In the era of the True Parents, God will dwell with all men

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, the separation between the spirit world and physical world stretched miles wide. Even though the people in spirit world wanted to descend to the earth to intervene in the life of the physical world, they could not do it because between the two worlds lay a chasm which was in the hands of Satan. Adam was supposed to be in the father's role, but because he failed then all his children failed. Spirit world could not freely descend until the mission of the father was consummated here on earth, and he could open a path to the spirit world. This is the rule of heaven.

God's plan was to work on the individual level with Abel, then with Abel's family, tribe, nation, and the Abel side on the worldwide level. No one could bridge this chasm during the 4,000 years before Jesus' coming. Jesus came in the role of the father of mankind, and in him the spirit of God was manifested through a perfected man for the first time. At that time God wanted to pioneer a breakthrough in history. Because of Jesus' crucifixion, however, this pioneering task was accomplished only spiritually. That is why the Second Advent became absolutely necessary. The position of the True Father must be established in order to pioneer complete salvation from the individual level to the worldwide level, as well as to open the pathway to the spirit world.

All the wrong doings and mistakes of the past, including the mistakes of Judaism and Christianity must be indemnified. The Unification Church thus has a mending mission. By paying indemnity we are mending the mistakes of history in the shortest possible time. You call me the True Parent. Why? Because for you my role is that of a true parent, true father, or Adam. I must mend all of the past mistakes, and step by step bring about wholesome restoration from the individual level to the worldwide level. This was symbolically consummated at Washington Monument, so that the individual failure' family, tribal, national and worldwide failures were mended. Thus I opened wide the highway between this world and the spirit world, so that anyone can ascend or descend without restriction.

The perfection of Adam and Eve would have allowed God to dwell with them. In the same way God wanted to dwell with Jesus when he consummated his mission. In the era of the True Parents the consummation of their mission will allow the dwelling of God to be with all men. This is the point of this detailed explanation.

Now your ancestors can come down freely on the highway between the spirit world and the physical world. Our ancestors in the spirit world are our allies and will help us witness to others. They will come down in an unprecedented avalanche, like Niagara Falls. They will pressure their descendants, "You must become a champion. Go out and witness. You must do more." They will not only come down to you, but to their descendants who are not yet members, directing them to go to a workshop, or to meet a person from the Unification Church. This phenomenon will happen increasingly.

In the wake of the victory of Washington Monument a far more jubilant victory celebration is being held in the spirit world because they have now been liberated. Now they can freely come to the earth and work with you, their own descendants. From this time on, when you go out on your mission you will receive all kinds of spiritual experiences visions, speaking in tongues and special dreams. Not only you but many people outside our church will experience these things.

We must sway three countries to God; once God can influence at least three nations, the whole world will tumble into His arms. Presently in the spirit world there is a great deal of competition. Because good spirits can descend first, the country, which has more good ancestors will be benefited first, directly affecting the destiny of that nation. We are not just mobilizing Christian spirits, but even Jesus himself, as well as Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed. Taking a father's role they will come down to their own followers on earth. Not many people understand these things precisely, but I can clearly testify to them because I am the pioneer who opened the pathway. What I have prophesied has been fulfilled.

You can mobilize your ancestors

In your prayer from this time on you can command the spirit world in the name of the True Parents, and in the name of the Day of the Victory of Heaven. You can insist that your ancestors in the spirit world must come down to co-operate with their descendants and bring them into salvation. They are supposed to obey, and if they do not you can warn them that they are in trouble. You can give a command like this because you are the direct heirs of the true Adam. Spirit world, including the angels, is in the servant position; the sons of Adam have the authority to command those in the spirit world and they must obey you. Even though they lived 1,000 years ago and are your elders many times over, those in spirit world will listen to you.

But you must never ask for a legion of angels or spirit men to attack anyone opposing us. Would that be a real prayer? That is not the prayer of a parent. You must have mercy upon our enemies and pray for them. They are Cain and it is Abel's responsibility to love and unite with Cain. Until we are united with Cain, we are not in a position to survive and prosper. The New York Times and Washington Post have criticized and slandered me, yet when I have some money to spend for advertising I always go to them. We can forgive them. I always maintain the position of a true son of God, the position of victorious Abel.

We do not really have any enemies. Even though people may curse us and persecute us, we can sleep well. We do not have much time to sleep, but when the time does come, we sleep well because we have no one to curse, no one against whom we are seeking revenge. God will take care of it all.

I will pray on a special prayer -- I will ask God to mobilize all those spirits who were martyred in the name of God. Uncounted millions of Christians died under the tyranny of Nero, for example, or as the victims of communism. I can mobilize those innocent people who were murdered, commanding them to stir up the communist world, for instance, to turn those nations to God's side. In this way we can reduce the sacrifice and casualties on the side of goodness. God's camp should not suffer too many casualties. You cannot give this type of command yet because you are still operating on the individual or family level, and this does not qualify you to demand such a thing. But the descent of your ancestors is definitely possible, and you can ask for that.

The important thing is this: once you seek out the help of the spirit world you must be responsible for yourself and your ancestors. If you falter and fall away, your ancestors will be trapped. In that case your children will suffer because they will have to indemnify your failure.

You have one simple mandate from God and from the True Parents: to have absolute unwavering faith. Press forward and work more intensely than in the Washington Monument campaign. Then the power of God and the assistance of your ancestors will come with you. Any amount of spiritual assistance you require will be no problem. You will only prosper.

This morning I had a special spiritual ceremony from 7 to 8 o'clock to seal these things, and they are yours. October 4 is the Day of the Victory of Heaven. Never be discouraged. Cheer yourself up, and pull yourself together. Go forward until we secure the final victory.

Thank you.

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