The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Many Don't Understand How God Is Using Rev. Moon

Sun Myung Moon
March 17, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

More than 500 people were present for the 5 A.M. Hoon Dok Hae held with True Parents at East Garden on the morning of March 17. True Father looked happy and gave a brief message, which was followed by the reading of his words, with reports and testimonies by international leaders.

True Parents entered the main hall and received thunderous applause from a packed East Garden. True Parents cut the cake as members sang, and received flowers from two 2nd Generation members.

True Father then asked Dr. Chang Shik Yang to report to the members present that morning.

Dr. Yang' report:

You may have recently been following True Parents' victorious course in Korea. Father has now begun a new era, one in which we will now follow the Lunar Calendar. Father has said that this is the first year, and the new beginning of the heavenly calendar. In Korea there have been many historic events including the blessing and True Parents 90th (91st by Korean counting) birthday. We also had the International Leadership Conference (ILC) and the Sports Tournament.

About 8 days ago our True Parents came to America. Father talked about the core of the Principle: through Hoon Dok Hae we must know the way of God and True Parents. He repeatedly emphasized these seven text books, including the Cheon Seong Gyeong, to be studied for our life of faith.

First our True Parents offer Kingship to Heavenly Father; humans have been enslaved by the human fall and True Parents want to liberate humankind and restore them back to the lineage of heaven. Through the Holy Wine and Blessing we are reborn into God's lineage. The number three course is to reestablish the World of Peace. Our True Parents came on the 2000 year foundation of Christianity in order to liberate humankind. No matter where they go they are always offering a special condition for heaven and for mankind. Father is always living for the providence. Father is always counting each and every day until 2013. As of today, there are 1080 days until January 13, 2013.

Kook Jin Nim's couple also came to Las Vegas and visited True Parents. Now True Parents want to lead America again so that this nation can go in the right direction. We can be so grateful that our True Parents are marching forward. Our True Father and Mother are happy and healthy. (Applause)

We do Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents for many long hours, sometimes from 12 to 13 hours, and yet they have continued to give the Hoon Dok Hae each day. True Father has had blisters and cold sores on his lips, setting conditions for the new millennium. Father is very serious when he goes to Las Vegas. Whenever they go there, they are setting enormous conditions of reading God's words for many hours, 12 to 15 hours at a time. Father only sleeps one or two hours per day.

The most beautiful thing of all in God's providence is the marriage blessing. On February 17th, Father gave the blessing to almost 50,000 couples worldwide. Through the blessing of Heung Jin Nim the way was opened for the blessing of couples in the spirit world. Because of this, the spiritual world has changed and vast numbers of couples have been blessed in the spirit world. We have now entered life that is eternal. There is no difference between the spirit world and physical world and the two are alike.

In 1959 and 1960 three missionaries were sent to America: Dr. Young Oon Kim, Dr. David Kim and Dr. Bo Hi Pak.

Through the Chung Pyung Providence we learned a lot and we were purified. Father guided Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim (Hoon Mo Nim) that Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim could begin the Chung Pyung Providence, which completely purifies us and liberates the evil spirits and blesses our ancestors.

Upon this foundation, when a special American passed away recently (Alexander Haig), Father could really appreciate and recognize him. When Father was in Korea during the Korean War, this General led the troops that landed at In Cheon and liberated Hungnam prison. We recently went to his funeral at the Basilica for the Immaculate Conception and honored him and his family.

When Father was the next to be executed in the morning, as prisoner number 596, the UN troops liberated Hungnam prison. Father told all his disciples in prison to "stay close to me" when the bombs were dropping. All who stayed with him closely survived and were not hurt. In this way, this General and the UN troops saved True Father's life. This key person served several key nations. This person also supported True parents through many administrations.

During the American Century Awards there was a great celebration of Father's 80th Birthday and we celebrated freedom, faith and family. Rev. Jerry Falwell and other key American figures were there. This special General had said "I worked to liberate Rev. Moon from communist prison and then God sent him to America to strengthen America to do God's Will."

True Father's Message:

Many don't understand how God is using Rev. Moon. Even now many of you don't understand how Father is working to save this nation and the world. No matter how much opposition and persecution I receive, I must fulfill.

The important thing is that I'm only trying to lead people to God. There is nothing hidden today. You must understand what I am doing. The intelligence organizations of the world are studying me. There is only one path to follow -- that is the path of God. This should be the path focused on God's Tradition and must have a clear vision of God's Dispensation. Now is the time to reveal everything.

You must understand that you must be willing to die to live. You have to go over this on many different stages. Many Americans didn't know what I was doing, many opposed me. However I risked my life repeatedly. Unification Church members did so many things to support, but many also didn't understand. We need textbooks. Unless we really understand Father's Words and Father's current message today, we can't understand God's providence. Even though you may go to a prestigious university, if you do not know the Providence and Father's Will you can't fulfill your providential responsibility and properly guide this nation.

Why am I here early in the morning? Is it out of concern for material or financial stability? No. I am here to teach the right tradition to America so that it can stand to lead the world. If you don't understand the way of the Principle, things can go wrong with your families and children. We need to overcome all the obstacles of family and personal challenges and run fast for God's providence.

You need to understand God's Word and His secrets. You may not understand what Father is doing, but 10 or 20 years later you will know. No matter how much you oppose, there will still be those that want to go with me, even if I tell them to go away.

Dr. Yang is a very capable and highly educated person. Though some people are smart and very capable they may be misunderstood and mistreated. I myself went through that kind of treatment. We must overcome all those kinds of obstacles. The most important thing is to study the heavenly textbooks. Why do you think the Koreans are here? It is because they want to help America go in the right direction. Even now, are you helping me? Even now I am still helping this nation financially. So many people, hundreds of people, are here. You should not be indebted to others; to me or to anyone.

In Las Vegas I see many people there. Many people don't understand what I'm trying to do. I am there to restore that sinful place. I have been there many times. Whether I go to the north or the south I always have an absolutely clear purpose.

Why do you think I came to America? Just to struggle and suffer? I could have stayed in Korea, so why do I come to America? To help America accomplish the Will of God. We need to be humble and repent with sincere tears. In Korean, report is "Bogo". This also means "to see". So what shall I do with America? I have been opposed and persecuted a lot.

Dr. Yang, please report.

Dr. Yang:

On March 2nd. General Haig's ceremony was held and Father sent In Jin Nim as a special envoy representing True Parents. Dr. Joo, Dr. Yang, Rev. Hwang, Bishop Kim, Dr. Jenkins, Mr. Tom McDevitt and others were also present. (12 altogether.) There was a special seating area for us at the funeral.

General Haig's younger brother, Father Frank Haig, who is a Catholic Priest, gave the eulogy. Then we went to Arlington cemetery for his special burial ceremony; it was a full military burial. Father gave us an urgent message that we must offer roses and lilies for the ceremony. 12 flower offerings were presented there; it was so beautiful.

Father then wanted the leaders of the world to know, so on March 8th we invited VIPs of the Washington area for a special Legacy Fellowship Banquet. Rev. Hwang gave an historic address concerning the meaning of Sung Hwa and the glorious meaning of ascension and why we should celebrate. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who had organized the rally for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., testified about how he met Rev. Moon in his first year in Congress. He felt that Rev. Moon was the person that God sent after Dr. King.

Then General Haig's son, Mr. Alex Haig, shared about how his Father talked so highly of Rev. Moon and how the family was moved that Rev. In Jin Moon and the delegation represented her Father. Also the flowers that were offered were so beautiful. (In Jin Nim was then called into the main hall by True Father and everyone welcomed her with applause).


(To In Jin Nim) You can go to Washington now for the meetings today.

How wonderful it is to have such a daughter. I have been going over all kinds of tribulations. I will never perish.

Dr. Yang:

A special event will be held tomorrow, the 18th. We will honor General Haig and many key leaders from around the world. We must bring all the key leaders to understand this new providence.

UPF International will prepare this special event. Father will honor President Wahid and all the key Presidents who passed away recently. President Wahid would always adjust his schedule to attend our meeting in Seoul, Washington or New York.

Now in Korea many of our members are passing away. Almost every day there is a Seung Hwa ceremony either happening, or being prepared for, because many of our elders are at that age. Usually a funeral in Korea only has white flowers but ours, because it's a celebration, has flowers of all colors.

An 1800 couple just passed away and gave a message. He realized that when you go to the spirit world you cannot hide anything. It is the time of high noon and all is revealed. We should fully realize that we must live substantially.


Now this is spring time and a most amazing time in history. We must be sure to live at high noon. Then we can live before God as the central axis. You need to become owners of the heavenly kingdom.

Rev. Hwang, UPF International Exec. Vice Chairman, was then asked by Father to report.

Rev. Hwang:

On March 1st, based on Father's direction, I flew to America to attend General Haig's funeral. After attending the funeral I flew back and reported to Father. I was then immediately sent back to America to attend the March 8th ceremony. Yet, I returned again to Korea and Father sent me back to America.


You must understand that there is a providential meaning to these three visits. We should understand the principle of concave and convex and that the concave womb receives the seed. We should be committed to make a new clean and shining America at this time. To do that we must make God the center of everything. How? This is done through the marriage blessing. We must understand how fearful the blessing is. All kinds of things come out from your purification. Spiritually, worms and bugs and all impurities come out. This should all be burned and cleansed away.

Many times we are victimized by demons that influence us with evil. So many times men and women must go through difficulties. Many times one spouse is not loyal to their spouse. When a handsome man or beautiful woman passes by they are influenced. These people are spiritually very smelly and repulsive. However, Father has been trying to lift them up and purify them before heaven so that they can live a clean and pure life.

This is so they can live a life of bright settlement before heaven. First there must be a moonrise and then a sunrise. Why did God make the things that are in creation? Everything has a purpose and even such things as very ugly bugs have a purpose that they serve to support other life. Human beings inherit the fallen lineage. Unfortunately many people are living with bugs and pesticides in creation. Also they are living that way spiritually. To cleanse this we must have a new lineage.

Look at me. I don't even wear any rings. Even though I am 90 years old. It is a fearful thing to realize that all the material things will not last. You must go back to the original lifestyle that is pure and connected to God's lineage and tradition. Those who want to die raise your hand? (No hands are raised.) Those who want to live eternal life? (Everyone raised their hands!) Then we have to understand sunrise and moon rise.

Rev. Hwang:

Though I was traveling back and forth to America, I felt so joyful because Father could use me to do something for God's Providence. What is the meaning of all these famous people passing into heaven? It symbolizes a new era in which God's authority is now absolute; the era of human centered authority is now passing away. Father is making a special world ceremony tomorrow, a world level Seung Hwa that will allow people to ascend to spirit world with a condition of liberation and fulfillment. Jesus gave blood as wine to his followers asked them to wait for his return. Now Father is giving the blessing of marriage and then the blessing for ascension. Also, Father is giving all key textbooks to mankind. I am so joyful to realize how Father is giving everything for humankind.

There are three most important moments in life: birth, marriage and death. It is very important as to how we end our lives. In the secular world, when people die they go through many special ceremonies. Father has created a new providence centering on the Seung Hwa tradition. Though we are tired, we are joyful because we can participate in this new providence of liberation.


You need to understand what you need to do from now on. We should not be afraid of anything; there is nothing to fear. You have to stand on the front line as a flag bearer. American's may say, "Father, please come back." But I have to move on. You have to be responsible. America must rise up. I already gave you many warnings. You should study and trust my words in the seven books. If you truly follow and practice it, in a matter of weeks miracles can happen.

To close, Dr. Yang was then instructed by Father to read Father's Message from his 90th Birthday Celebration, held on February 19, 2010

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