The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Invitation Letters for Attending the Blessing Ceremony

Hyung Jin Moon
January 18, 2010


To: Regional presidents, National leaders, National messiahs
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: January 18, 2010
Re.: Invitation Letters for Attending the Blessing Ceremony

May God and True Parents' blessings and love be with all regions, mission nations and providential organizations.

This is to announce the details for requesting invitation letters for entering Korea to participate in the 1.4 True Parents Cosmic Blessing Ceremony (working title) to be held on February 17, 2010.

1. Requesting Invitation Letters

1) Invitation letters will be issued only for participants of the Blessing Ceremony who will be entering Korea

2) All requests should be submitted before February 7, 2010

3) Please submit the following:

A color scan copy of the candidates passport

A completed request form (refer to attachment pdf)

2. Please be sure to submit all documents to:

1) Ms. Myung Ok Kim, Family Department, Cheon Bok Gung


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