Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 7
The True Husband And Wife And The Ideal Family

Part 1
True Husband And Wife

1. The Original Relationship Of Husband And Wife

One man and one woman are the substantial object of the invisible God, His son and His daughter. Man represents God's masculine (+) nature and woman represents God's feminine (-) nature. God -- the harmonized body of the dual characteristics -- is divided into two entities formed separately, and these separate bodies are to be united again to resemble God. This is the principle of creation. The unity of one man and one woman represents the original unity of God's plus nature and minus nature. This is the harmonized body resembling God. Therefore, two human beings, husband and wife, symbolize the whole of God.

Man is True Father's incarnation and woman is True Mother's incarnation. They are also respectively representatives of God. Therefore, when they become one in love, they are embracing the universe. They become the central point of the entire cosmos.

A husband represents all men, so he is father and older brother as well as husband; a wife represents all women, so she is mother and older sister as well as wife. That's why husband and wife should naturally respect each other.

Man is God's positive external form (hyung sang) and woman is God's negative external form, so a couple is like a bag which has inside it the whole universe. Therefore, a husband and wife can feel the ideal of God's heart of love.

Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. They are to unite and form parallel lines.

The perfection of man and woman's love is the perfection of the universe. When this love is broken, the order of the universe and the vertical world are destroyed.

The union of man and woman is the union of heaven and earth.

The embrace of man and woman itself is the union of the whole universe. It is like the original appearance of creation centering upon God's ideal.

Adam desired to control the cosmos. He cherished the value of husband and wife and this desire represented the central value of the world, didn't it? True love should occupy this central position, but look at the status of today's evil society! People pursue physical gratification only. You shouldn't follow this corrupt trend.

You should know the holiness and value of the love of an original man and woman.

2. The Ideal Of The True Husband And Wife, Which Must Be Restored

A wife should think that her husband is God's representative. She should be in the position of a daughter to her husband. The husband should restore her as God's lost daughter. God lost three feminine objective positions due to the fall. One of them, the position of God's daughter, should be restored through the husband. Therefore the wife should trust her husband more than she does her father. They have to face each other centering on this standard, which is much more valuable than the sum of their past experiences. Unless they restore this heartistic standard, husband and wife cannot restore the standard of the ideal object, which was destroyed by Satan. A husband should treat his wife as his mother, and they must be so intimate that they cannot stay away from each other even one day. They are each to be an existence absolutely needed by the other. Unless husband and wife become one like that, the condition of restoration is not established.

A wife is the mother's incarnation, the encapsulation of the mother's body for her husband. She is also the physical encapsulation of an older sister and of a younger sister, and she is the representative of all women in the universe. To love one's wife in this full dimensionality is to love the mother, older sister and younger sister on the level of all humankind.

Likewise, a husband is the father's incarnation for his wife. He is also the physical encapsulation of her older brother and younger brother. We must accomplish this ideal of the family. A man is True Father's incarnation and a woman is True Mother's incarnation. Therefore, neglecting one's wife is like neglecting True Mother, and deceiving one's husband is the same as deceiving heaven.

A wife should consider her husband as her father and grandfather and then as her older brother and younger brother.

A husband is to raise up his wife as his younger sister, to love her as his bride and to serve her as his mother. He is to love his wife in the order of younger sister, older sister, bride, and mother. By going through this course, we can restore the love that God lost due to the fall.

Why do we marry? We marry to discipline ourselves to love the world and to qualify ourselves to love humankind.

We receive the Blessing for the sake of God and the world. Then what is the purpose of love? In order to love the world, we are to love the one closest to us, who represents the world. A woman is to love her husband in place of her father, older brother, and younger brother, and a man is to love his wife in place of his mother, older sister, and younger sister. The husband and wife are bound to love and respect each other representing those four generations in the closest position, giving stimulating love and respect to each other.

The husband and wife relationship is the basic unit to give and receive worldwide love. Because Jesus couldn't set up this basic condition, the Marriage of the Lamb, bringing together a bride and a bridegroom representing the world, should be held this time.

In order to think of your wife as your mother, you have to be the baby. Be a baby! It is not bad to be a baby. A woman likes a man playing on affections. Try it if she likes! Try crying over food like a baby. Don't worry. God won't scold you for your immature behavior. It is inevitable in the course of restoration. When you say to your wife, "Mommy, give me rice," she will be joyful, saying, "Aha, here's our big baby."

Unless you are determined to restore the lost love of woman, you cannot restore the original family standard.

God has not had the experience of parental love, conjugal love and children's love with one person; this results in His resentment, which must be restored. When those three kinds of love are induced through one person, the heartistic Kingdom of Heaven can be restored. Ultimately, the only problem is love.

The new history starts from a bride and a bridegroom. By believing in Jesus, you are to make the pure and burning bond of love. Staying in the state of engagement is not enough; you are to become a real husband and wife. The couple should stand in the position to judge the past history and solemnly to start the new history as new ancestors. Without achieving this position, you cannot be considered a human being.

When a bride and a bridegroom individually are restored through indemnity and become a husband and a wife representing heaven and earth, God will acknowledge them, saying, "You are the flesh of my flesh, the most dutiful son and the most loyal subject." Then they are qualified to represent all the nations of the world.

How is your blessed family life? Do you fight? It is not easy to be a husband or a wife. Do you know how difficult it is for God to find an ideal object on this earth? After losing His sons and daughters, God has been establishing religions at the cost of great sacrifice through the course of history. Owing to the foundation of such sacrifices, you are called here and blessed. Dare you fight with each other after receiving such valuable love? It is easier to be the president of one nation than to be a husband or a wife of one family. The husband is the substantial God on earth. Man is the substantial representative of heaven and woman is the substantial representative of earth. When they are harmonized, the ideal is accomplished, filled with joy and song. The power of love is limitless, so when you are intoxicated with God's love, you are in God's dominion.

I blessed you because I want you to establish a family which is objective to God and which is qualified to receive His love, so you shouldn't fight. It is not that the husband is not responsible for his wife's mistakes or that the husband can stand righteously while a wife does something evil. You should serve your spouse as God, more than you serve anybody else in the nation or world.

Women in the Unification Church should think of their husband as their God and men should think of their wife as their God. The one who serves one's spouse as God is considered to be the one with true love.

And then you are to serve your husband as your Lord. The Lord is the King of Kings. Aren't you happy to live with somebody representing God, Lord and King? You should be as joyful to see your husband as you would be to see God. Because love is unchanging, it can penetrate anything. The way of love is such that love goes through an individual, family, nation, world and even God; it can go through everything.

When a wife is as happy to see her husband as she is to see the Lord or King, she carries the value of God's object. If you are God's object, you have the same value as God. When you completely love the King, Lord and God, your love can penetrate anywhere. Therefore, these three kinds of love are like a crystalline lens. True love can unite all the creation.

When you go to the spirit world with such love, you will be one with God. There is no boundary in love. Your husband is sent by God, the Lord and the King. He carries God's bundle of love, so you cannot deny such a precious guest, whether he is handsome or not. Without this understanding, you are not qualified to get married. When you relate to the four directions with such love, the whole universe is embraced in the realm of your love. Then you love subjects as your King, humankind as the Lord, and the universe as God. This enables you to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place to which those who love humankind as they love their own spouses or their Lord can go. Ultimately, from the viewpoint of love, God, the Lord and the King are one.

When man and woman become one, the whole universe can be one. Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. Man is in the subject position and he doesn't want anyone to intervene with his affairs. But love and truth can control anybody. Woman wants to receive love and she is passive. In this sense, man is to be a giver and woman is to be a receiver. That is why the oneness of man and woman is the oneness of heaven and earth. Only love can dominate the universe; therefore, you have to consider your spouse as greater than the universe. Our desire is to have an object who can receive and cherish us.

You are to love people. Man is to love woman and woman is to love man. The representative of man for a woman is her husband, and the representative of woman for a man is his wife. The husband is sent as the representative of all the men of the nation, of the world, and of the spirit world. The wife is sent as the representative of all the women of the nation, of the world, and of the spirit world.

In order to build the Kingdom of Heaven, a man should be able to love all the women of the world as he loves his wife. Think that you picked your wife as the companion representing all the women of the world. A woman should think of her husband as the companion representing all the men of the world.

What do you have to love first in order to love your nation? In order to love the nation a man should be able to love one woman, considering her to be the chosen representative of all the women in the nation. The same is true for a woman. When the two representatives of all men and all women become one and establish a family, that family belongs to heaven.

Conjugal love is necessary to introduce and teach the feeling of the Kingdom of Heaven in the future.

The families of the Unification Church should establish the "Kingdom of Heaven of the Family." When the "Kingdom of Heaven of the Family" is established, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth surely will be accomplished. In order to stimulate the real feeling of the future Kingdom of Heaven in the present position, we need an object. When we are stimulated by our spouses in our family, we can feel in our present daily lives the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven which is to come in the future. That's why husband and wife are needed. Husband and wife can live eternally through such stimulation. Development is impossible without stimulation.

Conjugal love is the stimulating force to build the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. Conjugal love pulls the joy of the future into the present time and supplies the present with driving force which empowers us to reach the future. This love includes love of nation, world and God, so it can penetrate everywhere.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the place for the loving husband and wife only. If a couple lives their physical life realizing this concept of love, they are already in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind, but the Unification Church says that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your family. If you cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven in your family, the ideal of the Unification Church will not be accomplished. If you can build the Kingdom of Heaven in your family, the ideal will be accomplished. With this viewpoint, you must go the right way centering upon the Principle. A woman should love her husband as her father, grandfather and brothers; and on the foundation of this bond of love, she should love her actual father, grandfather and brothers. Otherwise, she is not qualified to have a husband. If she just loves her husband while hating her father, grandfather and brothers, she will drift away from God's Word.

You should have the concept of loving your husband as the fruitful representative of all men in the world. When your love transcends the national boundary and embraces the whole of humankind as your family, you will be acknowledged as God's son or God's daughter. This is Unificationism.

It would be a blessing of good advice to say to a person who is about to die for the sake of his family, "Abandon your family and die for your nation." Isn't it right? If it isn't wrong, you should behave like that. It is proper to give a painful word like "sacrifice your family" to a person who is struggling with his poor household. The nation is the window through which shines a dawning light opening the way of the Kingdom of Heaven for the family. When you concern yourself with your nation's household more than your own family's, the nation will protect you. When such a person starves, the nation will shed tears. A multitude who sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the world, beyond their own families, can dominate the world without a physical battle, because no one can oppose them. This is God's strategy.

Ask yourself in front of a mirror, "What dream have I carried on so far?" The dream shouldn't be a dream for yourself, but should be a dream for heaven, the world and humankind. An ideal man and an ideal woman want to have a spouse who loves the world, God and humankind more than himself or herself. It is evil when a wife bothers her husband's public mission for her individual love. That's why it is said that your own physical family is the enemy. The ones who can destroy your chances at the critical, final moment of entering the Kingdom of Heaven are your loving children, spouse and parents.

3. The Position Of The Blessed Couples

God is composed of Father God (masculinity) and Mother God (femininity); therefore, all things in the creation are also composed of the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity. Eve is the wife of Adam through a horizontal relationship. In front of God, through a vertical relationship, she is Mother God as well.

The vertical God and the horizontal God meet at the time of the Blessing. The family is the place for this meeting. When the family is established, God and human beings can be united. Whenever and wherever the family is established, the vertical God as well as the "horizontal" Mother and Father God will be happy. God, father and mother are to be easily and naturally combined like the branch and the leaves of a tree. This is the seed of love that God desires as His ideal.

In the blessed family, man should live with the dignity of God and woman should live with the dignity of God's wife. If man and woman become one centering upon God, they will live in love in the physical universe and in the spirit world. This is fundamentally different from the type of love that Americans give and receive.

Living with God's dignity in true love has to do with the whole relation ship between God and the universe, because the origin and the result are one and the same love. This is the principle of vertical and horizontal love. Blessed families appeared with special grace enabling them to surpass the standard set at the origin by evil parents, and to determine the standard of good parents and have the right of good ancestors. Therefore, the joy of husband and wife is the joy of Heaven and earth. You are to create such a family.

Satan tempted Jesus, saying, "If you are the son of God, throw yourself down." This means that Jesus had to govern the fallen realm and gain victory over Satan's trials. In other words, if Jesus came as the son of God, he was supposed to have been separated from all the suffering conditions in the course of God's restoration. The focus of the 6,000 year history of restoration is to discipline humankind to restore Adam. Then, what shall we do after restoring Adam? We are to create Eve. We shouldn't let Adam and Eve be alone this time. We have to take good care of them and comfort them. We always have to he right beside them, going eastward if they are headed east or going westward if they are headed west. The blessed couples are like the restored Adam and Eve.

Because an older brother and younger sister fell, a husband and wife as a brother and sister should be acknowledged by God. They must enter the domain of liberation by going over the crisis of indemnity in the fallen world. Unless a husband and wife meet again as brother and sister, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Since the married couples of all religions have not known this, they have entered the spirit world separately.

The Unification Church teaches us how to remain united on earth and in the spirit world. That's what Father does. That is the Blessing.

All fallen men are archangels, fallen archangels. Woman in the fallen world is in the position of Eve who tempted the archangel, and man in the fallen world is in the position of the archangel who tempted Eve. The problem now is how to take care of the transformed fallen Eve and archangel, who have become the restored Adam and Eve.

Don't think that there are thirty billion people in the world; they all are our enemies. Here you are establishing the God-centered four position foundation. You have to get rid of all the fallen factors in the physical world and in the spirit world. In order to overcome Satan's total attack, you must have power stronger than Satan.

When a man reaches the restored Adam's position, Eve's position can be restored. And then they as a liberated husband and wife should establish the heavenly law to serve God. As soon as they set up the heavenly law, a new tribe is born.

Examples of the law of love between parents and children have been shown in history, but no one has practiced the law of love between man and woman. We haven't seen the content of the law of love between Jesus and the Holy Spirit, a bridegroom and a bride. We have to show this new standard of conjugal love and live according to it.

God manifested the attitude of parental love through the 6,000-year history of looking after His lost sons and daughters, but He couldn't demonstrate the love of man and woman to humankind. It was God's frustration and resentment that He couldn't establish the value of the horizontal love between man and woman, even though He showed the vertical standard of loving us as His children.

So it is God's desire to establish the substance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to witness to the value of their love in front of the universe and humankind, and to let it shine throughout the entire spirit world. Knowing such resentment of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you should dissolve it in your lifetime. You are to set up the tradition of man woman love which can accomplish this. That's why a man looks for a woman and a woman looks for a man.

4. Ideal Husband And Wife

Why did God make it that man needs woman and woman needs man? It is because God did not want to let one person live independently, but desired that two people live together for the sake of the future world, centering upon God's desire and love. When a husband and wife live hand in hand, dreaming optimistically of the future and denying the fallen reality, they will be able to go through any difficult environment. The difficult reality will not damage their future but will stimulate in them a new vision for the future. The ordeal of the present reality then will not restrain them. When a man and a woman stand in the position to respect each other, fully aware of and accompanied by the value of the future, the site of happiness will be established right there.

God established Adam and Eve as each other's ideal spouse because they are absolutely needed for each other. Unless the subject and the object make a bond of affinity in the present reality they cannot relate to the future. God established Jesus and the Holy Spirit as subject and object in order to manifest this cosmic content. Nobody can deny this.

In order to extend the dominion, you get married.

A couple has to establish a family with the affection generated from each other, and it should match God's purpose. Otherwise, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven where God dwells in eternity. This is the conclusion and God's purpose of creation.

God is composed of vertical dual characteristics and each human being is composed of horizontal dual characteristics, so the ideal of husband and wife is to create a perfect sphere by the unity of the vertical God and the horizontal human beings.

Husband and wife should love each other as God's representatives. If you love from a humanistic point of view, you will eventually get divorced after discovering each other's shortcomings.

If a man and a woman get divorced whenever one of them makes a mistake, the family system will be destroyed and the order of society will be thrown into confusion. According to the degree of the mistake, they are to be given the indemnity period to repent. They should be educated about their mistakes and should be led not to make the same mistakes, in order for them to continue as a harmonious family.

Who are the true husband and true wife? When people become mature, they learn to form a family. They should consider their spouse to be their eternal object of love and their love should grow, day by day adding more and more love to the first love. When husband and wife as the substantial bodies of eternal love can extend the family-level love to the love of a tribe, they can be considered a true husband and true wife. Then they also can participate in God's love.

The true husband thinks that he was born, lives, and will die for the sake of his spouse. The same is true for the true wife. The husband and wife of an ideal, happy and peaceful family carry the principle to live for the sake of their spouse.

All of you are men of influence and fame in your society. You may think that your success is achieved by your own talent and effort, but you have to know that your very being was caused by a woman, not by yourself. Without a woman, can a man be born? What about a woman? Was she born for the sake of herself? It is vanity to be proud of being a famous feminine movie star in colorful make-up without a man. A man's shoulders are wide and a woman's hips are big so that they can be matched well.

Therefore, an ideal couple comes into being when they are of one mind to live for the sake of the other. From this point of view, ideal, happy and good people are those who live for the sake of others. This is the very principle of creation, of which humankind is still ignorant.

The husband should be able to sacrifice his life for the sake of his wife and the wife should be able to sacrifice her life for the sake of her husband. Such a couple is related to and protected by God's direct dominion of love, so it is impossible for them to fall.

True parents live and die for the sake of their children because love is established between them. Likewise, a husband and wife of true love and of true happiness are one in love, and they each live for the sake of the other. This is an ideal couple.

In the secular family, when a husband earns money, power is produced. The money earned by the husband is the source to energize the wife and the husband gets energy by looking at his energized wife. That's why they are anxious and their relationship is apt to be broken when the husband doesn't earn money.

The true husband and wife should center upon God's love.

The bride and bridegroom should center upon the original love of God, not upon money, authority or fame.

You are to develop yourself gradually, centering upon love. While the husband loves the wife and the wife lives for the sake of the husband, they are to establish a family that loves God.

What is the ideal couple of which the Unification Church talks? They are the couple which can substantiate the utmost art. The love of a husband and wife is the masterpiece of all art works. It is the best literature and it should be the substance of literature.

The husband should look the best in the wife's eyes and the wife should look the best in the husband's eyes. The bond of first love is the best bond. It doesn't matter what others say. It is impossible to buy it with billions of dollars. How beautiful it is to possess such a world of love eternally!

The wife should follow and serve her husband well. This is not supposed to appear just in literature or movies. You should live it in reality. The ideal of history and the ideal of culture have been wrecked, so Father has been creating a new history in order to create the ideal culture.

Until when do you want to love your spouse? How would you feel if the answer came, "Until our youth is over" ? We want our spouse to love us until death and even eternally. Eternity represents the whole centering upon the future. To love until death is to love sacrificing everything. "Eternally" means "completely," and "until death" means "giving everything."

After marriage, sisters will ask their husbands if they like them and how much they like them. They want to hear their husbands say that they love them giving everything, wholeheartedly. The same is true for men. It is inevitable. It is the way of God's harmony.

A man should die if he cannot control a woman, but it doesn't mean that man is to neglect woman. It doesn't work to claim and to present your one-sided way of love. Man and woman should examine each other forever. If your life is not sanctified and your family is not restored, God cannot claim your couple as His.

The dutiful son's mind is unchanging and it goes straight to his parents; and the loyal subject's mind goes straight to his king. Likewise, the saint is the one whose mind is unchanging and goes straight to God. If your mind is unchanging even at the moment of death, you are a dutiful son, a loyal subject and a saint.

In this view, if a couple wants to be a true husband and wife, the wife's mind should be able to go straight to the husband and the husband's mind should be able to go straight to the wife. That's why the Unification Church disciplines the mind to go straight to God regardless of whether one is Occidental or Oriental. Therefore, the mind of western members and of eastern members in the Unification Church is exactly the same toward Father.

The husband is precious to his wife and the wife is precious to her husband. They meet in the presence of the heavenly law; their meeting is not caused by themselves. If we keep our integrity in relation to God, we can break through and advance upon our way.

An ideal husband and wife encourage each other to work for the Will, God, and the world.

You must be a luminous couple, like the sun and the full moon in the principled orbit, not like the sun or the moon covered with dark clouds in a dark cosmos.

Heaven is looking for a couple which can represent heaven and earth and whose heart is filled with passionate love.

Create a record of love until you meet Father again. You should rear your children in the atmosphere of such conjugal love.

You should be a couple of parental heart which can be God's fence.

Economic difficulties cannot crack the affinity of husband and wife. Educational background cannot blur conjugal love. Some wife may think that her husband should study a certain field more, but Father doesn't think so.

5. Conjugal Love

Conjugal love is the oneness of the love of man and the love of woman. Conjugal love is to become one with children's love centering upon parental love and then it can become one with God's love. God's love will dwell where the origin of perfect conjugal love is established.

When a man and a woman are about to explode in love on the foundation of loving God and humankind, God and the universe can claim and possess their family. Where does the root of love exist? It doesn't exist within you. God's love is the origin.

Doves love each other sounding "coo, coo." What about you couples? When people who are in deep love meet each other, the sound will be much bigger than that of thunder.

If we have strong love centered upon God, opposition and persecution from the world will be something interesting to play with. "First love" possesses enormous power, like dynamite. Did Adam and Eve live together without getting married, as is the practice of the young people in this age? True love is the first, the last and the eternal. The mind to pursue such strong idealistic love becomes the driving force to overcome all difficulties. We can win over anything -- not only Satan -- when we are in love.

To fall is to lose the center of vertical love and horizontal love. That's why conjugal love in the fallen world is so unstable. Conjugal love these days can be turned around 180 degrees by one word. That is the fallen reality. That shows that people don't know where conjugal love should aim. The reason that the world is heading toward destruction is that the order of conjugal love has broken apart.

True love means to love in complete oneness of body, heart and blood lineage. Who can love like that? Only the husband and wife can. In this ideal, is there any taste of life when one is apart from one's spouse?

One's spouse is the most lovely object in the world. The relationship between a couple is just like an echo. Your spouse will sound and behave according to how you sound and behave.

In love, a man doesn't reject a woman even while she is plunging into the depth of his heart. A man likes such a woman. All barriers are broken when one sacrifices and invests everything for the sake of love.

God wants a couple to love each other passionately. In order not to leak any love, which means to love 100%, virgin maidens and bachelors are warned not to touch each other's hands before marriage.

When you enter your married life after keeping your virginity, you will be able to love wholeheartedly. Even though a couple is physically far apart, they will find themselves moving toward each other automatically and unconsciously.

Our mind and body are in contradiction. To correct this, first of all, the body in the position of object should be one with the mind in the position of subject. Then we should make the reciprocal base for God to dwell in our mind, which is taking subject position united with the body as object. When a man and a woman who have accomplished this receive the Blessing and live giving and receiving perfect love in joy, they will look like flowers in full bloom.

All the harmonized outcomes generated from such loving couples will be like beautiful fragrance to God. God has always longed to live with such beautiful flowers and in such fragrance. God can dwell only in the love of a husband and wife; all things and the universe should be harmonized centering upon that love. The Unification Church is the place for teaching this content.

God's favorite melody is the joyous laughing of a couple in love. When a couple lives with the mind to embrace the whole universe, laughter is produced automatically. Isn't the loving life of a such a couple a beautiful flower in God's sight? This is not a mere ideal or something abstract. I am talking about the original world.

Looking at a mountain, a couple asks, "For whom does this mountain exist?" Their answer is, "It exists for me at the same time as for you." A couple is like this. The way for a couple to be one is for them to accomplish the purpose of the universe, regarding that purpose to be the most significant aspect of life.

A couple speaks centered upon mind, personality and love. They are in the same boat, aren't they? When a country-bred lady gets married to a Cabinet minister, people bow down to her as the wife of a Cabinet minister even if she didn't graduate from elementary school. Husband and wife are to go the same way. Within a couple, the wife's love is the husband's love and the husband's love is the wife's love.

The laughter of a husband and wife who are intoxicated in love is relative. The man opens his eyes wide and the woman gently closes her eyes when they laugh. When the husband's eyes get bigger and the wife's eyes get smaller, they become more intoxicated in love.

A couple shouldn't unilaterally desire their spouse's face to remain in a fixed shape. If they remain fixed, each will become really tired of looking at the other. When you look at your spouse with a joyful heart, he or she will look joyful; and when you look at your spouse with a beautiful heart, he or she will look beautiful. Feel your spouse's face anew with every new stimulation.

A husband and wife are happy when they give and receive love with each other. If a man strikes a woman with his fist using physical power, that couple cannot be happy at all. When a man energetically embraces and loves a woman, the woman will feel true happiness. This love cannot be accomplished by energy alone; neither can it be fulfilled by heart alone.

When a man confirms his loving heart with physical power, a woman feels complete happiness, and when the woman returns love both physically and spiritually to the man, they can become a truly happy couple.

Human beings always need stimulation. Happiness cannot be established without stimulation. Whenever we are hungry, rice tastes so good and fresh. We can eat the same meal every day with the same relish. Likewise, love always should be fresh and new. The husband and the wife should miss each other more and more, day by day. In order to feel that way we have to research ourselves and God.

What is our favorite thing to do? Is it eating? We feel good when we eat, but it is temporary. If we are full, we can't eat more, even though we are offered the most delicious dishes.

But we are never satiated with our lover. The more we see the lover, the more we miss him or her. In this way, lovers make a circle of love. Unification takes place right there.

Prior to marriage, a girl doesn't feel the necessity of a man. But once she gets caught by love in married life, she cannot bear to be without him. Owing to love, she realizes that her husband is much more precious than herself.

True joyfulness can be generated in a family only if they center their love upon God and they can see the joyous God. Originally, making love is not something of which to be ashamed. It is supposed to be the noblest, holiest and most beautiful thing. Because the human ancestors committed a sin of love, the history of love has flowed in a shameful direction.

Who could see Adam and Eve dancing naked in the Garden of Eden? Should we worry if a couple dances naked in their private room? Society rightly accuses them if they do so in front of others. But who cares if a husband and a wife dance naked or do whatever they want? Therefore, the blessed couple may dance naked in their room. Nobody can accuse whatever happens between a husband and a wife.

Even though there arc so many men and women in the world, you should be able to think that there exist only you and your spouse. It is the principle that you totally invest yourself in your spouse alone.

The value of love lies in longing. Your spouse will be happy to pour out his or her love to you only if you ask for love opening your mouth and your eyes as much as you can -- in other words, only if you actively initiate love. Otherwise, your spouse will run away. How bad would you feel if your spouse were passive and not serious in love? Do you want to be closer to your lover or to be far away from your lover? We always want to be together with our lover because we feel good when we are together. We feel good when we are together because everything functions simultaneously.

When expressing love to a partner, it would be better to do it silently than to do it loudly shouting, "I love you." Deep love kept silently in the heart is very precious.

Occidental love is active whereas Oriental love is internal. The waves are high in the shallow water and gentle in the deep water. The waves of love also get quieter in depth. In this sense, invisible love is more precious than visible love. If there is one walking, visible God, what will happen? All the nations will fight with one another to possess this limited God within their boundaries. But fortunately, that which is precious is invisible and that which is invisible is precious. God is precious because He dwells in our invisible mind. Because He is inside our mind, nobody can steal God from us.

The invisible love is the greatest among all kinds of love. It would be no fun at all if love were visible. Since love is invisible, it can be the highest, widest and deepest. Some say love is like the Rocky Mountains or like the Niagara Falls. Those are correct similes. The invisible God is precious because invisible love is precious. It is true that we have to enter the state of the complete absence of ego in order to find God. God lives deeply and quietly in the invisible world rather than in the visible world where we live.

American love looks very hot but it is actually lukewarm. The American couples kiss each other every morning; it is like a fly touching on the skin a little and flying away. Look at Oriental couples. The husband and the wife stare at each other before kissing and they both drop their head slightly due to shyness. It is a really beautiful scene, comparable to one of the great masterpieces. It is also a sweet and mysterious scene when a wife carries her husband's suitcase with loving heart in order to see him off when he leaves for a business trip. But most American women don't even turn their heads or go out of the room to see their husbands off. Therefore, Orientals who are aware of the Western life style don't want to get married to an American woman.

The conversation of a loving couple is much more beautiful than any poem or any picture in the world. How beautiful words are, such as "between lovers," "between ourselves," or "you and me"!

When God blesses human beings, He creates the environment for the couple to be happy. The couples who enter the door of such blessing don't fight with each other right away. After entering the door of love, they are busy exchanging whispers such as, "I've been waiting to meet you for a long time. My life will bloom with the flowers of value through you. I was born to love you and waited to love you until now." There is nothing sweeter than the confidential talk of love.

The married couple's whispering of love is the most effective refrigerant to cool off all the fatigue and the hatred in the world. A couple shouldn't demand love forcibly from each other. Love is natural, so the confidential talk of love is soft and beautiful.

The wife after knowing love is stimulated to take a nap in the husband's bosom. That's because she gets addicted to this happiness and cannot control her heart. Prior to marriage, the man looks creepy and scary, but the woman's heart changes rapidly after marriage. She will do whatever it takes to be with her husband as much as she can be. For example, she pushes her husband to come home for lunch.

Likewise, a man after knowing love wants to sleep on his wife's lap whenever he finds leisure time, so he rushes right home at a coffee break or at lunch time. After marriage, he can do whatever the wife wants without a moment's hesitation -- even things that he formerly considered totally belonging to women. This is the typical change which takes place in a married couple.

When a man and a woman meet through God as their mediator, how do they express their love? Looking at the developmental process of love, love is expressed first by the mouth, second by the breasts and third by the sexual organ. Before making love, a woman hides her mouth due to shyness because love starts from kissing.

As love matures, sons and daughters are born as the fruit of love. For woman, her sexual organ is the holy place of love and only the husband has the key to the door of love. If the husband has two keys to open the holy place of love, he is Satan. The woman's holy place is to be opened only by her husband's key. If it can be opened by any other key, the woman is Satan.

When the husband opens the wife's holy place with his key of love, the most precious and valuable children are to be born. The children are the crystals of love. Through giving birth to a child, human beings can experience God's heart of having created Adam and Eve.

Because the baby is the incarnation of the parents, being composed of the blood, flesh and love of the parents, it looks lovely and cute all the time. It doesn't matter if the child has a runny nose or is urinating or defecating. Love is soaked with those actions. If the couple's relationship is created by an extremely strong force of love, no matter what the spouses do, every action looks joyful and lovely.

If a woman complains about her husband's body smell or if a man dislikes his wife's gestures, we can tell that there is no perfect love established between the couple. Such couples relate centering upon their own advantage.

6. The Destiny Of A Couple

What is marriage? It is to set one's sights upon a common destiny as a couple. It is to pursue the dual destiny, overcoming the individual destiny. Once a man and a woman are bound to one common destiny through marriage, they cannot freely change it by their will.

A man is bound to a man's destiny because he is born as a man; a woman is bound to a woman's destiny because she is born as a woman. No one can deviate from this; there is nothing that we can do about this destiny. Therefore, it is wise for us to follow the given orbit of destiny.

Once you are married, you cannot do whatever you like. You are to follow the destiny of your family at the risk of your life.

When we extend the trajectory of the heartistic road that a man and a woman are to go, it converges in oneness, focused upon God's principled road. That is the ideal point of the settlement of family love, generated by the oneness of man and woman. At first, a man and a woman individually are to find the focal point in which they can settle themselves down in God's heart; then they as a couple should find the settling point of family love by extending the individual focus.

Beginning with the very moment of love, you are one, not two any more. You cannot behave individually but should collectively take responsibility for everything.

A husband and a wife are a pair. Everybody's fortune is as different as everybody's face is different. The destiny of every life course is different. Even though a husband's fortune is bad, it can be changed to the good if the wife's fortune is good. The wife's bad fortune also can be made better by the good fortune of her husband. Therefore, the destiny of a couple is like leveling the land, raising up the valleys and bringing down the mountains. On that fertile ground, the couple can plant trees or plow fields with their common ideal. They can push ahead all varieties of plans on their land. Thinking in this manner, you should not unite centering upon your spouse's external looks. What is at stake in marriage is something very fearful.

When a marriage is not well arranged or accomplished, either the man dies or the woman dies, or both of them die at the same time. Many times we can see such phenomena. This principle functions even in the place of which you are not aware. The prosperity of your generation does not guarantee the prosperity of your future generations. A minimum of three to seven generations should be settled centered upon God. Your spouse may seem unfit for you to your human eyes, but you will realize the truth after making effort to live together for more than three years. Father is teaching about history from the aspect of tradition, so you couples should endeavor to become one.

You are in the same position as Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When you become one centered upon God and try saving others' lives in tears, multiplication will surely take place. Research whether or not this is true. If it does not work this way, my words are a lie. You should be completely one at the risk of your life for the sake of the glory of God's will and of your descendants, and you should establish the foundation upon which you can have give and take with God. When you completely engage in this give and take action, procreation takes place. This is the Principle. Practice this principled life in your substantial household. Because it has not been practiced in our daily lives, we have been stagnating.

Unless you accomplish relational love first, you cannot reach the absolute love of the subject. This destiny was given human beings in the original creation, so when you cannot accomplish the purpose of love, you are bound to bring about a rupture.

The husband's mind and body shouldn't change. Once he promises something, he must keep his promise forever. Otherwise he will be judged in the spirit world not by God, but by his wife. The same applies to the wife. The perfect person is the one who accomplishes oneness of mind and body, oneness with God, and oneness with their spouse.

There is only one love.

There is only one heartistic standard for a couple to establish.

The couple's mind and body should be one forever.

Love is eternal. It is not two but one. Once a man and a woman are bound in love, they are to live one hundred years on earth and eternally in the spirit world. When the two separate physical bodies become one centering upon God and establish the four position foundation of love, the ideal world will be formed. False love cannot invade there, and only true love will dwell there.

Some of the blessed couples may complain about their spouses. They are the ones who do not know God's sorrowful path, which has headed toward the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven in the future. God knows the difference in standard between you and your spouse. When you keep your heart grateful to God, even though your spouse is not satisfied with you, He will bless you abundantly in the near future. The grateful heart is the absolute condition for receiving God's blessing. We must be the ones with such heart.

During the first three years of marriage, you have a hard time engrafting to your spouse because your family background, habits and etiquette are totally different from your spouse's. They do not fit each other, but you must make a deliberate effort to make them fit.

The wife should be obedient to and supportive of her husband. Of course, it is the husband's responsibility to increase his wife's willingness to do that. The husband should teach the wife how the Principle works. That's why Father thinks that the first three years of married life is the period to discipline the couple to be united with God's will. It takes at least three years for a couple to be one centering upon God.

Give birth to a child after being a parent without any trace of shame, according to God's will and the Principle. Such a family life is the principled form.

It is not easy to play the role of a parent; neither is it easy to play the role of a husband or a wife. You have to inherit the tradition of the Unification Church.

Everything that a woman has belongs to others. Therefore, a woman has the responsibility to keep others' belongings well. Think of the woman's breasts, hips and sexual organs! None of them are for a woman's sake.

A woman is in the position of a guest, an errand girl and a servant. She enters the other's house as a servant, goes through the course of an errand girl for her husband and parents-in-law, and finally becomes a queen -- the most precious guest. Originally, a woman's voice should sound softer than the voice of an average man. Her voice should be like the whispers of love.

In an Oriental family, the husband even hits his wife to correct her bad habits. An American woman divorces right away if she gets even one fist from her husband, doesn't she? What kind of love is that, which can be abandoned because of one blow? If she is slapped by her husband, a woman with true love weeps, holding her husband's hands. What can you do with love so shallow that it runs away because of one slap? True love makes you risk your life. A woman of true love doesn't abandon her husband even though he does this. I want to make you such a woman. But you know it is really not good for a husband to hit his wife.

What kind of woman do you want to be ? Do you want to be the kind of woman who divorces after being slapped by her husband? Don't you all want to be the women of true love, who can love sacrificing their lives in spite of your husband's misbehavior? Raise your hand if you want to be such a woman. All of the American men want to get married to you if you are such a woman.

What kind of bond do we have? We have the bond which will avenge God's lost love.

In order to make a bond of life, a man and a woman should march forward toward world peace. Peace cannot be achieved by only a man or only a woman. It is to be accomplished by the unified power of a man and woman. The way to achieve unity and peace is to rush right into the center. The driving force to rush into the center is the power of love. When your object appears, your mind automatically is to be stimulated to love.

When you are in suffocating agony, nobody can help you get out of that state. Even God cannot do anything for you. But how precious it is to have a horizontal partner who can understand your heart! The partner's shortcomings can be the condition for you to be grateful to God and to mitigate God's burden. When your partner comes up short in every held of life, it can be a good condition for you to show yourself in front of God.

Individual destruction is acceptable but the family shouldn't be destroyed. The wife is the most needed person in the world for her husband and the husband is the most needed person in the world for his wife. You should be each other's walking stick, advising each other.

Whether your partner is good or bad, he or she is your partner. When a husband faces the fate of death, so does his wife. The wife who curses her husband when he is on the verge of death will surely perish. The same applies to the husband.

The subject or object who lives for the sake of his or her partner never perishes. When there is a perfect subject who lives for the sake of others, a perfect object is bound to appear. When there is a perfect object who practices life for the sake of others, a perfect subject will definitely appear. Even though the partner doesn't appear right away, if you don't give up until the end, he or she definitely will come. You have to know this point very clearly. You shouldn't give things up so easily after trying just several days. Once you start something, your mind should determine to persist until death. If you cannot get the direct result in your lifetime, your mind should believe that it will surely come in the following generations. Waiting for generation after generation is not bad, if it is the result of God's plan to give you the worldwide blessing. God will think, "You are a very patient tribe, so wait for ten or twenty generations more. I'll pour the worldwide, historical blessing upon your descendants."

Due to the fall, human beings lost God's love. Without God's love, we have been making human relationships. That's why, even though the original mind is yearning for true love, there is no true love. The false love generated without God's intervention is temporary, covering only the physical life.

The couple happily married on earth may separate when they enter the spirit world. They will surely be separated if their love did not originate in God. The couples who started their love relationship and their family life centering upon God's love will never be separated.

7. Why Are We Sad When Our Loved One Dies?

Why do we feel sad when our loved one dies? When our loved one dies, we feel it instantaneously because of the way the power which fills the universe functions. The more love enters us, the more we feel this universal power centering upon our vertical relationship with God. But when our loved one dies, this power leaves us and we feel the absence of the power right away.

This is bitter. We are to be perfectly good entities found acceptable but we become incomplete due to the absence of our loved one. Our life pursues perfection. But when we carry imperfect factors, the power of the universe drives us out. That results in pain. You should know this clearly.

It is agonizing and painful to disappear from the earth. To feel somewhat better without a husband violates the Principle -- the universal law. That's why a wife wants to die when her husband dies. When we fit ourselves in harmony with all the relative positions, happiness comes.

When your husband or your wife dies, you feel sad. The principle of the universe is to form a four position foundation centering upon God, completing the three stages of parents, husband and wife, and children. When we are banished from the Principle, we feel sad. The formula is to create the vertical and the horizontal world centering upon the three stages of God, Adam, and Eve. The horizontal world is formed through the substantiation of Adam, Eve, and their children. The horizontal world is to appear and expand naturally through the extension of Adam and Eve's family. The horizontal standard of the body is children and the horizontal standard of the mind is the spirit world. The two should be one. God can dwell right there, in both the spirit world and the physical world. This leads to the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Why does the husband shed tears when his wife dies? Because the way to give birth to children, fulfilling the third purpose, is broken. Therefore, he feels sad. Without accomplishing the third purpose, he cannot survive. There are positive (+) electricity and negative (-) electricity. If one of them disappears, the remaining one cannot function at all. The same applies to human life.

Can we really be happy living alone? When one half of a couple dies, the partner cries bitterly. Can a man alone prepare the way of life? Why do we become miserable without a partner? It is because we cannot fulfill the law of the universe. The motives and components which make for happiness are determined by the law of the universe -- the pair system. Feeling sad means we are deviating from the law. The law of the universe does not correspond with sadness. What does feeling happy or joyful mean? It means that the universe welcomes you. Feeling sad is the result of being banished from the world. Joy and sadness are distinguished in this manner.

When the husband of a newly married couple living in a complete oneness suddenly dies, can the wife alone find the lost love? Can she alone recover her husband's love? The only way to restore the lost love is through the resurrection of the husband.

When a woman lives alone without a husband, anyone is apt to tempt her, even if she lives in a good neighborhood. That's why a woman needs her husband, even though he doesn't earn enough money to make a living.

The son of filial piety feels unspeakable sadness when his parent dies; so do the parents who lose their children. The same applies in the case of losing our spouses. Our descendants feel the same amount of sadness when we die. This principle is unchanging.

Why does a woman cry when she loses her husband? It is not just due to the general reason that she misses him. Love needs four directions, and it should relate to "front and rear" and "left and right" to form a sphere. The husband is to accomplish the four directions of love in a "left and right" relationship with the wife. When this horizontal pair disappears, the universe cannot protect her and this state of being at risk leads to pain.

Why do we feel pain when we are sick? The blockage of the way of give and take is manifested as pain. That's how we get sick.

8. The Cooperation Of True Husband And Wife

A wife shouldn't think that she fulfills her responsibility by just preparing a meal when her husband comes home from work. The most important thing is to share a time of confidential talk of love at the dinner table. If she comforts her husband's hard work of the day with the whispering sound that she had in their first meeting, his fatigue will fade away and their conjugal love will become deeper.

When Father, verging on seventy years old, wants to go out to the ocean, Mother prepares all his equipment with her whole heart. She even prepares the supplies needed in case he stays out overnight and prays for the accomplishment of Father's will. What a beautiful helper and supporter she is!

Father many times feels sorry for Mother in her mission. As a woman in her prime of life, she must desire to do many things. When Mother sleeps in fatigue, I offer a big bow to her in tears. Such heart is necessary. The room which is filled with flowers in full bloom and fragrance is a happy room. God dwells in such fragrance of flowers. When her husband goes to bed right after work, snoring loudly without eating dinner and without saying anything, a wife should be able to hear, above the noise of his snoring, the sound of tears from her tingling heart. Father's wish is to see that kind of family. If I cannot see such a family, my suffering will be in vain. All of you should know this.

People must live together. For what? For a certain purpose. In order to feel love in living, we should live together. Every existence, regardless of being man or woman, has the same purpose. Man and woman should not move according to different purposes. They are to become one. When a husband works outside, his wife should work inside. Even though their bodies are different, their minds should be the same.

When the husband goes out to look around his assigned area, the wife shouldn't act like, "See you later. I've got to sleep now. I'm so tired." Until her husband comes back from his tour, her heart should make the same effort he is making. Children also should wait until their father comes back from the mission area and they have to pray for their parents' well-being. Something absolutely inseparable should exist between them. That is the fortune of heaven and earth, the fundamental form centering upon universal love. If it breaks, there will be nothing but despair.

Women in the Unification Church should clearly know that man is subject and woman is object. On the foundation of their oneness, they as a union can serve their new subject. In other words, their union becomes the object in order to make a love relationship with God. Love does not come unless there is a subject-object relationship. Is man plus or minus? (Plus.) What about woman? Is woman plus or minus? (Plus.) You answered both sides are plus; that's why you just want to receive love instead of giving. When man wants to give to woman and woman wants to give to man in a perfect plus and minus relationship, their love will circulate smoothly. The sickness of American women is due to the selfish desire just to receive love from the husband. The master of the American family is woman. Men are overpowered by women in the family. The man dresses the woman instead of the woman dressing the man. It is a total inversion. When the husband comes home from work, the wife who has spent idle time at home commands the man to do things. If the wife greets her husband with a joyful, welcoming heart and invites him to eat right away, happiness dwells with the family.

The wife should make her husband successful; that is to say that she should be his great supporter. Be the perfect man in substance, heart and living. The place where God's love blossoms is the family.

In order for a man to be successful, his wife should be excellent. Now is the time for women to be open to God's fortune. It is the time for the miserable women to be happy. Because Father clarifies things with Principle, women are happy. As long as you are born as a woman in this precious time, you should be the wife of the bold soldier representing history.

Women should go the way of woman in response to the heavenly law. You should be able to die if your husband asks you to die together with him. You will live together in the spirit world even though you die here. There will be a way for liberation as long as you are absolutely obedient to your husband's order. Within the fallen world, the way of liberation will always remain for those who observe the law of absolute obedience to the principled morality.

Even though you are so extremely beautiful and capable that you can lead a comfortable life on your own, you should follow your husband regardless of any suffering as long as he is centered upon God. No matter how much you are persecuted, if you can bear a child who can love God and the universe and can control the world, you should be able to endure until the end of the world. Even though you've got the ugliest man in the world, if God dwells in your family and you and your husband are devoted totally to Him, a saint will appear through your blood lineage. If you offer the sacrifice of three generations with the utmost sincerity to God, a saint will surely appear in your family. You should think that your husband represents all the husbands of the world. When you give birth to a child in accordance with this principle, he or she will be a great figure.

When you treat your husband as a saint and recognize him as the representative of the Lord, you will be able to sacrifice your life for his sake. On that foundation, a great figure who can restore the nation and the world will be born.

God must love woman more than man. Man is like God's body and woman is in the position of his object. Woman, who was created at the last moment as the utmost masterpiece, is in the position to receive more love from God and eventually she is to be a mother. Children in general also prefer their mothers.

Father thinks of something in the far distance and Mother thinks of things close at hand. Woman is the realist. Raising up children is a big job. When a woman is pregnant, she loses her taste for food, and suffers. Because she suffers, God acknowledges her. Why does God make a pregnant woman lose her appetite? If his wife doesn't lose her taste for food, the man will be indifferent even though she is pregnant. A woman also grabs God's attention more when she is pregnant.

Because women have to go through so many difficulties, such as the period of pregnancy and delivery, God gives deeper love to them. Why did God make it so difficult? If the process of bearing a child were easy, she wouldn't understand love. When she gives birth in suffering, she will cherish her baby and will be able to feel God's heart. In this respect, woman is created as God's object of love. In bearing a child, a woman gets to know parental love, husband's love and child's love. Woman is so precious because she, more than man, is connected to love.

Father cannot compete with Mother in loving a child. Because the mother pours out power more than anyone else and suffers more than anyone else in bearing a child, she more than anyone else loves the child.

In this respect, woman occupies the eminent and precious position in the realm of emotion. No matter how much the father loves his baby, he doesn't know love as much as the mother does. Therefore, women will go to the Kingdom of Heaven of heart. Understanding this, it is not too bad to be born as a woman. God is fair.

Woman should make the fragrance of love spread out to the far distance like the morning-glory flower.

Even though a husband tells his wife not to intervene in his business, should she not intervene at all? A wife can stand as equal in position to her husband. If the husband is absent, his wife should be able to replace him.

A wife shouldn't be indebted to her husband.

In settling a family, the woman's role is vital. She should do an excellent job.

A wife should have the attitude to accept her husband's opinion 100%. She should create so strong an internal bond to her husband that she accepts his actions 100% as well. She should go east when husband orders her to go. If a woman doesn't follow where her husband goes, she is not a wife at all.

You should think carefully what to say to your bridegroom at the first moment you offer your life to him. A sister who is determined to be completely obedient to her husband with such a serious heart will surely receive his love. Have you thought about that? The wife should be the person who can be responsive for the sake of her husband. Such a quality is necessary.

Your ears should be able to go over the rugged mountains. How will you do if you are matched to a man who curses you every day? You should be able to say to the husband who is cursing you right after breakfast, "Please wait and curse me after eating lunch," and at lunch time, "Curse me only after finishing dinner." If he continues after dinner, you should be able to say "Please sleep first and curse me later." Then Satan will go away in forty days because there's no fun in what he is doing.

You are not supposed to expect only good things. Can you bathe in the sun 24 hours? No. You need the night, don't you? It is Principle that the high is followed by the low.

A wife shouldn't be sad because she cannot wear nice clothes or because her household is poor. Your husband already knows your heart. Deep love and priceless treasures are hidden in his heart of feeling sorry for you.

I want to advise wives to awaken their husbands from sleeping, accusing them, "Why do you always sleep?"

Wives want their husband's happiness more than their own because it determines their mutual relationship. Woman is born to welcome man and man is born to welcome woman.

You should feel the family standard keenly. Man is subject and he should stand in the center. The subject should stand in the position of subject, not that of object. The center should be protected and it shouldn't be at an odd angle. He is in the position representing God.

Motive and cause start from the subject. Happiness and joy originate from the subject. The man is responsible if there is family discord. The responsibility for the fall is assigned to God first, to Jesus second, and to the Holy Spirit third.

When the ideal world is established, man and woman must become equal. Then who is to be the subject? Equality is possible when we eternally take absolute responsibility. The subject doesn't press the object hard to take responsibility. After fulfilling his responsibility as a subject, he can call the object to account. God doesn't call human beings to account until they become perfect. In other words, He is tolerant until the perfection of human beings.

In that respect, if man is subject, he should be responsible for everything. The representative who can inherit all the responsibilities and who can fulfill the public commitment becomes the subject. **

Man has an active and conquering nature.

Man has to work. What kind of work? He has to pioneer something. Human beings are called the Lords of creation. The world "Lord" sounds as if it refers to a man, doesn't it? How would you feel if a little beardless woman with little fist and slender face stood up shouting, "I am the Lord of all creation?" Think about it. No matter how many times she shouted, her voice would sound feminine. What if a man with a somewhat thick voice shouted, "I am the Lord of all creation." How would you feel? Even all the women would agree with his claim after hearing his voice. **

When men are fighting, if a woman tries to intervene, saying, "Go away," how do you feel? But when a man with his fist clenched firmly says, "Hey! Beat it; get outta here," at least it sounds authentic.

In this view, it is better for man to take the first position as the "Lord." The Lord is supposed to be different from others; he is supposed to carry at least one more item than the other creature. Man carries one more item than woman: his moustache. The moustache makes man qualified as the "Lord." Heavenly Father is truly mathematical.


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