The Words of the Naito Family

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LVFC Pilgrimage to the 40th Anniversary of the Washington Monument Rally (Ryota Naito - September 18, 2016 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas attend GPA's annual Family Workshop in Estes Park Colorado (R. Naito - April 23, 2017 pdf)

Seok Byung Kim visits Las Vegas CARP House to give internal guidance (Ryota Naito - April 24, 2017 pdf)

As the first segment of the CARP Las Vegas 40-day Actionizing Trip concluded (Ryota Naito - June 10, 2017 pdf)

Testimonies - week before the Mother's big event at Madison Square Garden (Ryota Naito - July 12, 2017 pdf)

College of Southern Nevada Professors Invite Students to CARP Las Vegas (Ryota Naito - September 16, 2017 pdf)

Las Vegas' second Two Day Divine Principle Workshop for Fall Semester 2017 (Ryota Naito - October 26, 2017 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas had their final Two-Day Workshop of the semester (Ryota Naito - November 10, 2017 pdf)

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