The Words of the Kocher Family

The mission in Finland started on January 14, 1972

Ellen Kocher [van Kampen]
February 23, 1972
Helsinki, Finland

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

The mission in Finland started on January 14th, 1972. Three days later the ship that took the missionaries, two girls, to their new country arrived in Helsinki. Very soon a little room for teaching the Divine Principle and a job for the physical support of the mission could be found.

Since the last day of January also the Finish young people are being approached in the street-the so called "Alexanderinkatu" -and invited to study the Principle. The reaction is very positive.

The Fins are used to study much at school and so they are open-minded for new philosophies and ideas. Though almost everybody is interested to hear more, it is not so easy to touch their hearts really. Nevertheless there were already many visitors in this first month and almost every day a young girl could be taught the Principle. Some of them received the whole book "Study Guide" and are reading it very intensively and three girls learned that Christ is building His Kingdom today.

The work for our Heavenly Father continues and surely we will find many helpers among the Finish people.

In the name of Our True Parents,
Ellen Kocher 

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