The Words of the Kocher Family

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The mission in Finland started on January 14, 1972 (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - February 23, 1972)

We are thankful for all the energy we get everyday (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - May 24, 1972 pdf)

In Finland the people are very prepared and interested in religion (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - July 3, 1972 pdf)

We are full of hope and feel very much united in our family (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - July 31, 1972 pdf)

In Finland, We Won the Battle for Two New Sisters (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - August 31, 1972 pdf)

The Finnish Character (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - October 14, 1972 pdf)

Finnish Family Report for November 1972 (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - November 1972 pdf)

We are full of hope that we soon can show the fruits (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - February 1, 1973 pdf)

Finnish Family Report for February 1973 (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - March 1, 1973 pdf)

We found three new members in Finland (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - April 1973 pdf)

Our Finnish Family evangelizes a third city (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - May 1973 pdf)

Finnish Family had nearly 100 visitors to our three centers (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - July 1973 pdf)

Witnessing in a Little Town in the middle of Finland (Virpi Uuskoski and Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - September 1973 pdf)

Our Family in Finland Now Has Four Centers to spread the Divine Principle (Virpi Uuskoski and Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - November 1973 pdf)

Overcoming Problems in Finland by Singing (Ellen Kocher [van Kampen] - March 1974 pdf)

Set SAIL Workshop 2017 - Registration till 15 Dec. 2016 (Ellen [Kocher] Van Kampen - November 4, 2016 pdf)

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